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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

30 Mar

A quieter week for “Out of the Box,” but a very good one for magazine content including gasp worthy covers and a reunion that warmed my soul. It was exactly what I needed to see on Wednesday when I was knee deep in work. So, thank you for that.

There are also ladysuits, animal print, kitties and some very good costume design. This is from last week at a FYC event (Emmy season is coming!), but I missed it and I can’t not include Cody Fern demonstrating that leopard print makes for a perfect button-down shirt choice. This is how you add sartorial flair to a black suit.

Fern plays David Madson on American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace and was a revelation. Here he looks nothing like his ACS character; the hair wave he is serving up is fantastic. Sound the ladysuit klaxon! At the A Series of Unfortunate Events season two premiere, Allison Williams gives great menswear in Gabriela Hearst.

Timeless continues to be the most fun and delightful show that also has me wanting to know more about the historical events they cover. This cast also continues to be the most fun and delightful as evidenced on Abigail Spencer’s Instagram.

The most recent episode, “Hollywoodland” paid homage to Queen Hedy Lamarr and also featured some stunning ’40s costumes. And the Timeless lipstick game is so strong right now. This Gucci jumpsuit has recently graced these pages, but it is definitely worth a second look on Holly Taylor. This is from Anna Silman’s profile of Taylor for The Cut and Silman is one of my favorite interviewers at the moment . In the piece they talk about Taylor’s background growing up in this industry and what she plans on doing next.

And for all things Americans season six as Paige falls further into the spy biz here is my review of the amazing premiere and my interview with costume designer Katie IrishGrown-ish star and TV Ate My Wardrobe fave gives great cover on Essence. And for Grown-ish style tips, here is where you find a lot of the costumes; this is a show that mixes aspirational and affordable. This made me gasp in the best way. It has been a very good week for Christina Aguilera including this Drag Race moment.

Paper continues to do very interesting things and this is beautiful (song title ref intended). But this isn’t an indictment on makeup because as Aguilera mentions in the interview “I mean, I’m a girl that likes a beat face, let’s not get it twisted.” We can do both.
Entertainment Weekly excels when it comes to WB reunions—first Felicity, then Buffy—and this Dawson’s Creek issue hits all those sweet nostalgia spots. It is always heartening when a cast comes back to celebrate the show that made them famous and they do this in spades.

There is a 55-minute reunion show which delivers on the feeeeeeelings and fun including Michelle Williams seeing the Crying Dawson meme for the first timeI yelled with joy about this on Twitter because there is nothing better than Michelle Williams opting for a cover with Busy Philipps over a solo shot. As Joanna Robinson put it “Let’s all enjoy the fact that Michelle Williams clearly has a Busy rider.” Yes this is now my lock screen image. Yes I am extra when it comes to this friendship.

From Teen TV to IRL Besties: Celebrating Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams

16 Nov

TV Ate My Wardrobe regular readers will know how much I love it when onscreen friendships blossom into IRL ones and the ultimate version of this is decades long relationships from the teen shows that shaped me; Devon Odessa who played Sharon Cherski on My So-Called Life was one of Claire Danes’ bridesmaids, Keri Russell is still super tight with her Felicity ex-roomie Amanda Foreman and Busy Philipps is often Michelle Williams’ date to big award season events like the Independent Spirit Awards, Oscars (see below) and the Tonysmichelle-williams-and-busy-philippsThe Philipps/Williams friendship is perhaps the most important thing to come out of Dawson’s Creek. Well that and my never ending crush on Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams being my forever hair icon.

Michelle Williams doesn’t have an Instagram, but Busy Philipps often uses her page to celebrate the achievements of her best friend including Broadway achievements and general hangouts. This week Philipps went to a screening of Manchester by the Sea; a movie that is getting a lot of award season buzz with Michelle Williams being hotly tipped in the supporting category. michelle-w-and-busy-pAt the after party a crab cake tray getting dropped all over Philipps led to an early exit that was documented on Philipps’ Instagram Story with Michelle Williams adorably asking if she can swear on this video. Here is a frame from that moment, but alas Insta Stories only last 24 hours before they disappear forever. Trust me, it was a delight.


They also went shopping in Beverley Hills this week and looked super cute while doing so.


Later Busy Philipps wore this outfit to a Madewell event and this is a boozy brunch ideal line-up.


Plaid and stripes 4EVA.oscarsAnd ending things as I often like to with a Jake Gyllenhaal bonus at the 2011 Oscars when Busy Philipps was Michelle Williams’ date for that night too.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

20 Apr

Lots of returning shows, endings, beginnings and other pivotal TV moments captured on Instagram this week. With a dash of Coachella, style highs and other on (and off) set shenanigans.

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R U WATCHING!!?? #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt #netflix 😻

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The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is back and unlike Daredevil S2 I haven’t stalled at the halfway mark (I’ll get back to Daredevil, but there are just so many other shows taking priority right now). Kimmy starts off on the patchy side as one early plot doesn’t quite stick the landing, but the jokes are stacked and so wonderfully random at times. I am still thinking about the Rob Kardashian sock designer reference. Kimmy’s style has given me lots of inspiration for spring and Anna Camp is an A+ guest star choice.


And while we’re on the subject of amazing Kimmy Schmidt guest stars; I yelled WHAT?! so loud at my screen that I had to rewind the scene. Everything about this moment from the deconstruction of Dawson’s Creek to that haircut and costume is perfect.


Season 5 of Girls has been a triumph from Marnie’s wedding to Marnie’s one night adventure all the way to the two-part finale which got me misty eyed on several occasions. One surprise this season was how much they leaned into the Jessa/Adam pairing much to my delight and here Adam Driver definitely has his fighting face at the ready.

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The beginning of the end

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Where one thing ends, another begins and while this week marked the end of season 5 for us as the audience, the Girls team started production on season 6 with their first table read.


Game of Thrones returns this week and it is a testament to the HBO promo department that even after last year’s mostly disappointing season I am so hyped for Sunday. Michiel Huisman posting this very vacation looking snap also helps.

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TONIGHT ON NBC @latenightseth

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Sticking with the GoT theme and Maisie Williams’ collar and lipstick game is strong.

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Just a normal family #janethevirgin

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From the adorable on the Jane the Virgin set.


To the very surreal and slightly creepy (depending on how you feel about clowns).


While we’re on the subject of creepy here are some of the alternate masks for new clone M.K. on Orphan Black and the new season kicked off on a high. I also wrote an essay about Orphan BlackThe Americans and identity; I would love you to read it.



There has been a lot of Coachella on Instagram this week and Amandla Stenberg is avoiding all the fashion cliches of this festival looking cool as fuck in this very 90s look. Not a choker or flower crown in sight. And this could easily be a new print ad for Calvin Klein; it is that good.


Aya Cash and Kether Donohue’s version of Coachella is much more my speed.


Looking like the back of a gown on Say Yes to the Dress with Aaron Tveit on a photo shoot.


Alison Wright got to wear a wig on TV this week; nope Martha hasn’t gone undercover and instead this is for the HBO movie Confirmation. Here is Wright with co-star Wendell Pierce.


Another costume stunner from Salvador Perez on The Mindy Project.


This is all very exciting and I am so ready for season 2 of UnREAL.


Busy Philipps giving me so many Freaks and Geeks related feelings. The instant I see that blue coat it makes me so very happy. The caption here is also excellent.


While I’m dealing with feelings, here seems like a good place to end this week.

TV to be Thankful For: A Pre-End of Year List (of Sorts)

26 Nov

There is a lot of TV to be watched right now (#PeakTV) and like many I am in the process of compiling end of year lists (and as I have done in previous years I will be doing my ‘best of’ in a variety of ways) while trying to remember everything that I have watched this year. So this is a preview of what is to come in the following month and hopefully it will jog my very full TV related memory of anything I might miss.

So in no particular order here is what I am thankful for when it comes to TV in 2015:

  • The Hollywood Reporter TV Actress roundtable participants look like this and not this.
  • Comedy shows that explore a broad range of topics which not only make me laugh until I cry, but also invoke full on Claire Danes level of cry face. I am mostly looking at you You’re the Worst.
  • While I’m on the subject of comedies that make me misty eyed; Parks and Recreation ended this season on a high with an episode that pivoted on the Six Feet Under model and caused just as many tears.
  • Cable shows are embracing male nudity beyond just butts (special shout-outs to The Leftovers and The Affair) and all this after the The Comeback had a whole episode dedicated to skewering cable on this issue.
  • Everything Valerie Cherish.
  • Everything Abbi and Ilana.
  • “Looking for a Plot.”
  • Teen girls on The Americans avoiding the usual annoying teen trap many other dramas fall foul of.
  • And that every episode is a lesson in tension and an exploration on marriage and identity. It was my number one show in March and it still is in November (spoiler alert).
  • That Agent Carter got a second season and I now own the same lipstick as Peggy Carter.
  • The master class in acting delivered by Carrie Coon and Regina King on The Leftovers and for every insanely wonderful thing this show is doing. Also for Justin Theroux’s ability to look bewildered and devastated at any given opportunity.
  • The Villanueva women.
  • Getting to see Tatiana Maslany take on even more characters and make me forget she is playing everyone in a scene. And this wave.
  • Kroll Show going out on a high and creating this incredible universe where so many characters overlapped and intersected. And because I can’t say “Oh, hello” without wondering if there is too much tuna and I sometimes inadvertently say ‘Ameezing’ like I’m on PubLIZity.
  • The 12 Angry Men episode of Inside Amy Schumer.
  • Rob and Sharon on Catastrophe (even if the amount of things Sharon says that are like me is reaching a worrying level).
  • Shows that take will they/won’t they situations and turn them into yep they will. Oh hey there Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
  • All of Lady Gaga’s costuming on American Horror Story: Hotel.
  • Fargo indulging my love of all things 1970s clothing.
  • Daenerys’ dragon necklace.
  • The brief but amazing turn by Birgitte Hjort Sørensen on Game of Thrones.
  • Kit Harington Hair Watch.
  • Peggy’s cigarette smoking sunglasses strut.
  • Peggy roller skating.
  • The many times Mad Men made me cry.
  • Sally Draper.
  • Watching Felicity with Julie Hammerle and the time travel arc being even better than I imagined.
  • This Entertainment Weekly cover.
  • Master of None using THAT passage from The Bell Jar (which led to more tears – TV has made me cry a lot this year).
  • Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show (more tears).
  • All the incredible music I’ve ‘discovered’ thanks to shows such as GirlsOITNBMaster of NoneLookingYou’re the Worst and Togetherness.
  • No longer having “Drip Drop” stuck in my head.
  • The lighting on The Knick.
  • Oscar Isaac’s mustache/dad jeans and all the Bruce Springsteen used throughout Show Me a Hero. And, how the thought of this show hits me like a gut punch.
  • Every beautiful/fucked up thing they got away with on Hannibal this season.
  • Queen of ladysuits – Alana Bloom.
  • #LadySuitWatch2015
  • Superheroes on TV.
  • Jessica Jones’ leather jacket and her friendship with Trish.
  • Matt Murdock and this balloon.
  • Pre-emptive Mulder and Scully feeeeeeelings.
  • When Sherlock bought Joan the perfect outfit.
  • Every single one of Diane Lockhart’s statement necklaces.
  • Giving Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson more screen time on The Affair.
  • All the wardrobe inspiration from so many shows this year and the always growing Wish List.
  • That I got to talk to three amazing costume designers and write about it.
  • The range in costume design and shows covered on here includes everything from period to contemporary to fantasy; I am thankful there is a vast amount to discuss and get inspired by.
  • Season 2 of Transparent is almost here!

The list is long and there are probably some very obvious things I have missed. I will get mad at myself later, but for now Happy Thanksgiving!

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving episodes to watch maybe take a rewind and watch these offerings from Felicity and Dawson’s Creek.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

29 Jul

More shows have gone back to work and so TV Instagram is brimming with behind the scenes sneak peeks. Plus costume treats, reunions aplenty and some fantastic song/dance numbers.


It is summer TCA time and things kicked off yesterday with a whole host of Netflix panels including The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. And this joyous lip sync moment happened on the plane. It’s not Peeno Noir, but it is just as Flawless (I’ll see myself out).


Jenny Slate took over Bust’s Instagram in honor of her amazing cover and what better way to celebrate than with a kitchen dance party.


The Mindy Project has found a new home on Hulu for season 4 and here are some of the cast back in action. Beard bonus points are awarded to Jay Duplass.


Ultimate #TBT time with one of my favorite actresses (and all important teen hair influencer) in one of my favorite places.


The You’re the Worst cast continue to rule TV Instagram with musical treats like this one.


And by showing off patterned costume delights like these.

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Surprise friendships on Orange is the New Black played a big part in how much I enjoyed season 3 as it not only created new dynamics, but it also added to the emotional impact. Spirituality was also a big story driver and Soso found it hard to connect with anyone and spiraled; Poussey came to her rescue and hopefully this photo indicates that their friendship continues.


When Empire returns in September it will be interesting to see who falls in what camp and Jamal could be the most conflicted. Digging Cookie in polka dots.

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Guard dog on standby. #TheFlashSeason2

A post shared by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on


Well protected on The Flash.


The morgue set on Elementary serves another purpose at lunchtime. Well it definitely looks like a decent size space for yoga.


Already coveting Watson’s prints and this blouse/dress might even pop up on a future Wish List.

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Marriage game on fleek. #MastersofSex

A post shared by Helene Yorke (@heleneyorke) on


Jane returned to Masters of Sex much to my joy and I cannot wait to see her in all the yellow (including this ensemble).


A reunion of a different kind and this is pushing me closer to the Ugly Betty rewatch that I have been contemplating. Adorable.

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guilty #TheAmericans

A post shared by Annet Mahendru (@annetmahendru) on


Looking far happier together than when we last saw them on The Americans are Annet Mahendru and former cellmate Katja Herbers.

Watch the ATX Television Festival Dawson’s Creek Pilot Script Reading

7 Jul

The fourth ATX Television Festival took place last month in Austin, Texas and my Twitter timeline was wall to wall ATX, which is a great way to vicariously enjoy the festivities but sadly lacks the real life interactions, panels, cocktails, karaoke and barbecue. Yes there are no queues in the scorching heat and yet there are still high levels of FOMO.


Thankfully on the ATX YouTube channel they have been releasing various full panel videos and yesterday they went ahead and uploaded the one I have been waiting for; the Dawson’s Creek pilot script reading. The all-star cast includes Tim Riggins aficionado Mae Whitman as Dawson – oh yeah they gender flipped some of the roles – Dawson’s alumni Kerr Smith as Jen (which is pretty much the most perfect thing and he is working the silver fox thing) and Grandma Saracen herself Louanne Stephens as Grams.

It has been a while since I last saw the Dawson’s Creek pilot but it feels pretty much burned into my brain from the VHS recording I watched on repeat and after recently finishing Felicity, a Dawson’s Creek rewatch is a big temptation (plus inexplicably I have somehow never seen the final episode).

For now there is this ATX version. Enjoy!

TV Rewind: Felicity, “Family Affairs” and “Portraits”

5 Jun

Felicity, Episodes 2.08 & 2.09
“Family Affairs” & “Portraits”
Original Air Dates: Nov. 21 & Dec. 19, 1999

Felicity 2.08 Felicity and NoelEmma: It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas on Felicity and the holiday season is bringing up some not so well-buried feelings between Noel and Felicity. The ghosts of holidays past turn up as a kissing memory turns into a kissing reality thanks to very strong punch and undeniable feelings. As you predicted, David is dunzo after four episodes; but what I didn’t expect was for it to be in such a public manner and in front of Felicity’s parents no less, not to mention Felicity and Noel’s drawing professor. Awkward.

So how did we get here? Well, it’s been clear that Noel and Felicity have been dancing around the friendship/flirtation thing and, as the eyelash moment from our last discussion indicates, these fires still burn deep even if they are both dating other people and are doing the friend thing. Ah yes, platonic love, and however much I was enjoying them as friends, this is TV and so of course romance is going to factor into it all. I’m torn in the same way I was with Danny and Mindy; they’re great as friends but they also have undeniable chemistry. Plus David is sweet, he’s also a tad boring and also wanting to take things WAY too fast. No wonder Felicity went to hide in what she thought was an unoccupied room.

Before I get into the whole Felicity and Noel of it all, let’s talk about David first and the conversation that doomed his relationship with Felicity. It’s meant to be this casual thing and so David’s constant surprise visits, coupled with his ‘falling in love with you’ remark is way more than Felicity was expecting or wants. It’s only been a month after all. As she later explains her first year at college was about these two guys and the serious relationships she had (or still has) with them. It’s too much, she never dated in high school and to bounce from one intense relationship to another is not what she’s after.

Felicity thought they were on the same page, but it’s clear they never have been, after all David is slightly older and his breakup pain is much more acute than Felicity’s. Felicity and Ben broke up because he couldn’t offer her what she wanted and now she thinks she is “the Ben.” On a surface level I guess she is, but that’s far too reductive and basically David wants something more serious because that’s where he is in his life (he’s 7 years older than her) and Felicity doesn’t want to be tied down. This also makes sense, though it’s bad timing and, eh, David was never going to be anything long term really. I just dread to think what his next dates are going to be like if his first one with Felicity is an indicator of how well he takes break ups.

Felicity’s overwhelmed feelings are compounded further as her parents surprise her with a trip to New York and David’s non-freaking out reactions at meeting them drives Felicity further away. It’s been a while since we last saw the Porters and I’m glad her mom is still very receptive to the path Felicity is taking. Her dad doesn’t flip out in the way I expected when he finds out she’s dropped pre-med and aside from the not so wonderful lunch in Felicity’s regular haunt (which by the way is not a pub, it’s just not).

And then the Noel thing happens. Before I go down that road I want to know what you think about Felicity’s reaction to David and the general set up of this year’s Thanksgiving episode.

Felicity 2.08 Dear SallyJulie: First of all, I can’t believe we’re already at the Thanksgiving and Christmas eps. That was fast.

The David thing played out really well, I think. At first I thought it was sort of a stretch that he’d be such a Stage 5 Clinger; but on a second look, it seems right. He, after all, was the one who came looking for her after she told him off on their first date. He was the one who offered to house her when the dorm was lousy with mono. He was the one who offered to take in her stray dog. Also, he’s older and he has been in serious relationships before. He was simply ready for something that Felicity was not.

I also loved the parents’ role in this. It felt so real and so cringy to me. That’s what parents do, right, when they meet their kids’ boyfriends and girlfriends, not to mention the parents of said boyfriends and girlfriends? They start trying to fit these new people into their lives. I guess there’s always that sense of, “This could be the person my kid marries. I’d better get on board.” And since David and Felicity had only been dating for a short time at this point, everything seems really early and really heightened.

The heightened emotions are not helped by David’s mom’s killer punch (which I tried to google, but couldn’t find it after searching for thirty seconds). Noel definitely gets drunk, everyone else gets a little tipsy, and he and Felicity end up “accidentally” kissing on his bed and are interrupted by David’s mom, who happens to be their art teacher.

I don’t remember what happens, but I hope Felicity and Noel kiss during every Thanksgiving episode, no matter what’s going on at the time.

Also, I’m loving the characterization in this episode. Meghan forgetting to order the food for her residents was great. (I loved the cut to the three guys sitting there in the darkness, starving.) I like that Elena, who has had to be the homemaker for much of her childhood, is a whiz at preparing a Thanksgiving meal. I like how Noel gets loopy every time he consumes something out of the ordinary. Good job writers!

So, what did you think of that kiss and the other kiss, the one between Ben and that skanky married lady he’s banging?

Felicity 2.08 Noel and MeghanEmma: Thanksgiving on Felicity is fun and messy with Noel and Felicity being at the center of these shenanigans. I’m with you on illicit smooches between the pair becoming a Thanksgiving tradition. While this one didn’t reach the frenzied making out heights of their bathroom smooch which was fueled by anger last year, I think it could have gone that way if they hadn’t been interrupted (minus the anger). I like that it directly came from this place of giggling remembrance from the previous year, plus it gives Meghan the dramaz she has been craving all evening. As with the beets, Meghan and Noel make a dynamic duo when one of them, ok Noel, is wasted. More of this please as it gets to show off Scott Foley’s wonderful comic timing. Scott Foley is also pretty damn good at performing awkwardly, as he does while entertaining the parents as Elena and Felicity at the store.

As this was so enjoyable I’m even going to forgive them for not even mentioning where Elena’s dad is after they made such a big deal of their fractured relationship during the last Thanksgiving episode. The Meghan being a terrible RA thing is wonderful, as is the mysterious reason behind her community service. Like with her box Meghan, is a huge enigma and I’m all for more random Meghan tidbits as we go along. I love how she does the fake parent thing so well as she’s been doing it for so long with her own parents.

Felicity’s mom is so adorable as she’s trying so hard with her daughter; as you said it’s cringy and so real. It just so happens that David really isn’t the long term dude for their daughter. I also love the joking around on the walk to the cab with her mom saying she wanted to hit Professor Sherman because of course. They make plans for breakfast and it’s the least stressful thing in the world, embarrassment over and I hope we don’t go this long before we see Felicity with her parents (and specifically her mom) again.

I have more to say on Felicity and Noel, but that’s more to do with the second episode so hey it’s time to talk about Ben and Teri Polo. So in a slightly contrived storyline – why would someone host a fancy benefit at D&D? Sorry, Javier – Ben ends up as a cater waiter at an event catered by Teri Polo and hosted by her husband. Awkward. It goes terribly because Teri Polo wants to smooch his face off in the back room while her husband is the least subtle flirter in the world. Guys, I think you should get a divorce. I feel a tad sorry for Polo, but hey it’s clear you’re relationship is doomed if your both fucking other people who are in the room. Julie does her best not to come across as too judgy and to her credit she isn’t, even when she sasses off a bit. She’s only looking out for Ben who really needs to stop making shitty decisions. Meanwhile Sean is still trying to pedal Smoothaise. As a mayonnaise hater every time he mentions it I gag a little. Stop it, Sean.

They end up eating Tofurkey, which sounds like they’re saying a bad word and their Thanksgiving dinner is very sweet. I just wish it wasn’t so separate to the other group on this show and the second episode we’ve watched this week also has this same issue.

What did you think of Ben and his relationship woes?

Felicity 2.08 Ben and SeanJulie: I loved everything about Scott Foley in these two episodes. It, again, makes me wish that he were better utilized on Scandal. I want more David Rosen/Jake Ballard shenanigans. Shonda needs to give those two comedic actors better stuff to work with.

I really loved how terrified he was of hanging with the parents on his own. It almost doesn’t make sense, seeing as he was an RA and probably the most adult of all the college students in Felicity’s world, but it works because of who the parents are — his professor and his ex-girlfriend’s mom and dad. And, yes, Felicity’s mom (and dad) were all kinds of great in this episode. I guess they found something to bond over — the fact that nobody liked how serious David was getting about Felicity.

The “soiree at Dean & Deluca on Thanksgiving” was crazy ridiculous. Or not. Maybe I’ll host my next black tie Christmas Day gala at the local Starbucks. But at least it got Julie and Sean out of the apartment?

I know they *want* me to feel bad for Teri Polo, but I’m just kind of annoyed with the whole “See? It’s okay that she was cheating on her asshole, cheater husband” thing. It felt a little too convenient and it makes Ben look like less of a dick for going along with it. Just let Ben be a dick. I thought Julie handled the situation perfectly, and was probably kicking herself for ever dating this moron (Ben) in the first place.

And Smoothaise needs to be killed. Mayo is disgusting, and this sounds worse. But Sean offering to spread some Smoothaise on the Tofurkey? Genius. Perfection.

Like you, I really want the two groups to reunite. I miss everybody being together. They’re running out of things for the Ben-Julie-Sean trifecta to do on their own. Ben spent the second episode working on a term paper for the wrong novel. Yawn. The Julie/Sean unrequited love story has run its course. Now Julie is dealing with skeevy record producers and I think the show is starting to recycle every storyline from 90210.

At least Noel and Felicity are doing interesting things. What did you think of their portraits? And which gift would you have wanted: The Palm Pilot, the sweater, or the hideous bracelet?

Felicity 2.09 RubyEmma: I’m so glad we share a hatred of mayo! Most people react with horror when I pull a barf face at the mention of this condiment.

The “Ben reads the wrong book” thing had me cracking up, but that was my general reaction to the second episode. Some of it was meant to be funny (like Ben’s bonehead mistake), other parts like the portraits less so (more on my aversion to TV art to come). I get why Julie got mad at Sean, but yeah that guy (I think he’s from one of the CSI’s) had skeeze written all over him so other than the fact that Sean’s motivations are maybe not that selfless I think he’s on the mark. Also it’s crazy how dated Julie’s conversation with the A&R dude sounds with talk of tapes. Even MySpace would sound out of touch now.

So yeah the Felicity/Noel angle is way more interesting, even if it’s sorta frustrating as they continue their thinking too much dance. This is their eternal problem as they have the odd impulsive moment of actual kisses and almost ones followed by so much talking that they end up right back where we started in this weird limbo. It’s why I was rooting for them as friends. However, I also just want them to do it already (actually my notes at one point are more blunt saying “just fuck already”). Do you feel the same the same frustration with Noel and Felicity?

Oh and when it comes to the gifts Palm Pilots weren’t a thing over here, I mean there were PDA’s but not that brand I don’t think, I’m glad to finally see what they are and also in my notes I refer to the bracelet as ugly (because it really is). So hit me up with the sweater, Noel. The three different gifts show his confused state when it comes to Ruby and she still hasn’t enamored herself to me. I think the writers are trying to make her likeable as she points out how she doesn’t like the “GQ guys” who hang out in her hotel lobby and that Noel means a lot to her, but, eh, I find it hard to care about her.

I know Felicity is her RA, but it’s a little weird that she still goes to her with Noel related dilemmas, I definitely want an episode where Ruby seeks out Meghan’s advice. Felicity is too nice to tell her the truth and while I think it’s good that Felicity doesn’t get involved romantically with Noel again she’s still circling around the same issues, it’s why I liked their platonic relationship. Complications can’t be avoided and conflict is paramount to drama, I dunno I just don’t want to go down the same path again. So far I do think Noel and Felicity are both being incredibly mature with how they are handling it.

What did you think of the Felicity and Noel of it all? Oh and what about the slightly goofy/trippy dream sequences?

Oh and here is a tease of why TV art generally makes me laugh hysterically, it’s from Dawson’s Creek and they pulled a reverse Titanic with Joey drawing a naked Jack.

Felicity 2.09 Julie and Sean

Julie: Also, regarding Julie: Can she learn a new song, please? It’s always the same one. But I do love the new wavy hair.

The A&R storyline really cracked me up. She sent out fliers to random offices? Snail mail? And then one of the dudes showed up? And we’re supposed to believe he’s on the up-and-up AND that Pop Rocks candy won’t sue him for using their name? I do kind of miss the innocence of those days, though. It’s so quaint how she’s “discovered” in a bar (Sorry, Felicity. A cafe). I basically want nothing to do with anything that began on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet.

“Just fuck already” could describe how I feel about many TV characters. I’ll probably start shouting that at the screen now. But, yeah. Felicity and Noel do think too much. They need some on-the-counter sex. Ben shouldn’t be the only one having on-the-counter sex.

I suppose they’re doing so much thinking because of their history and because there is an actual third person in the way, namely Ruby, our favorite. While I think Ben is a jerk for hooking up with Maggie while knowing about her husband, I wouldn’t feel the same way if Felicity and Noel did the deed. 1) Ruby sucks. 2) Ruby has been gone for, practically, months. 3) She and Noel were barely together before they left.

I do understand Noel’s reservations. He has built up this thing with Felicity to the point where it will never be as good as he envisions it in his head. We know that from his “Ha-ha! David had sex with Felicity” comment. He has put her on a pedestal. Also, Felicity is very inexperienced, but Noel is sort of as well. he was with his high school girlfriend for a long time. Then he had a chaste little relationship with Felicity before scoring a drunken hookup in Germany. Noel needs to play the field. More than that, I think he knows Felicity does too.

I still hope they kiss next Thanksgiving, though.

Since one of the three gifts was a sweater, do you think he subconsciously bought it for Felicity and not for Ruby? And way to be all, “I’d want the bracelet,” Felicity. Way to coerce Noel into giving that fugly shit to Ruby. That’s Meghan-level subversion.

Speaking of Meghan, Ruby should definitely start asking for her advice. In fact, I’d watch an entire show that was nothing but Meghan dispensing advice.

Oh my god, the dream sequences. I think the less said about those the better.

Barf on that Dawson’s art. The only good TV art I can think of happened on Seinfeld. Oh, and this.

OK, so what do you think will happen (or what would you like to see happen) during the spring semester of sophomore year?

Felicity 2.09 Noel and NoelEmma: Julie definitely had the angsty lady with guitar thing down and I totally agree with you about her hair as it looks really good – it does stray into the ‘Rachel’ while she’s cater waitering, but eh she suits it – less can be said about those chokers that she continues to wear.

I do worry that Noel and Felicity are never going to get past the conversation point of their sexual relationship and the pedestal thing is a concern. I don’t think either of them can get out of their own heads and it’s a shame because under the right circumstances they would be really great together. To invoke The Good Wife’s ‘bad timing’ Will and Alicia catchphrase, this is what they have and I’m intrigued going forward to see how they push beyond what could become repetitive or if they will get caught in a Noel/Felicity cycle. As the friend in the middle Elena is doing a really good job of offering advice while not getting too caught in the middle. This is where her blunt honesty comes in very handy. Plus I love her reaction to the near kiss she walked in on, she’s very much of a similar “just fuck already” mind I think.

Yeah that sweater was pure Felicity (official queen of sweaters) and nothing like whatever awful top Ruby was wearing when she opened the door — it looked like a scientific drawing of a womb and ovaries, which no.

The dream sequences were so awful and way to try and make it ‘sexy’ with Ruby wearing a bra in the bed sequence. So, so cheesy. Sopranos this isn’t.

Also are we done with the Sally replies? As I mentioned last season I love Janeane Garofalo, but Sally’s responses were so superfluous and lesson of the week like.

On the subject of art I love that Friends moment and my personal favorite is Jerry’s painting from Parks and Rec. I think it’s when someone is doing an art class that I can’t suppress the eye rolls and laughter. Every time they showed Felicity’s drawing of Noel (which was a lot) I had to pause the DVD as I was laughing so much, it’s not like it was a terrible drawing there is just something about it that I find very fun.

Oh and way to deliver the best bitchy response to Felicity’s gratitude Professor Sherman as she’s critiquing the art not the artist and Felicity kinda deserved that. It is her son that has been hurt after all.

So next semester I would like to see more unity between the two groups and we’ve barely seen Ben and Felicity converse since the break-up, which is pretty natural but hey who wants natural when there is drama to be had?! Oh and I’d like Elena to get her own storyline that doesn’t involve a skeezy professor, that would be appreciated. Keep up with the funny and less angst.

One other thing I did notice in the second episode is that both Noel and Felicity are wearing Tommy Hilfiger clothes – I love Felicity’s Tommy coat – and I wonder if this is a one episode thing or if there was a deal between the WB and this clothing line. It would make sense for the latter especially as at this time they had recently did a tie-in with The Faculty (I love this movie) and the commercial is pretty funny now.

What would you like to see happen when these characters return for their second semester?

Felicity 2.09 TH coatJulie: I IMDB-ed it, and it looks like Janeane Garofalo is out as Sally, except for one upcoming episode (the Twilight Zone ep, which we’ll talk about next time and about which I’m sure we’ll have lots to say).

As far as the next semester goes, we need to bring the group back together. I think all of the current pairings have run their course and it’s time to shake things up a bit. With a new semester come new classes, so hopefully Ben will wind up getting his education on with one or more of these people (I vote for Elena. I’d love to see Elena and Ben get a chance to interact. Also, it would give Elena something to do).

We’ve been very Team Noel during the first half of the season and it’s mostly because Ben and Felicity haven’t spent any time together, and all we’ve seen Ben do, basically, is dump Felicity and bone a married woman. Not exactly the stuff ships are built from.

Also, I want less Ruby, more Meghan, more Richard Coad (wherefore art thou, Richard Coad?), and less Sean mooning over Julie.

About The Faculty, I completely forgot about the existence of that movie. Before clicking the video, I assumed it was a CW/WB show that I had forgotten about. Now I just want to see a new CW drama about first year teachers in a troubled inner city high school. This has been my pitch.

Julie Hammerle is, according to Klout, an expert in the areas of both Morgan Freeman and glasses. Her writing can be found at chicagonow.com/hammervision and you can holler at her on Twitter as well.

Thanksgiving Rewind: Dawson’s Creek “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

28 Nov

Sitcoms tend to be where the most memorable Thanksgiving episodes can be found, but I wanted to carry on with the holiday themed teen TV discussions that started with Halloween this year. So far My So-Called LifeBuffy the Vampire Slayer and Freaks and Geeks have been addressed and so it’s time to talk about that other ’90s teen TV juggernaut Dawson’s Creek. The episode “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” is from season 3 and deals with Jen’s estranged relationship with her mother and other family related dramas that tend to rear their head during the holiday season.

photo (3)

Pacey talks of defining moments when Jen finds out that her mother is a giant hypocrite who, instead of trying to deal with her daughter’s promiscuity sent her away. This is further compounded by the revelation that Jen’s mom had given up a child when she was a teenager (who happens to be one of the Sweet Valley High twins). Jen’s mother is pretty much your typical WASP archetype as she will do anything to avoid a scandal going public. The pearl necklace that she tries to bestow to Jen is pure waspy style and Jen rejects this. It’s a peace offering and it’s one that is too little, too late as the woman that Jen idolized when she grew up threw her away; “Pearls lose their luster if you don’t wear them. I guess that they’re like people in that regard, you should keep them close to your skin.”

Halloween episodes give characters the opportunity to be someone else and Thanksgiving is all about family. It’s the perfect time for the Lindley’s to have a frank discussion and for Michelle Williams to break my heart. As I’ve mentioned previously Jen was my favorite character on this show, not because she was the ‘bad girl’ (the antics on a show like Gossip Girl are way worse, though Jen does share *some* similarities with Serena) instead there was something compelling about her as she struggles with this label and this new environment. Plus I really wanted her haircut, though looking at this semi-crimped style I’m not sure why.

photo (7)Friends as family is also a consistent notion when it comes to Thanksgiving episodes and while this sentiment sounds cheesy Dawson perfectly sums it up when he tells Joey that “The only homes we have are the ones we make for ourselves.” I can totally see that statement on a fridge magnet or doormat. Jen isn’t the only one having a hard time as Joey is still mourning her mother and the holiday only magnifies this pain, Dawson is dealing with his parents divorce, Pacey and Andi are still in post breakup awkwardness and Pacey doesn’t want to spend Thanksgiving with his own bawdy family.

photo (6)The defining moment that Pacey mentions refers to seeing your parents “as human beings with their own problems” and how “it is oddly kind of liberating when you realize they are way more messed up than you are.” Alanis Morissette’s “That I Would Be Good” kicks in because this is the late ’90s and lady angst music is the best soundtrack choice. This also happens to be one of the episodes where Jen and Pacey attempt friends with benefits and while I never saw them as a long term couple they have great chemistry together and this storyline is a lot of fun before the Dawson/Pacey/Joey triangle angst sets in.

photo (9)Jen realizes that her mother doesn’t hate her and the reason she was exiled was due to her mother’s self-loathing and fear of disappearing off the social scene if she ever ends it with her father. It’s the closure that Jen needs and hey Thanksgiving made it all possible. The final scene with the group hanging out around the fire is all about the ‘friends as family’ idea and it’s sprinkled with Dawson’s Creek staples such as pop culture references (Charlie Brown), a sentimental speech from Dawson that leads to a mention of the Oscars.

It’s a solid Thanksgiving episode, though I’m glad I had watched “Escape from Witch Island” recently as this is the one that precedes it and I have also watched/written about this ghostly adventure recently. Ok, that was pretty much a discussion of how bad Joey’s hat is and in terms of costuming in this episode the only thing of note is how ill fitting the bras are and along with the everything is baggy look, I’m glad this trend hasn’t come back around with the recent ’90s revival. Jen’s super long black skirt, knee high boots combo is staple late ’90s look. The location is stunning and having a meal like this outside without freezing this time of year would be wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating today!

Things That Should Stay in the ’90s: Joey Potter’s Hat

17 Oct

The ’90s revival is in full swing and if this decade was just about wearing plaid and looking like Angela Chase then there would be no complaints here. This isn’t the case and things that were terrible then are still terrible now. One of the reasons for starting TV Ate My Wardrobe was so I had an outlet for discussing costuming that I’d like to see in my own wardrobe, this new feature is the opposite and it’s a reminder of the awful items I did own and to stop this from happening all over again.

Things like Joey Potter’s hat from the Dawson’s Creek episode “Escape from Witch Island.”

joey's hat dawson's creek

It’s getting colder and so you might think that a wool hat like this is super cute, it’s not and it should stay in 1999.

Joey hat

Even if Joey has this endearing look in her eye, don’t buy a hat like this. Just don’t.

If you have any of your own suggestions then send them in and I’ll be putting my ’90s TV watching to good use as a way to prevent those fashion mistakes from the past from happening all over again. This is why I’m happy that things like Instagram and Facebook didn’t exist back then as all of my personal clothing horrors are relegated to shoe boxes full of photos.

Michelle Williams Talks Dawson’s Creek Nostalgia

8 Oct

Michelle Williams sported a quiffed look at The New Yorker “In Conversation” event at the weekend as she discussed her TV and film career with writer David Denby. Despite a clip snafu that saw the wrong Blue Valentine scene shown to the audience – the hotel shower scene was instead of another fractious moment between Williams and Ryan Gosling’s characters – there are other things to talk about from this discussion including Williams’ recent trip to Wilmington, North Carolina where they shot Dawson’s Creek.

Michelle Williams New Yorker 2013

Williams explained that she “hadn’t been back since the show ended but I went back and took my daughter on vacation and saw people I hadn’t seen in 10 years and went all the places that we used to go. And it was great. It was actually a real stroke of luck to be transported there.” It’s all ’90s nostalgia at the moment and while I think a reunion episode wouldn’t really work (Spoiler Alert! Jen is dead) I am tempted to revisit this show, plus I still really need to watch the final episode (I know).

Wearing a Louis Vuitton shirt-dress that manages to incorporate both a black and white checkered pattern and a bow around the middle without veering into too cutesy/twee and not over powering the look with accessorizes, Williams looks fantastic and relaxed. While there isn’t a ton of things you can do to make short hair look different the quiff is a tried and tested favorite here at TV Ate My Wardrobe as it not only gets occasionally pesky bangs out of your face but also gives you a fresh new look. The pink lip color and nail polish adds a pop of color without overwhelming.

New Yorker Michelle Williams

As photo shoots and magazine editorials with Michelle Williams tend to lean towards the melancholy these photos are a welcome change.

Next up for Williams is a turn on Broadway in Cabaret and she will be playing the iconic role of Sally Bowles alongside The Good Wife’s Alan Cumming, opening April next year. She also recently completed work on Suite Francaise based on Irene Nemirovsky’s work that tells the story of a woman living in German occupied France.

Julie Hammerle

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