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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

31 Jan

Switching from red carpets and the many events January has delivered (well aside from one) it’s going to be a costume heavy “Out of the Box” this week as we take a look at The Carrie DiariesHow I Met Your Mother and The Originals.

This is the Time

Prom on The Carrie Diaries didn’t disappoint; so much tulle, color, sequins and pattern. Walt looks pretty dapper in his tux too. As with most of the costuming from this show these pieces aren’t vintage ’80s and both Mouse and Maggie’s dresses are available to buy if you happen to need a prom dress. Hell even Dorrit got in on the whole gown thing and wore bubble gum pink, even if she was doing it for irony. Oh, Dorrit. It’s the last episode of season 2 tonight and it could also turn out to be the series finale as there’s no word on renewal. I hope this isn’t the case as there’s still a lot more life in this show and Walt’s story been an emotional roller coaster that I’m not ready to disembark.

How I met your motherI haven’t seen any of How I Met Your Mother this season as I fell out of love with it a few seasons back, but after seeing so many positive reactions about this week’s episode “How Your Mother Met Me” I dipped back in and I’m so glad I did. Cristin Milioti made me care about a character we didn’t even get to see and by her La Vie En Rose rendition the screen was incredibly blurry. Milioti is just so effortlessly charming and while the long path to unveiling the mother hasn’t gripped me, her performance is the opposite. In the shot above the Mother is wearing the J Crew Majesty pea coat we featured on our wish list a couple of months ago and it looks great on Milioti, love the lighter color.

The Originals 1.12It was a flashback heavy week on The Originals as we ventured back to the start of prohibition; Marcel has just returned from serving in WWI hence the uniform and the tuxedoed Klaus and Elijah are unsurprisingly dapper. So many eras of suits to cover and thankfully not as many awful flashback wigs. When will either this or TVD indulge my love of the ’70s? Then there might be terrible hair.

Taylor SwiftThis one photo is not like the others and yet there’s something just as dramatic about Taylor Swift whipping her hair at the Grammys as she plays the Jake song (or “All Too Well” to give its full name). This stunning gown with bejeweled shoulders is by Alberta Ferretti and it adds well dressed spectacle to this moment. So Taylor you didn’t win, even though for a second you thought you did, but you will always have this moment among all the awkward dancing gifs. I have no rhythm when it comes dancing and so this Tumblr is my new everything.

Wear a TV Logo on Your Bag

30 Jan

Anna Gunn featured on the TV Ate My Wardrobe SAG Awards red carpet best dressed and she also carried our favorite accessory at this event – a custom Edie Parker Breaking Bad emblazoned clutch.

Anna Gunn Breaking Bad clutchThe trend has continued as Lena Dunham posted a picture to her Instagram showing off a Girls clutch from Charlotte Olympia. This is part of Olympia’s pre-Fall 2014 collection and will be available from April – there are also some pretty cool looking Archie clutches currently on sale.

Lena Dunham Girls ClutchThis opens up a whole new avenue of TV inspired clothing and there’s an endless list of TV show logos, past and present that would work just as well as these Girls and Breaking Bad offerings. I mean I have a Dunder Mifflin tote bag, but it’s not really the same thing.

Carrie BagThe first season of The Carrie Diaries starts with a nail polish disaster resulting in a one of a kind purse that lands Carrie Bradshaw an internship at Interview and while that bag is long gone on the show now; it’s still one of the defining images in the intro.

The Bell Jar Clutch

TV shows aren’t the only ones to get the clutch bag treatment as Parisian designer Olympia Le-Tan has been using classic book covers as clutch bag designs since the S/S 2010 ‘Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover‘ collection and I’ve been coveting one ever since. The Bell Jar is part of the ‘Still Ill‘ 2012 series and as it is my favorite book, it’s also top of my wish list.

A bag can easily become a blank canvas and TV is the latest place to inspire; how about a ’90s line featuring shows that have either just hit or will be reaching the 20 year milestone soon?

Broad City Catch Up

29 Jan

Last week the first episode of Broad City aired on Comedy Central and while it’s going to get unfairly compared to Girls – young women with creative desires who live in New York City – it feels more like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Louie. Or you know its own separate entity. When something is new there is the urge to put it in the “it’s like meets y box (recently I saw Frances Ha as “it’s like Sex and the City meets Girls) for marketing and categorizing reasons and I have been guilty of doing this when describing a TV show or movie. Moving beyond this I want to look at Broad City and the material that existed before the half hour I watched last week. Yes I’m very late to this party.

Broad CityThe first episode introduces Ilana and Abbi (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are the creators of Broad City) and it’s very much in the middle of their story, there’s no this is how and why they’re friends. Not that this is necessary and the world already feels developed because it is. Broad City as you’re probably already aware begun as a web series in 2010 and you can watch it here, so this is what I did and here are the ones that stood out. The episodes average between two and five minutes so you can do what I did and binge in two sittings or take your time.

“Subway on a Sunday” is only the third episode and it’s the one that feels the most Larry David to me as this is an extension of the awkward ‘stop and chat.’ While the heightened reality comedic aspects are well done, it’s this observational humor that really strikes a chord with me. It also reminded me of when you say goodbye to someone and then it turns out that you’re going in the same direction as them. Awkward.

For anyone that found Fred Armisen hiding behind a coat stand the funniest thing on Broad City last week, then “Dog Sitting” is one for you. Plus there’s a super cute dog and Ilana’s showing how few boundaries she has coming into play; Ilana’s lack of filer is already one of my favorite things about Broad City. Though I’m totally an Abbi (eye rolling at myself right now). Oh and Ilana is wearing a t-shirt with a drawing of a denim vest and it’s kinda everything.

“Drummer Girls” shows Ilana and Abbi performing in the park and unlike the event in last week’s episode this one is a win for them and it’s totally charming.

Video chat plays an important part in the web series and this has been translated into the show as we saw Ilana throwing up and having sex while video chatting with Abbi (who was less than thrilled with either conversation). See no filter. This is a really fun one involving fake elevators and snack food. Also who doesn’t like music?

In the final installment of the web series the production values are noticeably higher in “I Heart New York.” Oh and there are famous comedic ladies (including the producer of the new show). It’s surreal, yet rooted in reality and involves a great gag with Abbi’s bag. Pretty much everything about the chugger (the charity mugger with the clipboard) is spot on, back when I smoked I was super guilt tripped into signing up.

Talking of the producer here is Amy Poehler talking to Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer about Broad City for Smart Girls at the Party. They discuss the origins of Broad City, their comedy backgrounds and the notion of ‘finding your voice.’ And there’s a dance party.

Watch the web series here and a new episode airs tonight (Wednesday 29) on Comedy Central.

Zooey Deschanel’s Ready-to-wear Collection with Tommy Hilfiger

28 Jan

TV Ate My Wardrobe are huge fans of both Zooey Deschanel and her character Jess on New Girl’s style, so when we saw the news of the collaboration between Deschanel and Tommy Hilfiger (in the midst of a Felicity discussion with TAMW contributor Julie Hammerle) the questions of when, how much and what does the collection look like immediately sprung to mind. WWD has the answers and it won’t break the bank – unless you buy all 16 dresses – as the prices range from $98 to $199 and 14 of the 16 items will be on sale at Macy’s from April 14. The “To Tommy, From Zooey” line will land on on April 21 and some stores will also include handbags and jewelry designed by Deschanel.

Zooey Deschanel THThe overall theme of the collection is vintage inspired with red, blue and white as the predominant color palette; mixing Mod with nautical and “it’s a new way to look at fun, American classics.” Whenever Deschanel discusses style inspiration in the plethora of magazine profiles vintage is the one constant factor and this collection has a whole ’60s vibe with the above shirt dress (this is my favorite of the looks released) really embodying this notion.

Sketch Zooey DeschanelPleats and prints are two dominant fabric and pattern themes with feminine and flirty looks featuring throughout; fit and flare is where it is at. This is part of the spring/summer ready-to-wear collection and it fits the “Tommy girl” aesthetic with a Deschanel twist. It pretty much has me longing for the end of this cold weather even though I’ll still be hankering for my tights with skirts this short.

Zooey Deschanel capsule collectionAt the Met Gala in May Zooey Deschanel attended wearing a seersucker gown by Hilfiger and while it didn’t really match the punk theme (but really most attendees missed the memo) it showed that Deschanel and Hilfiger were a style match in heaven. This is why this collaboration isn’t too much of a surprise and in terms of perception Deschanel’s twee styling has long been up for discussion and so she might as well get something positive out of it. In an InStyle interview last year she said “People are more affected by how I look and dress myself than I think anyone would care to admit” and so by producing a collection like this it might give detractors something to nod along to and say ‘of course,’ but fans of her style (like myself) will be cheering.

to tommy, from zooey sketchWhile none of the sketches or finished pieces that we have seen so far has included Peter Pan collars – Deschanel exclaimed in Glamour magazine last year “I want to be a fucking feminist and wear a fucking Peter Pan collar. So fucking what?” – I wouldn’t be surprised if a few sneak in. The word brand is kinda eye roll inducing and yet Deschanel is building her multimedia empire; actor, musician, producer, web entrepreneur and now designer. It’s worth repeating that this is a line that isn’t extravagantly priced and it also looks wearable. If only it would get a little warmer.

Music Monday: Girls and Nancy Sinatra’s “Sugar Town”

27 Jan

After the return on Music Monday last weekGirls steps up again on the soundtrack front with another track from the past. The song is “Sugar Town” by Nancy Sinatra (recently covered by Zooey Deschanel in (500) Days of Summer) and it’s a rather peppy song that reflects the detached and distant attitude towards death displayed by Hannah in “Dead Inside.”

“Sugar Town” starts to play over Hannah’s story as we transition into the credits and Hannah can only show the emotions expected of her by retelling a made up story that had no impact when she believed it to be real. Well it had some impact as she questioned why the dress was so tiny and sometimes grief is so stilted that inconsequential details are what we focus on. Does this make Hannah a bad person? No, but she’s also pretty terrible at filtering her thoughts about what this means for her e-book. She’s also pretty self-absorbed (see also the road trip to rehab) so a song like “Sugar Town” is pretty apt for her world view at the moment.

GirlsEveryone reacts to death in a different way and it’s Jessa that produces the most compelling story this week as the brash facade begins to crack as she finds out that her friend faked her death so Jessa would stop being her enabler. This has more of an impact than anything we’ve seen before, even more so than the conversation with Kathryn Hahn back in season one. More of this please.

In the music video for “Sugar Town” Nancy Sinatra goes for a hike in an outfit that might not be the most appropriate for this activity; white go go boots and matching polka dot mini skirt and tied shirt. It’s amazing and there’s a waterfall. Alas we can’t stay in Sugar Town is as made up as Hannah’s story.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

24 Jan

January isn’t just a month of award season shindigs; no it’s also the time to see what films might feature in the next award season as many filmmakers and actors flock to Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. The red carpet here is less floor length gown and more tights and boots, which to be honest is more my speed. This week’s Out of the Box is looking at the winter fashion on display as well as the Elle magazine Women in TV celebration that took place in LA on Wednesday featuring some of the cover stars.

Elisabeth Moss SundanceElisabeth Moss has been killing it on the red carpet, wowing at the recent Golden Globe Awards and now wearing pretty much ideal outfit at the Sundance premiere for “The One I Love.” Tights, super cute ankle boots and a winter floral dress are a winning Sundance combination and the film has been well received (also starring Mark Duplass and Ted Danson). This is definitely the best haircut that Moss has had – yay short hair – and the dash of pink lipstick adds a pop of color to this look.

Elijah Wood Sundance 2014We love a good pea coat here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and Elijah Wood is rocking a classic navy blue at a Game of Thrones Sundance soiree (Big Boi from Outkast hosted). This outfit is both stylish and functional and no one pulls off the sweater/shirt combo as well as the diminutive star.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson SundanceDiane Kruger laughs in the face of the freezing cold weather in a Ports 1961 creation and it’s all about the layering; belted tweed waistcoat, black jeans, boots, collarless white shirt and a stunning camel coat draped over her shoulders. The Chanel purse and Joshua Jackson add that little something extra to this winter warming appearance. It’s the perfect amount of Sundance chic without looking too try.

Zooey Deschanel and Mindy KalingMoving on to warmer climates with Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling at the Elle magazine “Women in TV” celebration (they’re both cover stars). Deschanel is wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress and while I’m not in love with the sheer sleeves, the polka dots instantly cancels this out. Kaling’s pink lip color is on trend and the black Badgley Mischka frock looks really great on her.

Uzo AdubaI finally started Orange is the New Black this week (I know) and after two episodes I’m totally all in. The cast feature in the Elle ‘Women in TV’ issue and Uzo Aduba looks fantastic in a super feminine lace frock at the event celebrating this publication.

The Mindy Project and the Rom-Com Narrative Part 2

23 Jan

Back in September when The Mindy Project returned for season 2 we discussed our complicated and conflicting “will they/won’t they” feelings in relation to Danny and Mindy. The first season ended with a moment that strongly hinted at this move from friends to something more and the flirty bickering has been a feature of this show since the pilot.

The Mindy Project is a love letter to rom-coms and the work of Nora Ephron runs through its veins in both theme and specific references. The difference of course between a movie “will they/won’t they” and one on TV is that a TV show has to deal with the “what’s next?” question that normally punctuates a movie and The Mindy Project has to figure out what’s going to happen now that Mindy and Danny have kissed.

The Mindy ProjectAh yes the big kiss and I will gladly admit that I have jumped aboard this mighty ship; totally blaming the Aaliyah dance for this leap from friendship shipping to Mindy and Danny 4EVA. This isn’t the only reason as they’ve done a very good job of building from friendship to feelings and the Christmas episode cemented this notion.

Danny is probably Mindy’s best friend on the show, especially as Gwen has been a no show all season – where are all of Mindy’s lady friends? – they already know pretty much everything about each other and I definitely cry BS that Mindy would choose getting back to Cliff over being there for Danny is his time of personal crisis. Drama is required and it is often the case with sitcoms that disbelief should be suspended when it comes to the set up of these emotional highs (see Nick’s movie theater birthday party surprise on New Girl for a prime example of ignoring logistics).

New Girl has probably ruined me for first kisses; this was a great smooch and yet it doesn’t quite hit the wow heights of the Nick and Jess’ “Cooler” embrace. That’s not to say I haven’t watched it several times and will be watching it a few more as the video is below. In the same way New Girl has had to navigate the post-first kiss waters and has gone all in on Nick and Jess as a couple, The Mindy Project has to figure out where to go next. Getting to this point is the easy part; it’s the aftermath that is complicated.

First there is the whole narrative of the show to be considered as Mindy’s romantic quest is the core thesis; if Mindy has now found love where does this leave the dating aspect. Well Mindy has been in a couple of long term relationships before so it’s not an entirely new concept, but it’s never been with one of the regular characters and one that she works with. I’m actually jumping way ahead as one kiss does not a boyfriend make and Mindy has just sent Cliff a heartfelt letter trying to win him back. It’s just got a lot more complicated for Mindy and who knows what will happen on the rest of their flight home. The Danny/Mindy feelings barometer swings heavily towards Danny and even though Mindy reciprocated the kiss it’s unclear how strongly she feels about him in this way; is Danny going to get his heartbroken all over again?

The “will they/won’t they” is different for every show (in part this is why the so-called Moonlighting curse is ridiculous) and if I was writing my MA thesis now I would definitely ditch auteur theory for “will they/won’t they” as frankly I’ve written almost a dissertation amount on this subject since the start of TV Ate My Wardrobe. With The Mindy Project my anticipation levels are high because of how it uses rom-coms as the foundation for Mindy’s romantic interactions and as I mentioned earlier the after is one quandary movies don’t really have to deal with. They could have painted themselves into a corner or it could be the best thing to happen to the show. The next episode doesn’t air until April so they’ve got plenty of time to figure out whether this is Mindy’s Happily Ever After or not.

In the meantime here is the big moment from The Mindy Project’s winter finale.

New Girl 3.13 “Birthday” Review: Great Expectations

22 Jan

The first birthday as a couple can lead to all kinds of anxiety; in fact birthdays in general can lead to this state. For some the idea of a huge party is enough to cause nightmares, whereas some revel in this day of celebration and want the works. Jess falls into the latter camp and after years of disappointment – this is the first time New Girl has shown her birthday – she has a new routine of going to the movies by herself to temper these feelings. This year is going to be different because Nick has a whole surprise planned; except he forgot to plan anything for before the party and now he has a whole day to improvise.

NG_ep312_sc40pt_0242 (1)This birthday party is a sign of Nick’s growth even if he still fucks up by forgetting the pre-party distractions and his stalling tactics include a free diabetes test and a really long uphill walk. Sex as a distraction doesn’t help either, as much to Nick’s chagrin it’s the quickest he’s ever been with her. Awkward. The no expectation thing takes a turn for the worse when they stumble upon a birthday party set up in the park and Jess is so taken aback by ‘her surprise’ that Nick just lets the horrorshow play out in front of him.

It’s a case of Jess underestimating Nick, she’s not doing this in a cruel manner and she totally appreciates everything he does for her (including picking up rubber bands for her ponytail, oh Nick), it’s just that she can’t help but run off and cry. She’s not chill and really the more someone repeats that they are, the less this is true. Jess mentions the cool girlfriend trope from movies, which is much like the MPDG and is completely unrealistic. Pretty sure this is a nod to the criticisms that have been leveled at both New Girl and Zooey Deschanel in the past. Regardless, this isn’t who Jess is as she does care about things and she spends a significant portion of this episode crying for one reason or another.

Jess’ sofa sobbing is particularly funny as New Girl enters farce territory with Winston and Coach hiding the crazy amount of decorations with Jess in the room. Coach’s superfluous cartwheel is a nice touch, as is his response to Jess’ baking question “Bakery downtown exploded. Don’t look into it, it’s not on the internet.” All while he has flour smudged on his face. This takes place as she is spilling her soul to them about how she’s disappointed in herself for being disappointed in Nick. Jess knows that she needs to temper her anticipation, if only she could see what was going on behind her in this scene as Winston clutches onto a bunch of surprise balloons.

Despite the rocky start to the day, Nick manages to pull it all together in the end (let’s not look too closely into the logistics) and it leads more tears from Jess. These are the happier kind as it’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for her and Jess apologizes for her earlier reaction. It’s a really heartwarming conclusion and circles back to the “real shit and some stupid shit” core of what New Girl is. The video testimonials feature who you would expect and some faces from the past (Tran! Sadie!), so happy to see both Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner popping up “When you were born I got a deli sandwich at the hospital cafeteria and then there was a baby.” It’s Nick’s message that sends me over the feelings cliff as he reveals he still carries the coin that was in his pocket the first time they kissed. Ol’ Nick Miller is definitely a romantic at heart. Oh and Schmidt blows up a car and runs away from dinosaurs in his message, because of course.

It’s an episode that is bookended with the ensemble and shows the writers have got a handle on the different pairings that make up the three individual stories. Jess and Nick are pretty solid at this point and while it doesn’t have the same intensity as this time last year, as a couple they are working for me. This is the first episode to feature prominent Cece and Schmidt interactions since their breakup and further adds to my theory that Nick and Cece are rather alike. Not the bartending skills as Cece is far from being a natural – her version of an old fashioned is gin in a mug with a peanut in it and she somehow set fire to soda water – but with the lack of self-belief. Strength and confidence are skills and Schmidt tells Cece that she should use them, she could also be a little meaner. The plan works and in return Cece refers to Schmidt as her friend; I’m not going to be too thrilled if the Cece/Schmidt romance starts up anytime soon, however this plot is a good reminder of how these characters can bounce off each other.

Ben Falcone is pretty great as Mike, another crotchety employee of this bar who isn’t too thrilled that Nick has traded shifts with Cece, more of him please.

The Coach/Winston rivalry is revisited first as decorations vs. cake (cake always wins) and then as cake vs. cake after Winston gets the wrong (and very scary looking) one from the bakery. It finally feels like all the pieces of New Girl’s third season are falling into place and this is probably the funniest of the three storylines in “Birthday” and one that takes an unexpectedly sweet turn with oven glove handshakes and hugs when the two cakes become one (cue Spice Girls). Coach invoking the word moist is both hilarious and horrifying, though nothing beats a moist sponge – let it be known that writing moist this much has given me a very icky feeling.

New Girl might be the name of the show, yet it’s been clear for a long time that it’s not one individual that holds everything together and this episode has a pay it forward way of showing this; Winston and Coach’s bake off results in one cake, Winston reminds Nick that everyone’s here to help and he can still pull off the birthday surprise, Schmidt gives Cece the boost she needs and Jess ends up with the best birthday surprise. It’s not about what one person can do and these ever changing dynamics reveal that no one person on this show is the level headed one and the guy who is terrible at organizing might just deliver the best present when least expected.

Sleepy Hollow Finale Review: Whaaaaaaaat?

21 Jan

A good twist brings out my Macaulay Culkin Home Alone impression and the last 15 minutes of the Sleepy Hollow double bill was all hands on cheeks, mouth agape. Nicely played, Sleepy Hollow. This first season has raised the bar for fast paced storytelling with an emotional core; it can be both incredibly creepy and heartwarming. It’s safe to say that the old misty eyes were induced several times over this double bill. Ichabod’s costuming has been a big discussion point here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and after last week’s brief foray into modern attire; he finally found a solution to his clothing dilemma.

Sleepy Hollow finaleThe second of the two episodes opened with what seemed to be a Katrina infused dream, nothing new here. Instead the scene subverted expectations and Ichabod was very much awake and in the real world, except the real world was masking as his old world with a re-enactment. Balancing the end of world doom with moments of brevity like this one is what makes this show such a fun watching experience and even though Ichabod can’t get his head around aspects of modernity, like why would you want to re-enact something as brutal as war, it provides a new clothing outlet for him. Yes the outfit Ichabod is wearing in Purgatory isn’t the same one we have seen him in throughout the year, but his new threads and they look a lot like his old ones.

Jenny makes a joke about getting rid of his “ratty coat” and this is not on Ichabod’s list of things to do “Please, and risk it be worn ironically by purveyors of artisanal marmalade who discovered it at the local thrift shop, I thank you no. For judge a man not by the wear of what he wears, but by the where and how he wears it.” Like most people Ichabod feels attachment to certain items of clothing, this is pretty much how I get every time I have to stop wearing a pair of hole ridden Cons and Ichabod has had that coat for two centuries. Bonds are formed.

Talking of bonds, the link between Abbie and Ichabod is strong and the strength of Sleepy Hollow lies in this relationship. Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have this amazing ability to sell any of the bananas plot points; zombie George Washington? Sure! A trip to Purgatory? Why not! The banter and the more tender moments slightly diminish the joy of Crane getting Katrina out of purgatory – especially as she is quickly whisked away by the headless horseman – the hugs and declarations of loyalty between Ichabod and Abbie are a sure fire way to invoke all the feelings.

Now Abbie is trapped in a garish pink dollhouse, when Abbie and Jenny first discussed this place of sanction I imagined a traditional Victorian version. There’s actually something creepier about the one we get as it looks so out of place in the world between worlds and the bright color does little to comfort as it’s incredibly disorientating in this realm of darkness.

The big twist is that Henry Parish, the sin eater is actually both War and Jeremy Crane, son of Ichabod and Katrina. From the moment his hand healed of its own accord I figured there was something up with Henry, but in no way did I see this big reveal coming. John Noble is so good at portraying a sweet, put upon character (see Walter Bishop), I forgot that he can also play malevolent and bitter (see Walternate and Denethor). This is some huge child abandonment issues on show here, though on this occasion he should really cut his parents some slack.

Other finale highlights include reactions to emoticons, Ichabod realizing that flip phones are so last decade, Yolanda, fist bumps, Spy Daddy and zombie George Washington.

So Abbie’s stuck in a dollhouse, Katrina’s been taken, Ichabod’s been put in hole in the ground bound by roots and Jenny lies unconscious in her upturned truck. Oh and Irving is in jail. That’s not a good place for any of these characters to end the season. For us the audience we now have the agonizing wait until season 2 and until then you should check out this incredibly detailed conversation with costume designer Kristin Burke over at Go Fug Yourself, including a glimpse at the modern wardrobe that has been acquired for Ichabod even though he is unlikely to wear it ever.

Music Monday: Girls and Dancing to New Order’s “Age of Consent”

20 Jan

Apparently today is another Blue Monday, but the New Order song we’re listening to here at TV Ate My Wardrobe is “Age of Consent.” So it’s been a little while since our last Music Monday post and the Girls soundtrack is a good place to revive this feature as it tends to be a blend of old and new songs.

There are a couple of super cringe Marnie moments in “She Said OK” and I fear that I’m going to have “What I Know” stuck in my head all day. In fact it took me the whole episode to pinpoint which version I knew before this one (Emma Bunton) and I’m kinda disappointed that HBO has put up Marnie’s autotuned version even if it made me want to crawl beneath my desk. The rendition of Rent’s “Take Me or Leave Me” later in this episode also had the same curl into a ball reaction. Step away from the microphone Marnie.

Hannah tells Adam that her birthday is always terrible and this New Order song provides one of the few truly happy moments for Hannah this week as Adam picks her up to dance. Sadly we don’t get to hear much of the song as Ray angst (I love you Ray) takes over and the song fades into the background.

Time to dance.

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