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“Let it Go” Performed with Classroom Instruments on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

4 Mar

If it isn’t already stuck in your head for eternity then give this version of “Let it Go” a whirl, as Frozen star Idina Menzel (insert John Travolta pronunciation joke here) appeared on The Tonight Show to perform the Oscar winning track in a segment that first appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I think I like this better than the Oscar performance.

Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing and a $100 Bet on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Debut

18 Feb

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon kicked off with a whole slew of famous faces including the already publicized Will Smith and some surprises. Following on from “Evolution of Mom Dancing” which Jimmy performed last year with Michelle Obama (who will be a guest on Thursday), Will Smith pulled out the big moves for “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.” Dressed in the appropriate Fresh Prince approved dungarees (one strap undone of course), the moves include the “Running Man” and the “Carlton.”

The star-studded cameos were boosted in a fun way as Robert De Niro (who was the first guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon), Tina Fey and Seth Rogen (to name just a few) came out one by one to pay Jimmy $100 as part of a bet. Some produced the money from ‘safe places’ with Sarah Jessica Parker getting it out of her shoe and Mariah Carey pulling it out of her cleavage. Backstage would have been interesting and earlier in the day Lindsay Lohan Instagrammed a shot which hinted at some sort of involvement with the Fallon’s debut. If I hadn’t seen this I might not have recognized her. Stephen Colbert ends the segment adapting one the best TV welcomes, but I will leave that as a surprise and I’m sure there will be more treats this week on The Tonight Show.

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