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Scandal 3.11 “Ride Sally, Ride” Costume Review: Photo Ops and Fake Smiles

28 Feb

Scandal is back and so are the twisty, back stabby storylines and fabulous clothes. Previously with these Scandal reviews I have talked through the episode via the costuming and that is going to remain the case. There will be one slight change as a handful of costumes will take the spotlight and then there will be a separate gallery at the end to highlight other outfits that catch our eye. As with everything on TV Ate My Wardrobe we want to keep these articles as fresh and relevant as possible; so while I don’t necessarily need to write a paragraph about Harrison’s amazing suits each week, we still want to show off the amazing tailoring. Feedback is always appreciated so if there is anything you want to see from these Scandal costume reviews then let us know in the comments.

Scandal 3.11 cheersThe first of two staged photo ops in “Ride Sally, Ride” and this one comes with so many fake smiles and gritted teeth. Both Mellie and Olivia are wearing their power colors with Olivia in white Prada and Mellie opting for a red (you can see the color version in the gallery below). The black and white stills, a Scandal signature are even more pertinent in scenes like this one where the paparazzi are present. The goblet wine glasses are not quite the Olivia Pope ultra thin stemmed standard but they will do.

Scandal 3.11 wine cardigan no tieAs seen later, Olivia is on a wine chugging mission in the appropriate wine cardigan attire as she questions exactly why she is doing all of this and what it means to be a patriot. Jake is unwavering in his devotion to his Commander-in-Chief and this is why he has taken the job as Command. Jake claims that it will be different now that he is in charge; for starters he is taking a much more relaxed approach to the suit wearing and the lack of tie reflects his more casual Command. Once again Scott Foley is looking pretty damn good in a suit – I’ve been watching a lot of Felicity recently so it took a moment to acclimatize to the older less plaid shirt wearing Foley – and he steps up to the patriot plate in a way I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

Scandal 3.11 photo opTo the second staged photo moment and the bachelor Olivia has chosen as a cover is not from Mellie’s list. She won’t give Mellie the satisfaction. Matching coffee cups with well put together casual, yet stylish (of course) park walking attire and they look like a dream couple. Of course it’s WAY more complicated than that and there are real feelings at stake here, definitely for Jake and while it’s not the same for Olivia because of Fitz, there’s an attraction. Jake doesn’t throw whiskey glasses across the room, nor does he have door open/door closed tantrums, so you know he’s pretty good dating material. Even if it’s all for show.

Scandal 3.11 threesomeAaaaand things just got even more complicated with the new VP nominee choice Andrew Nichols as he spoke of a woman he was once in love with and lost. Of course that woman turns out to be Mellie and this love triangle just grew another side. It will be good to see Mellie lavished with attention and once again she looks stunning in red. Mellie’s wearing all the colors this week with green, royal blue and teal making an appearance. It’s all about the bold colors to emphasize a message of power; Mellie is no wallflower despite the endless Fitz rumors.

Scandal 3.11 AdnanAnother lady in red and it’s the mysterious Adnan Salif, the very person who Harrison has been terrified of and why he has been a wreck since finding out that she is back in the country. Harrison is also pretty attracted to her and instead of this ending in a bloody mess it ends up in a tryst on the desk. Oh and kudos show for the surprise that Adnan is a woman and shame on me for just assuming it was going to be a dude.

In the gallery below there is Abby in two more glorious Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses (including a repeat of the snakeskin pattern she wore in episode 10), Olivia in a whole lot of roomy attire (to cover Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy) with peplums and gorgeous coats on show, James in plaid as he plots to take Cyrus down and the tabloid with Olivia and Jake making news.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

28 Feb

It’s a big week for TV costuming with the return of three TV Ate My Wardrobe favorites The AmericansScandal and Hannibal. All three of these shows deserve posts of their own and so we’re going to focus on the red carpet with this edition of Out of the Box. There’s been more award shows in the lead up to Sunday’s Oscars including the Costume Designers Guild Awards, we’ve got other premieres, public appearances and the first night of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

16th Costume Designers Guild Awards With Presenting Sponsor Lacoste - ArrivalsTurquoise was on trend at the Costume Designers Guild Awards with Mindy Kaling and Amy Adams wearing variations of this color and Olivia Munn is just as stunning in J. Mendel. It’s a beautiful gown and I really hope we get to see the bolder end of the color spectrum on the red carpet come Sunday.

Kiernan ShipkaMad Men darling Kiernan Shipka also attended the Costume Designers Guild Awards and she’s gone for a very different approach from the turquoise set. This Delpozo ensemble takes florals and checks in two pieces that shouldn’t work but thanks to Shipka’s age and previous sartorial hits, she pulls it off. Stick this on a twenty something and it might come across as too try hard, putting it on a teen and it’s marvelous. Don’t ever change.

"The Americans" Season 2 Premiere - ArrivalsI have a weakness for a lady tux – see Angelina Jolie at the BAFTAs – and like Jolie, Keri Russell is wearing a Saint Laurent suit and she has paired it with a super chic sleeveless Balenciaga blouse for The Americans premiere. It’s a really simple and yet elegant look and Russell has the side sweep locked down.

Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler, Joe BidenAmy Poehler stopped by the first night of Late Night with Seth Meyers and not only did she tell pretty much the best story about Joaquin Phoenix (which you can watch below), she also got to hang out with Leslie Knope’s number one crush Joe Biden. Black dress, pumps and really great hair give her automatic Out of the Box appreciation. 

The Americans 2.01 “Comrades” Review: Happy Families

27 Feb

The return of The Americans has been high on the TV Ate My Wardrobe 2014 anticipation list and we’re going to review it in a similar fashion Masters of Sex and Scandal (back tonight!). This means there will be a strong focus on the costuming aspects and with a show like The Americans there is a huge variety of looks thanks to the many disguises. As with Masters of Sex it’s a period show, so there will be less emphasis on how you can recreate the looks (as with Scandal) and more discussion on thematic issues. Or general wig appreciation. The Americans has a strong focus on notions of identity and while the espionage aspect helps create tension, it’s the central relationship and how they navigate their duplicitous lifestyle that makes it more than just a spy show.

The Americans 2.01Starting with the reunited Jennings family and this is the role they have been playing for the longest. The focus of this year is going to be on family as Elizabeth and Philip are a much stronger unit, but now there comes a threat from within as Paige is starting to question where her parents go and what they are really doing in the laundry room. It’s all very wholesome as they celebrate Henry’s birthday and all the different necked sweaters (turtle, roll, cowl) make an appearance in “Comrades,” because hey the Jennings’ are just like us (well if we were also in 1982). In an episode of Felicity I just watched Felicity is referred to as the “Queen of Sweaters” and it looks like Keri Russell will be challenging for this title on The Americans. Paige seems pretty happy to see her parents being affectionate with each other and indulging in date night, well until she doesn’t knock on the door and walks in on a very intimate act. Will this convince her that she shouldn’t be snooping anymore? Like Elizabeth I’m surprised that she even came down for breakfast after witnessing that. Talk about permanent scars.

the Americans 2.01 turtle neckMore turtlenecks and the super awkward breakfast that rivals anything that Breaking Bad did over eggs, Henry’s taking the Walt Jr. position of being blissfully unaware of any subtext. I’m kinda hoping we get to see his birthday present (a telescope) coming into play later in the season as a useful spy tool. The computer game he was really after doesn’t hold as much use for his parents.

The Americans 2.01 paisleyPhilip’s work wear and leisure clothes are pretty interchangeable, whereas Elizabeth definitely has more of a strict division between office and home. Here she is showing that ’70s fashion is still creeping in with a paisley blouse and the vest is added after breakfast, turning the outfit from mom wear to work attire.

the Americans elizabeth and henryThe threat also hits close to home when they have to complete a mission while out with their family, something Philip says is off limits. But hey it’s a simple pass and everything will be fine, except it isn’t and their co-workers (are other spies co-workers?) end up dead and there’s panic that Henry and Paige are in danger. Henry and Paige are blissfully unaware and once again I want Henry’s jacket – though it will never beat his color block one from last season.

8BIM:Oh Philip, you look like a regular dad having a day out with your family and yet you still end up in a hotel room full of dead bodies (not at your hands). This is what happens when you let other people know your weekend plans. Let’s hope the couple in the hallway didn’t get a good look at him and this lovely cowl neck sweater.

The Americans 2.01 handsI don’t know if there is a term for shipping a couple who are in a fake marriage, sleep with other people for work and have kids together, but if there is then this is what I am doing with Philip and Elizabeth. The hand grab after Philip reveals what a shitty mission he had the night before is possibly even more intimate than what comes after, no really. Sex is one thing, but it’s the other level of closeness that Elizabeth has previously had difficulty with. Not so anymore and the near death experience has made them stronger together, but will it end up impacting their work performance if the marriage is no longer pretend?

The Americans 2.01Now to the disguises and the fucked up mission Philip mentions is this one featuring a Texas accent, a blonde wig and a cowboy hat. It’s all goes to hell when Philip’s wig gets ripped off and it’s like seeing behind the curtain. There’s a reason why these wigs need to stay on as when they don’t, innocent people end up dead.

The Americans wig disaster

Here’s what it looks like under the wig. That’s a lot of glue and clips. By exposing Philip in this way the tan leather jacket and cowboy hat props end up looking ridiculous and out of place. In the original shot of the full disguise it makes sense and he looks pretty badass (yes the knife adds to that), but in the cold light in the kitchen the jacket suddenly looks too large.

The Americans 2.01 post disasterBack in the car and he briefly puts the cowboy hat on, but it’s too late and this disguise is done. Matthew Rhys shows just how devastating this is for Philip; he’s not just a cold blooded killer for hire with no emotions.

The Americans 2.01 airport securityThis assignment is more successful and it involves a tag team effort – the woman work the sex angle and the guys get to play airport security. There’s a moment where we see a close up of Elizabeth’s scar and later she talks to Leanne about being away from her family; it’s good to see Elizabeth opening up like this to someone who knows exactly what she is referring to. Unfortunately you shouldn’t get too attached in the spy business and Leanne ends up dead (along with her husband Emmett and her daughter). They are a mirror to Philip and Elizabeth, so their death coupled with the lack of clear explanation adds to the already ominous tone.

The Americans 2.01 clarkWhich brings us to yet another bespectacled Philip disguise and it’s the return of Clark. The argyle vest is very much part of his no danger look and while he’s airing his concerns to Martha she reassures him that “You’re home now.” He is anything but, as we cut to Elizabeth alone and despite their reunion everything is still just as precarious.

An excellent first episode back and it already feels like the stakes are higher this year. The shift from marriage to family doesn’t come across as forced and considering whom her parents are it feels natural that Paige is curious of what they are up to. While I haven’t touched on the Stan/Nina relationship, I am excited for where this is headed and how Stan was so incredulous about Nina’s reaction to Meryl Streep. 

New Girl 3.17 “Sister II” Review: The Dangers of Sky Knife

26 Feb

It’s the second installment in the shenanigans of Abby Day on New Girl and as with “Sister” there’s too much going on and this impacts the overall payoff of the episode. Abby has been staying at the loft for a week and she has already outstayed her welcome, well in the eyes of Jess as the guys are still in the honeymoon phase of Sky Knife.

NewGirl-Ep317_Sister2-Sc16_0133crpThose knives are going to fall down at some point and Jess has had a lifetime of Abby causing chaos like this; it has lost the edgy sparkle for her. One week is more than enough time for her so she sets about getting Abby an apartment and tasks Nick with distracting Abby. Asking Nick to lie is a recipe for disaster as Jess should very well be aware of, but maybe the desire to get Abby out of the apartment has temporarily made her forget how terrible Nick is with secrets.

The whole “look how different they are” has been well covered and it’s not surprising that Jess wants Abby out this quickly; Jess has for all intense purposes has become the lame one in the loft. She’s the one who gets pranked and Jess doesn’t know where the knife drop zone is. Abby has become the fun, interesting one and while Jess has never really striven for this ‘cool girl’ role, it’s got to grate that Abby has become just that. I’m disappointed that we went straight to Abby pissing Jess off as the bonding scene with them in the last episode was such a highlight; there is warmth and familiarity as they discuss their mom which is mostly missing from “Sister II.” The declaration of wanting to fix Abby at dinner echoes this slightly, but exasperation is not as fun and it’s all about what a disaster Abby is.

Everything is kind of all over the place as we have Jess off apartment hunting with Cece – I would like to hear more of Cece’s alternate timeline – Winston avoiding his test results with Coach and the whole Nick/Abby/Schmidt no nonsense nonsense. As already mentioned Nick being given the task of distracting Abby was always going to end in disaster and so he ends up calling Schmidt as Schmidt’s hurt locker is crazy women like Abby. Or as it transpires he likes hooking up with women like Abby and now he’s living with her. Not the no nonsense result he predicted, but he seems perfectly happy getting tied up like a hog roast, getting the special at dinner and wanting to role play as Jess and Nick. I’m sure his feelings will be very different when we see him next. If nothing else the various horrified faces that Jake Johnson pulls throughout this episode did make up for all the lackluster elements.

The big takeaway is family has a way of disrupting everything and Abby is the chaos this loft doesn’t really need as they’re all capable of setting off a whirlwind of nuttiness. Take Jess and Nick, they’re both weirdos and it’s part of why they work so well together. Winston has shown off a whole spectrum of crazy this season and Schmidt is well, Schmidt. Coach is yet to reveal anything too strange as of yet, but there is still a lot of time and as Cece doesn’t live in the loft she acts as a sanity check most of the time. Abby is maybe a bit too much then and while I’m so happy to see Linda Cardellini flexing her comedy chops, I just wish this they weren’t hammering home this notion of how WILD she is. Like, I get it, she’s the impulsive Day sister, but really she’s sad and broken. Knowing that there’s only a finite amount of time that she will be around doesn’t help matters and I don’t quite get what they are trying to say with her overall.

Nick’s “You’re a garbage person and you should live in a dumpster with rotten snails” is hilarious in how far over the line he goes and really you can’t rag on someone else’s family even if it is your girlfriend’s sister. Nick talking about his own family reminds me that we probably won’t be seeing Margo Martindale anytime soon (thanks to being a Miller on another show); I would however like to meet his Uncle who was christened Shifty. This closing scene with Jess and Nick is pretty adorable and unlike True American, Sky Knife is a terrible idea for a game. The knife falling down at dinner and Jess’ terrible attempt are reason enough for this it not to catch on.

Elsewhere, Winston is having his own Abby related meltdown as she managed to make him freak out about his LAPD entrance test results just before he was about to check them online. This leads to one aspect of this episode that really works for me and that is Winston turning to Coach to distract him and then, well coach him. Winston doesn’t care that he’s ruining Coach’s dating chances and everything Lamorne Morris does in these scenes is why he is quickly becoming this seasons MVP. The story took a surprising turn in that Winston failed the test and I half-expected Coach to pull the “ahhhh you passed really” and it never came. Winston it turns out is a choker and he messed up his entrance exam and while it wasn’t due to not filling in the back – the test was on a computer – he has nothing to fear now as he has hit rock bottom. Well the only thing to fear is Abby and her theoretical scenarios that end with Winston dead in a ditch, in panties with a (male) prostitute.

It’s not that this episode is terrible, it’s just there is too much going on and my expectations are maybe too high as a result of the Linda Cardellini factor. It does feel more cohesive than some of the early season 3 episodes and yet it is still missing the spark that some of the other 2014 episodes have possessed (see “Birthday” and “Prince“).

The Wish List: Hannah’s Payday Dress on Girls

25 Feb

In this week’s Girls Hannah got her first paycheck from her advertorial job at GQ and much to Hannah’s surprise the taxes have been taken out and it is correct. What she earns in a week is more than her rent so like any rational person Hannah goes out and buys a dress that looks terrific on her – this might be the best attire Hannah has ever worn on the show – and struts down the street relaxed and happy. This is the kind of outfit where yes, you do go into the store and leave wearing it (see also Broad City last week). When the end of season 2 went full rom-com there were cries of derision and this is probably the most rom-comy Girls has been since that moment and it feels just right.

Girls payday dressThe dress is part of the MCQ Alexander McQueen range and it’s the perfect kind of statement for a first payday. Hannah is no longer wallowing in misery because her writing job isn’t what she thought it would be and this is a huge relief. Hannah’s bratty reaction to having a paid writing job that isn’t memoir related is one aspect of “Free Snacks” I found disheartening and I’m glad she’s moved on from this moment. This is the Hannah Horvath that I want to see; the one who rolls her eyes at folksy guitar singing (which sorry Hannah, I echo Elijah’s “I hate myself for loving him”), lets her friend cry on her even though they won’t say why they’re upset and gets excited about her boyfriend’s new acting gig on Broadway. The Hannah who walks down the street looking as relaxed as this.

Hannah GirlsYes there are still two four more episodes for everything to get fucked up again (12 episodes instead of the previous 10) and Jessa falling off the wagon is surely going to play a big part. After the big argument in “Beach House” a weight has been lifted off this friendship group, or they’re just pretending it didn’t happen and things are going to be even worse than before. Regardless this second half of the season has been funnier and more enjoyable on the whole and this new dress moment feels earned. It is worth noting the Hannah shopping high moves to a montage of an increasingly bored Jessa (accompanied by Lily Allen’s “L8 CMMR“) followed by the return of Richard E. Grant as Jasper. Jasper releases Jessa from the monotony of her day with one of the many substances she hasn’t taken all season.

Is this moment for Hannah going to be temporary or have we reached a point where she has got her shit together?

Music Monday Rewind: The Americans and TUSK!

24 Feb

Season 2 of The Americans begins on Wednesday and so there’s only one way we want to start this week and it is with Fleetwood Mac’s “Tusk.” The song isn’t the first one we hear in the pilot – that honor goes to Quarterflash “Harden my Heart” in the bar – though it might as well be as it plays an extended role in the introduction of this world as we see a seduction in a blonde wig followed by a mission that goes awry. It’s a song that keeps up the momentum and perhaps embarrassingly I didn’t initially know it was a Fleetwood Mac song when I first saw the episode; on Twitter I referred to it as jaunty drums (actually that’s definitely embarrassing).

Picture1We’re thrown head first into this world and seeing Elizabeth de-wig and swap between the role of the seductress and a seemingly cold agent reveals a lot about what kind of person she is at the start of the show. Philip is different, he’s playing the part of mentor and he is willing to jeopardize their operation to save the rookie. This shows a fundamental difference between these two characters which will play its part for the rest of the season, all while this fantastic track is playing over the action. It’s frantic and it’s messy, but oh so much fun to watch.

The Americans was a 2013 highlight and while we spent a lot of time discussing the wigs and costuming (because of course), the soundtrack should also be singled out for adding something extra to the overall aesthetic of the show.

Watch a trailer for season 2 here and check out our report of the vodka themed DVD launch party here.

For now “TUSK!”

Scandal Wins Big at the NAACP Image Awards

23 Feb

The Scandal cast had a busy night as they attended the Costume Designers Guild celebration and the NAACP Image Awards where they ended up picking up three accolades for drama series, actress and supporting actor.

Scandal NAACP image awards

Outstanding Comedy Series
House of Lies
Modern Family
Real Husbands of Hollywood – WINNER
The Game
The Soul Man

Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series
Andre Braugher – Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Cedric The Entertainer – The Soul Man
Don Cheadle – House of Lies
Dule Hill – Psych
Kevin Hart – Real Husbands of Hollywood – WINNER

Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series
Aisha Tyler – Archer
Mindy Kaling – The Mindy Project
Niecy Nash – The Soul Man
Tasha Smith – Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse
Wendy Raquel Robinson – The Game – WINNER

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series
Boris Kodjoe – Real Husbands of Hollywood
Jerry “J B Smoove” Brooks – Real Husbands of Hollywood
Morris Chestnut – Nurse Jackie – WINNER
Nick Cannon – Real Husbands of Hollywood
Tracy Morgan – 30 Rock

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series
Anna Deavere Smith – Nurse Jackie
Brandy Norwood – The Game – WINNER
Nia Long – House of Lies
Rashida Jones – Parks and Recreation
Sofia Vergara – Modern Family

Outstanding Drama Series
Boardwalk Empire
Grey’s Anatomy
Scandal – WINNER
The Good Wife

Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series
James Pickens, Jr. – Grey’s Anatomy
LL Cool J – NCIS: Los Angeles – WINNER
Michael Ealy – Almost Human
Shemar Moore – Criminal Minds
Wendell Pierce – Treme

Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series
Chandra Wilson – Grey’s Anatomy
Kerry Washington – Scandal – WINNER
Khandi Alexander – Treme
Nicole Beharie – Sleepy Hollow
Regina King – Southland

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
Columbus Short – Scandal
Guillermo Diaz – Scandal
Jeffrey Wright – Boardwalk Empire
Joe Morton – Scandal – WINNER
Michael Kenneth Williams – Boardwalk Empire

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
Archie Panjabi – The Good Wife
Debbie Allen – Grey’s Anatomy
Diahann Carroll – White Collar
Taraji P. Henson – Person of Interest – WINNER
Vanessa L. Williams – 666 Park Avenue

Outstanding Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special
Being Mary Jane – WINNER
Betty & Coretta
CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story
Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight

Outstanding Actor in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special
Chiwetel Ejiofor – Dancing on the Edge
Danny Glover – Muhammad Ali’s Greatest
Idris Elba – Luther – WINNER
Malik Yoba – Betty & Coretta
Omari Hardwick – Being Mary Jane

Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie, Mini-Series or Dramatic Special
Angela Bassett – American Horror Story: Coven
Angela Bassett – Betty & Coretta
Gabourey Sidibe – American Horror Story: Coven
Gabrielle Union – Being Mary Jane – WINNER
Keke Palmer – CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

To see the full list of winners and nominees head here.

The 16th Costume Designers Guild Awards

23 Feb

The Costume Designers Guild celebrated the achievements in television, film and commercial costume design last night with a star studded event. The Scandal cast pulled double duty with this and the NAACP Image Awards as they supported TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite Lyn Paolo, worlds collided as Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka hung out with Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games and now Sleepy Hollow and Mindy Kaling wore a stunning custom gown by Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez (who is also the president of the guild).

Mindy Kaling

Here are the winners and nominees from the TV categories:


Breaking Bad – Jennifer Bryan
House of Cards – Tom Broecker – WINNER
Nashville – Susie DeSanto
Scandal – Lyn Paolo
Saturday Night Live – Tom Broecker, Eric Justian

Boardwalk Empire – John Dunn, Lisa Padovani
The Borgias – Gabriella Pescucci
Downton Abbey – Caroline McCall – WINNER
Game of Thrones – Michele Clapton
Mad Men – Janie Bryant

American Horror Story: Coven – Lou Eyrich
Behind the Candelabra – Ellen Mirojnick – WINNER
Bonnie & Clyde – Marilyn Vance
House of Versace – Claire Nadon
Phil Spector – Debra McGuire

In film the winners were Trish Summerville for Catching Fire in the Fantasy Film category (my personal favorite), Suzy Benzinger in Contemporary Film for Blue Jasmine and Patricia Norris’ excellent work on 12 Years a Slave took home the award for Period Film. Nancy Steiner won for Call of Duty “Ghosts Masked Warriors” in Commercial Costume Design.

The Lacoste Spotlight Award was given, not to a costume designer but to an actress who has been much talked about as part of this year’s awards cycle, particularly with regard to her costuming and that is Amy Adams. American Hustle’s plunging necklines and the lack of tape (posture, editing and cast members pointing out malfunctions have been cited as good substitutes) has been widely discussed. Also starring in Her, Adams has been part of two of the most written about films in terms of costuming (yes I want everything she wears in Her, so many sweaters). This award is given to Adams as her “talent and career personifies an enduring commitment to excellence, including a special awareness of the role and importance of costume design.”

Amy AdamsAmy Adams is wearing a beautiful dress by Sleepy Hollow costume designer Kristin Burke and the super high leg silt is channeling her American Hustle character. The color instantly makes me think of this amazing wrap dress from this movie.

Tales from The Americans Season 1 Blu-Ray and DVD Launch Party

21 Feb

Here’s something a little different for us here at TV Ate My Wardrobe as contributor and friend to the site Kerensa Cadenas got to cover The Americans Blu-Ray and DVD launch event in Los Angeles. Here is Kerensa’s account of the evening along with some photos from the night.

2014-02-06 19.40.15One thing I’ve constantly encountered while living in Los Angeles is a constant feeling of jaded-ness or being too cool–whether it’s the blasé acknowledgement of seeing a celebrity in the wild or the unwillingness to dance at a private performance by a rapper–it’s my biggest problem with the inhabitants of this city. Coming from a less than privileged background and one that was fueled by a diet of Entertainment Tonight and Star magazine, I am in constant awe of the things I have been able to do while living in Los Angeles.

When Emma reached out to me about covering the DVD release of FX’s The Americans (one of the best new shows) for TV Ate My Wardrobe, I jumped at the chance.

The even took place at Nic’s Beverly Hills–a restaurant and bar known for its vodka box and occasional Real Housewife spottings. As Emma has written about, The Americans has a very strong aesthetic–its early ’80s suburban look coupled with its excellent use of disguise. The party itself reflected that same sense of detail–the gorgeously shot black and white promo posters against the creamy white booths down to the evening’s signature drink–a twist on a cosmo including a molded ice float.

Copies of the DVD and black fur flap hats were passed around as press and the producers Graham Yost, Darrel Frank, and Justin Falvey mingled about. Trips were coordinated to the Vodbox–where the aforementioned hats were perfect for. Swathed in fur coats, we were given a couple shots of different vodkas to try (the chili was good, the herbal was great). The dude to my right, however, decided to remind me about my aversion to vodka–especially in shot form. Thanks dude!

With my customized iPhone case (crazy, right?!) in hand, I ended the evening in more PBR fueled establishments, without unfortunately, getting the opportunity to speak with producers Yost, Frank and Falvey (Melissa Howland at We Are Movie Geeks got some Season 2 scoop). But it was an event that further cemented to never let myself to become jaded when I get to wear a fur hat, drink vodka and write about it.

Season one of The Americans is available now. Season two begins on FX on February 26.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and Hollywood, The WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine. You can follow her on Twitter and read her ridiculous thoughts about teen television at her website.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

21 Feb

More fashion week material (this time from London), promoting new shows, magazine covers and a sneak look at my new favorite Mindy costume.

Peter Dinklage EsquirePeter Dinklage covers the Style issue of Esquire and is looking cool as fuck. While I still haven’t seen Game of Thrones (I know) I did finally see The Station Agent recently and Dinklage is all kinds of terrific (as is the rest of the impressive cast). And yes I really should get a move on with Game of Thrones as I had to block my ears at dinner last night when it was being discussed and for all the costuming reasons.

Felicity Jones BurberryFelicity Jones attended the Burberry Prorsum London Fashion Week show and she looks resplendent in a simple lemon chiffon color sweater and gold jacquard print pencil skirt. This is from the same pre-fall 2014 collection discussed as part of the Fantasy Costuming series earlier this week. Jones will be appearing on this season of Girls and she was also Hysteria, the movie I watched yesterday afternoon thanks to the stinking head cold I have right now. It felt like a prequel of sorts to Masters of Sex and the Hugh Dancy element helped with the pre-Hannibal anticipation (it’s back in one week!).

Mindy KalingMindy Kaling posted the above shot on Instagram a couple of days ago calling it “Costume of the week.” This is a well deserved title, even if it hasn’t graced screens yet (The Mindy Project is back April 1) and I have a weakness for yellow coats – Mindy has a lot of amazing coats in many different colors. Pairing it with two different monochrome patterns (hearts and checks) works in that Mindy bold clashing way and it’s a fun outfit.

Minnie DriverMinnie Driver is promoting About a Boy (previewing this Saturday) and I’m looking forward to it (Katims! David Walton!) and also slightly dubious as I really like the book/movie and the reviews have been pretty lukewarm. I’m sure I’ll still give it a watch. Driver’s splatter pattern Vivienne Westwood Anglomania frock with its irregular hemline mixes things up while also being the perfect dress for an appearance on Extra – though as usual the dude (the dreamy David Walton) gets to go super casual in jeans and sweater (you can see a sliver of him in the background on the right). I would be very much down with Driver opting for jeans over dresses, but hey this could have been as much her decision as his, but it just makes me think of all those Catching Fire photocalls of Jennifer Lawrence Diored to the max and the guys rocking up in standard day clothes. (*slight rant over*)

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