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Veronica Mars Debuts New Footage at Comic-Con

22 Jul

Comic-Con is big business for a range of shows that we cover here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and the one show now turned movie that probably caused the most excitement for this writer is Veronica Mars. The Kickstarter funded project debuted new footage and it doesn’t disappoint (well maybe the amount of Piz disappoints but hey, at least he references Buffy).

My first experience of Veronica Mars was last year and so I’m pretty new to this world and while The X-Files reunionCatching Fire trailer, X-Men: Days of Future Past panel and Hannibal gag reel appear high on my best of Comic-Con list, this Veronica Mars preview tops. Though as a sidebar if someone could put the whole Entertainment Weekly “Women Who Kick Ass” panel online I think it could challenge Veronica Mars for that title.

Veronica Mars Comic Con

The preview includes new footage from the film and interviews with several cast members old and new. Shots of creator Rob Thomas and some of the cast watching the Kickstarter counter increasing reminds us why this film is happening and that it’s the fans that have made this possible. A Party Down reunion is a welcome sight as Ryan Hansen and Martin Starr are interviewed together; I would be very happy to see the pair don pink bow ties and trade insults once again. Oh and that look Logan gives Veronica in the car is enough to reignite the shipper flame (that never really went out). Expect dancing, back flips and wet guys in suits.

Style points are given to all the Team t-shirts (with Dick being the overall winner, because, well it’s Ryan Hansen) and Tina Majorino’s new shorter and voluminous cut gets the biggest nod of the day as she looks fantastic.

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