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Music Monday – Girls Season 5 Closing Credits Playlist

14 Mar

For any Music Monday regulars you will know already how much I appreciate the variety of end credit music on shows like GirlsYou’re the Worst (which took the Best of 2015 crown) and TogethernessMad Men crushed end credit music selections week in week out and Orange is the New BlackDeutschland 83 and The Leftovers are also strong contenders in this field. With this in mind and for this season Girls instead of producing a playlist at the end of the season I will be adding to the closing credits playlist on weekly basis.

Starting on episode 4 makes it an EP of sorts and one of my favorite things about the music on Girls is that even if the episode has been kinda shitty for the characters there tends to be a hopeful edge to the song choices. The last few moments of “Old Loves” showcases the after of the bad/awkward sex encounters we have just witnessed with Elijah wondering around Dill’s fancy apartment in his underwear and Jessa watches a sleeping Adam before laying her head down on his bare chest. Hannah and Fran are dealing with non-sex related issues this week and this is the most fractured environment.Girls season 5Thankfully we are spared Desi and Marnie post-coital bliss or tears or whatever because if Desi can’t even get his top off properly I’m not sure I want to see that. The song that plays over these moments and the credits is “iT” by Christine and the Queens.Girls season 5There is a whole lot of coming together in “Old Loves” but as the title suggests there is a lot from the past bubbling beneath the surface and like those old celebrity couples has time run its course on a friendship like Hannah and Jessa’s? The argument in the rice pudding place (which I really want to go to because I love rice pudding) would suggest this and perhaps this is Jessa’s way of self sabotaging her friendship because of Adam. And also because Hannah and Jessa have always had this contentious thing that doesn’t quite match up with the best in best friends.

PS I love Old Loves and now I share this with Marnie I’m not entirely sure how I feel because as Abbi pointed out in the Broad City season 3 premiere with Charlotte from SATC – who Marnie clearly is the closest equivalent of* – even if you can identify that way you’re reluctant to admit it as she’s really annoying at times. I also have love/hate feelings towards her silver pants and they are the perfect clothing representation of my relationship with Marnie.  

*Updated because it just occurred to me that her apartment/wall situation made me think of Aidan renovating Carrie’s apartment and there is also something Carrie about Marnie. Aidan is no Desi thankfully. 

Here is the start of the Girls season 5 closing credits playlist.


Check back every week as the playlist gets longer and becomes album length.

Update! The “Life on Mars” AURORA performed cover of the incredible David Bowie song is not available on Spotify (it is on iTunes) so instead I have opted to switch it out for my favorite non-Bowie version of this song. This one comes from another soundtrack (The Life Aquatic) with Seu Jorge singing this track. The original version also appears on this soundtrack.

Girls Season 5 Trailer: Meltdowns, Dancing and Marnie’s Getting Married 

2 Dec

Making terrible relationship choices is something Marnie does on a regular basis and last season on Girls she hit new levels of bad decision making by agreeing to marry Desi; in this new first full look at S5 it looks like Marnie will at least make it as far as her wedding day.

The ladies on Girls might be getting older, but there are still plenty of obstacles in their way including themselves and somehow their friendship bonds are still mostly intact (it’s still hard to imagine why they still hangout however infrequent). Earlier today I wondered whether these characters would spend much time together interacting this season and it looks just as fractured/contentious as it has been for the last few seasons, but this is only a trailer and it’s hard to gleam anything too detailed in a minute and a half. 

What can be gathered is that everyone is falling into old patterns; Marnie lacks self awareness and of course she is someone who says her age with a half like she’s under 10. Shosh claims she is happy with her job/country move/running away from her problems, Jessa is still kind of mean and Hannah looks both happy and troubled by her relationship with Fran (the adorable Jake Lacy). 

Instant snap shot moments ahoy! The main reason this interests me (aside from her age comment) is because of these pap shots (spoilers).  This is a really fantastic outfit for Jessa and her smile looks pretty genuine, although it’s always hard to tell with this character.Girls is always very good at club scenes and there’s a whole lot of dancing in the trailer. Plus this show always kills it when it comes to its music choices (the song in the trailer is “Colors” by Genevieve). The dude behind Shoshanna kinda looks like Ezra Miller.   Oh hey there Jake Lacy and Hannah’s Beyoncé quoting sweatshirt.  Marnie has a good reason to freak out about her makeup, but her wedding dress is stunning. Getting bridesmaid dress ideas for my wedding next year (not really I just want to freak my bridesmaids out).

Updated to include what the bridal party looks like before dress alterations and makeup disasters.

Watch the full trailer below where you will also see glimpses of Adam, Ray and Elijah.

Girls returns Sunday, February 21.

Music Monday – Girls Season 4 Closing Credits Playlist

23 Mar

Girls uses music from the present and past; weaving the two together as is case with listening habits. Old music can be just as new to one person as it is nostalgic to another and just because something wasn’t released recently that feeling of discovery isn’t diminished. Last year the playlist I put together was from the season as a whole, this season I am instead concentrating on the closing credits.

The Sunday Night HBO half-hour shows have been killing it with their choice of music for these final moments including an amazing choice by Togetherness  – since this episode I have listened to Lily & Madeleine on a loop – and this playlist shows just how incredible Looking continues to be with their song selections.

Girls season 4Don’t worry there is no Desi and Marni on here and the tone of the closing music tends to be optimistic even when the events that have just preceded it aren’t always the case. A hint of melancholy can be heard in some of the tracks around mid-season when Hannah returned to New York to find Adam living with Mimi-Rose. Generally this is a pretty chilled out mix and one which is well suited to spring.

Sadly there are two credit songs not currently available on Spotify and both debuted on Girls this season; the first is St Vincent’s “Teenage Talk” appeared at the end of episode 8 “Tad & Loreen & Avi & Shanaz.”

The second played out during the final scene of the season finale with “Carry Me” by Family of the Year accompanying a rather surprising and very hopeful end to the year. When/if they appear on Spotify I will add them to the playlist.

*Updated* St Vincent is now on the playlist, also Family of the Year’s “Carry Me” is not on there yet and the video we originally posted from YouTube has been taken down.

We’ve tried to vary our Girls coverage this season including the discussion about faking everything, Fantasy Costuming with Rachel Antonoff and a Mimi-Rose pajama Wish List post.

And here is the season 4 closing credits playlist. It is short but sweet.

Faking Everything on Girls

17 Mar

There has been a lot of back stepping and moving sideways for a season which proclaimed there is “nowhere to move but up” and yet it does feel like some progress has been made amidst the flailing on Girls. Professional and personal crisis go hand in hand for Hannah, particularly during the first half of the season when she was in Iowa. Admitting this academic program wasn’t right for her felt like a victory in defeat, which quickly hit a different rock bottom upon arriving home to find her boyfriend Adam had already moved on to someone else.

Upheaval has been a key component of season 4 both emotionally and geographically as Hannah come to terms with this next stage of adulthood. Faking it isn’t relegated to just one period of time in your life; however acknowledging this unhappiness could lead to the upward momentum the key art suggested would take place this year for Hannah Horvath and her friends.

Girls 4.09Hannah has since found a job she is good at with a few caveats pertaining to boundaries, but her personal life remains chaotic as she navigates both singledom and the news her father is gay. Dealing with the latter in a fashion that isn’t very Hannah as she isn’t making it all about her and while she doesn’t want all the details she is supportive to both of her parents in crisis. One new friendship Hannah has developed highlights her inability to fully embrace being an adult as she gets into an argument with her student and new bestie Cleo in the hallway over unanswered texts; I know most of your friends are awful Hannah but hanging out with teens is not the way forward. The fake collar/real collar thing is definitely working for you though. Plus that’s a nifty boater hat (good work Shosh).

The final scene in “Daddy Issues” perfectly sums up not just this season, but the four years we’ve been following this group of friends as Marnie in typical Marnie awful fashion makes a night that has nothing to do with her all about her, while maintaining how she is sorry to interrupt. Hannah rather astutely comments on this moment with “She is so not sorry to interrupt” and the comments which follow are super honest and bleak; these two characters are not really real friends and therefore don’t feel the need to soak everything in bs. Ray for a brief moment pretends he is really happy for Marnie before conceding that yep he is faking this reaction. Hannah goes one step further with “I’m faking everything” and we’re going into the season 4 finale on a somewhat nihilistic note.

Master manipulator and probably the person who is faking it the most is Jessa and in a rare moment we get to see through this facade. Jessa has been The Worst for most of this season (Marnie takes the crown this week) and she gives us insight into why she behaves in this way; Jessa doesn’t do well when she thinks linking back to her addiction issues. Ah yes they made Jessa such an asshole this season and bordering on sociopathy – she broke up her best friend’s relationship just so she could get with a guy – that it has been increasingly hard to empathize with her and also understand why they hell anyone is still friends with her, even with all that history. History only gives you a certain amount of free passes and Jessa used those up a long time ago and yet here she still is. And I did feel an ounce of sympathy for her in this moment, good work show.

One pair who doesn’t feel the need to lie to each other and have become this whole non-romantic thing (even if I still ship them) is Ray and Shoshanna. Shoshanna has been set adrift post college as she struggles to find something she wants to do and faking it through interviews has worked in her favor and been unsuccessful all at once. Shoshanna is the ultimate chameleon switching up her look depending on the theme of the scenario. Take how she has been dressing while helping Ray with his campaign in red, white and blue.

Girls 4.09 ShoshBeing brutally honest is a Shoshanna trait so while she can make herself seem like the perfect candidate for a job she will follow it up with a statement regarding how much she doesn’t want to work for your blog. She also has no problem showing her disdain for the crush you are harboring and this actually made me snort laugh


Perhaps the truest words spoken all season. And what about Marnie and her big news? Marnie is the only one in a long-term romantic union, but considering how awful her relationship with Desi is it doesn’t have signs of longevity. Starting with being the woman Desi cheated on his girlfriend with – there is no way Desi was the dumper in this situation – how they are on opposing pages when it comes to the sound they are creating or what they should do with their money and realizing that he is an asshole should be enough alarm bells, but nope Marnie is diving into this whole musician couple fantasy with both feet.

Everything is scattered emotionally going into the season finale and the release from admitting how much Hannah is faking (all of it) opens up the potential for this character and what direction she might go in. This year has been messy in structure and story; it also happens to be the most I have sympathized and understood Hannah with this final gut punch exchange with Ray delivering an unexpected heartbreaking tone. Last season ended on a semi-triumphant tone with a win in the career column and uncertainty with Adam now both these things have shifted dramatically so while Hannah might not consider this year to be a triumphant one, I do think she has come a long way and she will hopefully end the season moving onward and upward.

The Wish List: Mimi-Rose’s Pajamas and Khaki Jacket on Girls

10 Mar

When Girls shot its fourth season over last summer it became clear that Gillian Jacobs would be playing a love interest of Adam’s and we were left pondering how/why Hannah and Adam would implode. The pap shots showed Jacobs wearing what first appeared to be a pair of hospital scrubs with a khaki paint splattered jacket over the top while holding a bouquet of flowers. Was she just getting home from the night shift? On closer inspection the scrubs are in fact pajamas and Gillian Jacobs is definitely not playing a medical professional on the show.

Gillian Jacobs


Instead Mimi-Rose is an artist as the paint splatter might suggest, but nope that was already part of the Zara jacket – thanks to Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien for answering this mystery on Twitter – and it’s part of this well crafted minimalist look for Mimi-Rose.

Girls Mimi RoseThis jacket makes a repeat appearance in the following episode “Ask Me My Name” pairing it once again with pale blue (of the double denim variety) and shows reusing pieces in the same way a person would in real life always makes me more thrilled than I probably should be.

Girls ask me my nameAlas the Zara jacket is no longer available – these episodes did shoot back in June so it is not surprising – but there are some on eBay. In better news Mimi-Rose’s classic J Crew pajama set is still on sale for all your comfy bedtime/flower shopping needs.

J Crew pajamas

For more from the TV Ate My Wardrobe wish list series including Jane the Virgin and the final season of Parks and Recreation head here.

NYFW Fantasy Costuming: Rachel Antonoff Fall 2015 for Girls

14 Feb

The first Fantasy Costuming of 2015 courtesy of New York Fashion Week and Rachel Antonoff’s Fall RTW 2015 collection is a mixture of subversive whimsy. Scrolling through the photos it became clear rather quickly that this selection is ideal for the characters on Girls. There is a preppy edge to some of the pieces; which is perfect for both Marnie and Shoshanna, plus Hannah has a tendency to lean this way.

Even as the characters on Girls continue to grow up they can fall back on old tendencies which is why the provocative edge of some these pieces is dream wear for Hannah. And she has definitely worn something that resembles pajamas while out and about cycling in Iowa. A family connection is also present as Rachel Antonoff’s brother Jack is dating Lena Dunham and Hannah has already worn Rachel Antonoff on the show including some very lovely shoes in season 2. As always the Fantasy Costuming selections are inspired by the costume design from the show in question – Jenn Rogien- and are in no way suggesting this character should wear a specific item mentioned.

Rachel Antonoff ovariesA sweater with the female reproductive system pretty much screams Hannah as it is comfy and a little daring. Of course Hannah and Lena are not the same person, but it is pretty safe to say they hold similar views on the reproductive rights of women.

Rachel AntonoffContinuing the tradition of Hannah wearing very cute dresses on occasions such as at Jessa’s wedding, her birthday, dinner with her parents and after she got her first big paycheck with this floral offering. For more Hannah picks check out the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Rachel Antonoff pleatsPleats and tartan for Shoshanna as a reaction to marathoning Outlander and trying to find her very own Jamie. Shoshanna is the one who changes her look the most dressing with a theme or occasion in mind.

Rachel Antonoff cropAnd this is more party wear for Shosh with a matching polka dot crop and skirt number.

Rachel Antonoff RTW 2015Marnie is trying to do the whole boho folk singer thing but we all know she is a preppy girl at heart.

Rachel Antonoff summer dressAnd here is something for Marnie and a return to the beach house for the sophisticated bonding trip she desired. Okay that probably won’t happen but she can still wear this is flirty girly frock.

Rachel Antonoff maxi dressBotany is one of Rachel Antonoff’s points of reference here and Jessa has been known to rock a hippy-esque maxi dress (okay maybe to hide Jemima Kirke’s pregnancy).

Check out the gallery below for more looks for Hannah from Rachel Antonoff’s Fall 2015 collection and stay tuned for more NYFW Fantasy Costuming.

Sundance Film Festival “Power of Story: Serious Ladies” Panel (Full Video)

27 Jan

The Sundance Film Festival is in full swing and at the weekend this fascinating panel featuring Mindy Kaling, Lena Dunham, Jenji Kohan and Kristen Wiig with New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum moderating took place and they discussed their work within the current television and film climate.

Sundance panelThis is the kind of panel that I would love to see live or just go to a bar with these amazing women; this isn’t quite the dream hangout but hey I am so happy to see the Sundance Film Festival YouTube channel sharing the whole chat.

Topics covered include all the lazy gender specific questions that get thrown at them as writers who happen to be women, opportunities on TV, working with men who are feminists and using humor as a tool for debate. Likability vs. relatability – this is Emily Nussbaum’s essay on the topic – comes up as well as the idea that some viewers have trouble separating their character from who they actually are.

Romantic comedies and the recent attempts at this genre on film and TV including The Mindy Project get referenced and what kind of rom-coms they like. The all important “What next?” when a couple gets together is also mentioned and adding to ‘this panel is pretty much my everything’ feelings Jenji Kohan then cites You’re the Worst. This is further fueled by a sex scene question that stems from this episode of The Comeback.

And amazing Sundance style from all panelists. Jenji Kohan’s boots are next level. Excellent knitwear across the board. Plus Kristen Wiig further endears herself to me by revealing herself to be a spiller. Spiller solidarity.

Girls Season 4 Premiere Red Carpet

6 Jan

Girls is back this Sunday for season 4 and this year’s big premiere went all out at the Natural History Museum in New York City. The show has also been renewed before this season has even aired and Lena Dunham covers the Women in TV issue of Elle (here’s the leaked cover shot); 2015 is starting well for the creator and star of Girls.

Girls S4 premiereOne thing I love about these ladies is that even though I might not always be a fan of their style choices they aren’t afraid to go with what they like; there isn’t four versions of the same thing. So Allison Williams has gone for a very Allison Williams super pretty princess Monique Lhuillier gown, with Jemima Kirke sticking to satin as she did for the last premiere red carpet. Zosia Mamet’s doing the red leather Alexander McQueen thing and while I’m not feeling this new hair color, Mamet does get bonus red lipstick points. Going for the whole 70s revival, which I am very into at the moment is Lena Dunham and this Creatures of the Wind dress looks wonderful on her.

Gillian Jacobs GirlsWhile I’m not sure about the sleeve cut outs – on this occasion they complicate a dress that doesn’t need complicating – I am very excited about Gillian Jacobs appearing this season. Plus her shoes are very cute.

Abbi and Ilana Girls premiereAbbi and Ilana! The Broad City duo are both doing the ‘casual cool but still premiere appropriate when it isn’t your show’ approach and my only concern is for Abbi’s bare legs in the New York winter. I want Abbi’s skirt and Ilana’s sweater tee in my life. And season 2 of Broad City (which is also back next week!).

Natasha Lyonne and Jenna LyonsAt the after party Natasha Lyonne and Jenna Lyons are working the amazing coats slung over their shoulders approach with some major layering going on for the J. Crew creative director (and Girls guest star). A handy winter tactic.

And here’s a bonus shot Lena Dunham posted on Instagram showing off some of the museum as she poses in a rather sweet photo with her mother Laurie Simmons.

Girls returns to HBO Sunday, January 11 and you can watch promos for the new season here and here. I am very much looking forward to what new music it will introduce me to this year.

Coming in 2015: TV Promo Roundup

13 Nov

The year isn’t over and yet we are already looking to January 2015 thanks to these promos from Comedy Central and HBO for their returning and brand new offerings coming in the new year.

Abbi and Ilana are back with colorful (and super dark) lipsticks, crop tops aplenty, a white power suit and a surprise appearance by a leopard print fascinator. Commence the Broad City dance party now as season 2 looks set to deliver once again on the funny and getting fucked up antics of a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite lady friendship. Broad City returns Wednesday, January 14.

From the Duplass brothers comes Togetherness and it’s going to be part of the Girls/Looking Sunday night block (starting January 11) which makes sense as it is another figuring out your shit tragic comedy/dramedy (or whatever we are now calling this genre). The cast/creators is why I am very excited and Amanda Peet’s line delivery at the end of the promo is perfect.

Looking gets the most teasery of teases with no episode footage and what comes down to a disco light party reminding us that Patrick is caught in a love triangle with Richie and Kevin. Plus there’s a whole lot of amazing facial hair. Season 2 gets an episode number bump with two more than last year and I’m looking forward to spending more time with these characters.

Getting the longest preview treatment is Girls and this makes sense considering it has been on the longest; the characters are more established and there’s less mystery. Hannah’s moved to Iowa and she’s eating grapes for a snack, but this still leaves plenty of room for bad decisions and arguments aplenty. Marnie is still pining after Desi, Shoshanna is having a career/life crisis and a couple of people are getting arrested. Plus dancing, there’s always dancing.



“Not That Kind of Girl” – The Ask Lena Dunham Advice Video Series

25 Sep

Lena Dunham’s book Not that Kind of Girl is released next week (September 30) and to promote this venture Dunham is dishing out advice in a video series featuring questions about feminism, body image, sex and friendship. Pretty much everything you would expect from the creator of Girls.

Lena DunhamHere’s a selection of our favorites from the series and there is a hint of where certain Girls storylines originated from.

On being a feminist and the clothes you wear:

On body confidence and being plus size:

On sleeping with dudes who are not good for you:

On OCD and mental health issues:

On bad sex:

On feeling jealous when other people are successful:

For more on the advice video front Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls has an excellent Ask Amy series and Rookie’s Ask a Grown Man/Woman is also pretty great. These are both primarily aimed at teenagers, but the advice is super useful to all ages.

Head here to watch the whole 12-part video series and Not that Kind of Girl hits both physical and digital shelves Tuesday, September 30.

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