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Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones and Lauren Hutton Star in this Dreamy Calvin Klein Underwear Ad

20 Apr

Calvin Klein is bringing it with another strong underwear campaign; first the Moonlight cast and now an ad directed by Sofia Coppola starring Kirsten Dunst, Lauren Hutton, Rashida Jones, Nathalie Love and newcomers Laura Harrier, Maya Thurman-Hawke and Chase Sui Wonders.

Celebrating women from the ages of 18-73 is a good look even if some of these models fall into the nepotism camp that we have come to expect from this industry of late. And really it is often more the who you know that springboards a career. Not everyone can be a Kate Moss discovered on an airplane.

The grainy black and white style is a mix of Coppola’s dreamy aesthetic and the imagery we most associate with CK campaigns of the past. I can also pick out at least four different sets that I will be adding to my underwear wishlist. I’ve never owned any Calvin underwear – the nearest I have is men’s pajama pants – as I was never that bothered about waistbands with brands emblazoned on them, but it looks like this will be changing soon.

Watch the ad below.

And because I’m in the mood for more Dunst and Coppola here is the new The Beguiled trailer, which also looks great.

And because Kirsten Dunst is very good at Instagram and all three of these looks are great.

Her hashtag game is always strong.

Wes Anderson Directs H&M’s Festive Short

28 Nov

Everyone brings out the creative big guns at this time of year and H&M are really laying down the gauntlet with their Wes Anderson directed shirt. Starring Adrien Brody (a frequent Wes Anderson actor of choice) and taking on a Darjeeling Limited vibe – because trains – it has everything you might expect from a Wes Anderson production no matter how big or small; a sense of stylized whimsy and fantastic attire.

I am particularly thankful toward H&M at the moment as a couple of weeks ago I finally found a mustard yellow hoodie of my April Ludgate dreams.

For more on Wes Anderson and his commercial work check out this piece over at the sadly dissolved The Dissolve by Noel Murray.

Burberry Christmas Campaign Celebrates Founder in Star-Studded Campaign

7 Nov

Burberry’s Christmas campaign video starring Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Lily James and Dominic West celebrating founder Thomas Burberry and the 160th anniversary of the brand is the mini-series I now want to see.burberryCrossing the lines of fact and fiction there are Burberry’s real contributions including the now iconic trench-coat, which begun life in the actual trenches. Burberry as provided Sir Ernest Shackleton with clothing fit for polar exploration; Dominic West plays Shackleton in this trailer and you can see the real man wearing Burberry here. Both romantic love interests played by Sienna Miller and Lily James are romantic constructions of the campaign and Miller gets to dramatically sashay away in a caped hooded stunner while James’ character Betty Dawson is inspired by Betty Kirby-Green. In 1937 Kirby-Green flew in Burberry clothing and in a plane sponsored by Burberry alongside A.E. Clouston on a round trip from England to Cape Town breaking records.

Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer, Christopher Bailey explains that:

“This Christmas, as we celebrate our 160th anniversary we wanted to tell the story of Thomas Burberry – pioneer, inventor, innovator, and the man behind the iconic trench coat – in our own words. The film we have made is a brief glimpse inspired by his full and extraordinary life, which threaded its way through the history of the twentieth century in all its tumultuous highs and lows. To do justice to this story, we turned to a team of truly great twenty- first century British talent: Asif Kapadia, a director whose work I admire enormously, and a cast of our brightest and our best actors: Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James.”

Watch the trailer below and start wondering which network/streaming platform would be best suited for the mini-series of Thomas Burberry.

The Americans Inspired Underwear Range from Costume Designer Jenny Gering

28 Jan

A clothing collection inspired by a show and curated by the costume designer is not an unusual venture as we have seen Mad Men’s Janie Bryant team up with Banana Republic and The Limited has a range from Scandal costume designer Lyn Paulo, which Olivia Pope has also been wearing this season. Even Zooey Deschanel had the Tommy Hilfiger dresses she helped design appear on New Girl. The most recent show/brand offering is something of a more intimate nature as The Americans costume designer Jenny Gering has taken the sexy element of the show she works on and delivered pieces for lingerie retailer Cosabella.

IMG_1157The line which is available from now until February 23 and with prices ranging from $40 to $207.50 is inspired by what Elizabeth Jennings has worn in past episodes (and they might even feature on the show this season). Gering spoke to InStyle about the collection and how “Cosabella is such a good fit for the character because it’s so sort of streamlined and elegant but at the same time it’s sexy, but without being overtly girly.” The time period was also considered but as with the other aspects about the costume design on The Americans it doesn’t scream ’80s cliches.

Here is a look at a few of the items which are available:

Americans BraAmalfi’ soft bra ($84.50 and the matching hotpants are $52.50)

Americans slipTrenta’ slip ($179.50)

Americans underwear


Blanquita’ cami and boxers set ($207.50)

There is a delicate balance on The Americans when it comes to how sex is used as both a way for Philip and Elizabeth to navigate their very real feelings for each other and as one of their many tools to get the job done (so to speak). It is a sexy show, but it also deals with very emotional and real consequences of intimacy particularly when it is being used to manipulate. This clothing line is part of the recent trend of costume designers branching out and making their work available to a larger market and here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we of course encourage more ventures like this.

It has also got me thinking about a topic that I haven’t really explored too much and that is how undergarments can serve just as important role as everything else a character wears on both period shows like The AmericansMasters of Sex and Mad Men and contemporary ones like Broad City and You’re the Worst when it comes to looking at costume design.

Elisabeth Moss, Zosia Mamet, Michael K. Williams “Dress Normal” for Gap

21 Aug

Fall season is upon us, New York Fashion Week is less than a month away, the September issues have hit newsstands and it feels like a new campaign is getting unveiled on a daily basis. How does a brand like Gap stand out in the hustle? With a lineup of celebrities covering several demographics and getting them to “Dress Normal.” Ah yes, normcore and while I have to refrain from all the eye rolls it actually makes sense for Gap to use this ‘back to basics’ stance mirroring their denim campaign which featured another Girls star last year.

Elisabeth Moss GapWhile the lack of adverbs might frustrate some, the overall campaign looks pretty great and the choice of actors involved including Elisabeth Moss – who looks super cute in the photo above – Michael K. Williams, Zosia Mamet, Anjelica Huston and Jena Malone are faces you wouldn’t necessarily think ‘Gap ad’ upon hearing their names. This is me trying to avoid using the word ‘quirky’ because a) not all of these actors are what I would consider quirky and b) that word makes me wrinkle my nose (yes I have probably been guilty of using it in the past). See also ‘kooky.’

Michael K WilliamsGap for me is where I go to buy wardrobe staples such as sweaters, vests and shirt dresses (yes I have the same plaid flannel dress in three colors from last fall) and while it might be considered a safe/boring option there are ways to dress these items up or even down further (ultra normcore anyone?). Or add a classic sports car to the mix.

Zosia MametThe ads will be accompanied with phrases such as “dress like no one’s watching” and “let your actions speak louder than your clothes” in that usual fashion campaign proclamation way. Gap’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman elaborated on this further telling Buzzfeed “There’s certainly a long tradition at Gap that people come first and that the clothes are there to make you feel like your best self, and we’ve been unapologetic about that for years. ‘Dress Normal’ is a reinforcement of that idea.” I’m guessing Farbman is also pretty happy with the Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” video that descends into a Gap-looking commercial by the end. Maybe add some black cigarette pants and three-quarter sleeve black turtlenecks to the “Dress Normal” collection.

“Dress Normal” launches September 2 and I will definitely be on the lookout for the boots and dress combo Zosia Mamet is wearing.



Rashida Jones for Band of Outsiders

21 Aug

Rashida Jones hasn’t left Parks and Recreation yet, but she’s already notching up projects outside of Pawnee. It’s become a family affair as she is modelling with sister Kidada Jones for Boy. by Band of Outsiders and The Hollywood Reporter revealed yesterday that the pair has been developing a show together for The CW.

Rashida Jones Band of Outsiders

Designer Scott Sternberg shot the sisters at The Dresden in LA using a Polaroid camera; the trademark of celebrity campaigns for Band of Outsiders (others include Greta Gerwig, Michelle Williams and Jason Schwartzman).  The Fall ’13 collection includes sweater turbans, which I can’t see becoming a thing outside of photo shoots and runway, but hey skorts came back so anything can happen. So far only three images have been released with more coming throughout the week on the brands Tumblr page.

Rashida Jones solo Band of Outsiders

The project Rashida and Kidada Jones have been working on is part of the two-year production deal that Rashida Jones has with Warner Bros. Television and per The Hollywood Reporter is now called Ladyballs (previously The Revengers which might get confused with Revenge). It’s an hour-long dramedy about two former friends who are reunited when they discover they are dating the same guy. Set in New York City, the pair realize after their revenge scheme goes viral that there is much money to be made with this type of business in the city. This sounds like something I would watch and even though it’s still in development I’m already thinking they should pair it with The Carrie Diaries.

Kidada Jones Band of Outsiders

It is the second project that Jones has sold with writing partner Will McCormack this summer (the other is a comedy called Stuck) and so a post Parks slump is highly unlikely.

For more thoughts on the big Parks and Recreation departures head here.

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