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Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

20 Apr

Lots of returning shows, endings, beginnings and other pivotal TV moments captured on Instagram this week. With a dash of Coachella, style highs and other on (and off) set shenanigans.

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R U WATCHING!!?? #UnbreakableKimmySchmidt #netflix šŸ˜»

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The Unbreakable Kimmy SchmidtĀ is back and unlikeĀ DaredevilĀ S2 I haven’t stalled at the halfway mark (I’ll get back toĀ Daredevil, but there are just so many other shows taking priority right now).Ā KimmyĀ starts off on the patchy side as one early plot doesn’t quite stick the landing, but the jokes are stacked and so wonderfully random at times. I am still thinking about the Rob Kardashian sock designer reference. Kimmy’s style has given me lots of inspiration for spring and Anna Camp is an A+ guest star choice.


And while we’re on the subject of amazingĀ Kimmy SchmidtĀ guest stars; I yelled WHAT?! so loud at my screen that I had to rewind the scene. Everything about this moment from the deconstruction ofĀ Dawson’s CreekĀ to that haircut and costume is perfect.


Season 5 ofĀ GirlsĀ has been a triumph from Marnie’s wedding to Marnie’s one night adventure all the way to the two-part finale which got me misty eyed on several occasions. One surprise this season was how much they leaned into the Jessa/Adam pairing much to my delight and here Adam Driver definitely has his fighting face at the ready.

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The beginning of the end

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Where one thing ends, another begins and while this week marked the end of season 5 for us as the audience, theĀ GirlsĀ team started production on season 6 with their first table read.


Game of ThronesĀ returns this week and it is a testament to the HBO promo department that even after last year’s mostly disappointing season I am so hyped for Sunday. Michiel Huisman posting this very vacation looking snap also helps.

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TONIGHT ON NBC @latenightseth

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Sticking with theĀ GoTĀ theme and Maisie Williams’ collar and lipstick game isĀ strong.

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Just a normal family #janethevirgin

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From the adorable on theĀ Jane the VirginĀ set.


To the very surreal and slightly creepy (depending on how you feel about clowns).


While we’re on the subject of creepy here are some of the alternate masks for new clone M.K. onĀ Orphan BlackĀ and the new season kicked off on a high. I also wrote an essay aboutĀ Orphan Black,Ā The AmericansĀ and identity; I would love you to read it.



There has been a lot of Coachella on Instagram this week and Amandla Stenberg is avoiding all the fashion cliches of this festival looking cool as fuck in this very 90s look. Not a choker or flower crown in sight. And this could easily be a new print ad for Calvin Klein; it is that good.


Aya Cash and Kether Donohue’s version of Coachella is much more my speed.


Looking like the back of a gown onĀ Say Yes to the DressĀ with Aaron Tveit on a photo shoot.


Alison Wright got to wear a wig on TV this week; nope Martha hasn’t gone undercover and instead this is for the HBO movieĀ Confirmation.Ā Here is Wright with co-star Wendell Pierce.


Another costume stunner from Salvador Perez onĀ The Mindy Project.


This is all very exciting and I am so ready for season 2 ofĀ UnREAL.


Busy Philipps giving me so manyĀ Freaks and GeeksĀ related feelings. The instant I see that blue coat it makes me so very happy. The caption here is also excellent.


While I’m dealing with feelings, here seems like a good place to end this week.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

22 Apr

TV Instagram round-up time with clones aplenty, a glimpse at what Coachella would have been like in the days of The WB, show crossover ideas, tees to covet and what goes on between takes onĀ Mad Men.


Spot the real Tatiana Maslany and Orphan BlackĀ season 3 opens with a clone filled scene requiring a whole lot of time and several clone doubles. Extra points for whoever uploaded this picture for using tilt shift giving it a dreamy aura much like the scene itself.


MoreĀ Mad MenĀ treats from new Instagram favorite Elisabeth Moss and an intense looking game of giant Jenga. Not as intense as the scene in this week’s episode which led to Peggy’s inclusion in this picture parade.


Coachella Part Two delivers on the photo front thanks to Busy Philipps and a WB reunion. A whole lot of good white tee action going on here.


Busy Philipps knows what the people want delivering a Scott Speedman photo shoot and while I am partial to the ‘Shy Speedman’ I think “Smiley Speedman” is my true weakness.


Laverne Cox looks stunning as does Julia Garner, although I can’t help but get a little nervous at the sight of Garner and if Kimmy will make an appearance on tonight’s season finale ofĀ The Americans.


Jenny Slate is super cute while showing off this amazingĀ Wayne’s WorldĀ Clashist teeĀ while reigniting the hair envy I get while watchingĀ Obvious Child.



Caitlin Fitzgerald gets back into theĀ Masters of SexĀ swing of things and the checks are very on point for 2015 as well as the 1960s. Nice emoji usage summing up maybe where this year will take Libby Masters.


Patterns aplenty onĀ The Today ShowĀ as shows collide with Gina Rodriguez and Taryn Manning. While Diane Guerrero is already on bothĀ Jane the VirginĀ andĀ Orange is the New BlackĀ I could definitely see some of the other ladies onĀ JaneĀ ending up inĀ Litchfield. Or some of the ladies heading to the Marbella when they get released from prison.Ā 


Playing HouseĀ returns Tuesday, August 4 and in the meantime you can stock up on plenty of Jammer merch, some of it as modeled by the shows stars Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair. I am very excited to have these ladies back in my life.

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