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Throwback Thursday: Angel Wings

5 Nov

On You’re the Worst last week Jimmy oh so delicately named Gretchen’s almost Halloween costume (and Aya Cash’s IRL one) as the “saddest girl at the rave.” This dressing up attire consisted of a pair of orange and gold angel wings sending nostalgic pangs to a time when it didn’t even have to be Halloween or a rave to wear something like this. In a bid to recreate Romeo + Juliet and thereby extending Claire Danes’ influence on my wardrobe choices beyond Angela Chase, I invested not in a pair of stunning white wings, but in a pink set resembling the ones from You’re the Worst.

What I wanted them to look like (complete with fireworks and post dreamy kiss sighs):


What they actually looked like:

You're the Worst 2.08Not as outlandish as Juliet’s pair, but easier to work with some flared jeans and a vest/dress worn over the top. Or if it was a very special night my black wraparound skirt. Pulling out the big guns there.

Juliet wasn’t the only famous 90s wing wearer and at my first Glastonbury festival in the summer of 1999, Courtney Love took to the stage in this all pink getup including some wings. Once again they are more spectacular than the pair I owned, but nearer in color and style.

Courtney LoveThis is when “Celebrity Skin” was pretty much a staple in the stack of CDs in constant rotation during this period and this performance was made even more special when Courtney Love got a whole bunch of the crowd on stage including a girl I was camping with. She then proceeded to give my camping buddy her guitar (not the one in the picture above) at the end of the set and I am so annoyed that I can’t find the photo* even if I look a mess (it was taken on the day we traveled home and it had been a long weekend/I’d just got soaked in the rain). This was a huge fucking deal and it extended my wing affection long after the R+J trend (I did also have a Hawaiian shirt because of this movie).

*I will post it when I do – the problem with random shoe boxing storing of old photos is I haven’t kept them in any order so high school is completely mixed in with university. I’m kinda glad that things like Facebook didn’t exist back then (old person ahoy), but it makes finding stuff a little more of a challenge. Relying on memory here. 

Update! Found the photo and the cringe levels are high. Why does my rain coat look like a snuggie?

IMG_3018Now I’m not saying bring back the wings even if everything 90s is new again; however I am happy I kept hold of them as they proved useful for Christmas dress up a couple of years ago. I even used the never really worn before halo that came in the pack.

IMG_3014You can take the girl out of the 90s…

So thank you You’re the Worst for this nostalgia kick and just in general for how heartbreakingly good this season has been, even if each episode ends with me curled up sobbing.

Throwback Thursday: Felicity and the ’90s Winter Hat Collection

2 Jan

It’s pretty chilly right now and a good winter hat is essential, today we’re going to turn to Felicity for some headwear inspiration. Over at This Was TV we’ve been discussing the season 1 episode “Gimme an O!” and as it is January in New York there’s a variety of winter attire. There are so many pieces of amazing knitwear on Felicity including all the big jumpers you could possibly desire that if this cold spell continues we will be back with some sweater suggestions.

Now to hats from the late ’90s.

Felicity 1.11 wooly hatThe cable knit beanie doesn’t really age and a cursory look online to see if there was something similar gave multiple suggestions with pretty much every major online store offering something; from the affordable at ASOS to the splurge end of the scale with Johnstons of Elgin. It’s a timeless look and one that works with both long a short hair and Keri Russell looks super cute in this scene as she returns to college after the winter break. The oversized belted grey cardigan is a nice touch and this outfit is totally on point.

Felicity 1.11 green knitWhen you live somewhere with a cold climate it’s good to have a variety of hat options and later in this episode Felicity switches her grey beanie for a green knitted brimmed one. Earth tones are the standard Felicity colors as they emphasize the sweet and warm aspects of her character. While this isn’t as timeless as the cable knit, it also wouldn’t look like you are heading to a ’90s revival party if you were to wear it today.

Felicity 1.11 velvet hatThe same can’t be said for Julie’s velvet affair which is only missing a flower from the Blossom collection. It works for this character and velvet is hard material to pull off, the less said about the thing Julie wearing around her neck the better as it looks like someone has sheared a character from Fraggle Rock.

Felicity 1.11 Elena hatElena’s hat is pulling off wool brimmed chic and while it’s from the same family as this dreaded Joey Potter hat, the difference is Joey’s is attempting a summer/winter hybrid (and failing) whereas Elena’s goes all in on the cold season. The flashes of red with the gloves and scarf really offset the grey tones of her coat and hat.

The hats of Felicity match the characters wearing them; Elena is confident, even when she isn’t and so is her clashing patterns wardrobe  (Elena does end up wearing a headband as a skirt which she totally pulls off in this episode) Felicity is safe/warm and Julie is funkier and more out there.

Throwback Thursday: Makeup Edition

29 Aug

Having been a teenager in the ’90s I have many terrible makeup related stories that mostly feature ill advised blue mascara/sparkly eye shadow combinations and because I messed up my eyes so much I always feared doing the same with my lip color. This meant that I avoided lipstick and instead briefly embraced the concealer as lipstick trend (also terrible). Luckily I have a chance to rectify the mistakes of my youth as everything that was hot in the ’90s is back for another go and hopefully this time around I will get it right. I might leave the daisies behind even if Drew makes them look so enticing.

Drew Barrymore daisyMAC recently announced they were bringing back some lipsticks and eye shadows from the decade that had us reaching for plaid flannel shirts, crop tops, mini kilts, pop socks, slip dresses and chokers. Brands with discontinued colors aren’t the only ones getting in on this wave of ’90s nostalgia and Nars, a company that produced its first campaign with 12 lipsticks in 1994 has a color that perfectly represents this period and it’s called “413 BLKR.”

Nars BLKRThe name comes from the location of Nars’ first flagship store in New York City’s West Village. The deep rose brown pretty much embodies the red carpet makeup look of stars like Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder. Pairing with super smoky eyes defies the bold lips and eyes rule but things were a messier in 1994. Now you can take a cue from the Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton campaign that pairs a strong brow with the dark lips. It’s dramatic without looking like you’re going to a ’90s themed party.

Winona RyderThis is perfect timing for the Reality Bites TV show because apparently people have run out of ideas and nothing can be left alone. If we’re going to pick over the carcass of all music, movies and TV shows from the 90s I’d quite like to see The Craft on the small screen (yes I know The Secret Circle only last one season).

Fairuza-Balk-in-the-Craft-This is mostly so I can see the return of Fairuza Balk, who I find terrifying and mesmerizing in equal measures.

For more on my lipstick obsession head here.

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