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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

27 Feb

The Independent Spirit Awards got lost in the Oscar red carpet crazy and because it is one of my favorite red carpet events – there is SO much color and pattern – most of this week’s “Out of the Box” is dedicated to this with a smattering of the post Oscars Vanity Fair party. February is a whirlwind of fancy pants dresses (sometimes literally), so I am glad to round off the month on a high of print and bold tones.

Aubrey PlazaAfter tearfully saying goodbye to TV Ate My Wardrobe style icon April Ludgate it is only right to start with Aubrey Plaza in floral Suno; even though Parks is over it is safe to say Plaza will be gracing these pages a whole bunch.

Jenny SlateI have strong feelings about Jenny Slate, Mary Katrantzou and the color yellow; together this is perfection. Related – I have spent the past few days saying “look like dis” all thanks to this amazing Kroll Show sketch.

Ava DuVernayCombining pockets, print and color for one exceptional ensemble is Ava DuVernay.

Gillian JacobsIt is a cute sundress palooza and Gillian Jacobs is an “Out of the Box” staple when it comes to outfits like this Preen frock and red pumps.

Cate BlanchettCate Blanchett is a style queen and she gets the laidback vibe spot in a heart fluttering Schiaparelli Couture.

Aja Naomi KingMore glorious yellow from How to Get Away with Murder’s Aja Naomi King with a dash of snakeskin pattern pumps. The big question is after ditching HTGAWM mid-season should I watch last night’s finale?

Julianne MooreOne reason I love the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet so much is it is the optimal point of fun and fancy; where dress length can be anything you want. And Julianne Moore’s Christian Dior Couture sparkly mini number ticks all the boxes.

David OyelowoEven the dudes get in on the colorful attire, although David Oyelowo showed at the Oscars it isn’t a onetime thing and while this baby blue suit is a little rumpled in places I am still swooning all over the place.

Emmy RossumWell this just delightful and Emmy Rossum in Oscar de la Renta has me wishing it was a little warmer right now (layers and layers of knits is what I have covered myself in today).

Rinko KikuchiI’m a little mad I didn’t get to this red carpet sooner because look how perfect all of these dresses are?! Another incredible floral beauty with Rinko Kikuchi in Chanel.

Rashida JonesA switch in party but not pattern joy with Rashida Jones at the post Oscars Vanity Fair shindig looking resplendent in Andrew Gn.

Mindy KalingDeviating from the color/pattern theme and Mindy Kaling wearing another incredible creation from Mindy Project costume designer Salvador Perez. Kaling is normally all about the bold and while this has neither color nor print it might be one of the boldest outfits she has worn. Simply stunning.


The Americans 3.05 “Salang Pass” Review: Making it Real

26 Feb

Elizabeth and Philip really aren’t the best at communicating with each other on The Americans. Sure they make an excellent spy team with a shorthand that’s about more than words and we’ve seen how in sync they are when out in the field. At home they also have an outward appearance of harmony as a couple who managed to work through their differences and hit the rare reconciliation mark rather than divorce which Stan is clearly headed towards. Real and fake intersect at every turn; a fake relationship produced a real family followed by falling in actual love years after getting together. It is this unique aspect blurring professional and personal which makes the marriage at the heart of The Americans so utterly mesmerizing; seeing how these emotionally stunted people trying to navigate their relationship while also dealing with matters of grave national importance.

The Americans 3.05Last season we watched as Philip’s soul was eroded away by his rather large kill count (this season he is still on zero to Elizabeth’s one) and he is being tested in another way this year; he might not have killed anyone yet but he is still doing some very bad things to other people all in the name of the Motherland. Gabriel voices his concerns to Philip in a way that would suggest paternal instinct and yet it is hard to fully trust him as his methods read more manipulative than caring.

Gabriel tells Philip he is worried about the amount he is juggling with Martha, Paige and Kimberly offering up compliments about how he is “the best.” Philip doesn’t seem all that swayed by these attempts simply saying that he isn’t confused about what he is undertaking. Time for another paternal tactic and Gabriel puts a supportive arm around him while also reiterating how important this operation is and how “conscience can be dangerous.” Effectively he is telling Philip to do whatever needs to be done and if that means sleeping with a 15 year-old so be it.

Ah yes the hormonal teenage girl problem and in “Salang Pass” Philip tries to navigate this unsavory aspect of the mission with a whole lot of deflecting and some very strong pot. His interactions with Kimberly are all flirty on her end whereas his behavior reads as everything we see with his own children from the food fight to scooping a half passed out Kimberly and taking her to bed. It is only when she wakes up from her weed induced slumber and smooches him that it switches; thankfully Philip is saved by the sound Kimberly’s parents getting home and his exit would have only been more ridiculous if he had to shimmy down a drainpipe.

Returning home and trying to sneak in only adds to how teen this whole situation is, but Elizabeth has waited up for her husband to return from this dalliance. In his semi-stoned state they have one of the most honest conversations we have witnessed between the pair and it echoes – right down to the close face to face embrace – my favorite scene from last season when they talked about icicles back home. This chat is on the bleak end of the scale as Philip discusses the seduction training he underwent and in the brief flashbacks we don’t see Philip’s face just a stream of different people he had to sleep varying in age (both men and women) and how they were told to “make it real to ourselves.” Looking exhausted and at his wits end Philip lays down next to his wife and asks if he should sleep with Kimberly – not your standard bedtime discussion – and he reiterates this by asking her honest opinion and her response is probably not that helpful to Philip’s predicament because she doesn’t know if he should.

the Americans 3.05 Philip and ElizabethFeeling bad about the whole situation is just one aspect, another is the moral line he would be crossing and how his own daughter is the same age as Kimberly; Kimberly’s sad garden story and how little her parents are around mirrors the situation in the Jennings home and that’s got to hit a nerve along with the ick factor. In part Elizabeth’s answer is informed by this moral quandary and there is also an element of jealousy as she shut down her own potential hookup with Hans a couple of weeks ago on account of Philip. But then the importance of the mission looms and as Philip now has access to Kimberly’s CIA dad’s briefcase and jacket it is not an opportunity they can pass up as the war in Afghanistan continues to go horribly for the Russians (the title of the episode is named after this tragic event which is on the radio when Elizabeth remarks that Philip looks worried).

Back to the conversation about making it real and shifting away from the predicament Philip faces as Elizabeth asks “Do you have to make it real with me?” The expected ‘never’ doesn’t come from Philip’s lips instead he answers with a vague “Sometimes. Not now.” It is the first part of that sentence which comes loaded with questions; is that sometimes from the way it used to be before they fell in love? Or is it more recent because of all the Paige angst which is going? The lack of a definitive answer outside of the here and now suggests there are still some trust issues and this makes sense considering who they are and what they do.

Take earlier in the episode as they go from talking about Martha wanting to foster a kid to remembering their own children being small and falling over all the time – “Remember Henry?” – with such fondness. It’s also a point of friendly contention as Philip recalls Paige being graceful whereas Elizabeth’s focus is on the summer of grazed knees. It’s something really small and yet the time the time they are referring to was long before the mostly loving relationship we see now. And with the mention of Paige the wall goes up and Elizabeth makes her excuses to go make dinner.

The Americans 3.05 shoppingElizabeth is queen of the conversation switch as demonstrated by their bathroom chat where she gets pissed at Philip for seemingly being on board with the whole baptism thing because of the dress shopping trip (which is a very sweet father/daughter moment and thankfully unlike the pilot it doesn’t end with some skeeze checking her out). Philip gets his own zing in with “you’re the one who has been singing with the choir.” The convo switch comes in with a dig and a half as Elizabeth refers to Kimberly as “your girl” raising the tension up another notch by equating Kimberly’s ignorance to her father’s job as being the same as their situation. 

Juggling various sources and missions is not just limited to Philip as Elizabeth is working hard on her new BFF Lisa. The funny/tragic thing about the whole Lisa friendship is Elizabeth is actively helping her, but it is all a means to an end and a way to get vital information. She is helping Lisa move on with her life and if Lisa had stayed with her husband she might have got pulled down with him, now thanks to Elizabeth she is sober and free from a toxic relationship. To Lisa, Michelle is her lucky charm and if only she knew why Michelle was doing this. As Michelle, Elizabeth becomes warm, fun and compassionate; words you might not use to describe Elizabeth and it is refreshing to see her laugh like this even if it isn’t real.

Elsewhere Stan enlists Oleg’s help in his quest to prove Zinaida is not as she seems and tries to appeal to his sense of love for Nina to dig a little deeper. Oleg comes up with nothing and his attempt was a tad lackluster using alcohol and a suggestion of placing a double agent in the form of a defector. A defector sends out a signal of weakness and it is still unclear whether Stan is grappling for something that isn’t there in the same way he has been doing with his relationship with Sandra. He seems to at least be moving on from that as Toni from EST upped her game by ringing the FBI to ask him out and that is one way to show interest in someone. Stan spends dinner and on another occasion getting beers with Philip and despite their deep down fundamental ideological differences this is a friendship that is pretty real. If only Stan knew who he was really having a beer with. Stan talks about his estranged father/son relationship as there’s “nothing like a teenage boy.” All Philip must be thinking is try a teen girl; the one he is trying to protect and the one he is trying to work.

The same problems still persist and while it doesn’t feel like Philip and Elizabeth have made all that much progress in terms of any of these, this final conversation is a big step and maybe when they need to clear the air they should get a little stoned as it certainly has a positive influence on how they communicate. It might not be the best spy tool.

Shot of the Week

The Americans 3.05 stonedThis is a reverse of the post fight standoff from last week and while the focus is on Philip in the foreground, the manner in which Elizabeth stands attentively in the background is important.

Bonus Shot of the Week

The Americans 3.05 PhilipAnother shot which relates to something from last week with another props department shout out and as we’re spending a lot more time in their bedroom/bathroom this season certain details pop out like this light bulb mirror. Excellent pissed off face from Matthew Rhys in the midst of another argument with Elizabeth.

Disguise of the Week

the Americans 3.05 ElizabethElizabeth does some recon early in the episode with a lab as her companion and this look is not all that dissimilar to how she usually appears, albeit (sorry Henry had to use it somewhere) a little more frumpy. It is the classic blending in before you later murder someone disguise.

Outfit I Would Wear in 2015

The Americans 3.05 Coach bagPutting the Coach bag blatantly on show and flashing about her new designer duds is one way Elizabeth subtly works Lisa and I think she will soon be getting her all the information she is after. Gorgeous green color top too.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

26 Feb

A very busy Behind the Insta-Scenes this week with Oscars action, Mindy Project guest star heaven, the end of Parks and Rec (*sob*) and other set shenanigans.

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Gloriously Awesome. #TheOscars #GovernorsBall

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Winners and losers hanging out together all smiles at the Governors Ball. Yes I yelped with happiness when Questlove appeared on stage during “Everything is Awesome.”


The only caption this needs is swoooooooooooooooooon.


Gossip Girl reunion we didn’t know we wanted at Elton John’s annual AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party.

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Post Elton, pre Vanity Fair burger…

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What to do between parties? Grabbing a burger with Jonathan Groff in a tuxedo sure sounds like a great idea. Just don’t spill any sauce on that white shirt.

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About last night… #Looking #Halloween

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Halloween in February for Looking with an excellent and high on the cringe factor episode. Bonus points for costumes which actually looked homemade rather than the TV version of homemade.


The Mindy Project excels in the guest department and what could be better than a very beardy Stephen Colbert as a priest?! Not much.


Parks and Recreation finale sadness combined with how much I heart this cast equals all the feelings.


Ben Schwartz has been posting Parks and Rec behind the scenes photos for the duration of season 7 and this is definitely one of my all time fave Jean-Ralphio moments.


Splendid dresses and posing skills from the ladies on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Even spies still want to grab a quick cup of coffee.


Elle Style Awards 2015

25 Feb

Okay so award season isn’t quite over as UK Elle held their annual Style Awards in London last night. You might think we have red carpet fatigue but thankfully there are plenty of spectacular and eyebrow raising outfits on display with pink tones ruling the night.

Diane Kruger ElleStarting with Diane Kruger in Chanel and this is another ensemble that falls into ‘magical fashion unicorn‘ territory as I’m not sure there is anyone else who could pull of this amount of multi-textured soft pink without looking like a bathroom accessory. Kruger won Best Actress and new co-star Bryan Cranston presented her with the award. I am still sad The Bridge got cancelled.

Rebel Wilson

Another winner on the night in both the awards and dress stakes; Rebel Wilson picked up the Rising Star accolade and this Eloquii frock is incredible in color and shape.

Maggie Gyllenhaal and Gwendoline ChristieThis is where things get a little more bonkers and Gwendoline Christie’s Giles ensemble is batshit but brilliant. Maggie Gyllenhaal looks delightful in salmon custom Roland Mouret while receiving the award for Best TV Actress and her portrayal of Nessa Stein on The Honourable Woman.

Laura JAcksonPresenter Laura Jackson is also pretty in pink (yeah I went there) and this is a beautiful dress.

RoksandaDesigner Roksanda Ilincic is a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite – you should have seen my super uncool reaction when I walked past her store at the weekend – and here she is showing off one of her many stunning color block designs.

Taylor SwiftMoving on from the pink beauties to a dress I’m still not sure about; the color is stunning and this Julian Macdonald dress is certainly a departure from the usual super girly frocks Taylor Swift favors. It might be the hair style or that this looks like something her BFF Karlie Kloss would wear that’s keeping me on the fence. Part of me hopes Swift had a conversation with Maggie Gyllenhaal about the scarf she may or may not have left at her house.

CaraCara Delevingne is letting the vampy black Morticia Addams elegant look work for her.

Sai BennettA smidge saloon for Sai Bennett however the Mr Selfridge star is pulling it off and shows how a fantastic haircut and red lip color can really boost an outfit up a few notches.


The Wish List: Leslie Knope’s Blouse from the Parks and Recreation Series Finale

25 Feb

Find your team and get to work! April Ludgate was the focus of the TV Ate My Wardrobe Parks and Recreation goodbye for both her style influence and how the show managed to capture the anxiety of not knowing what you want to be/do so brilliantly through this character. Parks is all about the team so while April is our style icon, it is perhaps fitting that the leader of the team gets the Wish List costuming honor from the series finale.*

*Please be aware that as I write this the screen is still blurry from the mess these last two episodes have made me.

Throughout the seasons Leslie’s look has got more polished and her blouse collection cannot be rivaled. Floral prints are a repeated motif and this is something we see in the finale; however it is the striking black and white blouse which makes our list.

Parks and RecreationIt mirrors one of our favorite current trends with the lady tux and from a distance the black trim has that effect. The ‘Quiana’ blouse is by Diane von Furstenberg and I would very much like it in my life. And here is a closer look (albeit through a window shot):

Leslie Knope

And here is one last April Ludgate outfit to covet for good measure:

April Ludgate Parks and Rec finaleIn the future there will be more sweaters underneath dresses – I kind of like how the future costuming is pretty similar to the clothes of now – and this green dress is T by Alexander Wang. Digging the specs too.

And to round things off how about a song to carry on the Parks related tears and The Gabe Dixon Band’s “All Will Be Well,” which was used during the montage sequence as Andy and April drove to the Grand Canyon in the season 4 episode “End of the World.”


Goodbye April Ludgate: Style Icon and Eye Roll Queen

24 Feb

Mustard yellow hoodies, sweaters, patterns and prints; April Ludgate is a TV Ate My Wardrobe style icon. With Parks and Recreation coming to an end tonight it is time to celebrate April and while I am sure this character would hate this level of attention and emotional attachment, I’m going to do the equivalent of all those hugs she has tried to avoid over the seasons.

Parks and Recreation - Season 6April is fond of snarky comments, references that would have sparked occult fears in the mid-90s and reminding the audience that she hates almost everything. Her costume design doesn’t necessarily reflect this and while it would have been easy to represent this aspect of her personality with dark attire, they went in an entirely different direction with bold color and pattern.

April has proclaimed on many occasions that she hates people:


A special few have cracked April’s “I hate people” mantra with Andy being top of the list and going from a ‘will they/won’t’ to getting married shortly after they started dating in season 3 was a shrewd move by the writers.  The Anne obstacle card was played early and getting passed this allowed both Andy and April to grow in unexpected ways. Yeah they still ate turkey-chili off a frisbee and shared one fork, but their romantic union has not really faltered since they became Mr and Mrs Dwyer.

The focus of April’s anxiety as the show has progressed has been career orientated as she has struggled to find a job she finds fulfilling. There was a brief spell where veterinary school was going to be a thing, but that never came to pass (it did lead to a fun Fantasy Costuming post). Leslie is of course the hero of the show and her optimism in the face of everything is inspirational and yet I look to April for more than just her excellent style. Comfort has been found in April’s all too real struggle to find her place in the world and it is one I know well. Trying to figure out what you want to do is terrifying when surrounded by people who know exactly what they want to be and you only have some of your shit together. Television can be many things and reflecting back personal experience is just one of those aspects; while I have never worked in a Parks department I know what it is like to be lost and struggling to pin down a career path. Hell, I still know what it is like as I try and turn this writing thing into something sustainable.

April Ludgate is more than just a TV character to me because in part she represents these feelings of being stuck while also surrounded by an awesome group of people. To see April get what I expect to be a happy ending tonight gives me hope and I’m sure she would roll her eyes hard at that. Aubrey Plaza’s performance has never allowed April to fall into caricature and the emotional scenes where she lets other characters in on her hopes and fears have always been a high point. I even cried when she hugged Ben this season, yes this is where I am at emotionally with this show ending. It’s not just April who is a TV Ate My Wardrobe style favorite as Plaza’s off screen attire leans heavily on prints and pattern; Plaza is also the reason I now have a leather pleated skirt obsession.

And what of the outfits? Without the multiple times I uttered how much I loved something April was wearing this website might not be a thing. This character is in part why TV Ate My Wardrobe came into existence as I wanted my own space to talk about the television I love and the on screen style which has impacted my own wardrobe. April is a huge part of this and while I am still yet to find the perfect mustard hoodie – there will be a parade when this finally comes to pass – the Wish List is losing one of its dream characters when Parks ends tonight. However, there are still outfits left to covet and here are a couple of dresses that made me yelp with joy when they appeared last week in the penultimate episode “Two Funerals.”

April Ludgate 7.11 polka dots*Sings in the style of Jean-Ralphio* Pooooooooooolka Dotssssssss. My feelings towards this outfit are strong and this dress is from Madewell.

April ludgate 7.11The smart business lady wear of characters like Olivia Pope and Alicia Florrick is stunning and covetable from a fantasy point of view; at the moment I don’t have a reason (or budget) to wear clothes like that. April’s appeal covers a lot of ground – she’s fucking hilarious and to use a blech word I find her very relatable – and part of this is how closely her style matches my own, or at least how I aspire it to be. I like dressy attire and the above Cynthia Steffe frock falls into several categories of dress that can be fun, functional and funky (eye rolling at myself for that alliteration). We like to see ourselves reflected on screen and while I’m pretty sure April would hate this essay, she would maybe reluctantly give me a hug and then run away.

And to end things on a moment that not only includes another item I am desperately trying to get my hands on, but one of my all time favorite Parks and Recreation clips.


Oscar 2015 Red Carpet Highlights Part 2 – Classic (with a twist)

23 Feb

The Oscar red carpet rundown continues (Part 1 is here) and here are some stunning takes on classic black and white designs (with some blue thrown into the mix).

LupitaLast year Lupita Nyong’o dominated award season and became the red carpet queen. Even when she isn’t nominated she still makes a jaw dropping entrance in a Calvin Klein Collection pearl dress.

Meryl StreepMeryl Streep not only had one of the reactions of the night (see end of post) but this is quite possibly my favorite ever Meryl Oscar look (and there have been many) in custom Lanvin. The tuxedo jacket kicks it off and the rest is just as chic.

Margot RobbieThis is somehow both demure and super sexy. Plus Margot Robbie’s Saint Laurent manages to incorporate a sheer element that doesn’t make me sigh with sadness. Amazing crimson lip color bonus points.

Reese WitherspoonThe #AskHerMore campaign is something I am all for (yes I am aware this might sound contradictory while I write this roundup) and the Fug Girls (Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan) eloquently sum up how I feel about Reese Witherspoon not answering the ‘who are you wearing?’ standard Q “#askhermore is great, but it’s ALSO okay to ask/say who you’re wearing. You got it for free. It’s a transaction. Tip your server.” Reese, your Tom Ford dress is stunning as was your performance in Wild.

Sienna MillerA beautiful Oscar de la Renta gown for Sienna Miller with bow and sequin detail.

Cate BlanchettAs with Lupita, Cate Blanchett is a winner from last year doing the presenter version of a stunning gown. The Maison Margiela Couture dress by itself would veer towards classic but dull and it is the Tiffany & Co necklace that really lets this outfit sing.

Eddie RedmayneEddie Redmayne is adorable as seen here and when he won Best Actor. He also continues to wow with his suit choices and for the Oscars Redmayne wears Alexander McQueen, as does Hannah Bagshawe making this ‘His and Hers High Fashion.’ Plus there is only a slight hint of the Redmayne lean.

Leaving you with this while I catch up on sleep:



Oscar 2015 Red Carpet Highlights Part 1 – Color and Sparkle

23 Feb

We’ve been talking about award season for months now and after all that build up the Oscars red carpet did not disappoint (okay some disappointed but woah are there plenty of incredible gowns on offer). Part 1 of our best looks is all about color and sparkle, both of which featured heavily at the Golden Globes and continue their reign here. Head here for Part 2.

Emma StoneEmma Stone combines both color and shimmer in a stunning Elie Saab Couture gown. Stone constantly mixes things up on the red carpet and this is another occasion where opting for something unique has paid off. It might be due to a lack of sleep (I apologize for any gibberish that might follow in this post) but I can’t stop staring at this.

Rosamund PikeAnother risk taker and this award season has unfortunately been more miss than hit for Rosamund Pike; for the big one she pulls out the big guns in Givenchy Couture. Elegant and super sexy combined. No need for distracting jewelry.

Julianne MooreCustom Chanel for Julianne Moore and an ideal winners gown; the floral and sequin detail is exquisite.

Laura DernA futuristic looking Alberta Ferretti metallic frock for Laura Dern, which is just as dramatic as her hair flick. If the aliens come I want our armor to look like this.

Ava DuVernayCrushing it in baby blue Prada with bell sleeves and embroidered detail is Ava DuVernay.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin TherouxNo plunging necklines here, instead Jennifer Aniston wears a beaded champagne color Atelier Versace gown that clings in all the right places. Justin, you look very good too.

Lorelei LinklaterA special red lipstick shout out to Lorelei Linklater doing her teen goth thing in style.

Diane Kruger is a Magical Fashion Unicorn

23 Feb

Got a long post coming with the best from the Oscars red carpet, but in the meantime here is Diane Kruger wearing a Donna Karan Atelier dress/jumpsuit. I have complicated jumpsuit feelings (which I’m sure regular readers are very aware of) and I don’t think there is anyone else who could wear something like this and make it work.

Diane KrugerAbsolutely killing it; Diane Kruger forever takes red carpet risks and pulls  it off.

In other Diane Kruger related news – this photo should come with smolder warning signs:

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

20 Feb

A big pre-Oscar weekend style edition of “Out of the Box” with NYFW runway watching style, Costume Designers Guild Awards, Vanity Fair celebrating Young Hollywood and the Essence Black Women in Hollywood event.

Natasha Lyonne and Nicki MinajNicki Minaj and Natasha Lyonne at the Alexander Wang runway show this week pulling their best front row DGAF faces.

Allison WilliamsAllison Williams’ style leans towards the classic and she looks at home in matching Spring 2015 Michael Kors floral crop top and skirt at the Michael Kors runway show. With the current New York weather I suddenly turn into my mother and get concerned about how cold she must be,

Christina HendricksA super sophisticated look for Christina Hendricks at Zac Posen in Zac Posen. That is an excellent shade of red lipstick and I’m already getting weepy about the end of Mad Men whenever I see one of the cast members.

Alison WrightDitching the 80s frumpy sweaters for something with an air of relaxed cool at the Tracy Reese show is Alison Wright from The Americans and I am particularly eyeing up her necklace. Wright is also demonstrating how you can do cold weather legs and still look fashion ready.

Kiernan ShipkaMoving on to the Costume Designers Guild Award and Kiernan Shipka is a vision in Oscar de la Renta. This lady is incredible. Also *sob* (see earlier Christina Hendricks remark).

Nicole BeharieOf course we know that actresses are not going to mirror the style of the characters they play (see Alison Wright from The Americans), however as I am so used to seeing Nicole Beharie in a range of leather jackets, jeans and boots on Sleepy Hollow this color/pattern Luis Antonio explosion at the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood event is a fun change-up.

Uzo AdubaThe OITNB ladies have been doing the award and party circuit (deservedly so) and I might have the opposite problem when Netflix gifts us with the next season readjusting to seeing them in their prison beige. Uzo Aduba is a picture of sophistication at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood luncheon in this pretty floral L.K. Bennett dress and orange Stuart Weitzman heels.

Laverne CoxPleats are a clothing weakness for me and Laverne Cox does understated elegance which is perfect for this daytime Essence event wearing a Whistles skirt with a Theory top.

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