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New Broad City Season 3 Promo and Interview Magazine Feature

11 Feb

4 and 3 and 2 and 1!

Broad City returns next week (Wednesday, 17 February) and we’ve got our first look at season 3 in this new promo. Plenty of returning faces including Hannibal Buress as Lincoln, Ilana’s mother played by the incredible Susie Essman (I still can’t get over how good this casting is), Kirk Steele himself, Trey (Paul W. Downs) and Ilana’s amazing roommate Jaimé (Arturo Castro).

There’s no sign of Bevers which I’m actually okay with because he only works in the smallest of doses. Cynthia Nixon is also guest starring this season in what looks like a role relating to Hillary Clinton’s appearance that was teased on Instagram a couple of months ago. Some quick observations/costume thoughts from this jam packed promo including how I also mistook the dog hoodies in American Apparel for human ones (my question was who in the hell was small enough to fit in the really small one).

Ilana puts the ear holes to good use and Chris Gethard is back as Ilana’s exasperated boss Derek. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Nicole and her memos this season too.Another wig to add to Ilana’s collection to go with her red wavy number from the season 2 finale therefore satisfying my wig kick until The Americans comes back next month.Taking tips from Diane Lockhart and going for chunky chain accessories does have its drawbacks sometimes.  
Here are a few delightful bestie moments from the new promo of which there are many. I am also coveting Ilana’s phone case (see also her hot dog one).
And you can watch the whole thing below.

To tide you over until next week for all things Abbi and Ilana then Interview Magazine has just the thing for you. Ellen Page interviews the pair and it is clear from the outset that she is a huge fan of the show and she knows her shit about the adventures of Abbi and Ilana. The photo shoot is fun and also reminds me of the “St. Mark’s” episode.Interview Magazine Broad CityThey discuss their path to comedy, Amy Poehler and sexual politics. Plus they share some interesting thoughts about the new season and how writing the show has changed over the last three years:

PAGE: “Season 3 is coming soon, thank the Lord. Is there anything that changed from the process of writing the show?

JACOBSON: This season was without a doubt the most difficult to write. When we were writing season 2, season 1 was still airing, and we really didn’t have a break between editing season 1 and writing season 2. So we were really just in it, not getting any feedback and not even getting our own perspective on the show. For season 3, we had a lot of perspective, and it was very scary and hard, and it took us a little longer to get into it and figure out what we wanted to do. But I feel like we have a better hold on the series. And for us to be writing about ourselves, because it’s not us, it’s a very difficult thing to wrap your mind around sometimes.

GLAZER: Our lives are changing, and the characters also have to change. We were more conscious than ever this season that we were writing a show. It’s a third season, and there will probably be more. And figuring out the direction we want the show to go in, how we see the series ending, has clarified things. This was the hardest season to write, existentially. I feel like we were really DTR’ing [defining the relationship] this season, and that was just existentially heavy. I feel like we got over that hump, and it will be easier now that it’s caught up in our consciousness.”

To read the whole thing and for more photos head to Interview.

Broad City returns Wednesday, February 17 and we will be discussing the show in more detail when it does. I for one am also very excited to get some new stickers and gifs on the Broad City keyboard.

Happy Halloween from Hack Into Broad City

29 Oct

There are a couple more months before Abbi and Ilana return for season 3 of Broad City, but thankfully they have been producing Hack Into Broad City videos and this was a vital part of their original web series. The newest installment is Halloween themed and includes a chat about how insane it is to wear heels in the city, Halloween or not; as someone who can’t make it through an evening in a pair I am enthusiastically nodding along to this point.

The costume reveal is pure joy and I can’t think of anything more perfect than what they have both chosen. I am only sad that this isn’t a full length Halloween episode because I love Halloween episodes (see here, here, here and here).

Due to shooting schedules there are some shows that are summer ones even if they air in winter like Broad City and Girls. This is mostly fine and all, but it does mean we miss out on certain fun holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even Valentine’s Day. Show me a holiday themed episode and I will enjoy whatever tenuously related or cheesy shenanigans that take place.

Thankfully Hack Into Broad City has got us covered on this front.

And if I was dressing up as something Broad City related for Halloween I think my two of my options would be:

Broad City Val


Broad City Bingo BronsonAnd for something truly special Pam is ideal.

So many Broad City costume potentials!

Turning Two with Broad City: Abbi, Ilana and Me

17 Mar

TV Ate My Wardrobe turns two next month and with this comes far too much introspection and anxiety when contemplating what I have/haven’t done since its inception. Carving out a corner of one’s own is a daunting task when the internet has already been chopped up in every way imaginable and if there’s one show to aid optimism rather than feed my hypercritical side it is Broad City. Yesterday I wrote about the notion of faking everything on Girls and while the two shows are of course very different the location and age/gender of the protagonists leads to automatic comparisons. The reason I bring it up is because Abbi and Ilana aren’t so much faking anything and instead they are taking the opportunities they have and running with them even if this results in falling down a hole in a park or smashing a very expensive mirror. 

Broad City 2.08There are a lot of things to write about Broad City this season and for some inexplicable reason I’ve been experiencing a kind of block with what direction to take this piece in. The garbled notes this post started as looked a little something like this:


Drew Barrymore impression

Lady friendship


Body confidence


Kelly fucking Ripa


Analyze this if you will and the one somewhat cohesive element is that every single thing on that list is something you can derive a lot of joy from and Broad City’s appeal lies in how much fun is to be had by the characters on screen and from watching it.

Role model is a term which suggests living the ‘right’ way and rather Abbi and Ilana (both Wexler/Abrams and Glazer/Jacobson) are showing how to live your best life whether its sitting on the couch falling into the occasional internet hole or trying to progress with your dream job or even your dreamish one. It is telling a different story of your twenties which doesn’t necessarily rely on falling in love or making a buttload of money; if you’ve got your best friend by your side and a day of unplanned adventure whether that’s finding the Narnia of parties or skating to a dog wedding this is all you need in that moment. Your twenties is not just for the daily grind of figuring it out but having someone to do this with.

Broad City 2.05It doesn’t really feel like there is anything else quite like Broad City on TV particularly in regards to sex-positive storylines such as Abbi’s pegging experience and Ilana’s encounter with a woman who looks a whole lot like her last week (Alia Shawkat shout out). These aren’t portrayed as A Very Special Episode BIG DEAL encounters nor is Abbi and Ilana’s sexuality played just for laughs. Things go right, things go wrong and the other is always just a phone call or video chat step away for all or none of the advice they might need.

The clothes worn on screen is a big part of who we are at TV Ate My Wardrobe and Broad City’s costume design features an endless stream of crop/vest tops, funky bras and leggings making this a summer show for the ages. Ah yes Broad City shoots in the sunnier months so the warmer climate attire reads a little odd while I’m up to my eyeballs in knitwear, but it also plays into the wish fulfillment aspect. Abbi and Ilana don’t just excel at all things casual as they kill it whenever they have a fancier affair to attend whether its Abbi rewearing her “Fattest Asses” dress of glory (because this is what people do) or Ilana’s shiva outfit in “Knockoffs” (a personal favorite of mine and one that also incorporates the top Ilana wore in “Fattest Asses”).


One of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s regular features is “The Wish List” and generally everything featured on there would either fall into the splurge or ‘there is no way I could ever afford this’ category. With Broad City the outfits come from places within Abbi and Ilana’s means and recently costume designer Staci Greenbaum spoke to Flavorwire mentioning where they shop “We tend to do a lot of H&M, Topshop, Forever 21. We do thrift stores. We do Beacon’s Closet sometimes, as you saw.” The dress Abbi wore in “Coat Check” when she went to Kelly Ripa’s to return her jacket is from H&M and it is something this Jane the Virgin post touched on; after almost two years of writing about the clothes we see on screen I can tell you it makes a difference when you see a character wearing something that is fancy affordable rather than a gorgeous, but crazy expensive item.

Broad City 2.09Style and figure wise I am far more Abbi than Ilana as the thought of wearing either a crop top or shorts has me running for the hills. The body confidence of both women is something to celebrate as we’ve seen both each of them shed their clothes this season – with blur bars – from Abbi’s Lady Gaga naked apartment dance to Ilana’s modeling in Abbi’s life drawing class. And what about Val? Abbie’s blackout drunk alter ego and the moment that made me scream the most (so far) this season. So unexpected, so amazing and the perfect way to deal with Ilana’s FOMO.

Broad City ValCheesy sounding sentiment it might be but there is something incredibly inspiring about Broad City and the two women behind the show and in front of the camera; I am proud of what this website has achieved so far but I know there is still the Narnia of parties out there and my Val moment is yet to come. When I feel like garbage and in one of those feeling worthless spirals I know a Broad City pick me up will help resolve the funk and give a push in the right direction. And before I spill too much all over the page I want to close on one of another season 2 highlight moments from and why I heart Abbi and Ilana so hard. It’s just like how Abbi feels about Drew Barrymore.

The Night of Too Many Stars – Broad City, OITNB and Jessica Williams Take Your Calls

9 Mar

Oh hey it is Monday and here is a bunch of delightful photos from the Night of Too Many Stars including Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Jessica Williams and some of the Orange is the New Black ladies to kick things off.

Abbi and IlanaJon Stewart hosted the fifth Night of Too Many stars airing on Comedy Central last night with a live telethon. The event raises money for autism programs, schools and services; since its inception in 2006 the biannual show has raised over $18 million. Ilana and Abbi were just two of the many comedy stars on hand to take your call and here they are with Stewart. Perhaps they are showing him some Kirk Steele.

Abbi, Ilana and Jon StewartJohn Oliver returns to his old stomping ground.

John OliverWhile current Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams and Aasif Mandvi do their part.

Jessica WilliamsUzo Aduba and Natasha Lyonne give good chatting on the phone face/gestures.

Uzo and NatashaOf course Susan Sarandon is fucking fantastic.

Susan Sarandon

And Aidy Bryant and Ilana Glazer are the most adorable. My love for Aidy’s outfit/lipstick color is strong.

Ilana and AidyTo find out how you can donate to Night of Two Many Stars head here.


Abbi and Ilana’s Delightful Outfits on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

20 Jan

Talk show outfits can be many things; some go for full on fancy frock whereas others take the more relaxed route (see Sienna Miller’s amazing Celine sweater dress from Fallon last week). Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have gone full on SHOW outfits with the tuxedo works and a very interesting color scheme (a nod to the original Dumb & Dumber). They do talk about their chosen attire so I won’t ruin it and it sounds like their original outfits are “Fattest Asses” levels of amazing.

In the second clip they discuss the confusion even their loved ones have between real and fictional Abbi and Ilana while also discussing this week’s episode.

Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties from Broad City

1 Dec

The festive season is upon us and Broad City returns next month/next year (delete which one sounds less scary – every happy face/dancing emoji it is back so soon/terrified 2014 is almost done). Comedy Central have gifted us with a holiday treat from Abbi and Ilana as they offer up some tips for surviving this party season including the all important how to avoid mistletoe kisses from “a mansplaining creep.”

Four and three and two and one!


Coming in 2015: TV Promo Roundup

13 Nov

The year isn’t over and yet we are already looking to January 2015 thanks to these promos from Comedy Central and HBO for their returning and brand new offerings coming in the new year.

Abbi and Ilana are back with colorful (and super dark) lipsticks, crop tops aplenty, a white power suit and a surprise appearance by a leopard print fascinator. Commence the Broad City dance party now as season 2 looks set to deliver once again on the funny and getting fucked up antics of a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite lady friendship. Broad City returns Wednesday, January 14.

From the Duplass brothers comes Togetherness and it’s going to be part of the Girls/Looking Sunday night block (starting January 11) which makes sense as it is another figuring out your shit tragic comedy/dramedy (or whatever we are now calling this genre). The cast/creators is why I am very excited and Amanda Peet’s line delivery at the end of the promo is perfect.

Looking gets the most teasery of teases with no episode footage and what comes down to a disco light party reminding us that Patrick is caught in a love triangle with Richie and Kevin. Plus there’s a whole lot of amazing facial hair. Season 2 gets an episode number bump with two more than last year and I’m looking forward to spending more time with these characters.

Getting the longest preview treatment is Girls and this makes sense considering it has been on the longest; the characters are more established and there’s less mystery. Hannah’s moved to Iowa and she’s eating grapes for a snack, but this still leaves plenty of room for bad decisions and arguments aplenty. Marnie is still pining after Desi, Shoshanna is having a career/life crisis and a couple of people are getting arrested. Plus dancing, there’s always dancing.



Hack into Broad City: Cereal War

23 Sep

Broad City isn’t back for season 2 until January (every sad face possible), but until then feast your eyes on the latest installment of “Hack into Broad City” in which Abbi and Ilana host the first annual cereal war via video chat (or “maybe it’s just an exchange of technology and culture and everybody wins). Like all good breakfast food cereal doesn’t have to be eaten first thing in the morning and it can stand for many awesome things.

Broad City

Video chat is an important part of the Ilana and Abbi friendship with Ilana going so far as doing this during sex (much to Abbi’s horror) and as “Hack into Broad City” was part of the initial web series it makes sense to throw up* some of these old videos during what feels like a lengthy hiatus. Hopefully there will be more new offerings between now and January.

*One of these chats involves actual vomit so maybe pun intended. It is below and it is gross (and also hilarious as Abbi watches through her fingers pleading her not to). It also ended up in the pilot. 

In the meantime here is both the new video that first appeared on Vulture followed by a few of my favorite earlier “Hack” videos with Ilana crossing multiple boundaries. One of these actually ends up being an Abbi move in first season and as with a lot of the original content it has been adapted for the show (like the vom moment).

And in other good news…


Broad City season 1 is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.


From Web to Cannes: The Women of Broad City Talk Authenticity in Comedy (Video)

9 Apr

The Broad City team traveled to Cannes this week to take part in a MIPTV keynote speech (“The Power of Comedy: Laughing its way from online to linear”) promoting the show to the overseas market alongside Comedy Central President of Content Development & Original Programming Kent Alterman and Caroline Beaton (Viacom International Program Sales). Executive producer Amy Poehler joined Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson to discuss what has made Broad City a success so far and how it went from web series to TV.

Broad City[Source]

In the keynote (which you can watch below) the origin of the show is discussed including how the pair became friends and where the first creative sparks were ignited (in a pizza shop). The Abbi and Ilana time comes at the beginning and end of the almost 30 minute panel and there’s some slightly dry executive chat in the middle. This is where phrases such as “funny is funny” and “creative vision” are repeated and while it is exec speak it does also apply to this show.

One part of the business aspect that did peak my interest is how comedy is a much harder sell initially to different territories and how “people get scared to back things.” There’s a misconception that comedy doesn’t translate, but other Comedy Central shows like The Daily Show which could be considered as very American are enormously popular globally (hence the Global Edition, I guess). Social media is a boost to the new belief that comedy does translate with Poehler adding “I think there’s a universality about young people’s ability to tell when something isn’t authentic. In countries all over the world people are finding and needing something that feels true and real to them, and also being very suspicious when it’s not.” Lady Gaga tweeting to her 40+ million followers about how much she loves Broad City is another fabulous (and free) way to get the word out globally.

Abbi and Ilana get asked the question they will forever be asked and that is “How closes to your characters are you?” Abbi tells a very funny story about her mom ringing after seeing the finale as some of their own experiences do make it onto the show, but generally everything is a heightened and more amplified version of reality. This leads to a look at other creative aspects of the show and how far it has come since the web series including the writers’ room aspect; now they can allocate these real life stories to other writers.

Diversity is something that is demanded “in cast, in voice” and Amy Poehler references past shows that wouldn’t necessarily fit into the television landscape today or they would at least face a negative response “It’s almost impossible to have a show about New York City with six white people living in a building.” This is what “makes Broad City broad.”

You can watch the whole keynote below and for a look at the style of Broad City head here.

Abbi and Ilana’s Best Broad City Style Moments

25 Mar

The first season of Broad City comes to a close tomorrow (Wednesday 26) and it’s going to be a strong contender for best of 2014 (yes we’re only a quarter of the way through the year). We talk about TV in comparison terms all the time – the “it’s like x meets y” mantra – and thanks to the setting and gender of its stars Girls became the instant benchmark. Broad City is very much its own show with Abbi and Ilana paving the way for a brand new kind of voice; one that doesn’t feel trapped by general comedic conventions. It helps of course Broad City has been going since 2010 through their web series and this is an extension of those characters – I’m so happy to see the denim vest print t-shirt made the leap.  Even with this early start, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer’s show took time to go from what it was to what it is now and as it’s the season finale (it’s already been picked up for a second season) I want to celebrate this show by taking a look at all the incredible style moments.

Broad City 1.02 t-shirt denim vest printHere at TV Ate My Wardrobe costume and style is something that stands out when watching TV and the costume designer Staci Greenbaum has gone for isn’t all that different from the original web series. From all of the wish lists and posts on TV costuming there are many character closets I would like to pore over and share; quite often when I find out how much an item of clothing costs it’s clear that it is out of my budget. With Broad City it doesn’t feel this way and Greenbaum tells The Cut this is her aim “We try to keep it real-real not TV-real, you know what I mean?” The characters don’t have a crazy amount to spend on clothes so neither does Greenbaum.

Outfits are repeated and Abbi’s boots are on the more expensive end, but she wears them constantly. Same goes for her brown shoulder bag; shoes and bags tend to be where I spend more money on a single item as these are items you use daily. Ilana hasn’t met a pair of short shorts she doesn’t like and Abbi is all about the Lindsay Weir army style jackets. Both use layering to maximum effect and while casual attire accounts for about 75% of their wardrobe, they’re not timid when it comes to dressing for an occasion.

Here are some of my favorite looks from season 1:

Broad City 1.01 fursThey didn’t get paid for their humiliating cleaning experience in the pilot, so they paid themselves in furs, fancy looking booze and hats. I mean who wouldn’t?!

Broad City 1.01Also from the pilot and the many layers that are required for the sometimes cold New York City climate. Ilana’s brown leather jacket is one of her most worn items and it has plenty of space for any office equipment she wants to exchange – no liquid money, plenty of bartering power.

Broad City 1.03 judith lightA shirt the size of a napkin might not be considered as appropriate work attire, nor are the boy shorts or ripped jeans. Judith Light doesn’t seem to mind and neither do I.

Broad City 1.04This is their super casual look and the amazing Abbi boots. These outfits go through the ringer in this episode and this is part of the Broad City charm; there’s no vanity here.

Broad City 1.06 lost phoneAbbi is a girl after my own heart with how many stripped items she owns. I wish I could say the same for short shorts, but alas I lack the Ilana confidence (and legs). Maybe one day.

Broad City 1.08 wedding“Destination Wedding” delivers on the fancy frock attire; well for Abbi it does as Ilana thought they were wearing their old cater waiter uniforms. The backpack is what really makes this look.

Broad City 1.08Later Abbi ditches her fish drenched dress and changes into Lincoln’s tux; both are giving off cool as fuck vibes and a trip to a gentlemen’s club called Thrusts is the only course of action.

Broad City blue dressShopping for an exclusive rooftop party outfit is also covered and instead of a super long shopping montage Abbi is happy with the first dress she tries on and yes her ass does look amazing. Here’s Ilana’s cool girl look, complete with a super long fake ponytail – I love how many different looks Ilana can achieve just by altering her hair. Both women are exuding body confidence and it makes me SO HAPPY that this is a thing.

Broad City 1.08 drawstring hoodieSweaters with drawstring ties come in extra handy when your (still unseen) roommate’s boyfriend is going into extreme detail about his masturbation technique that you walked in on the previous day (also poor Julianna Margulies).

Broad City 1.08 Abbi and LincolnIt’s pretty cool before it’s over Abbi’s head as well. Ditto the red bag and Lincoln who I adore.

Broad City 1.06Ilana is not shy about her sexuality and while I’m a total Ilana and Lincoln shipper, I’m also glad we get to see a woman who is sexually liberated and whose bar pickup outfit is skinny jeans and a vest; there’s nothing too try about this look.

Broad City 1.03 mustard cardiganMore stripes and Abbi’s trusty brown shoulder bag, plus I haven’t met a mustard cardigan I don’t want. This is one of the many outfits that looks like someone on Abbi’s income would wear.

Broad City 1.09 balloonsIlana’s rage face while holding balloons is perfect (she is finding out if she could have herpes so the rage is understandable) and this is an extension of Ilana’s short shorts collection, this time with a pair of mini dungarees. This outfit is topped off with Ilana’s staple brown leather jacket and the repeat piece of clothing I love the most.

I will leave it to Abbi and Lincoln to show how happy this show and the costuming make me.




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