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New Girl 4.03 “Julie Berkman’s Older Sister: Punting the Sweet Fantastic

1 Oct

Jess tends to be the most optimistic person in the room on New Girl, however like most people she has certain weak spots that cause her to behave in an uncharacteristic manner. One such area is her parents and in the past we have seen her attempt to Parent Trap them back together and this week we find out how Jess has a habit of scaring off her dad’s girlfriends. Now she is determined to make nice and attempt to welcome this one with open arms, which would be fine if Jess didn’t already have an acrimonious past with Bob’s new girlfriend.

New Girl 4.03 Jess and CeceThere’s been a lot of talk of where last season of New Girl went wrong and while there’s not one specific answer there is one character who really suffered as a result of multiple plot points that ended up isolating her and this was Cece; her best friend was busy with her new boyfriend and her boyfriend also had another girlfriend. Some of my favorite New Girl moments have been as a result of the Jess/Cece friendship so I was thrilled to see it front and center in “Julie Berkman’s Older Sister” as Cece comes over to provide support and to enjoy the Jess versus Bob’s new girlfriend entertainment. This takes an unexpected twist when they see who Bob is dating and it makes up for Cece’s initial disappointed after Jess decides to take the high road and be respectful. One flashback shows just how much young Cece (who looks eerily like Hannah Simone) relishes in Jess warning off her dad’s girlfriends and another reveals just why Bob has stopped introducing Jess to the women he is dating (it involves correctly accusing a woman of faking a disability).

The look of pure delight on Cece’s face as she realizes just who Ashley (Kaitlin Olson, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is coupled with Jess attempting to stifle her horror is hilarious and both Hannah Simone and Zooey Deschanel give good reaction faces. They know her as her less forgiving nickname Trashly and she earned this nickname through a series of trysts including one on the bleachers with Jess’ boyfriend at the time. It also gives Jess a pretty solid theory as to why God thinks sex is a sin as Jess has firsthand knowledge of seeing sex from above and how horrible it looks.

Jess and Cece have a strong shared history bringing depth and weight to episodes like this; there’s not much story that needs to be laid out to understand just why Cece is present at this brunch. Cece has been part of the Day family for a long time and while Jess’ mom might not be a fan of Cece, Bob is clearly fond of his daughter’s bestie (he did attend her wedding at the end of season 2 after all). Cece is here in part because of how she thinks Jess will react and considering how sunny Jess is most of the time, it is refreshing both for Cece and viewers to see her switch into sabotage mode. The flashbacks and particularly the display of menace reveal a rare dark side of Jess.

Rather than having Bob in the dark about Ashley’s past it was rather refreshing that he was aware of it and then some, plus it turns out the rumor about Ashley sleeping with their D.A.R.E officer was true and Bob is more than fine with this; they even tried to make a list of everyone Ashley slept with but ended up stopping at the ‘L’s.’ Jess attempts to stay quiet; however Cece plays the devil on her shoulder and encourages Jess to look at Ashley’s messages. Ashley has a perfectly good reason for the sexy tests – she’s a sex therapist – and this prompts her to leave this unwelcome environment. This is Jess in full protective mode, but her dad doesn’t need protecting in this way and if he gets hurt then he can deal with it. Jess is very much about fixing things and yet this can have the opposite effect as she becomes stifling rather than nurturing.

More misunderstandings follow and a grand gesture is required to save this relationship, a new move for Jess who in the past has used a baseball bat and accusations to fend of these women. Jess ends up caught in the middle of the road with cyclists whooshing past her (I feel like the screaming reaction is what I would go with in this situation) and when she gets clipped she pulls out the engagement ring in her dad’s pocket aiding a romantic moment despite her fuzzy headed pain.

One thing creator Liz Meriwether said she wanted to do this year in a pre-season interview with Alan Sepinwall was to have more focused storylines and this has been evident in the last two episodes as they’ve split the group into two plots rather than three. The guys are all showing how equally boneheaded they are this week as Schmidt needs help with an account pitch selling sponges to guys. It’s such a mundane specific item that of course ‘sponge’ is going to be the thing they yell out when they’re asked what word springs to mind when they think of the word sponge. A fun aspect of this story is seeing Schmidt trying so hard and spiraling as each of them tries to help – except Nick who is actually trying to get laid – and they just can’t quite get it right. A frustrated Schmidt is a very funny Schmidt.

It all gets kind of ridiculous when these four guys riff off each other; whether it is just how disgusting Nick is with orange juice pulp leftovers and what he wipes his bloody/sloppy joe mess on or arguing about the pizza they are going to get courtesy of Schmidt. This ends up turning into another Nick/Schmidt quality friendship moment and while it can’t quite hit the lofty heights of “gave you cookie, got me cookie” it is still pretty satisfying to see the happy ending of their unlikely team; Nick’s “Yay” We’re doing a bit” is so adorable. The fake ad that closes the episode is both hilarious and incredibly depressing when you factor in how it’s not that far off from some of the Super Bowl ads and “Spongey McWipy” needs to become a thing. Winston is next level Don Draper of coming up with slogans.

As with Cece and Jess, the Schmidt/Nick pairing suffered last year and they have been very much in focus this season. This is the first time the room sharing has been mentioned and of course there’s a huge difference in how they treat their respective sides. In one respect Schmidt and Jess are very similar in their strong enthusiasm for certain projects and as I mentioned last week the similarities between Nick and Cece continue to stack up. It’s also not surprising in a way that this is where a lot of New Girl’s romantic hookups have focused on. There is still character work that needs to be done with Coach as Damon Wayans Jr. is a good fit for this show, but we still don’t know all that much about him.

Oh and I can’t wait to read “Punting the Sweet Fantastic” even if guest star Michaela Watkins (Trophy Wife related sobs when I remember this show is no more) is right with her assessment of this book idea “feel like you kind of have to do something to write a book about yourself.”

New Girl Style Watch

New Girl 4.03It’s a style watch double hitter this week with Cece’s yellow Joie ‘Alicia’ tank and Jess in a super pretty Tory Burch dress that is perfect for brunch. Plus I really need a makeup IMDb to happen as now the hunt for Cece’s lipstick begins.

Update! The hunt for Cece’s lipstick is over thanks to Twitter and New Girl makeup artists Michelle DeMilt and Jorjee Douglass. The color is ‘Punta Cana’ by Cargo Cosmetics.

Charlotte Rampling’s NARS Fall Campaign

5 Aug

It might still look like summer, but fall campaigns are being unveiled at a rapid rate with September issues hitting newsstands soon (in some cases they are already out) and NARS is celebrating 20 years in style. The first ad in this campaign features the stunning and iconic Charlotte Rampling in a super sultry black and white shot. Showcasing the Audacious Lipstick Collection through a black and white image might be an unusual choice; however the second panel’s giant lipstick does the trick. And when you look as good as Rampling (in this photo taken by François Nars) it kind of sells itself.

Lipstick isn’t the only thing this ad is selling as I now want to find a black lady tux (I pretty much always want a lady tux jacket so this isn’t the greatest of leaps for me).

Charlotte Rampling NARS campaignAnything to wash away the memories of anyone who was involved in the final season of Dexter. If you want to see Rampling being a badass in a recent TV series may I offer up Restless (also starring Hayley Atwell and Michelle Dockery), which is a two-part spy drama spanning several decades starting during WWII. You get to see Lady Mary in a whole lot of ’70s attire and Hayley Atwell plays a young Charlotte Rampling in a role that is very much suited as prep for Agent Carter. I think there could be a Restless costuming post in the near future.


Get the Look: Keri Russell’s Smoky Purple Eyes

10 Jul

One of the first posts I wrote on TV Ate My Wardrobe bemoaned the lack of a central database like IMDb for makeup (and especially lipstick) used on the red carpet and in shows/movies. A site like this is still a pipe dream, but luckily there are some in this profession who reveal which products they use on Twitter and one such artist is Tina Turnbow. Turnbow is Keri Russell’s regular makeup artist and she introduced me to the colorful Sephora eye pencils (which I stocked up on recently) and as I tend to stick to a very minimal routine, I am always glad to inject something new and colorful into this pretty safe palette.

Keri Russell eyesStep up Keri Russell at the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes premiere in New York this week as she sizzles in the hot summer weather in a super funky all black ensemble. Balancing smoky eyes with a light pink lip color adds to this look and to give Russell’s eyes an extra kick Turnbow uses an Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in VICE.

Vice Urban Decay

These pencils are available in a range of colors and cost $20. For a look at the complete range head here.

Keri Russell DOTPOTAAnd here’s the full look and Russell exudes super cool in a sheer lace top, jeans (not so sure about the extra material flap) and black mules. Russell’s red carpet style tends to stick to effortless chic and this continues this trend.

Makeup Like Marge: The MAC Simpsons Collection

9 Jul

The MAC Simpsons themed collection arrives online August 28 and in stores a week later (September 4) and what better way to celebrate 25 years of being on air than with Marge Simpson emblazoned makeup. Blue and yellow are the two colors that spring to mind when thinking about Marge and these can be daring and difficult shades to pull off – I have been using this blue eye pencil recently and so I’m ready for Marge Simpson related tones. With the eyeshadow palettes they are accompanied by purples and pinks with Marge’s eyes embossed onto the color (as you can see in the shot below).

MAC SimpsonsOther items include lip gloss with names like Nacho Cheese Explosion (which I assume is the yellow color in this photo) and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy. Blush, false lashes and Simpsons nail stickers will also be available and while I’m not sure yellow lip gloss is my thing, the packaging is exquisite and the eyeshadow palettes are certainly tempting.

Get the Look: Keri Russell’s Electric Blue Eyes

19 Nov

Recently it’s all been about Keri Russell in 1998 thanks to my recent Felicity venture over at This Was TV so a recent PaleyFest panel about The Americans escaped my radar (I would make a terrible spy). The Americans has been one of my favorite new shows of 2013 (there will be more on this next month as December is the official month of list making) and the forthcoming second season that is set to air in January is highly anticipated – I really miss the wigs.

At this panel Russell is a far cry from the chunky knit sweater wearing Felicity that I’ve been watching for the past month and she looks super funky in a metallic blue blazer and leather pants. This is definitely more on the Elizabeth Jennings (updated to this decade of course) than Ms. Porter.

Paleyfest The AmericansOne of Keri Russell’s defining style points is her hair (and I’m still on season 1 so the chopping hasn’t occurred yet) and at this event she has gone for the uncoiffed, tousled look. Adding a bit of flare is the hint of electric blue on Russell’s eyes which complements the jacket without coming across as too matchy matchy.

Keri Russell electric blue eyesIn this close up shot you can see how powerful this hint of blue is and in the recent Hollywood Reporter Beauty Issue, Russell appears alongside her makeup artist Tina Turnbow and the spontaneity of this moment is discussed. It was a last minute decision to go for something this bold and Turnbow ran off to Sephora to pick out a color to make Russell’s eyes pop in this outfit. The eye pencil that she chose is called “My Boyfriend’s Jeans” and it’s not going to break the bank at $9.

My boyfriend's jeans eye pencilAs it gets nearer to the holiday season it’s when I start to experiment with bolder eye color as I tend to wear pastel shades in the summer. At this time of year I don’t feel so self-conscious going for smokey or sparkly eyes and my fear of looking like a clown subsides a little. In the past I have spoken about the idea of having an IMDB like database for makeup that appears in movies, TV shows or public appearances and while that’s not come to fruition yet, I’m glad to see a site/magazine like The Hollywood Reporter not only dedicate an annual issue to beauty/style, but also launch a sister site called Pret-a-Reporter. It’s refreshing to find out more about the talented folk who work behind the scenes giving actresses their camera ready look.

While we don’t all have a makeup artist on hand, being able to get tips and product suggestions that aren’t ridiculously expensive is something I appreciate as I still feel like a makeup novice even at 31. Twitter and Instagram mean that makeup artists can show off their skills and offer advice; their work can be celebrated in a way that has been previously lacking.

Throwback Thursday: Makeup Edition

29 Aug

Having been a teenager in the ’90s I have many terrible makeup related stories that mostly feature ill advised blue mascara/sparkly eye shadow combinations and because I messed up my eyes so much I always feared doing the same with my lip color. This meant that I avoided lipstick and instead briefly embraced the concealer as lipstick trend (also terrible). Luckily I have a chance to rectify the mistakes of my youth as everything that was hot in the ’90s is back for another go and hopefully this time around I will get it right. I might leave the daisies behind even if Drew makes them look so enticing.

Drew Barrymore daisyMAC recently announced they were bringing back some lipsticks and eye shadows from the decade that had us reaching for plaid flannel shirts, crop tops, mini kilts, pop socks, slip dresses and chokers. Brands with discontinued colors aren’t the only ones getting in on this wave of ’90s nostalgia and Nars, a company that produced its first campaign with 12 lipsticks in 1994 has a color that perfectly represents this period and it’s called “413 BLKR.”

Nars BLKRThe name comes from the location of Nars’ first flagship store in New York City’s West Village. The deep rose brown pretty much embodies the red carpet makeup look of stars like Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder. Pairing with super smoky eyes defies the bold lips and eyes rule but things were a messier in 1994. Now you can take a cue from the Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton campaign that pairs a strong brow with the dark lips. It’s dramatic without looking like you’re going to a ’90s themed party.

Winona RyderThis is perfect timing for the Reality Bites TV show because apparently people have run out of ideas and nothing can be left alone. If we’re going to pick over the carcass of all music, movies and TV shows from the 90s I’d quite like to see The Craft on the small screen (yes I know The Secret Circle only last one season).

Fairuza-Balk-in-the-Craft-This is mostly so I can see the return of Fairuza Balk, who I find terrifying and mesmerizing in equal measures.

For more on my lipstick obsession head here.

MAC ’90s Makeup Revival: Be Your Own Angela Chase

11 Jul

It’s hard to escape from ’90s nostalgia whether in countless lists on BuzzFeed or projects like the Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World. While I can still pretend that The X-Files didn’t debut 20 years ago and still get excited about the forthcoming reunion panel at Comic Con and ignore crop tops despite them being in every shop at the moment; one thing I am glad to see is the return of some discontinued MAC products.


MAC by Request is back and it features six lipstick shades and five eye shadows from the ’90s that are no longer available; now is your chance to change that. You can vote between now and July 21 on the MAC Facebook page for the products you would like to see return (one ballot per product category each day) and the top three lipsticks and eye shadows will be on sale this winter.

With smokey eye colors such as Ashbury and the muted peachy-pink Flavour lipstick (second from the right in the picture above) you can perfect your 90s grunge look and because I thought wearing blue mascara was my only makeup choice I’m glad that this revival will give me a chance to rectify that. MAC was a product that existed in magazines and not in real life when I was a teenager and as you can tell from my blue mascara remark I definitely wasn’t an expert (not that I am now either).

Flavour is from the 1994 Freedom Colour Additions collection and is a muted tone that looks like something My So-Called Life’s Angela would choose – Angela rarely strayed from neutral tones except for in the pilot and when she was angry at Rayanne for sleeping with Jordan – which is probably why it stands out to me. There are bold colors among the nearly nude ones if you fancy something a bit more Cher from Clueless with Glam (far left) and Pink Poodle (far right).

What discontinued MAC product do you want to see in your makeup bag?

What Lipstick is She Wearing?

17 Apr

It turns out I am not alone in this dilemma and several of you sent me messages about this unwritten article that is mentioned in the introduction to TV Ate My Wardrobe. We live in an age where style blogs tell us exactly what clothes your favorite TV character is wearing so you can either buy the exact item or a more affordable alternative (my bank balance would be in trouble if every time I saw something I liked on New Girl or Parks and Recreation I went out and bought it). It’s wonderful that I can read an episode by episode guide of the costuming that features on The Good Wife but I would also love to know what shade of lipstick Alicia is wearing in court. This type of blog don’t exist in the same volume for the make-up that is used and it can become an endless Internet treasure hunt to try and find the exact color you have seen on screen.


When I went to see Shame at the cinema, one thing that distracted me (other than the obvious) was the shade of lipstick chosen for Carey Mulligan’s troubled character Sissy. Luckily the brand and color used got a mention in Stylist magazine and I popped to my local MAC counter and purchased Barcelona Red (to my horror I’ve just found out that it has been discontinued). It’s not always this easy and sometimes you just have to go to whichever make-up specialist you prefer with smart phone in hand and ask for the nearest shade to the one in the photograph. I can testify that this doesn’t always yield the best results.

All is not lost though and InStyle has a lipstick finder on their website and while this is helpful, it only appears to deal with red carpet enquires. My quest doesn’t stop here though and this is where you have to go into detective mode as the make-up artists who work with these actors are often mentioned in the “What Lipstick is She Wearing?” blurbs. I decided to look up Zooey Deschanel’s make-up artist Jorjee Douglas and found both her Twitter and Tumblr pages. Douglas also contributes to Deschanel’s website HelloGiggles and has previously answered questions about the make-up featured on New Girl. Social media has given a platform for experts such as Douglas to respond to fan enquiries relating to their work and the products they use.


With a show like Mad Men every aspect is scrutinized and analyzed; costumes and make-up can signify almost as much about the mood of the characters and the storylines as the words spoken. This also gives an opportunity to find out what products are being used and even tutorials to find out how to achieve a similar look (I’m no expert so this is appreciated).

The Cut spoke to Lana Horochowski, Mad Men’s head make-up artist and she discussed her work in the season 6 opener “The Doorway” and how she uses current cosmetics to give the right look for the late 60s. Horochowski also mentions how she approaches each female character so for Peggy her make-up “is always a little messy or rushed because she’s so focused on work. You’ll see it’s kind of crooked.” This type of character detail is why Mad Men is revered and even though it was lipstick that gave Peggy her big break back in season one, it’s how Peggy can sell the product not how she wears the product that is important. Also thanks to this article I now want the Nars Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil that Megan is wearing on the beach.

While I do enjoy a good Internet treasure hunt, it would also cut down on the time I spend online if a database like IMDb existed for make-up products in movies and on television. This would work on several levels; first it would be a boost to the beauty economy and in this climate what industry doesn’t need a cash injection. Secondly it would showcase the work of some really talented folk who don’t always get to be in the spotlight for their talents that are on screen. Thirdly it would help the not so savvy (like myself) in this department and mean that I don’t have to take a photo to a beauty counter in a department store and get an “it’s almost kinda like that one” shade.

Is there a character on TV or film whose make-up bag you would love to sneak a look at?

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