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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Poster and Promo: “Evil Takes Hold”

6 Aug

Last time we saw Abbie and Ichabod in the season 1 finale of Sleepy Hollow one was in a giant pink plastic house in purgatory and the other bond by tree roots buried six feet under. As the new artwork shows for the forthcoming second season there are evil forces at play trying to keep them apart.

Sleepy Hollow S2The new promo and clip show that Abbie and Ichabod will be reunited despite their current perilous positions; the task at hand requires them saving Katrina once again as she was taken by former fiance Abraham and now Headless Horseman. Ichabod must also continue to get to grips with the modern world and he is not a fan of banks and/or credit cards. Some snark is also reserved for how little a bank trusts its customers with their pens. Oh I have missed you and your view of modernity, Ichabod.

A slightly fancy fist bump to add even more confusion, general Ichabod/Abbie banter, John Noble’s sinister laugh and all the other evil they are facing makes Sleepy Hollow one of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s most anticipated fall shows. 

Sleepy Hollow returns Monday, September 22.


Sleepy Hollow Finale Review: Whaaaaaaaat?

21 Jan

A good twist brings out my Macaulay Culkin Home Alone impression and the last 15 minutes of the Sleepy Hollow double bill was all hands on cheeks, mouth agape. Nicely played, Sleepy Hollow. This first season has raised the bar for fast paced storytelling with an emotional core; it can be both incredibly creepy and heartwarming. It’s safe to say that the old misty eyes were induced several times over this double bill. Ichabod’s costuming has been a big discussion point here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and after last week’s brief foray into modern attire; he finally found a solution to his clothing dilemma.

Sleepy Hollow finaleThe second of the two episodes opened with what seemed to be a Katrina infused dream, nothing new here. Instead the scene subverted expectations and Ichabod was very much awake and in the real world, except the real world was masking as his old world with a re-enactment. Balancing the end of world doom with moments of brevity like this one is what makes this show such a fun watching experience and even though Ichabod can’t get his head around aspects of modernity, like why would you want to re-enact something as brutal as war, it provides a new clothing outlet for him. Yes the outfit Ichabod is wearing in Purgatory isn’t the same one we have seen him in throughout the year, but his new threads and they look a lot like his old ones.

Jenny makes a joke about getting rid of his “ratty coat” and this is not on Ichabod’s list of things to do “Please, and risk it be worn ironically by purveyors of artisanal marmalade who discovered it at the local thrift shop, I thank you no. For judge a man not by the wear of what he wears, but by the where and how he wears it.” Like most people Ichabod feels attachment to certain items of clothing, this is pretty much how I get every time I have to stop wearing a pair of hole ridden Cons and Ichabod has had that coat for two centuries. Bonds are formed.

Talking of bonds, the link between Abbie and Ichabod is strong and the strength of Sleepy Hollow lies in this relationship. Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie have this amazing ability to sell any of the bananas plot points; zombie George Washington? Sure! A trip to Purgatory? Why not! The banter and the more tender moments slightly diminish the joy of Crane getting Katrina out of purgatory – especially as she is quickly whisked away by the headless horseman – the hugs and declarations of loyalty between Ichabod and Abbie are a sure fire way to invoke all the feelings.

Now Abbie is trapped in a garish pink dollhouse, when Abbie and Jenny first discussed this place of sanction I imagined a traditional Victorian version. There’s actually something creepier about the one we get as it looks so out of place in the world between worlds and the bright color does little to comfort as it’s incredibly disorientating in this realm of darkness.

The big twist is that Henry Parish, the sin eater is actually both War and Jeremy Crane, son of Ichabod and Katrina. From the moment his hand healed of its own accord I figured there was something up with Henry, but in no way did I see this big reveal coming. John Noble is so good at portraying a sweet, put upon character (see Walter Bishop), I forgot that he can also play malevolent and bitter (see Walternate and Denethor). This is some huge child abandonment issues on show here, though on this occasion he should really cut his parents some slack.

Other finale highlights include reactions to emoticons, Ichabod realizing that flip phones are so last decade, Yolanda, fist bumps, Spy Daddy and zombie George Washington.

So Abbie’s stuck in a dollhouse, Katrina’s been taken, Ichabod’s been put in hole in the ground bound by roots and Jenny lies unconscious in her upturned truck. Oh and Irving is in jail. That’s not a good place for any of these characters to end the season. For us the audience we now have the agonizing wait until season 2 and until then you should check out this incredibly detailed conversation with costume designer Kristin Burke over at Go Fug Yourself, including a glimpse at the modern wardrobe that has been acquired for Ichabod even though he is unlikely to wear it ever.

Sleepy Hollow and Skinny Jeans

14 Jan

It happened! The Sleepy Hollow 21st-century makeover scene has occurred and it involves skinny jeans. In the Best of 2013 series I wrote about why Ichabod’s revolutionary styling was so integral to his character and “Vessel” gave a glimpse of Ichabod in modern dress while reinforcing his desire to hold onto the clothes of his past. Ichabod doesn’t understand Abbie’s obsession with his finery, nor is he too happy with her choice of pants “One sign of the impending apocalypse is surely skinny jeans” – on that note I totally feel you Ichabod.

Playing a scene like this with Abbie and Ichabod’s natural sounding banter while addressing audience questions is the right level of winking acknowledgement and it means we finally get to see what Ichabod looks like in modern dress. In terms of color and style it’s very similar to what he already wears, everything is just a little tighter.

Sleepy Hollow Ichabod makeoverThe navy button down might not be too much of a stretch and while I would love to see him in the stripy sweater Abbie is holding, it is a step too far and Ichabod reverts back to his regular threads.

Now this has been dealt with, the only other clothing matter is how clean they are and the suggestion of dry cleaning is offered, even if Ichabod doesn’t know what that is. This should be the end of the nitpicks surrounding Ichabod’s wardrobe and the playful nature of this scene while also discussing the threat at hand is part of the Sleepy Hollow charm. If nothing else there will always be gifs of that one time Ichabod Crane wore skinny jeans.


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