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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

28 Nov

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Out of the Box” and it’s been a rather quiet week for big events, but fear not as there are still plenty of magazine editorials, red carpet events and talk show appearances with stylish moments to enjoy.

Natalie Dormer Nylon MagazineNatalie Dormer’s doing the whole Mockingjay promotional tour which is fine by us as she gives great face and quotes. This is for Nylon and I especially love the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi frock with the Sandro jacket. On her natural facial expression Dormer comments “I must have a variation on resting bitch face, like, maybe I have resting manipulative face, through no fault of my own” and she is aware of the perils of typecasting “Don’t overestimate the occasional laziness and lack of imagination that can be found in this industry that continuously recasts you in roles you’ve already played.” 

natalie dormer nylonShowing remnants of the Cressida Mockingjay haircut with this side sweep, which was fine for Dormer except for weather related coldness “There were one too many polar vortexes in New York for this kind of haircut, but I enjoyed doing it. That’s a fun part of this job. You get taken out of your comfort zone physically, geographically, whatever.” And I am very into the Louis Vuitton vest/top ensemble and Azlee earrings (even if my ears are not pierced) in this second picture.

gillian jacobsCovering the new issue of Bust is Gillian Jacobs and she is definitely pulling off the Jean Shrimpton/Brigitte Bardot ’60s styling. Jacobs briefly describes her character on the next season of Girls as an artist who “challenges” Hannah (these spoilery pap shots will give you an idea of where these challenges lie) and she talks at length about Community. This includes Britta’s progressive attitude towards sex and how refreshing it is that “nothing terrible has happened to her because of it.” The whole interview is great and you can get this issue of Bust from both digital and physical newsstands now.

IMG_1119Doing the whole super cool coat draped over her shoulders thing is Emily Blunt on her way into David Letterman this week. The coat is Tory Burch, the dress David Koma and she hits every chic note. Even though this outfit doesn’t necessarily need it, my current red lipstick obsession has me hankering for a splash of crimson to really set it off.

Sally HawkinsThe same could be said for Sally Hawkins at the Paddington premiere, however her vermillion heels and super colorful floral skirt are both bold and fun making up for the lack of showstopping lipstick. The black turtleneck could be considered too casual, but as this is a daytime premiere for a family film it really works for me.

Thanksgiving Rewind: Felicity’s Majestic Tangled Hair

27 Nov

Holiday themed episodes are a teen TV staple and it tends to be when all the juiciest stuff takes place with hookups, breakups, fractured families and other DRAMATIC things. Emotions are heightened and there is often pressure to make these occasions special so of course multiple obstacles spring up to distract and disrupt the preparation of the huge dinner. Felicity is no different and in the season 1 Thanksgiving episode (called “Thanksgiving“) everyone ends up at the college dorm for dinner and no matter what drama has preceded there is always some kind of meal resolution and togetherness at the end.

Like so:

Felicity 1.09 Thanksgiving dinnerAnd it all looks so delightful.

What I really want to talk about (as the title of this post suggests) is Felicity’s hair. Long before she chopped it all off my favorite (so far) Felicity hair moment came courtesy of “Thanksgiving” as she ends up frantically making out with Noel in the bathroom after they’ve had a fight. Noel has been a jerk since his girlfriend Hannah showed up and all the tension boils over into this crazy passionate smooch in the guys’ bathroom.

Post kiss Felicity’s majestic tangled hair represents her frazzled thoughts and she doesn’t hide her anxiety well. Felicity is a pretty in control person most of the time and prior to this her only impulsive decision was coming to New York in the first place. As with Halloween, Felicity’s hair is used for maximum effect to show us her complicated boy related dramaz. Except this time it is Noel and not Ben causing these feelings.

Felicity 1.09 hairThere is a reason why this shot was my cover photo on Twitter for an age.

Here’s another for the simple reason that I love this very similar shot. The sweat pants and sweatshirt combo really pulls the whole look together (PS Ben please burn that hideous pleather looking jacket).

Felicity 1.09 post make out hairLater on she manages to regain some control over both her hair and mouth; we end with the group meal that once again emphasizes friends as family (although Elena’s dad does show up) in the traditional way Thanksgiving episodes tend to play out.

Felicity 1.09 happyIt is such a makeshift event that the more people show up the more they have to throw things together which is why Ben is using a plastic fork and Julie has a metal one.

For more Thanksgiving Rewinds check out this Dawson’s Creek one here.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set (with a Twist)

26 Nov

It is a quiet week on TV Instagram what with it being Thanksgiving tomorrow and so we are bringing you this a day earlier with a twist. The twist being there are only a few photos, they are not from a TV set and it is only one person’s account.

Diane Kruger has quickly become an Instagram favorite here at TV Ate My Wardrobe thanks to an array of cat, fashion and Pacey photos. Plus – and this is going to sound like I’m speaking direct from US Weekly – she seems pretty normal for an actress who has been modeling since she was 16 and is the face of Chanel’s skincare range. There is a goofy charm to her posts and a lack of vanity that is unexpected for someone in this profession.

Such as this ‘post crying all day for a film’ shot:

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Had to cry all day at work….:( Exhausted..

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Cat photos:

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I miss him so much:(

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Joshua Jackson in a suit:

And another adorable selfie to round things off nicely:

Along with Mindy Kaling, this Instagram account gets bestowed with the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ title.

Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.03 “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” Discussion

26 Nov

We’re back to talk about The Comeback and “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” takes us to even darker places with Valerie Cherish with Paulie G hitting new levels of vile. As always I am joined by Kerensa Cadenas and we’ve got a lot to discuss this week.

The Comeback 2.03 val and paulie gEmma: Last week I wondered if I was being a little too harsh on Paulie G and at the time a tiny part of me thought there might be a chance of redemption for one TV’s most vile characters and this week he lives up to that vile reputation and then some. “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” is an important and difficult half hour of TV to watch as it once again turns the cameras inward on the Hollywood process showing some of its darkest and most deplorable methods.

HBO has long been criticized for what I tend to refer to as the ‘boob count’ as female nudity is common, whereas a dude getting totally naked is very rare (you might get to see the odd butt here and there, but dongs are a different tale). In one scene in this episode they get the HBO naked quota, but “that was hell.” For a minute we watch two completely naked woman stand there staring at the camera while multiple crew gaze on and then they are asked to make orgasm noises, all while Valerie is wearing the Aunt Sassy trademark frumpy tracksuit in-between them. Valerie rarely complains about what she is asked to do and while this is a hushed aside to Mickey it speaks volumes.

Paulie G wants to humiliate Valerie repeatedly and by doing it in this overtly sexual way he has somehow reached new levels of demeaning behavior towards Valerie. There is so much in Seeing Red that relates to what happened between them, down to the wardrobe and yet he creates this entirely fictitious blowjob encounter and Valerie wants to know why. In fact everyone wants to know why and Jane’s reaction to everything Paulie G gives me hope that we will see his downfall this season. Valerie isn’t alone in this and Paulie G isn’t going to be able to dictate everything on set, particularly when there is big movie star also on this project who thankfully is nothing like the disgusting character he is playing. What did you make of this whole set up and Seth Rogen’s role in it all?

the comeback 2.03 Seth RogenKerensa: It was hands down one of the most uncomfortable, squirm inducing and important episodes of television I’ve watched all year. I wasn’t holding out any hope for Paulie G at all and in a discussion with a friend last night about this episode, he mentioned that he thought having more of a focus on Paulie G as the creator of Seeing Red shows us how he’s even worse than we could have imagined than when he was just merely a writer, who tortured Valerie, but was still somewhat in the background.

The whole scene was deeply uncomfortable but what really made me want to die especially for Valerie was her outburst about raping her and then Paulie G’s excruciating description of how he wants Valerie to play the blow job. He was making it so painful to humiliate her. Yes, Valerie certainly isn’t an easy person to get along with and at times I want to shake her out of sheer frustration but Paulie G’s hateful motivations towards her are still so unclear for me.

I felt so thankful that Seth Rogen is taking Valerie’s side in everything and it was so endearing when he called her Gingersnaps. It’s nice seeing Valerie have someone on her side but even with Seth there, I think things are just going to get worse. What did you think about Seth’s saving Valerie?

The Comeback 2.03 val on cameraEmma: This show puts Valerie (plus us) through a lot, but I think if Seth Rogen had been anything like Paulie G in his treatment of Valerie I think that would have been just too much to take. So I was very pleased to see not only did he recognise how uncomfortable that scene was making Valerie feel, but he also used his movie star clout to rectify it and allow Valerie to keep some semblance of dignity that Paulie G for whatever reason wants to strip her of. I still don’t know why he took such a dislike to Valerie and yeah she can be a bit much, but she’s never been cruel or spiteful.

My main concern for Valerie after this is that because Seth came to her aid, Paulie G is going to hold this against her as I think he probably thought that he would be best bros with the dude playing him. Except Seth isn’t Mitch or Paulie G and he can see how awful Paulie G’s directions are and I love that he asked ‘why would you do that?’ when he told him to push Val’s head into his crotch. Seth is the dude who can crack jokes on set, but he’s also good at sensing the bad vibe and addressing it. One very depressing aspect about this scene is how Val has no agency and for one reason or another she doesn’t feel like she can say no to this request, hence the rape improv line. I’m glad Seth was the hero; I just wish he didn’t have to be if that makes sense.

The nickname is adorable and this is the kind of thing Valerie lives for; he could have been a douche with the ham gift and just dismissed it but he takes it in good nature and I think this really fucks Paulie G off even more. I think it might get worse for Valerie, but at least she has people on her team and with more influence than last time.

It’s rare that we see Valerie this publicly nervous so what did you make of seeing this different side of her?

the comeback 2.03 val and sethKerensa: I mean Valerie has influence and people on her team this time around but I don’t think that means it’s going to make anything easier for her at all. Paulie G is like a straight up villain. I think it’s just going to get worse. I mean hopefully the finished product is what Valerie needs it to be but watching this process is painful.

It was unsettling to see her like this. I mean she generally has a nervous energy but to see that manifested in such a way made me feel sick. I mean it really just overtook every action throughout the episode from her interactions with Seth in the beginning even to her brief mention to how nervous she was to Mark in bed. But it was also I think another side of Valerie that we were shown that we haven’t quite got before–like her look to Jane while her head is in his lap or her aside to Mickey that she’s in hell. It’s the truest I think we’ve seen her.

What did you think?

The Comeback 2.03 Mark and ValEmma: The brief moment with Mark when she came in really late further emphasized what we were both saying about Mark last week and how good this relationship is. He is supportive and voices his concern, but ultimately he lets Valerie make up her own mind. Mark knows she is nervous and peppers the conversation with jokes and she talks about how long it has been since she did a scene like this – sex scenes just aren’t in her wheelhouse which also adds or heightened nerves.

That look at the end is haunting, before she clocks that camera and smiles it’s like we’re frozen with her and as you mention it’s a very honest moment. It’s still humiliating having her in the position at Paulie G’s behest, but at least it’s only captured on the BTS footage.

Speaking of which it’s funny seeing a whole new set of people getting used to the cameras and Paulie G clearly hates it – when he asks Val to speak in private I love that Jane quips “you mean like a blow job” – and Ashley who is playing the Juna role really doesn’t seemed phased by them, or interested in anything other than her phone.

I definitely want to talk about Valerie’s $7000 wig because that was hilarious.

the comeback 2.03 wigKerensa: Oh Valerie’s wig is hilarious! I mean the whole idea that she even needs a wig that looks exactly like her own hair is totally absurd and very Valerie. It also feels like such a conscious decision to try to make it clear that Paulie G’s Seeing Red character is NOT the real Valerie Cherish.

Emma: And the whole two hairstylists is SO Valerie and that she’s willing to pay for Mickey out of her own pocket shows how much she wants both of them; it’s extravagant and ridiculous. I’m glad this episode had these moments because the rest is pretty brutal. The Comeback is definitely at its strongest when it goes to these dark, real places and I think we’ll be talking about this episode for a long time.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. You can follow her on Twitter to read her thoughts on teen TV, snacks and terrible pop music.

New Girl 4.09 “Thanksgiving IV” Review: “Life Moves Really Fast”

26 Nov

New Girl’s Thanksgiving episodes are always chaotic – dead people, Parent Trap plans and fish with psychotropic properties – and by bringing the whole group together it showcases the best of New Girl. Jess disrupted what was the loft Thanksgiving tradition back in season one and with each passing year this holiday gets even messier for everyone involved, but this is a sitcom so life lessons are imbued and it all ends well. “Thanksgiving IV” follows this route, even if Schmidt has decided to call it by another name this year and so ‘Bangsgiving’ is born.

New Girl 4.09 ThanksgivingThis is Schmidt’s second attempt this year to get everyone laid at one event; the wedding was a total bust on this front, but now Schmidt is super serious about the whole “Winter is coming” business. A Secret Santa of sorts is part of Schmidt’s Thanksgiving plan with everyone bringing a date for someone in the house by picking names out of Schmidt’s pilgrim hat. Throwing in a bunch of new and recurring characters could be a bust to the usual New Girl Thanksgiving formula (usually there are only one or two additions) and yet it works as it brings into focus some of the wider stories they have been telling this season.

Take Nick who after picking himself brings his old friend Tran to the party, much to Schmidt’s anger that he isn’t taking ‘Bangsgiving’ seriously. Instead this is what has been building over the past few episodes from the introduction of the term ‘uh-ohs‘ to his confession last week that he doesn’t know how to love. Before they have been dancing around the whole Nick and Jess of it all and it takes someone like Cece to address this head on. Schmidt wonders why Nick didn’t just bring one of the terrible women he has been sleeping with recently and the answer is more than obvious to Cece as she points out this pattern is all about him not wanting to get hurt again.

Jess is also holding back and in part this is because she isn’t technically allowed to have a relationship with Ryan. In a rooftop conversation echoing previous Nick and Jess life advice chats Nick tells Jess that she is probably scared of what Ryan actually represents as this is a guy who wants more than something casual. There is an intimacy to these conversations and tension that goes beyond the romantic; ultimately I think Nick and Jess are perfect for each other but they both stand in their own way and there’s a lot to work through before they even dare to commit to anything together again. This conversation is a prime example of New Girl’s ‘stupid shit/real shit’ balance as the chat turns to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with Jess reading the film in a completely different way as she takes Principal Rooney’s side (he’s ‘her people’) – I would like to see the Ferris chat from You’re the Worst intercut with this one please – and then Nick quotes the film to emphasize his point. Life really does move fast.

Throwing caution and pie to the wind (all I can picture is Natalie Portman eating multiple donuts in No Strings Attached when Jess talks about all the pie she ate on the drive over) Jess goes to Ryan’s house to apologize for her “bang one out of our system” approach. Ryan at this point still seems too good to be true – he’s super dreamy and is pretty much the ideal guy for Jess – and there is only a certain shelf life to the guest star romances on any sitcom so it is likely that the ‘no dating’ rule will be their undoing, but for now I am enjoying this new relationship. Going slow doesn’t take and they do end up sleeping together. In fact everyone ends up hooking up except Schmidt and Cece, which is definitely notable considering this whole ‘Bangsgiving’ party was his idea.

As soon as Cece and Schmidt pick each other, Cece is certain that Schmidt won’t even bother bringing a date for her and his flimsy sounding story about why Geoff is late convinces Cece she is right. Schmidt doesn’t argue his case too hard so this really does seem to be the case, until handsome Geoff shows up with an excellent apology and he appears to have come from the same perfect dude land as Ryan. Cece has already mentioned how pleased she was by her lack of date, but when presented with this guy it briefly looks like she might leave with him, instead she pretends she doesn’t speak English and ends up playing board games with Schmidt. This is taking things slow and I really like how they are treating the Cece/Schmidt relationship. It goes way beyond the physical attraction that made them hookup in the first place and it is significant that Schmidt is also on her ‘never’ list. Just remember what happened when he slept with Nadia after his breakup from Cece; bad penis karma.

Moments that are ridiculous weave in with the touching and prior to the conversation about Nick’s dating anxiety he is attempting to make Schmidt jealous by flirting terribly with Cece. Nick realizes that this whole setup is ‘insulting to everyone involved’ and even though the rules are blurry when it comes to someone Nick can barely remember dating; he would never hit on Cece. So many dating rules, but some are more defined than others.

Winston and Coach both find issues with their dates pertaining to their jobs; Pearl (oh hey Shauna Malwae-Tweep!) is a lunch lady and Pepper is from the Police Academy. Winston had a bad experience with a lunch lady once (which is better than what I figured was a snobbish reaction to her job) and Coach can’t deal with the fact that Pepper is probably stronger than him. Both get over these issues and themselves realizing Pearl and Pepper are really great and I hope this isn’t the last we see of either. Coach does also deliver a terrible/hilarious impression of Ryan that sounds even wonkier than Dick Van Dyke’s Mary Poppins accent, while Winston reveals some all too personal things about himself at the start of the episode (he just wants to be slapped around).

New Girl continues its streak of fun episodes balancing the absurd with the sweet and season 4 is doing a good job of course correcting the not so stellar previous year.

New Girl Style Watch

New Girl 4.09Sometimes an LBD is all you need to make a killer outfit and Cece’s Cynthia Vincent is a classic take on this look. If you want to go for something more reminiscent of the ’90s with a Victorian twist then the Candice Gwin velvet dress Jess is wearing is available here.

The Wish List: Olivia Pope’s Wine (and Dancing) Cardigan on Scandal

25 Nov

Top shelf, ultimate wish list time as Olivia Pope’s most recent wine cardigan of glory goes way beyond the month’s rent splurge, but it sure is a knitwear dream. On this occasion the wine cardigan turned into a Stevie Nicks-esque shawl as it slouched down off her shoulders while she span around and Olivia indulging in goofy dancing like this is rare. I have a hard time watching spontaneous dance scenes such as this one, even if it is kinda adorable so focusing on the outfit through my cringe fingers was a much need distraction.

Olivia dancingBecause of all the dancing it is hard to get a clear or full shot of Olivia’s attire so here is a full shot of the ‘Rib-Knit Ilia Cocoon’ cardigan from The Row (also available in grey and worn by Olivia in “An Innocent Man” earlier this season) so here is a full length shot:

The RowThe price tag is hefty and because of how incredibly warm it looks, I’m pretty sure I would never take it off. This includes in bed (I might make an exception for the shower). An everything cardigan for more than just wine and impromptu dance parties. And for whatever other dangers Olivia is about to experience. At least it is black and therefore avoids the ultimate Olivia Pope spilling dilemma.

The Good Wife and Certainty

24 Nov

A show in its sixth season can lead to familiarity and plotting that becomes easier to foresee, but with The Good Wife this has been far from the case as the storytelling has become even more daring the further it has progressed. Alicia leaving Lockhart Gardner last year took a devastating turn when Will was killed and this season opened with a surprise arrest for Cary that has dominated half of the story this season (Alicia’s campaign and the odd case of the week have filled the other half). This all culminates in the “The Trial” and despite the many obstacles they have come up against there is still a feeling that Cary will be exonerated; this is what Cary believes and his certainty sells it to the audience.

Plus they have Kalinda and she always manages to save the day at the last moment with a vital piece of evidence. Except this time it doesn’t go according to the plan we have seen many, many times on The Good Wife and a hard decision has to be made.

The Good Wife 6.10 The TrialThese weekly Good Wife posts tend to focus on Alicia (which is why I hesitate to call them reviews as I don’t always address the episode as a whole) and while I have touched on Cary’s predicament this season it is time to shine the spotlight on this character and Matt Czuchry’s performance. Czuchry delivers a wide spectrum of emotions shifting from confident subtle jubilation when the key witness hits the stand to crumpled realization when his Hail Mary lies; this is the face of a broken man and rather than showing his fears via a raised voice the understated reaction hits a bigger punch.

They are out of options and their evidence was flimsy to start off with; even though Cary is completely innocent everyone standing between him and jail is either dead or far too intimidated to tell the truth. With each passing week since Cary was first arrested one thing after another has stacked up against him from the multiple bail hearings to the extra accusations that have been leveled against him. As soon as they get one win, something else knocks him back down. Cary has still remained optimistic to a certain extent and he believes the law will come through for him because he is innocent. There is always another way, until there isn’t.

We are in the same position as Cary as we have seen The Good Wife pull a victory out of seemingly lost case on multiple occasions. This hope is misplaced when it comes to Cary avoiding jail time as each glimmer is struck down. The only option for avoiding jail is testifying against Bishop and Cary would be signing his own death warrant if he did this. Shoulder and hand squeezes of support are my misty eye trigger and there are plenty of these throughout the episode with everyone getting in on this action.

On separate occasions both Cary and Kalinda mention how they are ready for this to all be over; for Kalinda I am sure she wants an end to the constant intimidation from Bishop and Cary wants to regain a semblance of who he is. These past four months has seen his self-assured demeanor get chipped away and despite appearing like everything is all good as he wears his impeccable super sharp suits with matching pocket squares, Cary has definitely lost his sheen. When he gets given a secret option to avoid prison with an offer from Bishop he can’t take it because then this nightmare will never be over. Also they can’t take Matt Czuchry away from us like this, not when they have finally given him a killer storyline.

Alicia’s has been absent through a lot of this process, in part because she had to step down from representing Cary and largely due to her campaign. The pointed comment from Judge Cuesta regarding Alicia’s court presence and how she managed to squeeze it into her busy schedule could be seen as a dig at how absent she has been and yet she has been there to pick Cary up when it matters most. Cary and Alicia’s relationship has endured many contentious moments from their first year competition to the way they butted heads over Diane coming over to their new firm; one thing that has thrived is respect and compassion. Alicia is important in this situation because there aren’t complicated feelings involved as with Kalinda and they have a bond that is on a more personal level than Cary and Diane. The scene where they discuss Cary’s lack of options and Alicia still wants him to fight is heartbreaking as she is the one holding onto the idea that the law is just. Shoulder squeeze, tears, hugs and this question “You’ll come see me?” quite possibly broke me (okay yes it definitely broke me).

The Good Wife 6.10Other points of certainty and one that Eli reinforces throughout the episode is how Alicia really shouldn’t joke about ANYTHING, but especially if it includes stabbing one of Grace’s teachers. It doesn’t matter that Alicia was quoting her favorite show (Darkness at Noon of course) or that she was joking because this is a hard thing to spin. Watching Alicia’s campaign team of Eli, Johnny and magnificent bodywoman Marissa – I just want to repeat how much I need my own Marissa in my life – is the comedic interlude this episode needs as they try and figure out how to dig Alicia out of this new hole. The cycle keeps on spinning and when an easy solution presents itself to them, Alicia refuses as she doesn’t want to be the same as Peter accepting patronage to smooth things out.

Eli scoffs at Alicia’s ethics and it is interesting to note who does what unethical act in this episode; Alicia won’t take patronage but she will ask Finn for a favor regarding his former ASA knowledge of Cary’s case. At first Finn calls this unethical and yet on a second (very flirty diner meet up that once again had me yelling ‘MAKE OUT’ at the screen) he relents giving her something they can use. Kalinda’s attempt to use this information ends up screwing Cary over even further as she threatens Bishop where it hurts most – his son – and the last time someone wanted to take Dylan away they ended up dead. If Bishop is willing to kill Dylan’s mother he really is capable of anything. And Peter comes through to help Alicia out with her problem doing the very thing that Alicia didn’t want done in a roundabout way. The only person with something at stake that doesn’t do something unethical is Cary when he turns down Bishop’s Barcelona offer. Although he does ask Alicia to ask Finn about the plea deal so I guess that counts. Basically everyone is willing to bend the rules in one way or another.

Cary’s change of plea at the end of the episode comes across as very final and now we have the long wait until January 4 to see what will happen next. Yep, over a month without The Good Wife. *Sigh*



Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.02 “Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back” Discussion

21 Nov

It’s time to talk The Comeback and I am joined once again by Kerensa Cadenas as we take a look at the second episode of this second season “Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back.” More familiar faces return and the issue of cosmetic surgery is discussed along with some maybe shade at how certain shows are treated with regards to HBO’s legacy.

The Comeback 2.02 oscarEmma: I want to start with the return of the greatest producer there is – Jane. Jane Benson that is, but Valerie doesn’t know that and this is one of many forgotten or fumbled names from this episode alone. Valerie is terrible at remembering, but she hasn’t lost her ability to wear someone down until they say yes and she just keeps going with flattery and pointing out the benefits with a splash of emotional blackmail. Jane of course relents despite her better judgement and she’s back producing the behind the scenes footage for Seeing Red.

This is a searing indictment on the Hollywood setup in that Jane has an Oscar and yet she can’t get the funding for her next documentary. So she uses the Oscar as a doorstop “because it doesn’t matter.” Valerie is super impressed by the Oscar and has multiple photos taken posing with it and who can blame her. I know I would and I’m not fame hungry like Valerie.

Jane’s living a super chilled lifestyle up on a ranch and it’s easy to see why she rejects Valerie’s first 20 attempts to get her back on board. First of all she feels like shit for how it all went down with The Comeback and she points out how uptight Valerie is around Paulie G. What could loosen Valerie up is the joint that’s getting passed around (and that Mickey is very happy to partake in) and the reason she relents to having some is to prove that she isn’t uptight. More stoned Valerie please.

Do you think Jane is already regretting returning to this project?

The Comeback 2.02 JaneKerensa: She might be? But I don’t think yet. And I think that any regrets that Jane will end up having will be because of Paulie G and not Valerie. It was so nice to see Jane and Valerie interact again even though Valerie has no idea what she’s talking about and literally did no research or even tried to understand Jane’s viewpoint or personal work.

I don’t think that Valerie’s particularly great at trying to talk people into doing things for her but no matter how off-putting she is she ends up as pretty endearing. Which is kinda how I felt that HBO meeting worked out–super awkwardly the whole time but ended up with Valerie getting what she wanted–this new reality show footage.

What did you think about that meeting?

Emma: Yeah I think you could be right about Jane and Paulie G, especially as there isn’t the same agenda with what kind of footage they get. Jane’s feelings of guilt from how The Comeback went will make her far more sympathetic to Val and I can’t see Paulie G keeping up the civil act.

With the HBO meeting it comes across to me like they want to keep Val sweet so and because they don’t really get what this whole project is, plus it does tie in with stuff that they can throw up on their website/social media. Plus the young exec who suggests this loves Valerie from I’m It! and The Comeback, feeding into her ego. I figure they think it’s an easier to say yes and then she kind of forgot about her other questions. Well she didn’t forget about the schedule but that’s something that she can’t negotiate.

This tackles one of the subjects Lisa Kudrow mentioned in the Buzzfeed profile addressing the plastic surgery question. Kudrow thinks that Valerie is the type to go down this cosmetic route, but Kudrow herself doesn’t want to do this. They get around this by moving the schedule out for the start of Seeing Red and so there’s no time to get anything done with recovery. Val still tries and this where Mark comes in with a photo of a bad filler experience. HBO wants Valerie to look real and I’m pretty sure it’s because Paulie G has been rather disparaging about Valerie’s age/appearance in his script.

It’s another smart critique on Hollywood standards from The Comeback, but what do you make of Mark’s reaction to it all?

The Comeback 2.02 GG partyKerensa: It just really endears Mark to me even more. When we first talked about the show, I didn’t get Mark and I didn’t understand his and Valerie’s relationship at first. But I think he’s truly a grounding force for her and this was just another example of that.

I do agree with Kudrow that Val totally would get work done if she thought it would benefit her career. But then it’s funny how in some respects to her her looks, she’s completely unwilling to negotiate. I’m thinking specifically in her fitting for the Golden Globes with Brad Goreski–she really doesn’t want to try on that insane red feathered dress, even for the cameras, which fair. But then the dress she picks for herself is pretty terrible itself. I think that it’s an on point example of the hypocrisy of Valerie Cherish which makes her such an interesting character.

Do you have thoughts about their whole failed Golden Globes trip?

Emma: Mark has definitely grown on me too and while he is definitely not that bothered by the showbiz side of things, I love how happy he is about the Golden Globes invite and dressing up all fancy. I figured he was going to be ditched for the camera crew – didn’t Val do this at the People’s Choice awards? – so I was glad to see he made the cut even if Mickey didn’t.

I was actually impressed with how Valerie took the whole Golden Globes viewing party situation, but it’s classic Val hiding disappointment with optimism. Valerie isn’t the only one to get a little screwed over by HBO as Paulie G’s there and Mark really doesn’t want to talk to him. Valerie does her thing and Paulie looks pretty pissed that Jane and the crew are back, but he is trying to be civil even going so far as apologising. I don’t buy this whole reformed act and I’m pretty sure he will be back to his vile self soon.

Am I being too harsh on him?

Kerensa: No, you aren’t. I think the exact same thing about Paulie G–there is something here that isn’t adding up–I don’t buy the reformed act and all that.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and throw my theory out there–just from the way he was around Valerie in this episode and body language things, I think he wants to fuck Valerie. And I could be completely wrong and off base but that was just the very intense feeling I got from this episode.

The Comeback 2.02 SATCEmma: Especially because we overheard him saying he didn’t want her in the first episode when her mic pack got stuck in the door. I don’t think he wanted her anywhere near this project.

It’s not something I’d thought about before you mentioned it, but I can definitely see how that could be a thing. He is strangely awkward around her and that might be why, plus he’s also kind of weird with Mark. The way they ditched the party, but wanted to make sure they didn’t get the same elevator with Paulie is hilarious.

Going back briefly to the HBO trip and I really want more Valerie comments about past and present HBO projects. The Leila Durham name confusion was a highlight, but it was her “the show that started it all” comments about Sex and the City and The Sopranos that really stuck with me and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is Michael Patrick King’s way of calling out everyone who ignores SATC when HBO’s TV legacy is discussed.

Kerensa: Oh man, I didn’t even think about that! I hope so because that would be SO smart–also even thinking about how ahead of its time The Comeback was and no one really appreciated it at the time.

God, we don’t deserve this show.

Emma: Right?! Like I know he’s said some shitty things at TCA panels regarding Two Broke Girls and the SATC movies are terrible, but the show deserves so much better. And yeah same with a The Comeback. It definitely made me think of the Emily Nussbaum piece in response to the Difficult Men book.

Kerensa: Yeah, he’s certainly very flawed but SATC has received a much rougher legacy than it really deserves.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine. You can follow her on Twitter and read her ridiculous thoughts about teen television at her website.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

21 Nov

It is a week of very little color from “Out of the Box” but black doesn’t have to mean safe or boring on the red carpet as this roundup demonstrates. The award season tiptoeing continues with contenders upping their style game and here are some of the best looks.

Jennifer AnistonInStyle hosted a screening of Jennifer Aniston’s Cake and she turned up wearing an outfit that steps out of her usual LBD territory embracing the ultimate fall pattern with plaid. This is also a really great coat and while it doesn’t venture too far from her style wheelhouse, this is a cool and relaxed look.

Leighton Meester and Gillian JacobsI heart these two so hard and Life Partners is high on my must see list, plus they both look so happy and super cute at the LA premiere. Leighton Meester does monochrome with a twist once again this time in Cushnie et Ochs and the splash of color with the green clutch and red lipstick works wonders. A J. Mendel navy strapless lace dress with a fitted bodice has Gillian Jacobs continuing down the darker dress route with a twist. Red crimson nail polish and strappy heels are a fun way to finish off this ensemble.

Matthew Goode and Allen LeechThe Imitation Game cast looks just as good in red carpet attire as they do in their code breaking costumesThe Good Wife’s Matthew Goode and soon to be Downton Abbey co-star (for the Christmas special) Allen Leech are both rather dashing all suited and booted at the New York premiere this week.

Charles DanceCharles Dance was also in attendance at this Imitation Game premiere looking cool as fuck. He’s working the polka dot scarf and serving up dapper realness.

James McAvoyIt’s not just award show pre-gaming as the BAFTA Scotland Awards took place on Sunday and James McAvoy took home Best Actor for Filth. He’s another suit wearing standout and his wife Anne-Marie Duff (who is excellent in everything she appears in) is one of the black dress/red lipstick stunners this week. I might have gone for a bolder shoe choice; maybe gold, but it could have come across as too matchy matchy with that fantastic clutch.

Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

20 Nov

Welcome once again to Behind the Insta-Scenes! Bringing you a roundup of the best behind the scenes photos posted on Instagram from a variety of TV show and personal accounts from the people who are on them. This includes anything from future episode sneak peeks, what’s airing this week, flashing back to the past and general on set (and sometimes off) antics.

Included in the roundup this week are location shoots with swoony grins, superhero selfies and a mother/daughter reunion.

View this post on Instagram

That grin, though

A post shared by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) on

The Mindy Project is shooting in San Francisco this week and Mindy Kaling has been sharing treats aplenty – amazing costumes ahoy – including this very romantic selfie with co-star Chris Messina. This is a frame worthy photo for Mindy’s apartment.

Same gorgeous location, but switching things up with a moody catalogue model pose.

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Accidental selfie on set today

A post shared by Alan Cumming (@alancummingsnaps) on

A lot gets up Eli’s nose on The Good Wife including this very cool accidental shot.

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Very busy in Starling City @coltonlhaynes #Arrow

A post shared by Katie Cassidy (@katiecassidy) on

Last week The CW revealed what Katie Cassidy’s superhero costume would look like on Arrow and here’s a close up of the mask (along with co-star Colton Haynes). Two thumbs up for the lipstick and dramatic eye flicks.

Cougar Town is coming to an end and Busy Philipps pays tribute to hair stylist Michael Anton for all the crazy, fun hairstyles Laurie has had, including this very colorful ‘do.

So this isn’t from the Mad Men set – they are at the AMC Holiday Party – but I couldn’t resist this mother/daughter picture of happiness. As if Matthew Weiner would allow on set photos this far in advance of the final half of the season premiere.

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