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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

27 Jan

Coats, coats, coats are on the “Out of the Box” menu as Sundance continues and Paris Fashion Week also delivers in the outerwear department. Currently I am cocooned in knitwear so anything intended for a cold climate is a welcome sight. And with the winter weather this week comes a whole variety of black attire; both classic and somber in places. This makes sense, all things considered. kirsten-dunstGreat coat, sunglasses and red lipstick (and engagement ring, which can be seen here) from Kirsten Dunst at the Dior show on Monday during Paris Fashion Week. It might be cheesy to use the word chic here, but eh I’m gonna dive into the fromage as she looks chic af. rami-malekIn Paris a few days earlier at the Dior Homme Menswear show new face of Dior Rami Malek also gave great coat. Malek is one of the guys who features most on these pages because of his style and this brand pairing makes so much sense. Rami also crushes the patterned sweater/shirt look.abbi-and-taviI said there would be more Sundance coats and at the Vulture Sundance Spot Abbi Jacobson and Tavi Gevinson dropped by in some great outerwear while promoting Person to Person. Long and slightly oversized coats have been on trend this year and it is a great mix of effortless with smart. Gevinson’s scarf game is also top notch.

And over at Elle and Bustle they have interviews with Jacobson (Bustle gets Gevinson too) that are very relevant to my interests including how Broad City will address this current political climate.

Starting with his much needed moment of comic relief from “Hack into Broad City” from last Friday.issa-raeThe coats they keep on coming and at the ‘Power Of Story: Art Of Episodic Storytelling’ panel Issa Rae also sartorially delivers on the outerwear with plaid crossed with what looks like the inside of a beehive.hannah-simoneHannah Simone goes classic at the Band Aid premiere in Alice + Olivia off the shoulder dress. I’m excited for Band Aid and not just because it makes me instantly think of Almost Famous and it was written/directed by Simone’s New Girl co-star Zoe Lister Jones with an entirely female crew. Plus it sounds like it is a lot of fun, which is always welcome.zoe-lister-jonesZoe Lister Jones also stars in her directorial debut and she stopped by the IMDb studio in an ensemble which continues to add to my theory that Sundance has my ideal wardrobe. Another black dress but getting an oomph of color with a bold red collar. Also black patent shoes that give me so much envy as I was never allowed this style when I was a kid. The reason; I would scuff them and considering the state of all my shoes, my mother was right. But I can but dream.connie-brittonA black turtleneck sweater dress is another classic closet must have and Connie Britton is all over this while promoting Cast Change. Manicure and earrings are also fabulous.chloe-sevingyContinuing her patterned dresses with a late ’60s/early ’70s vibe and Chloë Sevigney adds a bit of sequin sparkle to the Beatriz At Dinner premiere and I love everything about this.morgan-saylorMorgan Saylor is flying into outer space in very cute Miu Miu at the Novitiate premiere and this is another case where I get to sing the praises of black tights. Although I do worry her arms are cold. I have a black pair of shoes very much like the burgundy ones Saylor is wearing and now I am coveting this color too. Bonus lipstick and manicure points.armie-hammerOne of the most talked about movies coming out of Sundance this year is Call Me By My Name and it is one love story that I cannot wait to see. Star Armie Hammer is all slinged up due to a torn pectoral muscle and he’s ticking all the sweater boxes in fuzzy stripes.naomie-harrisNow for something more formal in the black dress department with Naomie Harris at the London Critics’ Circle Film Awards in Dior that looks super cozy (if not a little chilly in the arm department). Adding a splash of pink and gold makes this so much more than just a safe choice. And this is in part why Harris graces these pages so often; there’s always something that stands out.kelly-and-ewanFull ’90s nostalgia feelings right down to Ewan McGregor’s Adidas trainers and Kelly Macdonald’s silk dress at the Trainspotting T2 premire. Great lipstick choice from Macdonald too.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

24 Apr

Plenty of style highs from the red carpet this week as the post-award season dry patch comes to an end with a variety of events. Plus a magazine cover which caused me to stop and stare.

Laverne Cox TribecaLaverne Cox does simple chic in red Zac Posen at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Grandma (Cox went for a vamp look earlier in the day).

Alison BrieThe Tribeca Film Festival is the place for cute looks as Alison Brie demonstrates at the premiere of Sleeping with Other People in Valentino.

Aya CashI really need You’re the Worst back in my life as I’m missing those glorious assholes and also this Alice + Olivia embellished dress Aya Cash is wearing at a FX bowling event this week.

Kiernan ShipkaThis is adorable and yes there was a huge cheer at every moment of snark, side eye and general over it vibe from Sally Draper on Mad Men this week. At the ‘harper’ by Harper’s Bazaar launch party Kiernan Shipka flexed her sartorial skills in a collared Valentino (who are killing it in the cute short dress department) frock.

tkIn awe of The Wall Street Journal Magazine Carey Mulligan cover and 70s inspired editorial (and of Carey in general) as this captures everything that makes this my favorite decade for style. Her Vogue cover is fine, but this is exceptional. The jacket is Valentino and they get the “Out of the Box” crown this week with three entries on the list.

Zendaya ColemanMichael Kors is perfect for spring as Zendaya Coleman demonstrates outside Good Morning America this week and she looks effortlessly cool in this matching wrap shirt and skirt.

Julianna MarguliesMore Michael Kors and Julianna Margulies at the Time 100 Gala; as a fan of pretty much all things tuxedo influenced this was always going to be an instant hit.

Lake BellBookending with a Tribeca Film Festival event and Lake Bell at the Chanel Artist Dinner looking super serious mixing Rag & Bone with Stella McCartney. Let’s just say I am getting a whole lot of coat related feelings.

Alice + Olivia NYFW Wish List and Style Highs

17 Feb

Taking a break from Fantasy Costuming various shows with a brand that has appeared on New Girl, The Mindy ProjectParks and Recreation and How to Get Away with Murder; Alice + Olivia has the cutest sweaters. This collection was about a lot more than knitwear with designer Stacey Bendet striking a balance between late 60s/early 70s boho and rocker; a strong theme for this NYFW and one discussed yesterday with our Red Valentino Sally Draper Fantasy Costuming.

This post is a mixture of looks from the show and the stars in attendance (some are wearing items available from Alice + Olivia at the moment). Okay there might be some suggestions of what shows some of the pieces should appear on/who should wear them; it is hard to resist the urge to Fantasy Costume.

First up Fall 2015 items to covet:

Alice + OliviaIf you are a regular TV Ate My Wardrobe reader you will know by now that I have very strong feelings about lady tuxes and the current menswear trend. So it might not be too surprising that this simple and sophisticated take on this theme is top of the list. Keri Russell sometimes leans towards this style on the red carpet and even though it is not vintage the pants have a hint of wide legged Elizabeth Jennings about them.

Below are several more outfits from the collection to drool over with pattern and texture reigning supreme – click on the image for a closer look. Jenny Slate will be glad to see the turtleneck is making big waves this NYFW and the first dress in the collection below has a hint of Joan Watson about it.

And now for a few looks from those at the show.

Kate NashSinger Kate Nash went for bold color and pattern in a stunning multicolored ‘Bryn’ skirt pairing it with a very cute zebra sweater.

Sarah Silverman A&OSarah Silverman put a bird on it and makeup artist Tina Turnbow shared this beautiful close up getting ready shot.

Abbi and Ilana at A+OHopefully Ilana Glazer will fare better in white than when her Broad City character last wore something similar to this. Abbi Jacobson’s embellished bird jacket is incredible and she adds an extra pop of color with blue stilettos.

Ella CatliffFashion blogger and model Ella Catliff beats the New York cold with stylish layering including the ‘Shih’ collarless coat and pairing tights with these wedges means no freezing toes in the name of fashion.

New Girl 4.05 “Landline” Review: “Shut it Down”

15 Oct

When five people live together boundaries are probably going to get crossed and this doesn’t even factor in the two characters on New Girl who still live together after a break up or that Schmidt and Nick are still sleeping in the same room. After sharing one phone charger in season 2, now there is only one good spot in the loft for phone reception – a new building has messed with the previously good signal – and that spot happens to be the window by Nick’s bed.* This intrusion is solved by the purchase of a landline phone and I kind of wish they’d gone further down the retro path with a rotary dial or even a burger phone as the visual gags would keep on coming. Taking messages for people is no longer common place and as Nick is the only one in the house during the day he takes his new found role and runs with it. The phone also reveals Coach has been sleeping with the school nurse and as Jess is now vice-principal this is a matter that crosses the work/personal line so she will have to address it in the workplace; enter shenanigans (and a new super cute teacher).

*I remember what is now long ago being at my grandpa’s house in the middle of nowhere trying to text the boy I liked from the only good spot in the entire house, pretty much hanging out of a window in freezing cold temperatures. I am smooth.

New Girl 4.05Despite attempts to date/hook up Jess has so far not really connected with anyone to a point beyond a conversation, not at a wedding, with a dating app nor with the micropenis dude. So it’s some kind of bad luck that she has chemistry with the one guy she isn’t allowed to date and this is the new science teacher Ryan (who also has a particularly hard surname to pronounce). I’m jumping ahead here and after lecturing Coach about sleeping with his co-workers and making him fill in HR forms, Jess herself gets flustered when she is introduced to Mr. Geauxinue included messing up his surname so much she says “goes in me.” Coach witnesses all of this and instantly recognizes why Jess has turned into a bumbling mess and this leads to a very funny faculty meeting where Coach causes Jess to mess up her “Shut it down” demonstration by hitting Ryan in the bikini suit area.

Coach probably shouldn’t be defining himself at school as the guy who has sex with everyone – so far this seems to be one of Coach’s only defining traits, c’mon show you can do better than that – and Jess is right to note there are certain stipulations in place for a reason, however she realizes that no amount of paper work or hand gestures are the solution. What follows is a classic story obstacle set up; just as Jess is about to approach Ryan in a dating capacity she is informed her position as an administrator means she can’t date anyone who is in a position below her, which means Ryan. The forbidden fruit trope is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s fun seeing Jess getting extra awkward and Zooey Deschanel has a strong rapport with guest star Julian Morris. Plus he has excellent cardigan game so hopefully we will get to see more from him soon.

Back in the loft Nick is mooching about by himself after his suggestion of beers and a catch-up with Schmidt and Winston is dismissed as they are too busy with police academy work and interview prep for Business, Man magazine. Nick (and to a certain extent Cece, who briefly appears this week to record a voicemail message that is too steamy for Schmidt even when she goes full deadpan) is the only character who is still adrift when it comes to his career and the landline gives him both a purpose and a connection to his friends he feels has been missing. By taking everyone’s messages during the day he finds out Winston has been dating a woman called Judy and Schmidt is looking to get a spoiler for his car. The messing up of the spoiler alert gag is hilarious, but also reveals the depths of despair Nick has reached. Nick comes across as a parent in this moment trying to find out what the kids have been up to and getting not much back in return.

Taking it further Nick indulges in a three-way phone call to give them their messages in one of the funniest sequences in the episode. Schmidt calls it a teleconference call, but I prefer the terms of teenage years long gone. Unlike Winston, my best phone position is sitting crossed legged in the hallway. Now I’m feeling nostalgic for landline chats and all those hours I spent talking about nothing with people I had spent all day talking to at school. Today the landline in my house knocks out the wi-fi connection for 30 seconds whenever it rings (who knows why) and the only calls are from telesales and robots. No warm and fuzzy feelings there.

Nick sings himself a theme song for his new found role with “I’m a very good secretary” even though he’s actually kind of terrible at it. He takes it upon himself to break up with Judy for Winston and send in a photo to Business, Man magazine of Schmidt and he manages to mess up both. The photo he sends of Schmidt is the most recent he has and he looks like he’s in the middle of telling Nick to fuck off, which in the end works out well for the ‘bad boy’ image the magazine profile creates for him. Winston should have probably broken up with Judy himself and Nick shouldn’t have crossed this line even if he does want to reconnect with his friends. There are better ways to go about this and they probably don’t end with someone recreating the big gesture moment from Say Anything.

Eating bowls full of jelly during the day – Nick pretty much has a bowl of something on the go throughout the episode – and finding comfort in taking other people’s messages is a cry for help of sorts from Nick; will this season be the one where Nick finds purpose? Nick doesn’t tell Schmidt about his interview as a result of the answer machine replacement service and when the answer machine fails to record the message Winston has to step up and use his excellent phone skills. Winston is socially awkward in real life, but dynamite on the phone (cue hilarious flashback) and scores the kind of douchey profile Schmidt thinks is the dream. Winston even remembers to include the acronym Schmidt has for his own name – Some Can Have Money, I Desire Thoughtfulness – which you know Schmidt has been waiting to see in magazine print for years and probably has stitched on a cushion or at least on a business card.

New Girl continues to be a lot of fun this season and this is another episode where they play around with the different character groupings. While Cece gets a short shrift, her brief appearance is one of the highlights of “Landline” declaring “I don’t know what is happening” as the conversation descends into random movie talk (Winston likes Splash).

New Girl Style Watch

New Girl 4.05 Jess A+O sweaterJess loves Alice + Olivia sweaters this season and ribbon -graphic black sweater is adorable and so very Jess; complete with detachable collar depending on how preppy you’re feeling.


The Wish List: Robyn’s Star Sweater on The Good Wife

30 Sep

Diane Lockhart is the character whose impeccable style I am in awe of, when in reality Robyn is far closer to how I actually dress. Not that this is a bad thing; Robyn is smart and disarms those she is investigating through her brightly colored/bold patterned attire. Not that Robyn has done a whole lot of investigating this season as she’s become more of an assistant (or confidant if you will ) to Alicia while Cary has been locked up.

If Kalinda does come to the new firm – this was one of Diane’s stipulations – I wonder what this means for Robyn and whether they can have two investigators on their books. Robyn and Kalinda’s style varies in a lot of ways and the most obvious is how they dress as Kalinda is all leather and knee high boots whereas Robyn looks more like a college student. Together they have proven in the past to be a formidable team and while Kalinda might prefer to act as a lone wolf, sometimes she needs to hang out with someone who is more fond of pack mentality. And would probably wear a wolf sweater – maybe something like this.

There are several TV sweater superstars and as we are finally in sweater season (insert happy dance here) it is time to relish in this moment. First up Robyn’s star number from The Good Wife’s season 6 premiere.

The Good Wife 6.01 Robyn star sweaterRobyn is wearing a star sweater with raglan sleeves by Olivia Moon and sadly it is no longer available (eBay is now the best bet), but there are other alternatives if you’re looking to go for a starry pattern. Ranging from affordable to a month’s rent prices here are a pick of our current favorites.

WarehouseFrom Warehouse this grey sweater is perfect for casual hanging out or that new law firm you work at (maybe not the latter depending on your role).

WildfoxThis Wildfox pullover has a more summery feel, but that be influenced by the jorts the model is wearing and it can be found at Bloomingdales.

MaisonSomething a bit bolder with this red Maison Scotch sweater available from ASOS.

Chinti and ParkerThis cobalt-blue intarsia stars constellation isn’t as crowded as some of the other jumpers on offer, but this Chinti and Parker Italian cashmere number is just as striking.

DVFAdding a moon to the night sky imagery is TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite Diane von Furstenberg.

CoachStars and the moon are one thing, now we’ve got Coach and their homage to the US Space Program and I could definitely see Robyn in this (April Ludgate too).

Robyn 6.02We will be keeping an eye on Robyn’s sweater game and her cardigans are just as fun including this Alice + Olivia cloud cardigan from “Trust Issues” (sadly no longer available, another eBay suggestion).

The Good Wife 6.02 RobynAnd it’s worth noting that one of Robyn’s sweaters from “Trust Issues” is a repeat from last season (and previously mentioned DVF wish list item). It makes me so happy when a show reuses a costume. Although that dude behind Robyn is clearly judging.

New Girl 4.02 “Dice” Review: Darn Tootin’ Fun

24 Sep

Jess is optimistic to the point of gullible at times and while Nick is New Girl’s grumpy cynic, it is Schmidt who has responded to a broken heart by closing himself off to the possibility of love. Schmidt has no problems getting laid and Dice, a new dating app (it’s like Tinder) aids the briefest of connections. Schmidt and Jess are friends despite being so diametrically opposed when it comes to pretty much everything and as with the season 1 episode “Control” this proves to bring out their best and worst.

New Girl 4.02 diceThe balance of smut and sweet that New Girl excels at is well represented in how Jess and Schmidt view dating; Jess thinks dating should lead to love or a relationship and that’s far from the point in Schmidt’s opinion. What is clear from both the cold opens of season 4 is Jess doesn’t always see the sexual innuendo in the statements she makes and once again I am impressed that a gag like “Darn Tootin’ Fun” and its acronym didn’t get flagged by Standards and Practices. Despite Schmidt telling Jess that she isn’t ready for Dice, Jess goes ahead and sets up an account and a date. Suffice to say her first attempt doesn’t go well and she ends up back at the apartment of a dude who has a braided beardy tail and the most incredible wolfie sweater. Jess needs Schmidt’s expertise to navigate these choppy dating waters and he lets her know he’ll do it in typically dramatic Schmidt fashion.

Not one to do anything by halves, Schmidt has a whole presentation set up in the bar (which is totes weird in the morning FYI) involving the buzzer from Taboo, stationary Jess isn’t suppose to use and a big welcome sign. He could set up his own workshop. Schmidt runs through multiple scenarios that all include the observation that the person in question is probably a pervert and he is appalled by Jess’ “Hubba hubba, mama in troubu” reaction to one of the profile photos. Schmidt sets up 10 dates for Jess and despite her protests that she’s wearing her lounge around underwear she undertakes the main part of Schmidt’s Dice tutorial. This is like speed dating in multiple locations, but just as disposable in the end even if Jess doesn’t have the temperament to make a swift exit. Enter Schmidt and all the excuses to ditch a date.

In the past Jess has helped Schmidt loosen up, even if this went to extremes as there is no moderation or middle ground for Schmidt. In just two episodes this season already feels more cohesive than last year thanks to the return to form of Schmidt; he still says awful things about how he doesn’t care about hurting people’s feelings, but this is far from the ‘evil’ bizarro version from last season. He’s a douche, but he is still capable of semi-sweet sentiments like telling Jess that she’s the best girl on Dice (he also refers to her as pie and the prize which should lead to jar donations).

Jess cuts the last date she is on short because of the living close to date location warning sign (pervert) and this whole experience has left her feeling sad as she’d developed a rapport with this last guy. With such disposable dating and just about any reason to shut an interaction down how are you ever supposed to find love? Schmidt finds this preposition confusing as “the point of dating is just to keep on dating and never stop” not to fall in love and have a relationship. Jess finds this whole thing perplexing as Schmidt might be missing out on a really great woman as he jumps from one to another without any consideration of what this could become. Despite his assertion that he wants to go through life this way Schmidt calls up the girl from the morning and when he tries to ask her out for coffee after they’ve hooked up she tells him that she doesn’t think he understands Dice. Burn. Side note – now that Nick and Schmidt are sharing a room where does Nick sleep when Schmidt hooks up? The Jess influence has not paid off for Schmidt and Jess quickly learns that she should have called it quits with date number 10 when he reveals he is a comedy magician and she is stuck watching his terrible tricks and hearing his crappy jokes. Where is Schmidt when she needs him? Dating apps might have made getting a date easier, but everything else is still as hit and miss as before.

New Girl is a network show so a getting stoned plot is going to be far more limited than a show like Broad City on Comedy Central, so when Nick suggests they get high before Winston becomes an official cop it’s going to include caveats (statements like not doing drugs again) and only coming in food form. What this storyline does is gives another opportunity to see all the social awkwardness from Winston and a fun dynamic between Cece, Coach and Nick. Until last season Nick and Cece didn’t have all that many interactions, but last year it became apparent how much they are alike and working in the bar not only gives an organic way to incorporate the only character who doesn’t live in the loft, but it revealed their similarities. On this occasion what they share is getting stoned and they play teacher to Coach who hasn’t got high before. Cece is pretty chilled out, while Nick is rather obnoxious playing the expert card and constantly showing off how good he is at getting stoned.

Nick isn’t that great at being stoned and I wonder how often he has done it – although the college flashbacks would suggest quite a lot – or maybe it’s just because he wants to show off to Coach. Regardless he does get the funniest gag in this subplot as he tells Winston multiple times that they’ll go to this party and Jake Johnson delivers gibberish like no other. Nick’s super awesome plan to not get detected does not pan out and they end up in the closet after kicking over the barbecue and life chats with a dog. Winston gets to earn cool points and a new nickname from his police academy colleagues by freaking his friends the fuck out and even though it’s ‘Toilet’ he’s pretty thrilled. It’s all somewhat cartoonish and while it didn’t hit all the beats with me, it was still fun watching these bozos being terrible in a social situation and making Winston look like he has all the skills (even with that Charlotte’s Web story).

What does come across is how this is part of hitting the reset button on everything that happened last year and the Schmidt/Jess plot is the far stronger of the two; what it demonstrates is the desire to play around with the ensemble by mixing up the groupings and this is an encouraging sign.

New Girl Style Watch

New Girl 4.02 Jess bow sweaterJess’ super cute short sleeved black sweater with white bows is Alice + Olivia and is also available in the reverse (so white with black bows). Perfect for fall as the temperatures hover between cool and crisp with a chance of ‘Surprise! It’s super warm today.”


New York Fashion Week: Best of the Runway Watching Looks Part 2

10 Sep

New York Fashion Week continues to draw a plethora of famous faces to the front rows of runway shows and this gives us a whole lot of new looks to pour over. This is the second “Best of the Runway Watching” column and you can find the OITNB cast heavy first take here.

The Alice + Olivia show was a particularly big draw for TV/film starlets with a lot of them wearing items that have just hit Alicia + Olivia stores/online. We will be linking to those as you might want to add them to your wish list.

NYFW YvonneAt Naeem Khan the front row is all intricate pattern and bold designs much like the intricate beading and color on display on the runway. All decked out in Naeem Khan are Jamie Chung (she has been a heavy presence this week and she’s the only person to feature on both ‘Best of’ lists), Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Yvonne Strahovski, Connie Britton, and Padma Lakshmi. I am especially drawn to Strahovski’s stunning blue and yellow kaleidoscope-print frock and of course Connie Britton in general.

Kiernan Shipka in pantsIt’s a rare sight to see Kiernan Shipka at an event in pants, but here she is at Zac Posen in another sartorial delight. The structure of the top is unusual in its angles and yet it works with the patterned detail of her bottom half.

Kiernan ShipkaAt Tory Burch, Kiernan Shipka wore something more in line with her usual red carpet styling in a cute floral frock. Even though it’s entirely age appropriate I do have to remind myself that she is only 14 years old and then I feel all protective; Hollywood be good to her.

Anna ChlumskyIt might be due to the colors and pattern, but there is a little something Flamenco dancer about Anna Chlumsky’s outfit at Zac Posen. I’m swung by the texture of the red sweater (SO excited for sweater season) and Chlumsky’s striking red lip color. Plus she’ s pretty great so that helps me get passed the aspects of the outfit that are less pleasing.

Willow ShieldsThe rest of the “Best of” entries come from the Alice + Olivia event; up first is another teen delight with Willow Shields (Prim from The Hunger Games) striking a pose worthy of Wonder Woman in a very cute ballerina button down. The black and white patterned shoes peaking out are a cool touch.

Lynsey FonsecaThis might be my favorite from the Alice + Olivia clothes on display at this show and Lyndsy Fonseca deserves a dress this pretty after being subjected to the longest tale of how someone met their spouse (Fonseca is one of Ted’s kids on HIMYM). The bold green jacquard design also has the all important pocket detail.

Katie ChungAnother dress you could wear for day/night events and the only thing not quite working with Katie Chang’s outfit is her meh shoe color. The gold and black design of this gown and the cinched in waist make this another standout from Alice + Olivia.

Jamie ChungJamie Chung pairs an edgy leather cropped fitting tank  with the super girly lip covered skirt and scarlet ankle strap heals. It’s a fun, flirty outfit and I’m half expecting to see this skirt show up on either The Mindy Project or New Girl.

Holland RodenDoing classic black and white is Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden, adding flare with a pair of winking heels. Yep her shoes have faces on them and they are pretty awesome (and maybe 1% creepy).

Jennifer MorrisonA few weeks ago I went into a ridiculous amount of stores (10+) looking for a red belt like the one Jennifer Morrison is wearing and I did not find a single thin red belt. Luckily I got one for my birthday otherwise I would be giving this photo all the coveting side eye. I’m glad I don’t have to do this as it’s a really lovely outfit and another chance to see the red heels that I’m now after.

Jessica Lowndes A+OThis is one ornate gown complete with tassels, lace, beading and taffeta; while it might overwhelm the wearer, Jessica Lowndes looks resplendent.

For more on NYFW including Fantasy Costuming be sure to click the tag.

Clashing Prints and Bold Color: Fantasy Costuming The Mindy Project

13 Aug

The Mindy Project is a visual treat as costume designer Salvador Perez uses a broad palette; pattern clashing, sparkles, pajamas, colorful outerwear and sparkles are all part of the Mindy Lahiri look and she exudes confidence at home and with her work wear. Mindy doesn’t care if you don’t like it as long as she thinks it is cute. And it usually is. This has been one of the most fun Fantasy Costuming columns to create, scouring the new fall collections to find items we think Mindy Lahiri would wear in all aspects of her life. The brands we have looked at are generally ones she has previously worn on the show and range in price from affordable to splashing out.

As always this is meant to be just a bit of fun and in no way am I saying that these items should feature on any of these shows, rather it is about whether you could see this character wearing this garment and drawing influence from what they have worn in the past.

A&O skirtMindy is a romantic and she doesn’t need a reason to wear hearts, however now that she has got together with Danny after an epic Empire State Building stair climb she has the ideal excuse to wear something like this super flirty Alice + Olivia A-line skirt. Perfect for either work (maybe a polka dot blouse or the starry one below) or date night.

Red ValentinoStar motifs are totally up Mindy’s style street and this silk RED Valentino blouse is another in the dress up or down category.

Trina TurkThe color might be slightly muted, but this Trina Turk ‘Joelle’ dress is classic Mindy work attire as the diamond pattern plus pleat and belting detail are ultra feminine and fun. Pair it with the coat below for a pop of color.

FC CoatNow if there is one item that Mindy has in abundance (and I covet them all) then it’s her outerwear from this incredible canary number (from costume designer Salvador Perez) to colorful plaid and classic houndstoothThe Mindy Project is set in New York so a good coat collection is essential. Step up French Connection and their mosaic blue ‘Imperial’ wool stunner. Coats are my weakness and while I probably don’t need another, this one is crying out.

TopshopAnother mixed print dress and Topshop is a brand Mindy Kaling wore a few months ago at Paleyfest. Here is another jacquard print and the A-line silhouette/short sleeves/high neck combination allows for a raised hemline as office attire (I’m using the either legs or boobs theory). It’s an interesting print that has me asking birds or flowers? It could be both and it’s an exquisite frock.

Kate SpadeMoving on to more casual threads and Mindy has an impressive sweater collection – I am beyond excited that it will be sweater season soon – and Kate Spade is going for bold color and animal print this fall with the ‘Cyber Cheetah‘ in emperor blue. This will look very much at home with Mindy as she relaxes on the couch (with or without Danny).

Tory BurchSeparates aren’t always required to experiment with different patterns as this Tory Burch ‘Ronnie’ pullover demonstrates with floral sleeves and back combined with a mini polka dots front. Mindy is not the type of woman to shy away from a top like this and it’s just the kind of bold/cute statement that makes this character a style inspiration.

Eloise Orange Ring PJsMindy doesn’t just have the fashion thing nailed for her work, going out and casual wardrobe as her pajamas are just as enviable; in fact they even make an appearance on the new season 3 artwork. Adding to the Three J NYC collection that Mindy already has with the ‘Eloise’ orange rings and to borrow a line from Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love they are the “perfect combination of sexy and cute.”

For more Fantasy Costuming check out recent posts on Masters of Sex and Felicity Smoak from Arrow.


Fantasy Costuming Masters of Sex: Vintage Inspired

7 Jul

As Masters of Sex is a period drama the costume design relies on vintage pieces and new garments that have been inspired/adapted by Ane Crabtree and her team (Crabtree’s Instagram has some great behind the scenes videos) to keep in line with the look of the late 1950s.* This edition of Fantasy Costuming is going to be a bit different from previous outings as I have selected garments from a variety of stores ranging from affordable to ‘one month’s rent’ and everything chosen is available to buy right now. Both 1950s and 1960s silhouettes (and especially the latter) have refused to be relegated to the past and each season seems to have a hint of these decades on the runway (much to my delight).

*Updated to include this behind the scenes video from Showtime and one revelation is how Crabtree makes everything.

The garments featured are reflections rather than something one of these characters might wear; an homage using current collections and inspired by the costuming from the first season. Virginia, Libby and Jane are the three women I will be looking at for wardrobe ideas as all three represent different aspects of this period.

Virginia’s wardrobe is dominated by subdued colors as she wants to be taken seriously and this means there’s a whole lot of black and grey. Color does slip in with red and green, plus bows and buttons are very much part of her look. One of my favorite aspects of 1950s style is how detailed necklines are and they often feature added embellishments/intricate collars.

Modcloth blackThe Rockabilly Your World top is one of several items from the vintage inspired ModCloth and the rounded collar/bow detail is so on point for Virginia.

Carven black dressSticking with black and a similar neckline with a Carven dress that sits a lot higher (mid-thigh) than something Virginia would wear, but definitely shares in the essence of her serious work attire.

LanvinGrey is Virginia’s backup work power suit color (just throw a white coat over the top for extra Virginia Johnson confidence) and this knee-length Lanvin wool dress is all nipped in waist, keyhole detail and shoulder embellishment.

red dress modclothTime to inject some color and red is rather symbolical for a number of reasons; it reflects the passion that both Virginia and Bill are having a hard time reconciling with as each pushes the other away at various points during season 1. Red is a dominant color on the artwork for season 2 and it holds significance when Virginia wears it. Plus Lizzy Caplan looks stunning in any form of crimson (lip color included). This frock is from ModCloth and is appropriately called the Dance Floor Date dress.

RedValentinoOne more Virginia item and Masters of Sex had me coveting all the coats last season. Coming from RED Valentino this stunning and super chic black woven coat has a hint of bowed femininity and an enduring quality. Virginia is both fashion forward for the time period and at the same time maintains a timeless look as a woman in the workplace.

ModCloth yellow Yellow heels

Moving on with a couple of items that make me think of Jane. Jane’s dominant color matched her sunny disposition with a whole lot of yellow. Both the You Got the Upbeat blouse and Member of the Board heels are from ModCloth and are well suited to those who wear this shade all of the time and those who want to give it a go for the first time. Regulars to the site know I am a slight yellow clothes obsessive and so I’m always happy to have a reason to shop this color.

Topshop skirtLibby is the most classically feminine of the women on Masters of Sex as she plays the traditional role of housewife and now mother. In season 1 Libby’s costuming reflects a wealthy lifestyle and even her loungewear/cooking/cleaning clothes are beautiful. This might see a shift in season 2 as she’s now dealing with a baby and their financial situation is far from secure. This beautiful cornflower jacquard skirt is from Topshop and matches the pastels and patterns Libby wears.

Alice and OliviaMore soft color from Alice + Olivia and this works for both a Libby influence and her younger counterpart Vivian Scully (pink dominates her costuming). The floral lace detail is stunning and the classic A-line cut is perfectly Libby with a modern twist.

Tory BurchLibby doesn’t really do the whole monochrome thing; if she did this Tory Burch ‘Wilda‘ polka dot affair would be her speed as those dots aren’t actually white but rose pink.

Masters of Sex returns Sunday, July 13 so be sure to join us next week for all the costuming and narrative analysis.

The Wish List: Joan Watson’s Dresses on Elementary

7 Apr

Joan Watson joins the TV Ate My Wardrobe amazing coat club as Elementary is both set and shot in New York City, where for a substantial amount of the year good quality outerwear is a must. Having recently caught up on the show which I had previously dipped in and out of (getting season 1 on DVD at Christmas prompted this catch up), I wanted to write something about Joan’s impeccable style.

The coats were my first port of call, but hey it’s spring and there has been far too much winter wear on here over the past few months. Joan also has an incredible selection of boots, but that’s a feature including Alana Bloom and Elizabeth Jennings for the future, plus that fits into the whole brr cold thing. Joan’s around the house clothes rival Jess Day and Mindy Lahiri, but this can also wait for another occasion. Instead, we will be taking a look at some of the recent dresses Joan has worn and where you can get them from.

Elementary 2.18In “The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville” Joan’s penchant for an oversized shift dress is on display. First with this blush pink Club Monaco Iva Blocked frock (currently half off) and Joan’s style moves beyond the usual criminal investigation costuming trappings thanks to her role as consulting detective, rather than actual detective. There’s no need to have her in the usual blouse/pants uniform of female detectives as you tend to see on any of the Law & Order incarnations or even Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The consulting role sets both Sherlock and Joan apart; they can move between worlds as their clothing doesn’t scream police. Joan’s costuming is both feminine and modern without undermining her abilities; it contrasts to the always buttoned up Sherlock.

Elementary 2.19This All Saints dress if from the same episode and the printed image has been manipulated to look like a floral x-ray, which seems perfectly apt for Elementary. It also looks a bit wing like and as with a lot of what happens on this show, sometimes one thing can look a whole lot like something else on the surface. It’s another in the oversized Joan Watson collection; pairing it with tights and ankle booties is the perfect winter to spring transition.

Joan Watson dressSwitching the styling up slightly with a more fitted Alice + Olivia dress that Joan wore a couple of episodes ago (“Ears to You”). It’s red plaid so I’m predisposed to love it, but it’s a plaid dress with a twist as it has leather side panels and a semi-sheer back section. There’s more to this dress than first appearances, how very Elementary of it.

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