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Get the Look: Knits and Coats for Freddie Lounds on Hannibal

7 Sep

Sweater and coat weather is coming and even though Hannibal is over (for now) Freddie Lounds is giving us a whole lot of inspiration for the approaching colder months. Fall collections tend to be my favorite and by this time of year knits are calling out after the sticky season; French Connection is one of my go to stores and there are a couple of items on the cover list. And it’s not even that cold yet.

As with pretty much every character on Hannibal, Freddie is incredibly stylish and her look has paid tribute to His Girl Friday while also taking a page out of Hannibal’pattern book. There is a heightened quality to her costuming and she is tailored to perfection at all times.  

Taking the sheer and check from “The Number of the Beast is 666” and twisting it comes this amazing red and black sweater blending dogstooth with check in very Freddie Lounds red. Pretty sure I’ve got my next payday purchase picked out. Freddie’s outerwear game is also strong and it needs to be for all those ambush stop and chats.  While Freddie’s burnt orange, grey and white checks are fabulous so is this red and black Highland wool coat with added warmth from the faux fur collar. Ideal for the snowy days ahead. For more from the new French Connection collection head here.

And take a Get the Look trip to the mid 80s and Halt and Catch Fire with Donna’s stripes and plaid here.

Clashing Prints and Bold Color: Fantasy Costuming The Mindy Project

13 Aug

The Mindy Project is a visual treat as costume designer Salvador Perez uses a broad palette; pattern clashing, sparkles, pajamas, colorful outerwear and sparkles are all part of the Mindy Lahiri look and she exudes confidence at home and with her work wear. Mindy doesn’t care if you don’t like it as long as she thinks it is cute. And it usually is. This has been one of the most fun Fantasy Costuming columns to create, scouring the new fall collections to find items we think Mindy Lahiri would wear in all aspects of her life. The brands we have looked at are generally ones she has previously worn on the show and range in price from affordable to splashing out.

As always this is meant to be just a bit of fun and in no way am I saying that these items should feature on any of these shows, rather it is about whether you could see this character wearing this garment and drawing influence from what they have worn in the past.

A&O skirtMindy is a romantic and she doesn’t need a reason to wear hearts, however now that she has got together with Danny after an epic Empire State Building stair climb she has the ideal excuse to wear something like this super flirty Alice + Olivia A-line skirt. Perfect for either work (maybe a polka dot blouse or the starry one below) or date night.

Red ValentinoStar motifs are totally up Mindy’s style street and this silk RED Valentino blouse is another in the dress up or down category.

Trina TurkThe color might be slightly muted, but this Trina Turk ‘Joelle’ dress is classic Mindy work attire as the diamond pattern plus pleat and belting detail are ultra feminine and fun. Pair it with the coat below for a pop of color.

FC CoatNow if there is one item that Mindy has in abundance (and I covet them all) then it’s her outerwear from this incredible canary number (from costume designer Salvador Perez) to colorful plaid and classic houndstoothThe Mindy Project is set in New York so a good coat collection is essential. Step up French Connection and their mosaic blue ‘Imperial’ wool stunner. Coats are my weakness and while I probably don’t need another, this one is crying out.

TopshopAnother mixed print dress and Topshop is a brand Mindy Kaling wore a few months ago at Paleyfest. Here is another jacquard print and the A-line silhouette/short sleeves/high neck combination allows for a raised hemline as office attire (I’m using the either legs or boobs theory). It’s an interesting print that has me asking birds or flowers? It could be both and it’s an exquisite frock.

Kate SpadeMoving on to more casual threads and Mindy has an impressive sweater collection – I am beyond excited that it will be sweater season soon – and Kate Spade is going for bold color and animal print this fall with the ‘Cyber Cheetah‘ in emperor blue. This will look very much at home with Mindy as she relaxes on the couch (with or without Danny).

Tory BurchSeparates aren’t always required to experiment with different patterns as this Tory Burch ‘Ronnie’ pullover demonstrates with floral sleeves and back combined with a mini polka dots front. Mindy is not the type of woman to shy away from a top like this and it’s just the kind of bold/cute statement that makes this character a style inspiration.

Eloise Orange Ring PJsMindy doesn’t just have the fashion thing nailed for her work, going out and casual wardrobe as her pajamas are just as enviable; in fact they even make an appearance on the new season 3 artwork. Adding to the Three J NYC collection that Mindy already has with the ‘Eloise’ orange rings and to borrow a line from Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love they are the “perfect combination of sexy and cute.”

For more Fantasy Costuming check out recent posts on Masters of Sex and Felicity Smoak from Arrow.


French Connection’s Pre-Fall 2014 Collection: Dressing Arrow’s Felicity Smoak

17 Jun

A year ago I started the Fantasy Costuming as a way to look at new offerings from designers and stores alongside some of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s best dressed characters. For Scandal’s Olivia Pope, high end designers Olivia has previously worn such as Burberry Prorsum (and I picked that coat) were featured among some more affordable pieces. It is meant to be just a bit of fun and in no way am I saying that these items should feature on any of these shows, rather it is about whether you could see this character wearing this garment and drawing influence from what they have worn in the past.

The first character to receive the Fantasy Costuming treatment was Jess Day from New Girl using French Connection’s autumn wardrobe and it is only fitting then to use this brands pre-fall collection and one that has recently been released. Instead of treading ground with a character that has been featured heavily or has previously been Fantasy Costumed, I am going to take a look at a character I adore and who should be a more frequent TV Ate My Wardrobe staple and that is Arrow’s Felicity Smoak.

Felicity SmoakFelicity does the whole funky office wear with peplums and blouses – including this French Connection fitted jersey dress (also seen on The Mindy Project) – and French Connection’s pre-fall selection is perfectly suited for Felicity’s transitional style that bounces from clothes to wear behind a computer to chic, smart attire with a hint of out in the field work (even if it is sitting in a van and then using said van as a weapon).

There are no masks in Felicity’s wardrobe, neither is leather a key component and yet Felicity doesn’t wear just one type of garment or signature tone as both pattern and color blocking feature throughout. It’s not a choice of skirts or pants and Felicity can dress up or down for what the scenario demands. As Felicity’s confidence has grown so has the boldness of her costuming and season 2 saw raised hemlines and more fitted silhouettes. I don’t want to lose the empathetic qualities Felicity possesses along with her fierceness and so the mosaic and floral prints that dominate French Connection’s pre-fall wardrobe add a sense of whimsy in a world that grows darker.

FC long sleeve dressFC penicl skirtFC JeansClick on the photos below to see more picks for Felicity from the French Connection pre-fall collection and to purchase/browse head here.



The Wish List: Kate’s Yellow Sweater on Trophy Wife

19 Mar

Yellow clothes are my weakness and while my quest to find the perfect mustard hoodie is ongoing, thanks to this week’s Trophy Wife I’ve been distracted from hoodies by bold yellow sweaters. Springtime is upon us and this means packing up chunky knitwear (well maybe not quite yet as snow lingers in some places, sorry guys). Lighter and brighter options are what I will be looking to showcase in the coming months and this is a great place to start.

Trophy Wife - yellow sweaterTrophy Wife’s Los Angeles setting instantly lends itself to a warm color palette; it’s also sitcom land on ABC so everything tends to be on the more cheerful end of the costume design scale (Diane being the one character on this show who wears darker attire). Kate’s style is very current, with a slight edge; there are a lot of short shorts, skinny jeans, vest tops and the occasional bit of leather. In “The Wedding -Part Two” it’s Kate’s yellow Maison Martin Margiela sweater that caught my attention and inspired this wish list. Paired with a pair of jeans and it instantly gives you a warmer look. The aviators are optional. (Ed. correction the sweater is actually the “Alana” by ALC. Still in love with the Maison Martin Margiela one, though this is not as pricey)

Here are some alternatives – some that won’t break the bank – if you want to brighten your wardrobe.

French Connection yellow jumperConfession time – I’ve been looking at yellow sweaters for some time now and it’s this French Connection ribbed, 3/4 length sleeve affair that started the obsession and it has been top of my covet list for about two months now. Like I said in the intro, yellow is my clothing weakness. Well, one of my clothing weaknesses (see also polka dots and stripes).

Topshop beehive sweaterThe Whitepepper’s Beehive knit jumper is a way to do yellow in a chunkier (read warmer) style if spring looks more like winter at the moment. As they suggest on their website, it is perfect for layering.

Marnie yellow sweater

For something slightly different try this Marni tile pattern sweater as this is one way to wear yellow in pattern form without resorting to polka dots or stripes.

Scandal 3.03: Staying in the Grey

18 Oct

Going from binge watching a show to seeing it week by week means that you get to pay more attention to the details. This helps with focusing on the costume design of Scandal; it also means that you can get a bit restless with certain storylines. This happened with “Mrs Smith Goes to Washington” as certain aspects like Mellie’s drunken diatribe worked, whereas the Remington barely there development felt frustrating. I understand that we can’t have everything all at once and I’m all for drip feeding information with these conspiracies but at the moment they are sacrificing the screen time of Olivia’s team and characters like David Rosen (who thankfully did get to take part in the overall case of the week).

Now to the costumes and while Olivia pretty much wore the same thing throughout the episode we still have plenty to talk about and coats take center stage once again.

Scandal 3.3 Olivia DKNY

Here is Olivia in a Donna Karan grey draped cashmere coat and Olivia’s coats tend to fall into two categories; structured form fitting trench coats and slightly over sized ones (belting is optional). This is part of the standard Olivia Pope color palette and it’s all about the blue/grey tones. Gone is the white of defiance and she is firmly in the moral grey; her white hat is locked away in a box somewhere.

Scandal 3.3 Olivia Armani

This shot is from the post bomb confrontation with Huck and it’s safe to say that Olivia has had a pretty terrible day. This is reflected in her disheveled appearance as her single button Giorgio Armani suit is bearing the marks of the bomb blast. It’s an eye opening chat as she discusses her father with Huck and Eli Pope is the puppet master of everything right now. While this story is being nudged along and the net of the conspiracy widens I also hope we get to see the focus shift back to Olivia Pope & Associates in the coming weeks.

Scandal 3.3 All the wine

Another big part of Eli Pope’s agenda is Jake who was freed last week and Olivia wants to know why. Jake claims that he doesn’t know, but he is also part of Remington and so he is an integral piece of the overall puzzle. Whether he is aware of this is unclear and while he’s got rid of his box beard he still has the cuts and bruises from his time down there. He’s also made himself rather comfortable at Olivia’s apartment and as he watched her for months he knows that red wine will be required. Maybe the Gettysburger was a mistake; it’s all about the popcorn after all. This final shot from the episode emphasizes Olivia’s point that this isn’t a fairy tale and there is no happily ever after.

Scandal 3.3 Happy family

Also not a fairy tale is this image of a ‘happy family’ as Cyrus talks photo opportunities as Mellie and Fitz argue about how best to feed baby Teddy. Mellie is wearing wine colored purple in this scene and this hints at the notion of royalty and power as she continues to have her battle of wills with Fitz; Cyrus attempts to play the role of referee. This doesn’t stop Mellie from one of her best insults yet as she refers to Teddy as the “son you could barely get it up for to conceive.” I see so much therapy in the Grant children’s future.

Scandal 3.3 Drunk MellieLater Mellie is in a very different shade of purple as she gets drunk in the dark. Fitz thinks that she is wallowing because Olivia wasn’t killed; in fact she is doing the opposite and the shot above is Mellie demonstrating what Fitz would have been like if Olivia had died a hero. The pearls are off and her hair has lost some of its volume, she is not pretending to be something she isn’t. Mellie spends a lot of her time manipulating everyone around her to get what she wants but she tends to be very honest with Fitz and no more so than when she has been drinking her dad’s hooch.

Scandal 3.3 Cyrus and David

Cyrus has another battle with David Rosen and while there isn’t much to say about either of their costumes (except David’s suits are much better this year thanks to his new job) this scene is a highlight as Cyrus tries the stone cold approach and David whips out his notepad of power to gain the moral high ground.

Scandal 3.3 Abby and David office

This is a situation where despite what he thinks David does not have the upper hand as he gets double teamed by Abby in person and Olivia on the phone; both know that David’s weak spot is his moral conscience and his love of white hats. I have somehow picked the most awkward moment in this scene and there is clearly still unspoken feelings between this pair. Abby once again looks incredible and wears another fantastic scarf/coat combination. For a better look at this DVF Tanaquil Suede Leather Combo Coat head here as the color blocking is obscured by Abby’s accessories.

Scandal 3.3 The office

While Harrison, Abby and Quinn have not had a ton to do so far in season 3 they at least get to look stylish in the office. Abby is in a polka dot blouse (no surprise that I want it) and the vintage Chanel gold belt is a really nice touch. Quinn is wearing a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite as her dress is French Connection and Harrison is looking sharp in a suit (standard).

Scandal 3.3 Harrison

Harrison does get to leave the office and that means he gets to join the cool coat club. He also gets to pull his serious face of the week, but please can he get something more to do than looking snazzy and intense?

What is your favorite Scandal fashion moment from “Mrs Smith Goes to Washington?”

Lydia’s “Breaking Bad” Blue Coat

24 Sep

Breaking Bad isn’t a show that I turn to for fashion ideas; a yellow hazmat suit is hard to pull off in everyday life. This isn’t to say that costuming and the colors these characters wear isn’t important and something like the Heisenberg pork pie hat is an integral part of the Heisenberg/Walter White persona divide.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Lydia’s blue coat and Lydia’s wardrobe is the most high-end of these characters. No one would suspect that a woman who dresses in designer labels is part of a global crystal meth operation – the same can be said for Walt and his unassuming look. Lydia always looks incredibly out of place when she has to deal with the folks who are running the ground operation and her skittishness adds to this vulnerability. This was abundantly clear when she used Uncle Jack and his crew to dispatch the substandard meth making team she had employed since Walt has retired.

Breaking Bad and Lydia's blue coat

Fancy office wear is not really appropriate for the desert, drug related massacres or meth labs. Lydia’s appearance could be one of the reasons why Todd is so drawn to her; she looks nothing like the people he is used to dealing with and so far we have seen him act protectively towards her. Jesse Plemons spoke to Vulture about Todd’s Lydia attraction and he thinks that Todd “might have some mom issues. It makes sense. She needs him and he’s misinterpreting that a little bit.” This is the polite way of saying that Todd is developing a Lydia obsession and I wouldn’t want to be the person to get in the way of Todd and his crush.

When Todd met up with Lydia in the most recent episode he ditched the scruffy look and went for a smart pale button-down shirt – nothing says I love you like a clean, ironed shirt. This is his way of signalling to her that he can help run a successful venture and he’s essentially wearing his best clothes to impress her and mirror what she wears. It also helps reinforce the success that Todd has had with manufacturing meth that is of Heisenberg quality and color.

Back to the blue coat in the photo above and I have found a similar looking cobalt blue double breasted wool coat from French Connection in their A/W ’13 collection. While the collar detail is different and Lydia wouldn’t wear those pants, it’s definitely a near match. We’re about to enter coat season and between this and Olivia Pope’s Burberry trench I’m getting a lot of ideas.

Blue French Connection Coat

French Connection Autumn Preview: Dressing Jessica Day

12 Jun

New Girl isn’t back for a few months and the cast members are busy with their summer projects, but as some fashion brands such as French Connection are unveiling their fall collections, here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we thought we would pick out a few potential looks for certain characters on the shows we love (and whose wardrobes we covet). New Girl has been a big part of both the “Look of the Week” and more in-depth articles so it is the perfect place to start with this fantasy costuming feature.

Costume designer Debra McGuire has been fantastic at subtly evolving  Jess’ look during season 2 telling Entertainment Weekly that the sexier costumes are due to the storyline, there seems to be more sensuality and sexuality going on.” Bold colors and patterns (mostly stripes or polka dots) are a Jessica Day staple, but as monochrome is on trend this season we are likely to see more of this bleeding into the costuming choices. We have chosen three different outfits from the new French Connection A/W 13 collection that we could imagine Jess wearing.

French connection horses

The Hatched Horses Cap Sleeve Dress is the kind of outfit that Jess could wear at her new teaching job, especially if it was paired with a black blazer. This type of dress can be dressed up or down, the model in the photo has gone for the latter option (thanks to the flats) but with some pumps Jess could be out on a date with maybe beau Nick. The horse pattern is perfect for Jess even though it deviates from her usual stripes or polka dots as it is still whimsical and girly. The matching box clutch might be a too many horses for one outfit, but it would certainly be a perfect accessory for one of the many bright pieces in Jess’ closet.


Before you say this is something Cece would wear as the Solar Pleated Dress is edgier than Jess’ girly style, let’s look at how Jess’ clothes occasionally feature an unexpected item. This is usually when Jess is out of her comfort zone and in the season 2 episode “Models” Jess wore an outfit that is reminiscent of the one above. While that night ended in a falling out with Cece (and a boob slap fight) it would be good to see Jess step away from a bold color palette and wear something like the dress above. This dress has a strong structure and the pleated leather-look skirt adds a sense of frivolity. The horse box clutch from the first outfit could make this more Jess and despite it being all black, the shape and fitted quality makes this more of a Jess dress than first impressions might suggest. Zooey Deschanel wore a black ensemble to the Fox Upfront Presentation and showed that a lack of color is also in her fashion wheelhouse.


The Fox Knitted Jumper might be considered the most obvious choice of the three looks but so far the New Girl costume design team has stayed away from overt animal motifs like this one, perhaps because it is too on the cutesy nose. New Girl has come far enough now to embrace both the sexier side of this character along with the ribbon hat wearing Jess. This would be perfect for those days in the loft paired with either a pair of skinny jeans, short wool skirt or high waisted shorts (as long as Schmidt hasn’t put a ban on them again). A fox jumper on the Fox network could be an eye roll moment, but I think they could make it work (said in my best Tim Gunn voice)

What do you think of these outfit choices for Jess?

To see more of French Connections A/W 13 collection head here.

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