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Fantasy Costuming Masters of Sex: Vintage Inspired

7 Jul

As Masters of Sex is a period drama the costume design relies on vintage pieces and new garments that have been inspired/adapted by Ane Crabtree and her team (Crabtree’s Instagram has some great behind the scenes videos) to keep in line with the look of the late 1950s.* This edition of Fantasy Costuming is going to be a bit different from previous outings as I have selected garments from a variety of stores ranging from affordable to ‘one month’s rent’ and everything chosen is available to buy right now. Both 1950s and 1960s silhouettes (and especially the latter) have refused to be relegated to the past and each season seems to have a hint of these decades on the runway (much to my delight).

*Updated to include this behind the scenes video from Showtime and one revelation is how Crabtree makes everything.

The garments featured are reflections rather than something one of these characters might wear; an homage using current collections and inspired by the costuming from the first season. Virginia, Libby and Jane are the three women I will be looking at for wardrobe ideas as all three represent different aspects of this period.

Virginia’s wardrobe is dominated by subdued colors as she wants to be taken seriously and this means there’s a whole lot of black and grey. Color does slip in with red and green, plus bows and buttons are very much part of her look. One of my favorite aspects of 1950s style is how detailed necklines are and they often feature added embellishments/intricate collars.

Modcloth blackThe Rockabilly Your World top is one of several items from the vintage inspired ModCloth and the rounded collar/bow detail is so on point for Virginia.

Carven black dressSticking with black and a similar neckline with a Carven dress that sits a lot higher (mid-thigh) than something Virginia would wear, but definitely shares in the essence of her serious work attire.

LanvinGrey is Virginia’s backup work power suit color (just throw a white coat over the top for extra Virginia Johnson confidence) and this knee-length Lanvin wool dress is all nipped in waist, keyhole detail and shoulder embellishment.

red dress modclothTime to inject some color and red is rather symbolical for a number of reasons; it reflects the passion that both Virginia and Bill are having a hard time reconciling with as each pushes the other away at various points during season 1. Red is a dominant color on the artwork for season 2 and it holds significance when Virginia wears it. Plus Lizzy Caplan looks stunning in any form of crimson (lip color included). This frock is from ModCloth and is appropriately called the Dance Floor Date dress.

RedValentinoOne more Virginia item and Masters of Sex had me coveting all the coats last season. Coming from RED Valentino this stunning and super chic black woven coat has a hint of bowed femininity and an enduring quality. Virginia is both fashion forward for the time period and at the same time maintains a timeless look as a woman in the workplace.

ModCloth yellow Yellow heels

Moving on with a couple of items that make me think of Jane. Jane’s dominant color matched her sunny disposition with a whole lot of yellow. Both the You Got the Upbeat blouse and Member of the Board heels are from ModCloth and are well suited to those who wear this shade all of the time and those who want to give it a go for the first time. Regulars to the site know I am a slight yellow clothes obsessive and so I’m always happy to have a reason to shop this color.

Topshop skirtLibby is the most classically feminine of the women on Masters of Sex as she plays the traditional role of housewife and now mother. In season 1 Libby’s costuming reflects a wealthy lifestyle and even her loungewear/cooking/cleaning clothes are beautiful. This might see a shift in season 2 as she’s now dealing with a baby and their financial situation is far from secure. This beautiful cornflower jacquard skirt is from Topshop and matches the pastels and patterns Libby wears.

Alice and OliviaMore soft color from Alice + Olivia and this works for both a Libby influence and her younger counterpart Vivian Scully (pink dominates her costuming). The floral lace detail is stunning and the classic A-line cut is perfectly Libby with a modern twist.

Tory BurchLibby doesn’t really do the whole monochrome thing; if she did this Tory Burch ‘Wilda‘ polka dot affair would be her speed as those dots aren’t actually white but rose pink.

Masters of Sex returns Sunday, July 13 so be sure to join us next week for all the costuming and narrative analysis.

The Wish List: Sneak Peek at Jess’ Wardrobe on New Girl

11 Mar

Zooey Deschanel’s much anticipated Tommy Hilfiger collection is not available until next month, in the meantime her character Jess will be wearing a Tommy Hilfiger sweater on New Girl tonight and it would make a great addition to any spring closet. It’s finally getting warmer so hopefully the chunky knitwear will soon be replaced by items like this and in true Tommy Hilfiger fashion it is all about the classic red, white and blue color palette.

NG_320-22_0459A mini a-line skirt and black tights is a Jess staple and the windowpane pattern is a fresh twist on the usual polka dots and stripes her character tends to favor.

NG_320-6A_0213Also catching our eye from tonight’s episode “Fired Up” is this super cute navy Dear Creatures “Erynn’s Flair for the Classics Dress.”


The belted bow detail is very Jess, though it’s might not be the ideal volleyball attire. Looking through the Dear Creatures collection at ModCloth and I think I’ve found a new brand for spring.

The Wish List: The Mindy Project’s “Christmas Party Sex Trap”

4 Dec

Bold color and pattern are very much part of The Mindy Project costuming and this week’s festive outing is the perfect time for a Mindy wish list. Mindy doesn’t disappoint on this big holiday occasion with her sartorial choices and she is yet to meet a sparkly dress that she doesn’t like. It’s also time to add to the TV Ate My Wardrobe burgeoning coat covet list.

Mindy purple plaidPlaid is always a winner and C. Wonder’s purple wool toggle coat is a fun twist on this pattern and is perfectly Mindy. Sadly it is no longer available but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it on eBay.

Mindy houndstoothIt’s a double coat winner for Mindy this week and Theory’s ‘Danvey’ houndstooth coat rivals the dogstooth beauty on the last episode of Scandal; everything in a tooth pattern is an instant draw at the moment. It also happens to be more than half off and it also comes in camel tones if you want to switch up from the traditional monochrome. Mindy’s outerwear has been pretty exceptional this season including this recent entry on our Look of the Week list. Both the above and below photos give me many conflicted Danny/Mindy feelings; a ‘will they/won’t they’ who I like as friends first, but their chemistry is undeniable.

Mindy Project Christmas Party Sex TrapMindy’s holiday party dress is slightly more demure than I expected – not that she has to be full on sparkles and color all of the time – and it’s a beautiful peacock blue L. K. Bennett cocktail dress with a rhinestone embellished top. So yes, there is a sophisticated glittery element to it.

Mindy ProjectLike Mindy, Betsy doesn’t shy away from patterns and color and this red, white and blue bubble retro looking blouse from ModCloth is a perfect example of that. As with the C. Wonder plaid coat this is no longer available to purchase so we’ll have to keep our eBay searching eyes peeled.

Earlier today, I suggested TV character paper dolls that you can switch clothing between and I would love to see Mindy Lahiri trying out Carrie Mathison’s Theory look and vice versa.

In non wish list news here is a bonus gif gift of Danny’s Aaliyah dance. Enjoy!


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