Get the Look: Keri Russell’s Electric Blue Eyes

19 Nov

Recently it’s all been about Keri Russell in 1998 thanks to my recent Felicity venture over at This Was TV so a recent PaleyFest panel about The Americans escaped my radar (I would make a terrible spy). The Americans has been one of my favorite new shows of 2013 (there will be more on this next month as December is the official month of list making) and the forthcoming second season that is set to air in January is highly anticipated – I really miss the wigs.

At this panel Russell is a far cry from the chunky knit sweater wearing Felicity that I’ve been watching for the past month and she looks super funky in a metallic blue blazer and leather pants. This is definitely more on the Elizabeth Jennings (updated to this decade of course) than Ms. Porter.

Paleyfest The AmericansOne of Keri Russell’s defining style points is her hair (and I’m still on season 1 so the chopping hasn’t occurred yet) and at this event she has gone for the uncoiffed, tousled look. Adding a bit of flare is the hint of electric blue on Russell’s eyes which complements the jacket without coming across as too matchy matchy.

Keri Russell electric blue eyesIn this close up shot you can see how powerful this hint of blue is and in the recent Hollywood Reporter Beauty Issue, Russell appears alongside her makeup artist Tina Turnbow and the spontaneity of this moment is discussed. It was a last minute decision to go for something this bold and Turnbow ran off to Sephora to pick out a color to make Russell’s eyes pop in this outfit. The eye pencil that she chose is called “My Boyfriend’s Jeans” and it’s not going to break the bank at $9.

My boyfriend's jeans eye pencilAs it gets nearer to the holiday season it’s when I start to experiment with bolder eye color as I tend to wear pastel shades in the summer. At this time of year I don’t feel so self-conscious going for smokey or sparkly eyes and my fear of looking like a clown subsides a little. In the past I have spoken about the idea of having an IMDB like database for makeup that appears in movies, TV shows or public appearances and while that’s not come to fruition yet, I’m glad to see a site/magazine like The Hollywood Reporter not only dedicate an annual issue to beauty/style, but also launch a sister site called Pret-a-Reporter. It’s refreshing to find out more about the talented folk who work behind the scenes giving actresses their camera ready look.

While we don’t all have a makeup artist on hand, being able to get tips and product suggestions that aren’t ridiculously expensive is something I appreciate as I still feel like a makeup novice even at 31. Twitter and Instagram mean that makeup artists can show off their skills and offer advice; their work can be celebrated in a way that has been previously lacking.

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