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The Wish List: iZombie and Peyton’s DVF Dress

31 May

It has been a while since my last Wish List piece and as I just spent the last couple of weeks catching up on iZombie it feels like the ideal time to add another item to the ever growing costume coveting collection.

Filling in the fun solving murders with a special talent hole left by Pushing Daisies with the added bonus of the writing voice of Veronica Mars and Party Down (the references to both had me clapping with joy at every turn) and this pretty much hits all my TV sweet spots.Costume wise I’ve enjoyed the changes to Liv’s attire depending on the brain of the person she has eaten; sometimes this is subtle and other times it becomes a vital part of the plot. This is also a really great show for sweaters with Liv’s signature sweater and jeans attire pretty much looking like half my wardrobe and Ravi’s is a knitwear and button down dream.

For this Wish List however I will be looking at Peyton and a dress which featured in “Pour Some Sugar, Zombie” and my accidental late night one episode before bed somehow turned into three episodes and very late night. Damn this end of season amping up the storyline and twists thing. But it was worth it.

It is well noted on this site how much I adore Diane von Furstenberg and the first two seasons of Hannibal was pretty much me drawing heart eyes around Alana Bloom’s wrap dresses before she switched these up for the even more incredible ladysuits.DVFThis one is going in a somewhat different DVF dress direction and the purple, pink, yellow and blue bouclé Pop Violet print of the Minetta dress really sets it off and turns what could be a blah shift dress into something fun.

This could work as the ideal wedding guest dress or fancy work wear.Expect more thoughts on iZombie in the not too distant future, but for now enjoy Ravi really loving himself and the A+ facial reactions of Peyton and Liv.

Best of the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards Red Carpet

2 Jun

It is only Tuesday and this has already been a very busy week for the red carpet. Last night the Lincoln Center was awash with models, singers and actors wearing the creations of designers attending the annual CFDA Fashion Awards. As with the Met Gala this is a celebration of fashion and so the bar for creativity is set higher than your average red carpet; here are our favorite looks from the night.

Diane KrugerKicking things off with Diane Kruger shutting down the red carpet in a Prabal Gurung dress that resembles no other.

Janelle MonaeJanelle Monae showed some caped goodness switching out black and white H&M for white and gold Tadashi Shoji adding to her recent sartorial highs.

Gigi and ZacharyModel Gigi Hadid poses with a rather dapper Zachary Quinto and she has been dipped in the fashion equivalent of liquid gold in a stunning Michael Kors jumpsuit. There are nods to the decade which is currently dominating editorials and the runway and I am so all in on this 1970s revival.

Juliette LewisWearing this many white feathers is hard look to pull off and Juliette Lewis is winning me over with how much fun she is having in this Christian Siriano creation. The crop top factor helps it avoid looking bridal.

Karlie and DianeKarlie Kloss in plunging red polka dot DVF posing with Diane von Furstenberg in another strong pattern that is very on brand; both women look sensational.

Taraji P HensonTwo days in a row for Taraji P. Henson and off the back from winning Best Actress in a Drama at the Critics’ Choice Awards. This super sexy maroon Vera Wang Collection frock packs a huge ‘wow’ punch and shades of red are dominating TV Ate My Wardrobe’s picks from this event.

January JonesI’m on the fence about the overall look of January Jones in J. Mendel, which I think is down to the shape of the pants and my general complicated feelings about jumpsuits (which are well documented on this site). But she looks great and now I’m going to go cry some more about how we left Betty (never getting over it).

Joshua JacksonOh, hello.

For a list of the winners head here.


The Wish List: Leslie Knope’s Blouse from the Parks and Recreation Series Finale

25 Feb

Find your team and get to work! April Ludgate was the focus of the TV Ate My Wardrobe Parks and Recreation goodbye for both her style influence and how the show managed to capture the anxiety of not knowing what you want to be/do so brilliantly through this character. Parks is all about the team so while April is our style icon, it is perhaps fitting that the leader of the team gets the Wish List costuming honor from the series finale.*

*Please be aware that as I write this the screen is still blurry from the mess these last two episodes have made me.

Throughout the seasons Leslie’s look has got more polished and her blouse collection cannot be rivaled. Floral prints are a repeated motif and this is something we see in the finale; however it is the striking black and white blouse which makes our list.

Parks and RecreationIt mirrors one of our favorite current trends with the lady tux and from a distance the black trim has that effect. The ‘Quiana’ blouse is by Diane von Furstenberg and I would very much like it in my life. And here is a closer look (albeit through a window shot):

Leslie Knope

And here is one last April Ludgate outfit to covet for good measure:

April Ludgate Parks and Rec finaleIn the future there will be more sweaters underneath dresses – I kind of like how the future costuming is pretty similar to the clothes of now – and this green dress is T by Alexander Wang. Digging the specs too.

And to round things off how about a song to carry on the Parks related tears and The Gabe Dixon Band’s “All Will Be Well,” which was used during the montage sequence as Andy and April drove to the Grand Canyon in the season 4 episode “End of the World.”


The Good Wife, Unethical Shortcomings and Simply Being a Lawyer

5 Jan

The Good Wife sure knows how to start the year with a flurry of emotions and it looked like Cary’s future would involve swapping pocket squares and suits for a jumpsuit. Before watching “Hail Mary” I was pretty sure I wanted The Good Wife to see this story through; not because I want to see Cary in prison for a crime he didn’t commit (far from it), but it felt like a bold story choice and I had concerns the easy less interesting route would be another case of Kalinda finding a magical piece of evidence in the eleventh hour. Instead it has created an entirely different tangled mess for Kalinda and one which will probably play a big part in Archie Panjabi’s well publicized exit arc.

Cary’s predicament allows for self-reflection and his future is this big blurry mess of nothing; what do you do when the one thing you were sure of is taken away?

The Good Wife 6.11 Hail MaryAlicia is prepping for her imminent debate with Prady meaning she is once again absent from the majority of the Cary race against the clock – episodes which involve a tight time deadline like this are always a favorite of mine – but she is more involved than she has previously been much to Eli’s annoyance. Alicia still remains out of the loop and because everything is taking place over the phone (like every call with Kalinda since season 4) she does unknowingly slip up when she mentions to Cary that all hope is not lost.

Corruption is a shared theme between these two storylines as Alicia’s debate focuses on the unethical shortcomings of the current and past SA office. Yep, Alicia isn’t holding back on Peter’s shortcomings. Kalinda meanwhile is pulling every move she can to try and save Cary from going to jail including tampering and changing evidence to make it look like an email had been read, when in fact it had been sent to a spam folder and deleted without ever being seen. It’s not like Kalinda hasn’t ever broken the law or gone to extremes but there is something about this move which has me very worried for where she is heading.

Bishop’s kitchen shouldn’t be terrifying but it has been the center of many heated conversations and Kalinda pushed him too far in the last episode; just look at how small and nervous she looks in this location. Kalinda has a couple of pressing concerns as not only is she in Bishop’s favor debt and awaiting a phone call all episode to say what said favor is, but she has now hacked a police officer’s email account to exonerate Cary. And she didn’t need to do either. Well, maybe the Bishop favor for finding Cary a jail friend isn’t needed, but that phone call is the catalyst for realizing there was an import/export error in the first place so that one can stand. It is the other part that really wasn’t necessary.

The Good Wife 6.11 kalindaKalinda is usually the evidence finding unicorn of The Good Wife and instead the honor of this prize this week goes to the other Carey as he infers from the transcript there is someone else who was part of the Trey Wagner interrogation. This evidence comes late and Diane has already delivered the other Hail Mary of email fakeness and the look on Kalinda’s face when she realizes she is too late is full on gut punch. Now is the time to praise the face parts acting of all involved with Judge Cuesta overturning Cary’s charges and setting him free as Matt Czuchry once again delivers face crumple perfection along with Christine Baranski. Destroyed all over again and for my worries that Cary would get off due to a technicality I can’t be mad when it delivers performances like this. Plus this isn’t a simple case of evidence equals acquittal as Kalinda’s conflicted reaction all too clearly shows (amazing face parts acting from Archie Panjabi here too).

Teary relief is what happens in the courtroom; when Alicia finds out a rare broad smile is etched all over her face and she lets out an unbridled “WOOH” at what she thinks is an empty parking garage. Turns out Johnny is there and she takes her joy one step further by planting a smooch on his mouth. How much we are meant to read into this moment is unclear as the earlier close up and whispered encouragement definitely cranked up the sexual tension, but it also feels like a spur of the moment emotional release and Johnny just happened to be standing there. No, Alicia is not the kind of person to just randomly kiss anyone and I wonder if Finn had been there whether if she had done the same the power strut that followed would have taken place. I am inclined to believe that it would have been far more than a brief on the lips kiss if it had been the case especially as their debate prep sparring was fully charged in a playful flirty manner even with the mudslinging. They really appeared to be relishing this back and forth until Peter showed up and cockblocked the whole thing, because of course he did. One thing is clear; as chief Alicia/Peter shipper Eli is going to be super pissed at Johnny if he finds out about this parking garage interaction.

Ah yes Peter, and Alicia gets to work her full controlled anger on him as she takes him to task making it clear that she isn’t going to be portrayed as an extension of his current or past administration; Alicia is very much her own woman. It is never not boring to watch Alicia go at Peter like this and I kinda wish she was debating her husband instead of Prady next week. Going into the why of this decision to go for State’s Attorney and Alicia strips it down to the basics mirroring the reason why she likes the law; it is all about control and she believes that she can put the job before self-interests. Of course she doesn’t mention the real more base levels as to why she is running – Gloria Steinem encouragement and Castro’s goading – and this idea of simply being a lawyer when stacked up against all the political machinations that come with this job could be a pipe dream.

Mirroring Alicia’s “simply a lawyer” notion from another angle is Cary as he ponders what his life will look like after all of this; all he has ever wanted to be is a lawyer and now he can’t figure anything out. I think we are meant to wonder if Cary is going to take Bishop’s Spain offer but Bill, his prison consultant (The Wire’s Domenick Lombardozzi) has already pointed out the obvious regarding how terrible Cary would be as an outlaw. Even if that is a very healthy looking bank account.

The ethical line is constantly shifting on The Good Wife particularly when the stakes are huge and there is no way this isn’t going to come back to haunt Kalinda in one way or another, which could also impact Cary in a devastating manner.

Bonus style time and I couldn’t end this first Good Wife post of 2015 without mentioning the red coat Alicia wore in her parking garage smooch and stomp of glory:

The Good Wife 6.11 DVF coatThis coat looks familiar and that’s because it is from the same coat family as one of my ultimate costume pieces; the Diane von Furstenberg Cosima coat from Orphan Black. Alicia’s has a different collar design and is the ‘Mikhaila.’ It is not surprising to see Alicia wearing this color when she pulls this defiant move.

The Wish List: Robyn’s Star Sweater on The Good Wife

30 Sep

Diane Lockhart is the character whose impeccable style I am in awe of, when in reality Robyn is far closer to how I actually dress. Not that this is a bad thing; Robyn is smart and disarms those she is investigating through her brightly colored/bold patterned attire. Not that Robyn has done a whole lot of investigating this season as she’s become more of an assistant (or confidant if you will ) to Alicia while Cary has been locked up.

If Kalinda does come to the new firm – this was one of Diane’s stipulations – I wonder what this means for Robyn and whether they can have two investigators on their books. Robyn and Kalinda’s style varies in a lot of ways and the most obvious is how they dress as Kalinda is all leather and knee high boots whereas Robyn looks more like a college student. Together they have proven in the past to be a formidable team and while Kalinda might prefer to act as a lone wolf, sometimes she needs to hang out with someone who is more fond of pack mentality. And would probably wear a wolf sweater – maybe something like this.

There are several TV sweater superstars and as we are finally in sweater season (insert happy dance here) it is time to relish in this moment. First up Robyn’s star number from The Good Wife’s season 6 premiere.

The Good Wife 6.01 Robyn star sweaterRobyn is wearing a star sweater with raglan sleeves by Olivia Moon and sadly it is no longer available (eBay is now the best bet), but there are other alternatives if you’re looking to go for a starry pattern. Ranging from affordable to a month’s rent prices here are a pick of our current favorites.

WarehouseFrom Warehouse this grey sweater is perfect for casual hanging out or that new law firm you work at (maybe not the latter depending on your role).

WildfoxThis Wildfox pullover has a more summery feel, but that be influenced by the jorts the model is wearing and it can be found at Bloomingdales.

MaisonSomething a bit bolder with this red Maison Scotch sweater available from ASOS.

Chinti and ParkerThis cobalt-blue intarsia stars constellation isn’t as crowded as some of the other jumpers on offer, but this Chinti and Parker Italian cashmere number is just as striking.

DVFAdding a moon to the night sky imagery is TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite Diane von Furstenberg.

CoachStars and the moon are one thing, now we’ve got Coach and their homage to the US Space Program and I could definitely see Robyn in this (April Ludgate too).

Robyn 6.02We will be keeping an eye on Robyn’s sweater game and her cardigans are just as fun including this Alice + Olivia cloud cardigan from “Trust Issues” (sadly no longer available, another eBay suggestion).

The Good Wife 6.02 RobynAnd it’s worth noting that one of Robyn’s sweaters from “Trust Issues” is a repeat from last season (and previously mentioned DVF wish list item). It makes me so happy when a show reuses a costume. Although that dude behind Robyn is clearly judging.

New York Fashion Week: 10 Spring 2015 Looks for Mad Men’s Megan Draper

8 Sep

Welcome to the first Fantasy Costuming from this New York Fashion Week showcasing the ready-to-wear looks for Spring 2015. Rather than starting with one designer we are instead going to focus on a variety of collections that would look right at home on Mad Men’s Megan Draper. Of course none of these designs are vintage, instead we wanted to find items that represent Megan’s fashion forward style and how she is always dressed straight out of the pages of Vogue while never coming across as try hard or a fashion victim. The pieces we have chosen have some elements of how we saw her last season as she attempts to live out her acting dream in LA so Cali boho sneaks in as well as both micro hemlines and longer, floaty hippy inspired ones.

This is not meant to reflect where the story is heading as we have no idea how much Megan is going to feature in the final episodes, particularly when you factor in how we left things in a seemingly final state with Don.

DVFStarting short and even though Mad Men is set before the introduction of Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress in 1974, Megan would have looked very at home with this style and in this leafy patterned micro version.

DVF MeganThis is also from Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2015 RTW collection and the long sleeves/short skirt element is on trend with how Megan dressed in 1969 last season. Megan would definitely be a DVF woman.

Victoria BeckhamSticking with patterns but moving into the floor length gown area with Victoria Beckham and this reminds me of the optical art print which were very popular in the 60s. It’s like a less hypnotic/vomit inducing version and Jessica Paré certainly is statuesque enough to pull this off.

Honor 70sSticking with the length and going a bit more boho with this Honor frock.

Honour plungeAnother gown from Honor and this goes a little deeper with the plunging neckline and adds some color flare with the rainbow dotty belt.

Tadashi Shoji NYFW FallMore relaxed elegance and this time from Tadashi Shoji. Perfect for those times when Megan isn’t awkwardly approaching producers to find out why she didn’t get the part.

BCBGThis is the longer, less in your face movie star sexy version of the baby doll mini dress Megan wore in the season 6 premiere. This is from BCBG Max Azria and she could totally make it work in just as funky fashion.

BCBG FallAnother billowy dress from BCBG Max Azria in a beautiful pattern clashing design that exudes sexiness thanks to a well placed high leg slit.

Escada jumpsuit

Megan is totally going to work the jumpsuit phase as it gets more popular in the 70s and this one from Escada is a simple yet effective version of this enduring trend.

Rebecca MinkoffOne aspect that ties most of these looks together is they are all pretty effortless and even when Megan is wearing something high fashion she pulls it off with ease. Her off duty style also reflects this and I’ve always been a fan of seeing Megan in pants; this Rebecca Minkoff ensemble is set off with the wide brimmed floppy hat and is ideal for the warmer LA climate.

Look out for more NYFW Fantasy Costuming posts this week!

Best of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards Red Carpet

3 Jun

The annual CFDA Fashion Awards were held at the Lincoln Center in New York yesterday (June 2) celebrating those who have made an outstanding contribution to American fashion. Actors, models and singers attended the event dressed in creations designed by the winners and nominees and here is a look at our favorites from this event.

Greta Gerwig and Zac PosenGreta Gerwig poses with designer Zac Posen in a stunning long sleeve tangerine dress by Zac Posen and while her How I Met Your Dad project is no more (and really Gerwig was the main reason I would have watched this show) I am very excited to see what is next for her. I hope this bad TV experience won’t put Gerwig off future television projects, though I expect network TV has been soured for now.

SolangeSolange looks super sexy in shimmery silver Calvin Klein Collection, which is giving off Old Hollywood vibes with a dash of ’70s disco. I am super into bright pink lip color at the moment and this pop of color gives this look a contemporary feel.

Coco RochaBringing the drama is Coco Rocha in a Christian Siriano gown (and posing with the designer and I’m momentarily mesmerized by his shoes). This is a stunning and elegant design and the embroidered monochrome skirt is enhanced by the off the shoulder sleeved black bodice. Add a cigarette holder and this has Audrey Hepburn flashes.

Liya KebedeWearing a white Wes Gordon shirt and a skirt that makes me think of chemistry class (I might be the only who sees this print and pictures atoms and molecules) in the best possible way is model Liya Kebede. This is one of those looks that is super stylish and effortless; it’s happens to be on the least showy end and yet it is also one of the standouts.

Busy PhilipsBusy Philipps looks stunning and statuesque in a red Honor halter dress complete with a custom Irene Neuwirth necklace – Neuwirth won for accessory design – and matching ring. The ruffled neck sets this dress apart from other red gowns like this that tend to go for a bow option (see Nicole Kidman and Emma Stone).

Brie Larson DVFI have loved this gold star print Diane von Furstenberg dress since I first saw it on the runway back in February (it sadly didn’t fit in with this Alana Bloom fantasy costuming piece) and I’m so glad to see how good Brie Larson looks in this frock.

Keri RussellWhile this might look a tad like a mint-green sheet has found its way onto this Rosie Assoulin gown, I really like this ethereal Grecian touch and it goes beyond just another plain monochrome getup. Keri Russell tends to stick with simple designs and this is still in her usual wheelhouse with an added embellishment and she’s pulling this look off.

For a list of the winners head here.

The Wish List: Parks and Recreation Unity Concert Style

29 Apr

Season 6 of Parks and Recreation concluded last week with the Unity Concert and big changes. Music festival fashion specials tend to make my eyes roll hard as all kinds of expensive and most likely inappropriate items are suggested – do you really want to be wearing a $300 jumpsuit when you have to use the not so high end festival toilets? This also brings up my greatest fear about the play/jumpsuit trend as you pretty much have to get naked when going to the bathroom and this is even less appealing in the middle of a field. When it comes to dressing for an outdoor music event my first thought is the rather practical “would I care if this got ruined?” as most of the festivals I have been to have a high chance of rain and I don’t really want to get mud all over a brand new dress. Yeah I still want to look good, but I’d rather spend the time enjoying myself rather than being concerned about my clothes. It’s not particularly edgy, but you’re also not going to look like an asshole.

Pawnee is not Coachella and in the Parks and Rec finale there is a distinct lack of underbutt and questionable crochet/macramé attire. Instead it’s all hoodies, plaid shirts, jeans, khaki jackets and Unity Concert tees. No, it’s not the most fashion forward, but it pretty accurately represents the festival fashion that makes sense to me.

Parks and RecreationBen is the only one not wearing a Unity Concert tee as he’s got his Letters to Cleo shirt on underneath his staple plaid. This is one of Ben’s repeated costume pieces and he’s definitely the kind of guy who is comfortable wearing the band shirt he is seeing to the actual gig. Everyone else is wearing Staff emblazoned Unity Concert t-shirts and while these are currently not available from the NBC store, I’m sure this will change in the near future as they have previously sold other Pawnee festival related items. Leslie’s khaki green Battalion jacket from Current/Elliott is something she wore in the season 5 finale and it prompted me to dig out my 10+ year old Topshop khaki green jacket which I adore and has been to many festivals with me.

Parks and Rec AndyAndy and April rocking the plaid and stripes (both in Unity Concert tees). Costume design on shows that feature high end designer pieces is all about aspiration, Parks and Rec (and probably New Girl) is the nearest to how I actually dress and I adore it for his reason.

Parks and Rec Jean Ralphio sneakersThere’s always one and Jean-Ralphio is not only wearing double ankle monitors, but he’s also sporting a spectacular pair of Nike Roshe Run Tiger Camo sneakers which are just as bold as he is. These are fine for a sunny venue, though there’s always scuff danger in a large crowd situation.

Parks and Rec Leslie and BenPost concert fashion is completely different and as the concert was all about saving this merger, Ben and Leslie are on work duty. Ben has switched out his Letters to Cleo tee for a tie and Leslie’s ditched the khaki for this beautiful cherry blossom Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. This definitely falls into the aspirational column (and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Alana Bloom in this over on Hannibal, the shows are VERY different but these two characters share style pointers).

The three year time jump shouldn’t impact the costume design too heavily I shouldn’t think; I do hope they manage to tame Leslie’s bang situation by then and I’m looking forward to finding out why Ben was all dapper and tuxedoed up in that final scene.

Scandal 3.12 “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies” Review

7 Mar

Scandal is constantly shifting the pieces and the players who are in control; you would think Fitz as the President is top of this long chain, but he’s just as much a pawn in the machinations of the show as much as anyone else. Jake currently sits in the prize B613 chair and he has access to everything, including Tom the ‘loyal’ secret service agent who delivers video from inside the Oval Office. Jake doesn’t have all the power as Quinn so smugly demonstrates and he’s also taking part in the boyfriend charade with Olivia.

What of Olivia? Olivia used to hold all the cards, however as the show has expanded her ability to control her surroundings has waned and at this moment she’s pretty much in the same position as Fitz. This has been a problem for Scandal and even though this is a much stronger outing than last week, it’s Mellie that comes out on top.

Scandal 3.12 Olivia and FitzThe episode opens with a post-sex argument between Olivia and Fitz – hey guys isn’t it meant to go argument followed by makeup sex? – as Fitz is pissed about the Jake of it all. This is where Olivia delivers a very powerful statement that is repeated throughout the episode and I’m glad that Olivia has finally laid out her feelings in this manner:

“I did not do this for you! I did this for me! So I could work on the campaign. So I could walk down the street and not be whispered about! So I could stop being known as the woman who screwed the president! So the scarlet “A” on my chest could be invisible! So I’m not a joke. I am a person. I am not a hen, I am not a prize and I have a business to run, people to support, a life to lead a desire to wake up and face myself in the mirror every day.”

One problem with this is that she has lost a lot of her agency and so while she claims she is now doing this for herself, there are others who are in control of her fate. The black and white geometrical jacquard Marni jacket is Olivia Pope at her most frantic and the uncontrolled nature of the pattern reflects her current situation.

Scandal 3.12 Mellie in coralMellie is the star of this week and this is a sequel of sorts to “Everything’s Coming up Mellie” as we find out what happened after Fitz’s father raped her. In the present Mellie is once again all about the bold colors (I think they’re working through the color spectrum) and this coral Melinda Eng frock is beautiful. This scene with Olivia is problematic as it suggests that Mellie is better because she didn’t give into temptation with Andrew and it pits these two women against each other once again.

Scandal 3.12 MellieThis color palette of the present is in contrast to the muted tones of her past as we see the bond between Mellie and Andrew Nichols develop. As far as we know Andrew is the only person that knows what really happened to Mellie and he protects her now as he did back then. Mellie finally succumbs to temptation as they discuss the portraits of the first ladies and plants one on Andrew and it looks like the best kiss of her life. So of course she bolts and leaves Andrew to touch the painting of Jackie Kennedy that he’s really not meant to touch.

Scandal 3.12 AdnanIn sleeping with people you probably shouldn’t with news, Harrison is still hooking up with Adnan and she’s now got him buying seats at fundraisers for him. All the power she has over him is linked to another mysterious name – this time Clearwater – and apparently it is totes bad. Adnan looks stunning in silver, but Cyrus is less than thrilled when he finds out who she is. If only he knew that she’s also in cahoots with Mama Pope. What’s their big plan? This is another reason why it’s no longer the show run by Olivia as there are too many other players who are 5 steps ahead with their diabolical schemes.

Scandal 3.12 Abby DVFIt’s an eventful week for Abby as she opens up to David and tells him she loves him, she also hacks his email (true love does this) and saves his life (with Huck’s help) and she does so while wearing another fabulous DVF wrap dress. David finally says his “I love you” all while fearing for his life; the big takeaway here is to never pause to look into a trunk that has just randomly opened. Oh and tell your girlfriend when you’re doing something dangerous.

Other things of note that occurred this week; Olivia is unsure if she has feelings for Jake, Cyrus continues to freak about who the leak is and is completely unaware that it’s James. Cyrus should look at little closer and realize his husband is sweating a lot. Sally sees red on the carpet and it triggers flashbacks to killing Daniel Douglas; she’s pretty much a loose cannon and Leo is trying to rein her in. Some stuff happens with Quinn as she tells Olivia that Huck licked her face. Thanks for that memory, show. Huck blames Olivia for what happened as he is a monster on a leash. Oh and Jake really wants beer and burgers, not red wine and popcorn. Maybe that’s a sign this fake relationship is doomed. James really should have said his cover name out loud before sending the first text and it gets funnier the more Publius is uttered.

The gallery below includes Olivia in this amazing Dolce & Gabbana tweed jacket, flashback and present Mellie in bold and somber tones  (including this Michael Kors frock), David Rosen rocking a beautiful silk scarf, the delightful power clashing of Harrison and Jake shirtless (because I couldn’t resist). Enjoy!

Scandal 3.11 “Ride Sally, Ride” Costume Review: Photo Ops and Fake Smiles

28 Feb

Scandal is back and so are the twisty, back stabby storylines and fabulous clothes. Previously with these Scandal reviews I have talked through the episode via the costuming and that is going to remain the case. There will be one slight change as a handful of costumes will take the spotlight and then there will be a separate gallery at the end to highlight other outfits that catch our eye. As with everything on TV Ate My Wardrobe we want to keep these articles as fresh and relevant as possible; so while I don’t necessarily need to write a paragraph about Harrison’s amazing suits each week, we still want to show off the amazing tailoring. Feedback is always appreciated so if there is anything you want to see from these Scandal costume reviews then let us know in the comments.

Scandal 3.11 cheersThe first of two staged photo ops in “Ride Sally, Ride” and this one comes with so many fake smiles and gritted teeth. Both Mellie and Olivia are wearing their power colors with Olivia in white Prada and Mellie opting for a red (you can see the color version in the gallery below). The black and white stills, a Scandal signature are even more pertinent in scenes like this one where the paparazzi are present. The goblet wine glasses are not quite the Olivia Pope ultra thin stemmed standard but they will do.

Scandal 3.11 wine cardigan no tieAs seen later, Olivia is on a wine chugging mission in the appropriate wine cardigan attire as she questions exactly why she is doing all of this and what it means to be a patriot. Jake is unwavering in his devotion to his Commander-in-Chief and this is why he has taken the job as Command. Jake claims that it will be different now that he is in charge; for starters he is taking a much more relaxed approach to the suit wearing and the lack of tie reflects his more casual Command. Once again Scott Foley is looking pretty damn good in a suit – I’ve been watching a lot of Felicity recently so it took a moment to acclimatize to the older less plaid shirt wearing Foley – and he steps up to the patriot plate in a way I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

Scandal 3.11 photo opTo the second staged photo moment and the bachelor Olivia has chosen as a cover is not from Mellie’s list. She won’t give Mellie the satisfaction. Matching coffee cups with well put together casual, yet stylish (of course) park walking attire and they look like a dream couple. Of course it’s WAY more complicated than that and there are real feelings at stake here, definitely for Jake and while it’s not the same for Olivia because of Fitz, there’s an attraction. Jake doesn’t throw whiskey glasses across the room, nor does he have door open/door closed tantrums, so you know he’s pretty good dating material. Even if it’s all for show.

Scandal 3.11 threesomeAaaaand things just got even more complicated with the new VP nominee choice Andrew Nichols as he spoke of a woman he was once in love with and lost. Of course that woman turns out to be Mellie and this love triangle just grew another side. It will be good to see Mellie lavished with attention and once again she looks stunning in red. Mellie’s wearing all the colors this week with green, royal blue and teal making an appearance. It’s all about the bold colors to emphasize a message of power; Mellie is no wallflower despite the endless Fitz rumors.

Scandal 3.11 AdnanAnother lady in red and it’s the mysterious Adnan Salif, the very person who Harrison has been terrified of and why he has been a wreck since finding out that she is back in the country. Harrison is also pretty attracted to her and instead of this ending in a bloody mess it ends up in a tryst on the desk. Oh and kudos show for the surprise that Adnan is a woman and shame on me for just assuming it was going to be a dude.

In the gallery below there is Abby in two more glorious Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses (including a repeat of the snakeskin pattern she wore in episode 10), Olivia in a whole lot of roomy attire (to cover Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy) with peplums and gorgeous coats on show, James in plaid as he plots to take Cyrus down and the tabloid with Olivia and Jake making news.

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