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NYFW Fantasy Costuming: Sweaters from Coach for Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

17 Sep

Coach is set to have a big 2016 as it is their 75th anniversary and this 2016 Spring/Summer collection is their first major runway show at New York Fashion Week. Coach is a brand I am particularly fond of* and the journey from bags to clothing has included some very fun pieces such as this much coveted rocket sweater. Keeping with this theme and the current TV Ate My Wardrobe sweater queen is Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Gina (played by Chelsea Peretti) taking the crown from April Ludgate when Parks and Recreation ended. It is perhaps fitting that last year’s NYFW Coach picks were for April and my flashback sweater sweetheart Felicity Porter.

*The only Coach item I currently own is one of my favorite vintage store finds and it is a leather document holder from the 1960s which I use as an iPad case because it is the perfect size. Everything old is new again and all that.

Brief Intermission Announcement – The NYFW Fantasy Costuming pieces have been a bit light on the ground this year and I am very aware that today is the last day with London Fashion Week kicking off tomorrow. This has been due to other work commitments as I have been travelling at lot more than usual and I hope to get a few more of these done in the coming weeks as fall TV returns – End of Brief Intermission Announcement.

Back to Gina and the Coach runway show which includes a whole lot of floaty floral boho delights, leather minis, mosaic patterns and the all important knitwear.

Coach dinosaurIt might not be the creature Gina loves most (wolfies of course) but I can definitely see Gina wearing this T-Rex sweater and mosaic mini in whatever office her new job with Captain Holt takes her to on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

CoachPurple zebra print, a classic Coach saddle bag and silver cut down cowboy boots is very Gina and as you will see in the gallery below there are several other sweaters which fit her signature style. Plus a tee/mini skirt winning combination and a couple of leather jackets which build on her previous garments of this kind. And the floral detail will definitely set her apart from Rosa as the other leather jacket wearer on this show.

Also keep an eye out for another Gina related treat in the coming weeks.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for season 3 Sunday, September 27.

Best of TV Costuming 2014: The Marriage Disguise on The Americans

4 Dec

Welcome to TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2014” costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items that we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking, we want to look at this year’s TV through the prism of costume.

The Americans returned at the start of the year building on the strengths of its first season and serving up a tighter narrative delivering on both the nerve shredding tension of the spy world and as a story about marriage. The wigs and multiple disguises continue to thrill (I wrote about the best covers of season 2 earlier this year) and instead of focusing on the spy attire as I did last year, I want to take a look at the mask they wear daily and the blurring of who they were/are. This marriage is no longer one of cover convenience and the complex emotional web is evolving as they get deeper in this thing called love. They are performing the roles of wife/mother and husband/father as part of their job, but they are also very much Philip and Elizabeth Jennings at this point even if between making dinner they steal government secrets. I will be discussing season 2 in some detail so there will be spoilers.

The Americans plaid and spotsLike most regular non-spies Elizabeth and Philip have clothes they wear for work and a more relaxed selection for at home. In the office Philip isn’t afraid to pattern clash – yes I am in love with the plaid/polka dot mix – and Elizabeth tends to stick with silk neck tie blouses, long gold chains and variety of smart pants and skirts. Nothing too fancy or showy, but what you might expect small business owners to wear. They want to blend in rather than call any attention to themselves but when you look like Keri Russell and have all that magnificent hair it is difficult to not stand out. Elizabeth is a cool mom, but not a cool mom in her style; she is on trend (particularly with her boots collection) but there is no element of try.

At home sweaters of the turtle/roll neck variety are very popular and come in both his and hers. Cue knitwear parade:

The Americans 2.01 The Americans 2.06 washing up the americans 2.09 spotlight The Americans 2.13 ElizabethCan a spy have it all? Balancing work and family can be hard in any profession and throwing espionage into the mix increases the difficulty and threat levels. Danger came in a whole new form with an unknown assassin who killed their spy co-workers along with their daughter in a motel room. Okay that turned out to be more of a domestic issue, a reveal that didn’t come until the finale and up to that point Philip and Elizabeth couldn’t be sure they weren’t on a hit list somewhere. Normally they have just themselves to worry about, but Paige and Henry became potential targets this season and The Americans expanded its focus this year looking at the wider family dynamic.

The marriage is at the heart of the show and as Philip and Elizabeth embraced the idea of real love – sometimes in a manner that no child should see their parents engage in, which is why you ALWAYS knock – the whole system they have been working in became more precarious. Feelings equal higher stakes and with each mission something seemed to go against them at every stage so Philip’s kill number increased dramatically and spy woes impacted their behavior around the kids.

This applies particularly to Philip and it all came to an explosive head in “Martial Eagle” with yet another operation gone bad and a very awkwardly timed trip to church with Paige. Paige has gone and given away all of the money she has been saving for a Europe trip and fun dad Philip turns into a terrifying Bible ripping version of himself as he berates Paige for “respecting Jesus” and not her parents. It is as if someone has flipped a switch and Philip briefly loses the ability to compartmentalize. We are used to seeing a scary but calm Philip in the field, not in this unbridled way in his own kitchen and I want to stress how incredible Matthew Rhys’ performance is across the entire season. The same can be said for Keri Russell who shows Elizabeth’s more vulnerable side this year along with her usually steely determination. Basically I want all the awards for this show.

Look at how hard it is for the pair who lie for a living to look happy when they meet the pastor at Paige’s church; Elizabeth is at least attempting to smile, whereas Philip is beyond being able to fake the grin and bear it approach. They at least put on their Sunday best for the occasion and look the part as they always manage to do.

The americans 2.09 Philip and ElizabethStacks and stacks of deceit are part of their world with cover on top of cover reaching breaking point and while they might be expert spies the emotional toil isn’t something Philip and Elizabeth excel in. Sex is one way they come back together and in the episode that follows “Martial Eagle” Elizabeth offers comfort to Philip in the form of food and an embrace. This leads to a very intimate exchange (thankfully Paige or Henry didn’t need a drink in the middle of the night) and this shared desire in a moment of despair reveals how in tune they can be in this new stage of their relationship. Earlier in the season this is not always the case and when Elizabeth wants to sleep with the wild animal that is Philip’s Clark persona (which is such a weird sentence to write) it ends up being an incredibly distressing experience which highlights how emotionally stunted they can be as a couple.

The Americans 2.05 E and PThe “Honey, how was your day at work?” conversation exists in an entirely different stratosphere on The Americans and in what is probably my favorite scene of the season Philip returns from a particularly difficult operation to a dozing Elizabeth on the sofa. Elizabeth has been running interference with Philip’s fake real wife Martha and their conversation covers all of these aspects. The noise Philip makes when he lies down is one of pure exhaustion and they get this brief moment before the kids’ alarm clocks go off and the day has begun again. In this spell between work chat and the world of their kids waking up they talk about their Russian past.

Discussing anything of who they were pre Elizabeth/Philip is forbidden and it is something they have mostly adhered to with a few notable exceptions such as Elizabeth revealing her real name in the pilot as a signal that their relationship could become more than a facade or when she asked him to ‘come home’ in Russian in the season finale. This is just a small moment discussing icicles that has been prompted by the Mossad agent niggling him about identity and where home really is. Sexual intimacy is one thing, however this scene from “The Deal” points to a much deeper connection as they cover everything from work, home and their past in a close embrace. Layers on layers on layers and it is surprising they don’t emotionally spiral at rapid intervals no matter how much training they have undertaken.

The Americans 2.13 picnicThe grand lie they have been living could all come crashing down with news that the KGB is interested in training Paige to be a spy who will have the ability as a US born citizen to really infiltrate the system. The threat comes from within and has the potential to fracture what has become a very stable relationship as Philip is on the ‘no fucking way’ end of the spectrum whereas Elizabeth sits at ‘maybe it won’t be so bad.’ It has been increasingly difficult to keep their personal and professional lives separate prior to this even though their personal life is a construction of the professional; now the lines are blurring even further and the family/espionage divide is on a collision course. Loyalty to the flag or loyalty to family?

Last year The Americans was a Top 10 show for me and after season 2 it is easily Top 3, if not the No. 1 (The Good WifeTransparent and Hannibal jostle it out for that spot) as it took the framework from the first season and upped the ante on every level. From a costume point of view this is a very fun show to watch with disguises aplenty, but the detail of their everyday attire should also be commended as Jenny Gering and her team don’t go crazy 80s; enhancing the real world quality of the production. Costume helps inform who these characters are and because we get so many versions of Philip and Elizabeth items such as comfy looking sweaters or Philip’s attempt to look like a cool dad act in conflict with the dark violence we know they are both capable of. There is no one point where their personal life ends and their work begins and no matter how hard they try to keep them separate this notion is an illusion wrapped up waiting to be exposed. Going from fake love to this real connection is just going to make the big Paige decision even harder. Roll on January 28 and season 3.

The Wish List: Gina’s Lightning Bolt Shirt and Plaid Jacket on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

22 Oct

Last year Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Gina became an instant TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite thanks to her collection of patterned sweaters, love for wolfies and penchant for interpretive dance. And of course the all-round Chelsea Peretti related goodness. The clothing coveting continues this season and this Wish List is dedicated to Gina’s attire in the recent “Halloween II” episode. No, Gina doesn’t wear a spooky costume and instead she works the whole pattern clashing thing with aplomb.

Gina B99Pairing a Collection B plaid baseball jacket with faux leather sleeves (also available in black and white plaid) with the contrasting lightning bolt shirt from Topshop (it also comes in coral) is one way to mix it up as we head into the chillier season, but it isn’t quite ready to dig out all the knitwear.

Lightning shirtHere are a couple of alternate jacket suggestions:

TartanFirst up more faux leather sleeves and a biker jacket rather than baseball style from Chicwash.

tartan and leatherReal leather-trim with multiple zips and tartan patterned Karl Lagerfeld biker jacket for another take on this trend.

Not forgetting the excellent sweater game Gina brings on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and “Halloween II” was no different:

Brooklyn 99 Gina sweaterPolka dots and sleeved florals – the sleeve/body contrast is a big thing this year – and if you like the look of this ‘Sloane’ sweater but want it in a non-clashing way, Equipment has a couple of other items which have caught our attention using these patterns separately.

The ‘Aubrey‘ polka dot silk dress looks beyond slouchy comfy and I love a 3/4 length sleeve:

EquipmentAnd here is the ‘Lynne‘ floral collarless shirt:

Equipment floral blouseFor recent Wish List posts check out Robyn’s sweaters on The Good Wife and more pattern clashing from The Mindy Project

The Wish List: Robyn’s Star Sweater on The Good Wife

30 Sep

Diane Lockhart is the character whose impeccable style I am in awe of, when in reality Robyn is far closer to how I actually dress. Not that this is a bad thing; Robyn is smart and disarms those she is investigating through her brightly colored/bold patterned attire. Not that Robyn has done a whole lot of investigating this season as she’s become more of an assistant (or confidant if you will ) to Alicia while Cary has been locked up.

If Kalinda does come to the new firm – this was one of Diane’s stipulations – I wonder what this means for Robyn and whether they can have two investigators on their books. Robyn and Kalinda’s style varies in a lot of ways and the most obvious is how they dress as Kalinda is all leather and knee high boots whereas Robyn looks more like a college student. Together they have proven in the past to be a formidable team and while Kalinda might prefer to act as a lone wolf, sometimes she needs to hang out with someone who is more fond of pack mentality. And would probably wear a wolf sweater – maybe something like this.

There are several TV sweater superstars and as we are finally in sweater season (insert happy dance here) it is time to relish in this moment. First up Robyn’s star number from The Good Wife’s season 6 premiere.

The Good Wife 6.01 Robyn star sweaterRobyn is wearing a star sweater with raglan sleeves by Olivia Moon and sadly it is no longer available (eBay is now the best bet), but there are other alternatives if you’re looking to go for a starry pattern. Ranging from affordable to a month’s rent prices here are a pick of our current favorites.

WarehouseFrom Warehouse this grey sweater is perfect for casual hanging out or that new law firm you work at (maybe not the latter depending on your role).

WildfoxThis Wildfox pullover has a more summery feel, but that be influenced by the jorts the model is wearing and it can be found at Bloomingdales.

MaisonSomething a bit bolder with this red Maison Scotch sweater available from ASOS.

Chinti and ParkerThis cobalt-blue intarsia stars constellation isn’t as crowded as some of the other jumpers on offer, but this Chinti and Parker Italian cashmere number is just as striking.

DVFAdding a moon to the night sky imagery is TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite Diane von Furstenberg.

CoachStars and the moon are one thing, now we’ve got Coach and their homage to the US Space Program and I could definitely see Robyn in this (April Ludgate too).

Robyn 6.02We will be keeping an eye on Robyn’s sweater game and her cardigans are just as fun including this Alice + Olivia cloud cardigan from “Trust Issues” (sadly no longer available, another eBay suggestion).

The Good Wife 6.02 RobynAnd it’s worth noting that one of Robyn’s sweaters from “Trust Issues” is a repeat from last season (and previously mentioned DVF wish list item). It makes me so happy when a show reuses a costume. Although that dude behind Robyn is clearly judging.

The Wish List: Kate’s Yellow Sweater on Trophy Wife

19 Mar

Yellow clothes are my weakness and while my quest to find the perfect mustard hoodie is ongoing, thanks to this week’s Trophy Wife I’ve been distracted from hoodies by bold yellow sweaters. Springtime is upon us and this means packing up chunky knitwear (well maybe not quite yet as snow lingers in some places, sorry guys). Lighter and brighter options are what I will be looking to showcase in the coming months and this is a great place to start.

Trophy Wife - yellow sweaterTrophy Wife’s Los Angeles setting instantly lends itself to a warm color palette; it’s also sitcom land on ABC so everything tends to be on the more cheerful end of the costume design scale (Diane being the one character on this show who wears darker attire). Kate’s style is very current, with a slight edge; there are a lot of short shorts, skinny jeans, vest tops and the occasional bit of leather. In “The Wedding -Part Two” it’s Kate’s yellow Maison Martin Margiela sweater that caught my attention and inspired this wish list. Paired with a pair of jeans and it instantly gives you a warmer look. The aviators are optional. (Ed. correction the sweater is actually the “Alana” by ALC. Still in love with the Maison Martin Margiela one, though this is not as pricey)

Here are some alternatives – some that won’t break the bank – if you want to brighten your wardrobe.

French Connection yellow jumperConfession time – I’ve been looking at yellow sweaters for some time now and it’s this French Connection ribbed, 3/4 length sleeve affair that started the obsession and it has been top of my covet list for about two months now. Like I said in the intro, yellow is my clothing weakness. Well, one of my clothing weaknesses (see also polka dots and stripes).

Topshop beehive sweaterThe Whitepepper’s Beehive knit jumper is a way to do yellow in a chunkier (read warmer) style if spring looks more like winter at the moment. As they suggest on their website, it is perfect for layering.

Marnie yellow sweater

For something slightly different try this Marni tile pattern sweater as this is one way to wear yellow in pattern form without resorting to polka dots or stripes.

The Wish List: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Gina’s Sweaters

13 Feb

It looks like we have a rival to April Ludgate as the character whose wardrobe we covet the most and the character in question comes from another Mike Schur co-created show as Chelsea Peretti’s Gina adds another couple of sweaters to the wish list she is already on. Both the new wish list additions feature on the recent episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and while I probably wouldn’t wear the Floorgasm attire, Gina is quickly turning into a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite.

Gina B99First up this lightning bolt sweater adds weather whimsy to your outfit and it’s from A.L.C. Plus it looks great with red pants if you want to brave the colored pants thing – and you really should – mustard pants are what I’m currently after (not to be worn with the mustard hoodie when I eventually find the perfect one). Gina’s wearing really fantastic lipstick too and it adds another pop of color to this ensemble.

Gina Brooklyn Nine Nine sweaterThis diamond sweater is from J. Crew and it’s cashmere so not only does it look awesome, it also feels incredible. An itchy sweater is terrible no matter how fantastic it looks and you won’t have that problem here. More great lip color too. And Gina’s right, she does have great hair.

The Wish List: Wear Your Heart on Your Sweater

16 Jan

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while I’m not all that into flowers and dinner that come with inflated prices, I am partial to clothes with hearts on. Burberry has run with this trend over the past six months with both their men and women’s lines – yes Harry Styles is a fan – now it’s time to see what shows in the past week have been offering up some more affordable heart adorned alternatives.

The Carrie Diaries heart sweaterThe Carrie Diaries celebrated Valentine’s Day last week (the season finale is January 31 hence why it’s this early) in an episode that broke several hearts. Carrie had a terrible night out after getting into a fight with Sebastian and this was followed by a revelation that devastated her BFF Walt. While it didn’t end in a good place for Walt, Carrie and Sebastian made up and it’s a good job considering Carrie is wearing a super cute sweater covered in hearts from Oasis. This wouldn’t be a good break up look, well unless Carrie wants to go DIY again with some nail polish and this is too adorable to ruin.

The Carrie Diaries Heart blouseMeanwhile the other less cutesy Bradshaw sister is also trying out the hearts trend, in black of course and paired with tartan pants in an attempt to make it a tad punk. There are several variations of this shirt available from the Harry Styles favored Burberry, Marc by Marc Jacobs with contrasting white collar or this one from New Look which is a fraction of the cost. For the reverse here’s the C. Wonder blouse that Mindy wore on the most recent Mindy Project. While not as ubiquitous as polka dots, there is a lot of variety when it comes to the symbol of love.

Trophy Wife  Heart SweaterIt’s not just shows set in the ’80s with a penchant for hearts and on this week’s Trophy Wife Hillary is wearing a grey sweater with mint green and light grey hearts from Keds. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day. Unlike certain festive themed sweaters, hearts can be worn all year without looking out of place; both alternative kids like Dorrit and more girly girls like Carrie and Hillary can embrace this trend.

The Killing Helps Promote Save the Children Charity Day

28 Nov

The Killing (or Forbrydelsen) finished its three season run last year and while this isn’t a show that is particularly cheery the cast has reunited to make a video promoting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. Over the past few years the Sarah Lund jumper has been much discussed and emulated, particularly in the UK where the Danish show has been a big hit for BBC4.

There has been a slew of imitation Scandi style knitwear in fashion magazines and on the high street and this winter has seen an increase of different types of novelty jumpers. Everyone is getting in on the action from supermarkets to designer labels like Burberry Prorsum and Stella McCartney this year, featuring everything from snowflakes to Santa. You can opt for the more subtle Sarah Lund style or you can go full on bright and bold; there’s plenty of options.

Sarah Lund jumper

In the video Sarah Lund is the only one who has worn her festive sweater and she makes the rounds asking why her colleagues aren’t wearing theirs. The tone of the video is like a standard episode of The Killing which makes it even more amusing. It also reminds me how much I miss this character and Sofie Gråbøl. Look at how ridiculously adorable she is in the Viking hat and plaits.

Watch the video below and to find out more about the Save the Children campaign head here.

The Wish List: Bright and Bold Sweaters

26 Nov

It’s pretty much December and so we are well and truly into sweater season. While not an official season it is my personal favorite and if you want to add to your collection here are some of the best examples of bold designs that have recently appeared on TV. Striped sweaters are a weakness of mine, but I wanted to go beyond the standard Jess from New Girl options.

Whack-A-MoleOn the most recent episode of The Good Wife, Robyn wore a Fairlee Colorblock wool Diane von Furstenberg sweater (this item is currently on sale) in what is referred to as ‘Fetish Pink.’ The pink and orange clash, but it’s a combination that works thanks to the charcoal grey block in the middle. Robyn’s costuming is wildly different from Kalinda’s leather look and from the sharp tailoring of everyone else at Florrick/Agos. Bold colors are part of the Robyn styling and this helps disarm those she is investigating. It also means that people she works with might not take her too seriously which is why she has been working extra hard to save her job.

April owl sweaterThe costuming of April Ludgate influenced my decision to start TV Ate My Wardrobe as each episode pretty much had me stating that I wanted to own something she was wearing. April’s clothes tend to be a lot more colorful than you might expect from a character who professes that she hates most things. One thing April doesn’t hate is animals so the owl is rather apt and this jacquard sweater by Isabel Marant is high on my wish list (sadly it is currently sold out).

Gina Brookly nine nineMoving on to something more affordable and Gina’s French Connection horse sweater from episode 3 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is on sale at the moment. Gina’s wardrobe choices are a bit more free and loose over the other female characters on this show because she’s the only non-cop and this monochromatic equine number is delightful.

Dorrit the carrie diariesAh the slogan sweater and while this Forever 21 “Thanks for Nothing” emblem isn’t really something I can see myself wearing now, it’s got the right amount of teen angst for a character like Dorrit on The Carrie Diaries. This show might be set in the ’80s but a lot of the clothes are contemporary and come from stores that teenagers both shop at and can afford.

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