Scandal 3.11 “Ride Sally, Ride” Costume Review: Photo Ops and Fake Smiles

28 Feb

Scandal is back and so are the twisty, back stabby storylines and fabulous clothes. Previously with these Scandal reviews I have talked through the episode via the costuming and that is going to remain the case. There will be one slight change as a handful of costumes will take the spotlight and then there will be a separate gallery at the end to highlight other outfits that catch our eye. As with everything on TV Ate My Wardrobe we want to keep these articles as fresh and relevant as possible; so while I don’t necessarily need to write a paragraph about Harrison’s amazing suits each week, we still want to show off the amazing tailoring. Feedback is always appreciated so if there is anything you want to see from these Scandal costume reviews then let us know in the comments.

Scandal 3.11 cheersThe first of two staged photo ops in “Ride Sally, Ride” and this one comes with so many fake smiles and gritted teeth. Both Mellie and Olivia are wearing their power colors with Olivia in white Prada and Mellie opting for a red (you can see the color version in the gallery below). The black and white stills, a Scandal signature are even more pertinent in scenes like this one where the paparazzi are present. The goblet wine glasses are not quite the Olivia Pope ultra thin stemmed standard but they will do.

Scandal 3.11 wine cardigan no tieAs seen later, Olivia is on a wine chugging mission in the appropriate wine cardigan attire as she questions exactly why she is doing all of this and what it means to be a patriot. Jake is unwavering in his devotion to his Commander-in-Chief and this is why he has taken the job as Command. Jake claims that it will be different now that he is in charge; for starters he is taking a much more relaxed approach to the suit wearing and the lack of tie reflects his more casual Command. Once again Scott Foley is looking pretty damn good in a suit – I’ve been watching a lot of Felicity recently so it took a moment to acclimatize to the older less plaid shirt wearing Foley – and he steps up to the patriot plate in a way I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

Scandal 3.11 photo opTo the second staged photo moment and the bachelor Olivia has chosen as a cover is not from Mellie’s list. She won’t give Mellie the satisfaction. Matching coffee cups with well put together casual, yet stylish (of course) park walking attire and they look like a dream couple. Of course it’s WAY more complicated than that and there are real feelings at stake here, definitely for Jake and while it’s not the same for Olivia because of Fitz, there’s an attraction. Jake doesn’t throw whiskey glasses across the room, nor does he have door open/door closed tantrums, so you know he’s pretty good dating material. Even if it’s all for show.

Scandal 3.11 threesomeAaaaand things just got even more complicated with the new VP nominee choice Andrew Nichols as he spoke of a woman he was once in love with and lost. Of course that woman turns out to be Mellie and this love triangle just grew another side. It will be good to see Mellie lavished with attention and once again she looks stunning in red. Mellie’s wearing all the colors this week with green, royal blue and teal making an appearance. It’s all about the bold colors to emphasize a message of power; Mellie is no wallflower despite the endless Fitz rumors.

Scandal 3.11 AdnanAnother lady in red and it’s the mysterious Adnan Salif, the very person who Harrison has been terrified of and why he has been a wreck since finding out that she is back in the country. Harrison is also pretty attracted to her and instead of this ending in a bloody mess it ends up in a tryst on the desk. Oh and kudos show for the surprise that Adnan is a woman and shame on me for just assuming it was going to be a dude.

In the gallery below there is Abby in two more glorious Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses (including a repeat of the snakeskin pattern she wore in episode 10), Olivia in a whole lot of roomy attire (to cover Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy) with peplums and gorgeous coats on show, James in plaid as he plots to take Cyrus down and the tabloid with Olivia and Jake making news.

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