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Scandal 3.12 “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies” Review

7 Mar

Scandal is constantly shifting the pieces and the players who are in control; you would think Fitz as the President is top of this long chain, but he’s just as much a pawn in the machinations of the show as much as anyone else. Jake currently sits in the prize B613 chair and he has access to everything, including Tom the ‘loyal’ secret service agent who delivers video from inside the Oval Office. Jake doesn’t have all the power as Quinn so smugly demonstrates and he’s also taking part in the boyfriend charade with Olivia.

What of Olivia? Olivia used to hold all the cards, however as the show has expanded her ability to control her surroundings has waned and at this moment she’s pretty much in the same position as Fitz. This has been a problem for Scandal and even though this is a much stronger outing than last week, it’s Mellie that comes out on top.

Scandal 3.12 Olivia and FitzThe episode opens with a post-sex argument between Olivia and Fitz – hey guys isn’t it meant to go argument followed by makeup sex? – as Fitz is pissed about the Jake of it all. This is where Olivia delivers a very powerful statement that is repeated throughout the episode and I’m glad that Olivia has finally laid out her feelings in this manner:

“I did not do this for you! I did this for me! So I could work on the campaign. So I could walk down the street and not be whispered about! So I could stop being known as the woman who screwed the president! So the scarlet “A” on my chest could be invisible! So I’m not a joke. I am a person. I am not a hen, I am not a prize and I have a business to run, people to support, a life to lead a desire to wake up and face myself in the mirror every day.”

One problem with this is that she has lost a lot of her agency and so while she claims she is now doing this for herself, there are others who are in control of her fate. The black and white geometrical jacquard Marni jacket is Olivia Pope at her most frantic and the uncontrolled nature of the pattern reflects her current situation.

Scandal 3.12 Mellie in coralMellie is the star of this week and this is a sequel of sorts to “Everything’s Coming up Mellie” as we find out what happened after Fitz’s father raped her. In the present Mellie is once again all about the bold colors (I think they’re working through the color spectrum) and this coral Melinda Eng frock is beautiful. This scene with Olivia is problematic as it suggests that Mellie is better because she didn’t give into temptation with Andrew and it pits these two women against each other once again.

Scandal 3.12 MellieThis color palette of the present is in contrast to the muted tones of her past as we see the bond between Mellie and Andrew Nichols develop. As far as we know Andrew is the only person that knows what really happened to Mellie and he protects her now as he did back then. Mellie finally succumbs to temptation as they discuss the portraits of the first ladies and plants one on Andrew and it looks like the best kiss of her life. So of course she bolts and leaves Andrew to touch the painting of Jackie Kennedy that he’s really not meant to touch.

Scandal 3.12 AdnanIn sleeping with people you probably shouldn’t with news, Harrison is still hooking up with Adnan and she’s now got him buying seats at fundraisers for him. All the power she has over him is linked to another mysterious name – this time Clearwater – and apparently it is totes bad. Adnan looks stunning in silver, but Cyrus is less than thrilled when he finds out who she is. If only he knew that she’s also in cahoots with Mama Pope. What’s their big plan? This is another reason why it’s no longer the show run by Olivia as there are too many other players who are 5 steps ahead with their diabolical schemes.

Scandal 3.12 Abby DVFIt’s an eventful week for Abby as she opens up to David and tells him she loves him, she also hacks his email (true love does this) and saves his life (with Huck’s help) and she does so while wearing another fabulous DVF wrap dress. David finally says his “I love you” all while fearing for his life; the big takeaway here is to never pause to look into a trunk that has just randomly opened. Oh and tell your girlfriend when you’re doing something dangerous.

Other things of note that occurred this week; Olivia is unsure if she has feelings for Jake, Cyrus continues to freak about who the leak is and is completely unaware that it’s James. Cyrus should look at little closer and realize his husband is sweating a lot. Sally sees red on the carpet and it triggers flashbacks to killing Daniel Douglas; she’s pretty much a loose cannon and Leo is trying to rein her in. Some stuff happens with Quinn as she tells Olivia that Huck licked her face. Thanks for that memory, show. Huck blames Olivia for what happened as he is a monster on a leash. Oh and Jake really wants beer and burgers, not red wine and popcorn. Maybe that’s a sign this fake relationship is doomed. James really should have said his cover name out loud before sending the first text and it gets funnier the more Publius is uttered.

The gallery below includes Olivia in this amazing Dolce & Gabbana tweed jacket, flashback and present Mellie in bold and somber tones  (including this Michael Kors frock), David Rosen rocking a beautiful silk scarf, the delightful power clashing of Harrison and Jake shirtless (because I couldn’t resist). Enjoy!

Scandal 3.11 “Ride Sally, Ride” Costume Review: Photo Ops and Fake Smiles

28 Feb

Scandal is back and so are the twisty, back stabby storylines and fabulous clothes. Previously with these Scandal reviews I have talked through the episode via the costuming and that is going to remain the case. There will be one slight change as a handful of costumes will take the spotlight and then there will be a separate gallery at the end to highlight other outfits that catch our eye. As with everything on TV Ate My Wardrobe we want to keep these articles as fresh and relevant as possible; so while I don’t necessarily need to write a paragraph about Harrison’s amazing suits each week, we still want to show off the amazing tailoring. Feedback is always appreciated so if there is anything you want to see from these Scandal costume reviews then let us know in the comments.

Scandal 3.11 cheersThe first of two staged photo ops in “Ride Sally, Ride” and this one comes with so many fake smiles and gritted teeth. Both Mellie and Olivia are wearing their power colors with Olivia in white Prada and Mellie opting for a red (you can see the color version in the gallery below). The black and white stills, a Scandal signature are even more pertinent in scenes like this one where the paparazzi are present. The goblet wine glasses are not quite the Olivia Pope ultra thin stemmed standard but they will do.

Scandal 3.11 wine cardigan no tieAs seen later, Olivia is on a wine chugging mission in the appropriate wine cardigan attire as she questions exactly why she is doing all of this and what it means to be a patriot. Jake is unwavering in his devotion to his Commander-in-Chief and this is why he has taken the job as Command. Jake claims that it will be different now that he is in charge; for starters he is taking a much more relaxed approach to the suit wearing and the lack of tie reflects his more casual Command. Once again Scott Foley is looking pretty damn good in a suit – I’ve been watching a lot of Felicity recently so it took a moment to acclimatize to the older less plaid shirt wearing Foley – and he steps up to the patriot plate in a way I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

Scandal 3.11 photo opTo the second staged photo moment and the bachelor Olivia has chosen as a cover is not from Mellie’s list. She won’t give Mellie the satisfaction. Matching coffee cups with well put together casual, yet stylish (of course) park walking attire and they look like a dream couple. Of course it’s WAY more complicated than that and there are real feelings at stake here, definitely for Jake and while it’s not the same for Olivia because of Fitz, there’s an attraction. Jake doesn’t throw whiskey glasses across the room, nor does he have door open/door closed tantrums, so you know he’s pretty good dating material. Even if it’s all for show.

Scandal 3.11 threesomeAaaaand things just got even more complicated with the new VP nominee choice Andrew Nichols as he spoke of a woman he was once in love with and lost. Of course that woman turns out to be Mellie and this love triangle just grew another side. It will be good to see Mellie lavished with attention and once again she looks stunning in red. Mellie’s wearing all the colors this week with green, royal blue and teal making an appearance. It’s all about the bold colors to emphasize a message of power; Mellie is no wallflower despite the endless Fitz rumors.

Scandal 3.11 AdnanAnother lady in red and it’s the mysterious Adnan Salif, the very person who Harrison has been terrified of and why he has been a wreck since finding out that she is back in the country. Harrison is also pretty attracted to her and instead of this ending in a bloody mess it ends up in a tryst on the desk. Oh and kudos show for the surprise that Adnan is a woman and shame on me for just assuming it was going to be a dude.

In the gallery below there is Abby in two more glorious Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses (including a repeat of the snakeskin pattern she wore in episode 10), Olivia in a whole lot of roomy attire (to cover Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy) with peplums and gorgeous coats on show, James in plaid as he plots to take Cyrus down and the tabloid with Olivia and Jake making news.

Scandal 3.09 “YOLO” Costume Review: Power, Protection and Manipulation

6 Dec

In what has become a standard Scandal tradition, that last moments of this episode had me yelling “WHAAAAAAAT?” at the screen. The torture opening sequence elicited the same response and even though the promo had prepared me for Huck’s lick of crazy, it was still pretty disturbing; most of the Quinn scenes were coated in a sheet of ick. This is more than I can say for Quinn who only had an outfit made out of duct tape and while Lady Gaga could maybe make this work it felt like a step too far to have Quinn sans clothes as part of this torture; would Huck really do that?

It’s an episode that featured very few costume changes by Scandal standards, but we’ve still got plenty to talk about as a lot of the characters use clothes as a form of protection (except Quinn who can’t). Olivia wraps herself up in another big, beautiful coat, Jake pulls out his uniform and James mimics the color that Cyrus picked out for him when he set him up with Daniel Douglas.

Scandal 3.09 Mama PopeThe team get all caught up on the no longer Dead Mama Pope situation and as you can see white items of clothing run in the Pope family. Ok not really as this is Maya’s hospital attire, but Maya is wearing a white top/black skirt combo in the flashback sequence that is reminiscent of Olivia’s present clothing choices.

Scandal 3.09 breakfast bondingIn what you could call a strained breakfast catch up – and none of that food really looked like breakfast, not a waffle in sight – Olivia is surprised to hear that her mother thinks she doesn’t have much laughter in her life. For someone who has been locked away in a cell for 20 years she’s pretty perceptive. Maya has been given a wardrobe change and like her daughter it’s all neutral tones. Only one of the Pope women has a Prada purse.

Scandal 3.09 draped coatOlivia spends the episode in this double grey ensemble and the draped coat is reminiscent of the Donna Karan one that got blown up earlier this season. Like all of Olivia’s outerwear it’s beautiful and the oversized trend is coming in useful this season. It also gives Olivia something to wrap around herself and we’ve seen her do this in the past as a form of protection. Grey is also the perfect color to show the insanely messed up situation that Olivia has found herself in this season. Election rigging has got nothing on this.

Scandal 3.09 hugMaya gets her own camel coat of glory and a hug from her daughter after Abby pretty much forces Olivia to reach out in a physical way. The hug from Abby a few weeks ago was part of the emotional preparedness training. This also prompts another piece of the flashback puzzle for Olivia and like everyone else who has seen Alias I am getting every single “Spy Daddy is always good” related feeling. So Maya is actually Marie Wallace and Eli was just protecting his daughter and now his life is in the hands of Quinn?! Well that’s a whole lot of uh-oh going on. This show likes to create six twists for every one so I’m not going to put all my eggs in the “Eli is good” basket; however his comment about not enjoying killing at the start of the episode is pointing towards some white hat intentions.

Scandal 3.09 palazzo pantsHarrison thinks that Olivia is “handling it” and I don’t know who is in more denial as I’m pretty sure she’s a mess, even if she can cover it up most of the time. Abby spends most of the episode sassing people which I’m fine with because some straight talking is required and her palazzo pants are magnificent in the shot above. Abby also gets to be the connection to David Rosen and this is pretty flimsy in the attempt to use him with their get Maya out of the country plan, the dude needs his owns storyline. Speaking of guys who need their own story a mystery unnamed associate of Harrison’s, helps with some documents and lets him know the dreaded Adnan Salif is back. She also refers to him as H and doesn’t care to introduce herself to Abby.

Scandal 3.09 quickest walk and talkIn what might be the fastest walk and talk I’ve ever seen on TV making everyone on The West Wing look like they’re taking a pleasant stroll (which they are in comparison) Cyrus and Mellie discuss all things operation Daniel Douglas. Well not all things as Cyrus is trying to keep James’ infidelity out of it all. The infidelity that he set up and believed would never happen as he snarked to Mellie that his marriage is nothing like hers. Mellie is wears her political power color (complete with pearls) of red throughout the episode and instead of playing the “I told you so” card she offers the limited amount of comfort that she has to offer – that “it hurts and then it doesn’t.” She doesn’t go so far as offer him a hug, but this really isn’t a hugging kind of show unless someone is coerced.

Scandal 3.09 JamesJames wears a similar plum shade to the one he wore in his intimate interview with Daniel Douglas. James spends the first half of the episode passive aggressively taunting Cyrus using phrases like “got him to go deep” and “quick and dirty.” Cyrus eventually cracks and tries to blame James for going through with it. Cyrus doesn’t have an ethical leg to stand on (does he ever?) and James spells it out loud and clear what he wants to happen.

Scandal 3.09 loud and clearIt’s certainly not a cryptic message and so Cyrus puts the photos of James and Daniel into play. Well he only shows them to Sally and she doesn’t blink an eyelid, that is until she gets home and murders her husband. Everyone in political power on this show seems to have a killer instinct. Cyrus asks James for forgiveness, could this honey-trap scheme be a manipulation too far for James? The whole murder aspect isn’t going to help either.

Scandal 3.09 posturingIn another posturing match Jake pulled out the big guns by switching out his hoodie for his military uniform, which he must keep in his car as surely his apartment is being watched. Regardless it’s a clothing choice to try and assert some power with Fitz and also emphasize why he is so pissed off with the current situation. Jake might have had time to change clothes, however he’s rocking some light stubble. There’s no time for shaving. I’ve been writing about Felicity a lot recently for This Was TV and this is the first time I’ve had Scott Foley character whiplash; it might be down to the hilarious goatee that Noel was growing in one of the recent Felicity episodes I have discussed. The stubble looks a lot better on Foley here.

Next week is the mid season finale! Expect a whole lot of plot crazy and probably more coats to add to my covet list.

Scandal 3.07 Costume Review: The Making of Mellie

15 Nov

It’s a big episode for Mellie as we find out what she was like long before the “Grant for President” campaign and we learn just how much she has sacrificed to become First Lady, a role that she pretty much despises. It’s a hard episode to watch because of what happens to Mellie and I’m still feeling uneasy about how this incident has been used as a plot device, particularly with the super soapy twist.

Scandal 3.07 Mellie docStarting with the present and the role we are used to seeing Mellie in as she puts her First Lady host hat on. This is the aspect of being in the White House that Mellie detests but she’s good at fake smiling her way through it all. The royal blue Michael Kors ensemble is a typically Mellie and denotes power. She’s wearing one of her many pearl necklaces and this is pretty much her standard First Lady uniform. Mellie’s hair is showing of the volume we have come to expect.

Scandal 3.07 no lipstick MellieFlip back 15 years (flashback filter alert) and it’s a very different look and I’m in agreement with this tweet from Libby Hill “Sorry Scandal, I don’t believe Mellie was ever the kind of woman to not wear lipstick.” Mellie is all fresh faced and in love and it looks like Fitz is confused by Cyrus’ beard – Cyrus also has another beard as he mentions his wife. It’s all idealistic at this point and this doesn’t last for long as Fitz’s dad is a big booming voice of derision (and much worse later on).

Scandal 3.07 turtleneck FitzThe neutral color scheme here is pure Olivia Pope and there’s a unity between Fitz and Mellie in this shot that we barely see in the present. Fitz is wearing a turtleneck and jeans and it’s a very waspy look.

Scandal 3.07 Mellie flowersThere are no pearls and this haircut screams mid to late 90s – they mentioned the Boston bombing a few weeks ago so this makes Scandal world in the same year as us; making these flashbacks are 1998. The floral dress is pretty and I could even see Mellie in something similar to this now (not paired with that cardigan and in a darker color), it also happens to be what Mellie is wearing when Fitz’s father rapes her. Yep, this happens and it’s awful and while I think that it is a step too far this review from Sonia Saraiya provides a good argument as to why this moment is important in the construction of who Mellie is now.

Scandal 3.07 Mellie turtleneckThe day after, Gerry tries to bring it up and apologize that ‘things got out of hand’ and Mellie doesn’t want to hear any of it as she has an entirely different plan. The only real acknowledgment is when she enters the room and wraps her cardigan around herself. The turtleneck is the most covered you can make your neck look and this is a sign that she doesn’t want any part of herself exposed to this vile man who just takes what he wants. Mellie is pragmatic and this is the first in a long line of moments that she fake smiles her way through. Bellamy Young is exceptional in this episode and Mellie makes my heart ache with her post-assault reaction and then this brushing it under the carpet decision.

Scandal 3.07 drunk MellieThe rape scene is followed by this incredible and slightly disorientating shot in the Oval Office as Mellie walks around bare foot drinking whiskey. It’s here that she hints at what she has been through, but Fitz is as clueless as ever when it comes to fathers (he later finds out that Rowan is Eli Pope). Mellie lays it all out here, she knows that there’s no longer any romantic love but can’t Fitz have her back the way she has his? This is the second pleading speech that Mellie has given recently and for all of Mellie’s schemes she does it all for Fitz (and to be part of a power couple) but she’s the one taking shit for his keeping his pants on problems.

Scandal 3.07 Baby TeddyPart of this plan to make her more likable to the general public involves parading baby Teddy around who is super adorable as he plays with his mother’s pearls.

Scandal 3.07 Mellie and CyrusMore pearls (as with last week they are vintage Chanel) and an amazing purple dress as Mellie gets her scheme on with Cyrus. It’s all back to normal, except this time Mellie and Fitz aren’t declaring war on each other and they seem to be on the same page. I’m looking forward to a Mellie/Fitz united front because the ‘I hate you, no I hate you more’ saga has become a little repetitive.

Scandal 3.07 flashbackOne final moment from the flashback scenes and Mellie looks happy as they start Fitz’s campaign for governor. She also tells him that she is pregnant and it’s this moment that made me throw my hands up as do we really need a “Who is the daddy?” story, especially one like this? This is probably the first time that Mellie did the faking it in public thing and it’s something she has become the master of. This is when Mellie developed the hard exterior and she barely lets the mask slip now.

Scandal 3.07 AMAZING Dior CoatMoving on to Olivia and this black Dior coat with big white lapels and cuffs is everything. Olivia has a lot of AMAZING coats and this one is up there with the Burberry trench from the season 3 premiere. The full skirt with a white lining on this coat makes it perfect for swishing purposes.

Scandal 3.07 spy shotHere is a better look thanks to Fitz’s surveillance guy. Olivia looks sad and with the reveal that her mother is alive (WHAT?! Yeah the only surprise is that this reveal came this early) I’m sure she’s not going to get any less conflicted soon. I want to see the more defiant Olivia and I know this will be hard considering the shit that is piling up, but there’s been a lot of semi crying Olivia recently.

Scandal Olivia in blueIt’s a rare sight, but Olivia is wearing something in blue and maybe her recent state of mind is throwing her off her usual wardrobe patterns. It’s a color that softens her and it complements the lighter shade of blue that Jake is wearing.

Scandal 3.07 Harrison's pink suspendersThere are two things you can guarantee with Harrison; that he won’t say no to a request from Olivia and that he will be wearing snazzy suspenders. This time in hot pink.

Scandal 3.07 watch chainAbby’s new look involves a lot of accessories including this amazing necklace and costume designer Lyn Paolo revealed that it is made from a vintage Movado watch. Darby Stanchfield also features on this week’s TV Ate My Wardrobe “Out of the Box.”

Scandal 3.07 braggart QuinnQuinn’s top is pretty hypnotic and maybe she stared at it for too long as Quinn did something incredibly dumb this week; not only did she smooch Charlie, but she’s now another pawn in the B613 parade. Oh Quinn, when will you learn? I think the answer is probably never. Pro tip – don’t brag about how awesomely perceptive you are and then go and kill an innocent person.

Scandal 3.07 JakeAlso hanging around is Jake and Olivia ignores Fitz’s warning to a) not hang out with Jake and b) not look into the reasons behind the plane crash. Jake’s wearing a leather jacket so he might be bad news for Fitz but he looks pretty great on protection duty.

Scandal 3.07 Say WhatOne final shot of Harrison wearing three different patterns and both Abby and Harrison are pulling their best “You what?” faces. There is no reference to Harrison’s troubled past and we don’t even get a David Rosen mention, let alone an appearance.

Scandal 3.05 Costume Review: Gowns, Sweats and Uniforms

1 Nov

It is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Scandal and yet another stunning gown from Olivia Pope. Olivia is caught between not only her father and her sanity, but between two different campaigns as both the Republicans and Democrats vie for her services. As opposed to the huge nine costume changes last week “More Cattle, Less Bull” focuses on fewer looks and we get to see all the sides of Olivia’s style with work wear, fancy gowns and at home attire.

Scandal 3.05 white diorFirst up is Olivia in a white Dior jacket as Olivia interviews for the role of Josie’s (guest star Lisa Kudrow) campaign manager. This is pretty much standard Olivia Pope and it keeps with the image and color palette of Olivia at work; it is essentially Olivia’s uniform.

Scandal 3.05 Olivia and Jake WHCDIt’s easy to see why this Rubin Singer dress has been talked about all week as it’s a show stopper. It’s a really interesting looking gown and the geometric shapes in black and white aid the swagger walk that Kerry Washington has nailed for Olivia. This is Olivia’s entrance to the WHCD and she looks incredible. Jake doesn’t look too bad either in his tux and you can see why she asked him to be her date, even if she does run off to have a secret rendezvous.

Scandal 3.05 hands on hipsIt’s not who Olivia is expecting and she is greeted by Mellie instead, who after getting off one cheap shot asks Olivia to rejoin the Fitz campaign. Olivia is hostile to Mellie at first and the cut of this dress provides a striking visual with Olivia’s long black gloved hands on hips. There’s something a little superhero couture about this pose and hairstyle. It contrasts with Mellie’s J. Mendel burgundy gown  and for once despite her usual manipulations this feels like an honest Mellie.

Scandal 3.05 Mellie and FitzMellie is very good at faking happiness as demonstrated in the photo above and she is every inch the perfect First Lady at this event even with the many jokes about Fitz and his keeping it in his pants problem. Fitz like Jake also suits this look, but Jake wins the prize thanks to his tux having military flourishes.

Scandal 3.05 big hair MellieThe volume of Mellie’s hair might be an indicator of how unhappy she is and how much she is faking it. In this scene it is at an all new high as is the forced smile.

Scandal 3.05 star pinThey’re feeling the heat thanks to the very likable Josie Marcus who manages to sidestep her very own scandal thanks to Olivia – they need to make “We Got Poped” buttons, tees and bumper stickers. At the debate Josie is wearing an American flag pin but with a twist as hers is shaped like a star instead of the standard flag. So who is Olivia going to chose? It seemed like an easy answer thanks to Mellie’s pleas but the news that Jake and Huck have uncovered will make Fitz the less favorable choice. Oh and Huck is totally Team Olake.

Scandal 3.05 basketballThis basketball scene gives both Jake and Fitz fans something to cheer about and gives Fitz something other than a suits to wear (he also gets some pj time later in the episode).

Scandal 3.05 power clashingYou know who loves to wear something fancy? Yep it’s Harrison who gets to lead the team in Montana and he questions Olivia’s judgement later as she hesitates to take Josie’s offer. It feels like conflict could be brewing between Olivia and Harrison. The tie/shirt power clashing is the standard Harrison work attire and we also get a glimpse at his supper snazzy polka dot suspenders too. Abby is once again rocking the leopard print Diane von Furstenberg blouse that she wore last week and I like it when shows like this includes repeat outfits.

Scandal 3.05 SuspendersLooking a little more casual without a tie, Harrison wears another pattern clashing shirt and suspenders combo all while not looking freaked out by the ram skull on the wall behind him. Instead he is giving Abby grief telling her that she’s “got issues.”

Scandal 3.05 Abby old HollywoodThese issues are to do with Abby’s renewed romance with David and it hits a slight bump thanks to Abby lying to David about why she can’t go to the WHCD; it turns out her ex-husband is also attending. They’re still in the early stages of being a couple again and after all the deception it’s easy to see why it causes this issue. It’s ok as Abby turns up to David’s apartment looking very Old Hollywood in this Ralph Lauren gown (with a hint of Julianne Moore) and the pair smooth things over. This mention of Abby’s ex suggests that there is more to come about Abby’s past soon.

Scandal 3.05 Grant for PrezOne of the things I love about dressing up is when you get home and can change into all the comfy clothes. Olivia does this too and thanks to Mellie’s chat she’s totally into the idea of a Fitz re-election campaign and this leads this old campaign tee and digging out a box of memories. This shot is also a hint of what we can expect in terms of the careful placement of objects if they don’t write Kerry Washington’s real life pregnancy into the show.

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