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Scandal 3.12 “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies” Review

7 Mar

Scandal is constantly shifting the pieces and the players who are in control; you would think Fitz as the President is top of this long chain, but he’s just as much a pawn in the machinations of the show as much as anyone else. Jake currently sits in the prize B613 chair and he has access to everything, including Tom the ‘loyal’ secret service agent who delivers video from inside the Oval Office. Jake doesn’t have all the power as Quinn so smugly demonstrates and he’s also taking part in the boyfriend charade with Olivia.

What of Olivia? Olivia used to hold all the cards, however as the show has expanded her ability to control her surroundings has waned and at this moment she’s pretty much in the same position as Fitz. This has been a problem for Scandal and even though this is a much stronger outing than last week, it’s Mellie that comes out on top.

Scandal 3.12 Olivia and FitzThe episode opens with a post-sex argument between Olivia and Fitz – hey guys isn’t it meant to go argument followed by makeup sex? – as Fitz is pissed about the Jake of it all. This is where Olivia delivers a very powerful statement that is repeated throughout the episode and I’m glad that Olivia has finally laid out her feelings in this manner:

“I did not do this for you! I did this for me! So I could work on the campaign. So I could walk down the street and not be whispered about! So I could stop being known as the woman who screwed the president! So the scarlet “A” on my chest could be invisible! So I’m not a joke. I am a person. I am not a hen, I am not a prize and I have a business to run, people to support, a life to lead a desire to wake up and face myself in the mirror every day.”

One problem with this is that she has lost a lot of her agency and so while she claims she is now doing this for herself, there are others who are in control of her fate. The black and white geometrical jacquard Marni jacket is Olivia Pope at her most frantic and the uncontrolled nature of the pattern reflects her current situation.

Scandal 3.12 Mellie in coralMellie is the star of this week and this is a sequel of sorts to “Everything’s Coming up Mellie” as we find out what happened after Fitz’s father raped her. In the present Mellie is once again all about the bold colors (I think they’re working through the color spectrum) and this coral Melinda Eng frock is beautiful. This scene with Olivia is problematic as it suggests that Mellie is better because she didn’t give into temptation with Andrew and it pits these two women against each other once again.

Scandal 3.12 MellieThis color palette of the present is in contrast to the muted tones of her past as we see the bond between Mellie and Andrew Nichols develop. As far as we know Andrew is the only person that knows what really happened to Mellie and he protects her now as he did back then. Mellie finally succumbs to temptation as they discuss the portraits of the first ladies and plants one on Andrew and it looks like the best kiss of her life. So of course she bolts and leaves Andrew to touch the painting of Jackie Kennedy that he’s really not meant to touch.

Scandal 3.12 AdnanIn sleeping with people you probably shouldn’t with news, Harrison is still hooking up with Adnan and she’s now got him buying seats at fundraisers for him. All the power she has over him is linked to another mysterious name – this time Clearwater – and apparently it is totes bad. Adnan looks stunning in silver, but Cyrus is less than thrilled when he finds out who she is. If only he knew that she’s also in cahoots with Mama Pope. What’s their big plan? This is another reason why it’s no longer the show run by Olivia as there are too many other players who are 5 steps ahead with their diabolical schemes.

Scandal 3.12 Abby DVFIt’s an eventful week for Abby as she opens up to David and tells him she loves him, she also hacks his email (true love does this) and saves his life (with Huck’s help) and she does so while wearing another fabulous DVF wrap dress. David finally says his “I love you” all while fearing for his life; the big takeaway here is to never pause to look into a trunk that has just randomly opened. Oh and tell your girlfriend when you’re doing something dangerous.

Other things of note that occurred this week; Olivia is unsure if she has feelings for Jake, Cyrus continues to freak about who the leak is and is completely unaware that it’s James. Cyrus should look at little closer and realize his husband is sweating a lot. Sally sees red on the carpet and it triggers flashbacks to killing Daniel Douglas; she’s pretty much a loose cannon and Leo is trying to rein her in. Some stuff happens with Quinn as she tells Olivia that Huck licked her face. Thanks for that memory, show. Huck blames Olivia for what happened as he is a monster on a leash. Oh and Jake really wants beer and burgers, not red wine and popcorn. Maybe that’s a sign this fake relationship is doomed. James really should have said his cover name out loud before sending the first text and it gets funnier the more Publius is uttered.

The gallery below includes Olivia in this amazing Dolce & Gabbana tweed jacket, flashback and present Mellie in bold and somber tones  (including this Michael Kors frock), David Rosen rocking a beautiful silk scarf, the delightful power clashing of Harrison and Jake shirtless (because I couldn’t resist). Enjoy!

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