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New York Fashion Week: 10 Spring 2015 Looks for Mad Men’s Megan Draper

8 Sep

Welcome to the first Fantasy Costuming from this New York Fashion Week showcasing the ready-to-wear looks for Spring 2015. Rather than starting with one designer we are instead going to focus on a variety of collections that would look right at home on Mad Men’s Megan Draper. Of course none of these designs are vintage, instead we wanted to find items that represent Megan’s fashion forward style and how she is always dressed straight out of the pages of Vogue while never coming across as try hard or a fashion victim. The pieces we have chosen have some elements of how we saw her last season as she attempts to live out her acting dream in LA so Cali boho sneaks in as well as both micro hemlines and longer, floaty hippy inspired ones.

This is not meant to reflect where the story is heading as we have no idea how much Megan is going to feature in the final episodes, particularly when you factor in how we left things in a seemingly final state with Don.

DVFStarting short and even though Mad Men is set before the introduction of Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dress in 1974, Megan would have looked very at home with this style and in this leafy patterned micro version.

DVF MeganThis is also from Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring 2015 RTW collection and the long sleeves/short skirt element is on trend with how Megan dressed in 1969 last season. Megan would definitely be a DVF woman.

Victoria BeckhamSticking with patterns but moving into the floor length gown area with Victoria Beckham and this reminds me of the optical art print which were very popular in the 60s. It’s like a less hypnotic/vomit inducing version and Jessica Paré certainly is statuesque enough to pull this off.

Honor 70sSticking with the length and going a bit more boho with this Honor frock.

Honour plungeAnother gown from Honor and this goes a little deeper with the plunging neckline and adds some color flare with the rainbow dotty belt.

Tadashi Shoji NYFW FallMore relaxed elegance and this time from Tadashi Shoji. Perfect for those times when Megan isn’t awkwardly approaching producers to find out why she didn’t get the part.

BCBGThis is the longer, less in your face movie star sexy version of the baby doll mini dress Megan wore in the season 6 premiere. This is from BCBG Max Azria and she could totally make it work in just as funky fashion.

BCBG FallAnother billowy dress from BCBG Max Azria in a beautiful pattern clashing design that exudes sexiness thanks to a well placed high leg slit.

Escada jumpsuit

Megan is totally going to work the jumpsuit phase as it gets more popular in the 70s and this one from Escada is a simple yet effective version of this enduring trend.

Rebecca MinkoffOne aspect that ties most of these looks together is they are all pretty effortless and even when Megan is wearing something high fashion she pulls it off with ease. Her off duty style also reflects this and I’ve always been a fan of seeing Megan in pants; this Rebecca Minkoff ensemble is set off with the wide brimmed floppy hat and is ideal for the warmer LA climate.

Look out for more NYFW Fantasy Costuming posts this week!

The Wish List: More Joan Watson Dresses on Elementary

15 Apr

Having only recently caught up on Elementary, it’s only fair to dedicate another post to the wonderful wardrobe of Joan Watson and two of the delightful dresses she wore in the most recent episode “No Lack of Void.”

Joan Marni dressWith a slight hint of whimsy, this is another floral Joan Watson dress and while the one featuring on last week’s Elementary wish list was manipulated to look like an x-ray there is something more doodle like about this Marni silk print dress.

MarniMixing up the slightly oversized look and continuing to embrace pattern is the second outfit choice from “No Lack of Void” with a Christian Pellizzari tree print dress.

Joan WatsonPockets! Yep this was already a funky frock and the “anything with pockets is instantly more desirable” rule can be applied. The contrasting patterns and tee like top half with the box pleat skirt design makes this look like two separates when it’s really just one. It’s a fun dress choice and Joan’s signature style is made up of pieces that set her apart from how we generally code the clothes detectives tend to wear and from Sherlock’s distinctive buttoned up look.

A brief fantasy costuming interlude with a dress I could see Joan wearing and one that isn’t going to destroy your bank account.

Topshop Joan dressKeeping the botanical theme with a Trapeze Palm Tree dress from Topshop (available in both UK and US store) and the style and print are very Joan Watson.

The Wish List: Alana Bloom’s Polka Dots on Hannibal

1 Apr

TV Ate My Wardrobe turns 1 this month (which is terrifying and amazing in equal measures) and so in April we will be looking to the shows, characters and costume styling that has dominated this website over the past year. Polka dots and Hannibal’s Alana Bloom definitely feature on this list so when this character recently wore a polka dot shirt dress (in Bloom’s signature red) it automatically got bumped to TAMW Wish List status.

Hannibal 2.03 Alana in Marc JacobsSadly there’s no full body shot as Alana is seated for the entire scene in “Hassun” as they run through the questions Alana might get asked at Will’s trial. It’s a Marc by Marc Jacobs Minetta print (two tone polka dots) and ticks off all the Alana Bloom dress boxes – print, red and a tied waist.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

It’s also the second time that Alana and Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope have worn the same item of clothing (the first being this Equipment blouse), with Leslie wearing this dress in the recent “Galentine’s Day” episode. These two shows could be considered the polar opposite of the human experience and yet they aren’t totally worlds apart; except for the horror that Alana encounters involves dealing with death and Leslie’s is all about bureaucratic nightmares. At the heart of it they are both strong figures in their professions and when it comes to their wardrobe they both favor pattern, so a little cross costuming is not all that bizarre.

Unbuttoning the collar gives a warmer approach to the look and it’s all about making Alana the warm and open one on a show featuring characters who are generally closed off emotionally.

Here’s a quick fantasy costuming suggestion from the Marc by Marc Jacobs current collection and it’s a slight departure from Alana’s usual wardrobe choices. It features a bold print – honeycomb, is it too soon after the recent episode? –  and while it deviates from the red and blues which dominate Alana’s costuming, it’s something that wouldn’t look out of place on this character.

Marc by Marc Jacobs fantasy costumingFor more Wish List and Fantasy Costuming head here and here.

Fantasy Costuming Fall 2013: Dressing Olivia Pope

23 Jul

TV Ate My Wardrobe’s Fantasy Costuming series took a brief hiatus and now that all of Scandal has been consumed it’s time to turn to one of the most talked about characters currently on TV. Olivia Pope is an interesting figure beyond her clothing of course, but aspects of her wardrobe set her apart from the usual Washington D.C. power suits and the lack of navy and red makes her stand out from the political crowd. Scandal costume designer Lyn Paolo isn’t a stranger to the White House scene as she worked on The West Wing. Even though they share a location Scandal is far removed from the that version of politics and creator Shonda Rhimes told Entertainment WeeklyI feel like The West Wing brought us Washington as we’d all want it to be. And this show brings us Washington as we hope it would never be.”

The costuming of Olivia Pope is far removed from Aaron Sorkin’s politic world (Mellie would probably fit right in as her First Lady pieces are pretty traditional). The first thing that is striking about Olivia is the amount of white she wears and this intentionally reveals several things about how she wants to be perceived – she’s the good guy, she’s not on the red team or blue team and there is a calming presence to her limited and neutral color palette.

Kerry Washington recently tweeted “I’m CRAZY excited about this #Scandal fitting that I am about to have with @LynPaolo – like giddy butterflies kinda excited. Wow” and so to fill in the time between now and the new season we wanted to find some potential outfits for Olivia Pope from all corners of the internet both high end and more affordable. For those who might love Olivia’s wardrobe, but might not want that much white in your wardrobe then we’ve got a few pieces for you. The gowns that Olivia wears are impressive (and sometimes one of a kind) but we’ve decided to focus on work and lounge wear.

French Connection Olivia Pope

French Connection A/W ’13 

Feminine tailoring is a key factor when it comes to the Olivia Pope look and this “Pop Dot Woven” jacket and matching pants from French Connection is an affordable way to deliver this sharp style. This outfit creates the all important silhouette and uses the key tones that we see in Olivia’s office wear. The contrast piping breaks down the polka dot texture, as do the black lapels, cuffs and pocket details on the jacket which help give it a structured appearance.

Burberry Spring 2014

Burberry Prorsum S/S ’13

Out of all of Olivia’s amazing clothes it’s not her incredible gowns that we here at TV Ate My Wardrobe covet (though we wouldn’t say no), instead it’s her vast collection of coats that take our fancy. Washington D.C. can get rather chilly in the winter (both the weather and politically) and so it’s only appropriate that she has so many. While we’ve already seen Olivia in a traditional Burberry trench, this more embellished “Double Duchess Caped Trench Coat” from Burberry Prorsum adds a modern twist with the canopy cape. While costume designer Lyn Paolo has said they try to avoid anything that is too catwalk, this version of the Burberry trench maintains the traditional look and enhances it without being too showy.

Carven mint-green


Mint green works on the Olivia Pope color spectrum and these Carven double crepe pants might be from last season (now on sale with more than half off) but pastel colors are here to stay and feature in collections for the fall. Olivia has worn green before in a slightly warmer shade than this in the episode “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” that saw a 10 month jump and showed Olivia trying to move on with her life (and failing to do so).  Hopefully if she was to opt for green again it would be under better circumstances; judging from how season 2 ended this is unlikely.

Maison Martin MargielaMaison Martin Margiela MM6

Not only does Olivia have a vast array of coats, but her lounge wear collection is also pretty impressive. Olivia is just as happy at home on the couch eating a bowl of popcorn and drinking red wine as she is fixing things and this grey oversized cape cardigan from Maison Martin Margiela MM6 is perfect. Luxurious knitwear seems like the worst idea as it’s super hot at the moment but come the fall when Scandal returns this won’t feel like such a ridiculous idea.


Reiss A/W ’13

Another office look for Olivia and this one maintains feminine and slim-cut styling, while also featuring a harsher edge thanks to the “Ezra” leather skirt. This wouldn’t be the first time we have seen Olivia in leather as she has worn olive leather leggings in the episode “Seven Fifty Two” (paired with a Burberry trench) and of course there are those many leather gloves. Black leather gives off a strong impression but pairing it with the “Mimi” frill neck and sleeve top offers a soft compromise. Olivia is going to have new challenges when Scandal returns so it is likely that her costuming will evolve.

Would these outfit choices get the Olivia Pope approval?

Maison Kitsuné F/W ’13 Collection: Dressing April Ludgate

27 Jun

It’s the third week of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s fantasy costuming series as we take a peek at the new collections for Fall/Winter and beyond. So far we’ve looked at Jess from New Girl sporting French Connection and TV’s most stylish guys with the Burberry Prorsum’s Spring ’14 offerings. Today it’s the turn of a character whose wardrobe I covert as April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation is the reason I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mustard hoodie (it’s a much harder task than it sounds). Season 5 saw April going from disaffected and bored to really honing in on her skills and passions. April has always felt strongly about animals so it isn’t surprising to see her character apply and get accepted into veterinary school. April style points include patterns, knit sweaters, yellow and anything that doesn’t resemble a Leslie Knope pantsuit.

With April’s new job I wanted to find a brand that would allow April to dress as casually as she has in past seasons but adding some more tailored styles. The inspiration behind the new Maison Kitsuné lookbook, which was shot on location in Tokyo and features “the street-yet-chic style of the collections, artfully incorporating tradition and modernity” was just the style I had in mind.  I’ve combined looks from this Tokyo shoot with model/actress Kiko Mizuhara and the standard shoot on the Kitsuné site, as I wanted to include several April-esque outfits that don’t feature in the lookbook . The French label (don’t tell Ron Swanson) features a fox on its label which is perfect for April’s new career aspirations and the Parks department (though for Pawnee a raccoon might be better).


This is very much a first day of college/work outfit; it’s stylish without looking like April is trying too hard. We know beneath those eye rolls that she cares about a lot of things… ok some things. The deep plum/indigo combination pops without being too overpowering and April tends to wear a lot of these darker versions of colors.


Another outfit that displays April’s casual chic look for work and features the Kitsuné fox logo. Foxes are the owl of this season when it comes to sweaters and because I already featured the French Connection version for Jess a couple of weeks ago, I’ve opted for the sneaky fox over the fantastic (Mr) fox jumper which you can see here. The sunglasses will ensure that April doesn’t have to engage or make eye contact with anyone that she doesn’t want to.


A mustard yellow knit sweater is April Ludgate all over. The rose probably isn’t.


April has a number of hoodies (and not just the dream mustard one) so this slightly more tailored version might work as an upgrade for those days at vet school.


While you’d probably never suggest that April is particularly cute and girly with her style, she also isn’t adverse to wearing dresses and the one above feels like casual wear that could double as an office outfit or even for a trip to the Snakehole Lounge – when she’s not Janet Snakehole of course. I think the disdainful look on this models face would totally sell this collection to April.

Would these outfits get the April Ludgate seal of approval?

To see more of the Maison Kitsuné F/W ’13 collection head here.

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