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2015 Emmy Nominations Closer Look – Costumes (Updated to Include Winners)

17 Jul

Ah the Emmy nominations and the usual amounts of rage and joy were felt as the names were read out. There were the expected omissions which still caused the air to turn blue (The Americans getting nothing aside from writing and guest star and Jane the Virgin getting shut out) to the surprises (TATIANA) and out of the 14 performances on my wish list, 5 made the cut. Now let’s take a look at who has been nominated for costume design.

Game of ThronesThe costume design awards are split into two categories and unlike previous years which have mirrored the way the acting awards are divided between series and then mini-series/TV movie/special they are now organizing it by contemporary and period/fantasy. This makes so much sense and it means contemporary shows which have been overlooked in the past now get their chance to shine.

That being said there are still a few notable omissions and I cannot understand how Janie Bryant’s work on Mad Men has not been recognized. It is baffling when you consider the influence and impact this costuming has had on the way we talk about costume design (see everything to do with “Mad Style“) and runway trends. I would maybe understand if the final season of Mad Men was lacking in the nomination department overall and yet it has 11 in total.

Adding to this list of snubs with shows talked on a weekly basis here at TV Ate My Wardrobe include Ane Crabtree’s exquisite work on Masters of Sex, Jenny Gering’s subtle take on early 80s and all things excellent spy wear on The Americans and while I have fallen out of love with Scandal, Lyn Paolo’s costume design and all those wine cardigans are still on top of the game. Not to mention Diane Lockhart and Alicia Florrick’s executive attire that goes beyond boring pantsuits on The Good Wife thanks to Daniel Lawson.

One super bright and pattern filled comedy has been nominated and I am thrilled to see Salvador Perez’s name on there for The Mindy Project, but it seems like there is only room for one color soaked comedy as Tina Nigro is sadly not included for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Going through the full list of Emmy nomination ballot submissions means I am also now sad that the “Sunday Funday” episode of You’re the Worst missed the cut (there are SO many good costumes in this one) along with the Val episode of Broad City, Halloween on Looking, the pilot episodes of Agent Carter and The Knick, plus the amazing coat filled season 3 opener of Orphan Black. I’ve only seen the first couple of episodes of Outlander and yet I know this is another big disappointment and it straddles both period and fantasy elements.

Of course not everyone can be nominated but as I scroll through the list there are some really disappointing entries that didn’t make it. Hannibal was not eligible for voting and so the initial lack of murder suit outrage was quickly subdued.

By submitting a specific episode we can see exactly which pieces they are being judged on and I am so pleased to see Daenery’s incredible dragon neckwear is featured in the Game of Thrones “Dance of Dragons” choice. Empire has two nominations and the costume design team has changed between the pilot and full season with both getting recognized.

The full list of nominees:


American Horror Story: Freak Show, “Monsters Among Us” – Lou Eyrich, Elizabeth Macey, Ken Van Duyne WINNER!

Boardwalk Empire, “Golden Days for Boys and Girls” – John Dunn, Maria Zamansky, James P. Hammer, Jr., Joseph LaCorte

Downton Abbey, “Episode 9” – Anna Mary Scott Robbins, Michael Weldon, Kathryn Tart

Game of Thrones, “Dance of Dragons” – Michele Clapton, Sheena Wichary, Alexander Fordham, Nina Ayres

Wolf Hall, “Part 3” – Joanna Eatwell, Ken Lang, Clare Vyse


Empire, “Pilot” – Paolo Nieddu, Eileen McCahill

Empire, “The Lyon’s Roar” – Rita D. McGhee, Sukari McGill

Gotham, “Under the Knife” – Lisa Padovani, Danielle Schembre-Borakovsky

The Mindy Project, “San Francisco Bae” – Salvador Perez, Gala Autumn, Ivy Heather Thaide

Olive Kitteridge, “Incoming Tide” – Jenny Eagan, Debbie Holbrook

Transparent, “Symbolic Exemplar” – Marie Schley, Nancy Jarzynko WINNER!


The Creative Arts Emmys will take place on Saturday, September 12.

HBO’s Best of 2014/What’s to Come in 2015 Video Includes New Game of Thrones Shots

23 Dec

HBO has said goodbye to two longstanding staples, welcomed back one from long ago, delivered top notch episodes from both new and old shows and they’re set to do it all again in 2015. This video celebrates the best of 2014 while also revealing what is coming in the new year.

These moments are brief and if you want to go straight to the “Coming in 2015” portion skip to 1.37 where you will see a variety of pensive looking Game of Thrones characters including Cersei and Tyrion. Also on the returning shows ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ new footage list are VeepLooking and GirlsTrue Detective gets a title card and The Leftovers is a shot of Justin Theroux in aviators, which is the best placeholder for a show with no new material as of yet. Queen Latifah is going down the biopic route playing iconic blues singer Bessie Smith in Bessie, Dwayne Johnson will star in the half-hour dramedy Ballers and the Duplass brothers are bringing Togetherness.

It has been a very good year for HBO with Boardwalk Empire going out on a creative high, True Detective delivering two of the performances of the year, producing one of my favorite episodes of the 2014 with Looking’s “Looking for the Future,” outrage and laughter in equal measure with a side order of shirt approval while watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, bringing back Valerie Cherish and introducing Carrie Coon to the non-theatre world.

Here is a look at all of that and more:

For more promos previewing HBO’s 2015 offerings head here and here.


Elisabeth Moss, Zosia Mamet, Michael K. Williams “Dress Normal” for Gap

21 Aug

Fall season is upon us, New York Fashion Week is less than a month away, the September issues have hit newsstands and it feels like a new campaign is getting unveiled on a daily basis. How does a brand like Gap stand out in the hustle? With a lineup of celebrities covering several demographics and getting them to “Dress Normal.” Ah yes, normcore and while I have to refrain from all the eye rolls it actually makes sense for Gap to use this ‘back to basics’ stance mirroring their denim campaign which featured another Girls star last year.

Elisabeth Moss GapWhile the lack of adverbs might frustrate some, the overall campaign looks pretty great and the choice of actors involved including Elisabeth Moss – who looks super cute in the photo above – Michael K. Williams, Zosia Mamet, Anjelica Huston and Jena Malone are faces you wouldn’t necessarily think ‘Gap ad’ upon hearing their names. This is me trying to avoid using the word ‘quirky’ because a) not all of these actors are what I would consider quirky and b) that word makes me wrinkle my nose (yes I have probably been guilty of using it in the past). See also ‘kooky.’

Michael K WilliamsGap for me is where I go to buy wardrobe staples such as sweaters, vests and shirt dresses (yes I have the same plaid flannel dress in three colors from last fall) and while it might be considered a safe/boring option there are ways to dress these items up or even down further (ultra normcore anyone?). Or add a classic sports car to the mix.

Zosia MametThe ads will be accompanied with phrases such as “dress like no one’s watching” and “let your actions speak louder than your clothes” in that usual fashion campaign proclamation way. Gap’s Global Chief Marketing Officer Seth Farbman elaborated on this further telling Buzzfeed “There’s certainly a long tradition at Gap that people come first and that the clothes are there to make you feel like your best self, and we’ve been unapologetic about that for years. ‘Dress Normal’ is a reinforcement of that idea.” I’m guessing Farbman is also pretty happy with the Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” video that descends into a Gap-looking commercial by the end. Maybe add some black cigarette pants and three-quarter sleeve black turtlenecks to the “Dress Normal” collection.

“Dress Normal” launches September 2 and I will definitely be on the lookout for the boots and dress combo Zosia Mamet is wearing.



Boardwalk Empire’s Final Season Trailer Confirms Time Jump: “Change is Coming”

12 Aug

A couple of months ago Michael K. Williams mentioned that Boardwalk Empire wasn’t just leaping forward a couple of years for its final season; nope instead the jump is taking us from 1924 to 1931. The new trailer confirms this with a bold 1931 appearing on the screen with “Lucky” Luciano taking the role of narrator emphasizing his importance to this time period (and he’s upped his tie game with a purple stunner). There are others who we won’t be seeing unless flashback or changes to history take place (I’m not going to say who, but if you want to find out which character died in 1928 then Wikipedia away).

Boardwalk Empire final seasonWith just eight episodes left there are a lot of scores to settle and plenty of money to be made even while the country suffers the after effects of the Wall Street Crash. Who will make it out alive?

The trailer is the usual mix of threats, violence, seedy glamour and super serious pensive looks as these characters try to come out on top. The song is “Tranquilize” by The Killers featuring Lou Reed and adds to the tension/tempo as it quickly cuts between moments.

Boardwalk Empire returns Sunday, September 7.

2014 Emmy Nominations – Costumes (Updated to Include Winners)

10 Jul

The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this morning (for the full list head here) and while I have many thoughts regarding the omissions – The Americans, Tatiana Maslany and The Good Wife in the drama series category just for starters – I wanted to highlight the shows that have been nominated for what we like to talk about a lot here and that is costume design.

There are two costume categories; Outstanding Costume Design for a Series and Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special and those nominees are below. I would have loved to see Masters of Sex, HannibalThe AmericansSleepy HollowThe Mindy ProjectScandal and The Good Wife feature in the nominations -yes all the shows I write about regularly – however it is a very strong field and some of my favorite costumes from this year are featured on this list of nominees.

Updated! Find out who won below.


Outstanding Costume Design for a Series

Boardwalk Empire – John Dunn, Lisa Padovani and Joseph La Corte

Downton Abbey – Caroline McCall, Heather Leat, Poli Kyriacou

Game of Thrones – Michele Clapton, Sheena Wichary, Alexander Fordham, Nina Ayres – WINNER

Mad Men – Janie Bryant, Tiffany White Stanton, Stacy Horn

Once Upon a Time – Eduardo Castro, Monique McRae

American Horror Story

Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special

American Horror Story: Coven – Lou Eyrich, Elizabeth Macey, Ken Van Duyne – WINNER

House of Versace – Claire Nadon, Nicole Magny

Sherlock: His Last Vow – Sarah Arthur, Ceri Walford

The Normal Heart – Daniel Orlandi, Gail A. Fitzgibbons, Hartsell Taylor, Maria Tortu

The White Queen – Nic Ede, Raissa Hans, Elizabeth Healy

The 66th Primetime Emmys will take place Monday, August 25 and will be hosted by Seth Meyers.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

8 Nov

This edition of “Out of the Box” is looking at moments that stood out visually on this week’s episodes of Sleepy Hollow and Boardwalk Empire. We’re also showcasing some behind the scenes shots from  New Girl and The Carrie Diaries.

Sleepy Hollow baseballAfter a three week break Sleepy Hollow is back! It returns with its strongest episode yet, filling in the details of how Ichabod switched sides in the Revolutionary War, introducing Fringe’s John Noble and inducing the misty eyes in a rather touching scene. Abbie doesn’t want to lose Ichabod because everyone she has ever felt a connection with leaves and she’s not ready to say goodbye, even if he believes he is living on borrowed time. They are a mismatched pair but this is part of the charm and it’s one of the reasons why each episode has been a joy to watch. Their obvious differences are evident in the shot above as Ichabod continues to wear his period garb and Abbie is very much of this time. Abbie’s off-duty wear isn’t particularly flashy, they’re at a baseball game so it’s casual and I can’t see Abbie being that much of a clothes horse (not that she doesn’t look good).

Sleepy Hollow red coatMultiple flashbacks mean Ichabod in uniform and this time the red coat variety. He looks pensive here and his conflict between what is right and the country he serves is evident early on. Ichabod is a man of honor and this is reflected in the way he holds himself in both the past and present. He looks less disheveled in these flashbacks, spending 200 years buried below ground has a habit of messing with your fresh faced and chipper complexion.

Sleepy hollowThis is a bonus Sleepy Hollow shot because I’m so glad it is back and this scene gave me all the feelings. Nicole Beharie does an excellent crumple chin that is Claire Danes Hall of Fame worthy and the chemistry between Beharie and Tom Mison is palpable. In a show that is so much about good and evil, it’s not surprising to have scenes containing strong light sources.

Richard Harrow weddingMoving onto Boardwalk Empire and another scene that features a distinctive light source; the framing of this shot is exquisite as Richard Harrow waits to marry Julia . It’s a marriage of convenience in one respect, which is why there is no fanfare and they sit quietly waiting for the office to open. The proposal itself is non traditional as Richard would never consider himself a worthy suitor and so Julia has to do the asking telling him “You might do in a pinch.” They’re doing this for the sake of Tommy; a child whose parents are both dead and whose grandmother’s care would almost certainly be detrimental to the boy. He’s already witnessed too much as it is. It’s not a loveless union and you can tell from the way they are sitting with each other that there is something more to this marriage than duty. They are both in their Sunday best and Richard’s buttonhole flower is a subtle touch to distinguish this from the suits he normally wears.

Zooey Deschanel InstagramChanging direction completely with this photo from Zooey Deschanel’s Instagram that celebrates the return of Damon Wayans Jr. to New Girl. It was also announced on Wednesday that Wayans Jr. will be sticking around for the rest of the season and while they still have much to do in terms of fleshing out this character, I’m excited about what this addition will bring to the various dynamics on this show. This season has had some issues in terms of Schmidt and structure and I think the presence of Coach could help revitalize New Girl.

photoAnother behind the scenes shot courtesy of Instagram and this time from The Carrie Diaries showrunner Amy B. Harris. Who could resist either the puppy or Austin Butler? If you aren’t all watching The Carrie Diaries (and from the ratings I’m sensing not a lot of you are) here is one (or two) obvious reason to start watching. Plus it’s a totally charming and fun show beyond just the guys and puppies.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

11 Oct

Public appearances, magazine shoots and red carpet looks dominate “Out of the Box” this week. Remember to check out our Scandal costuming recap for all things Olivia Pope and our Masters of Sex color and costuming post here.

Lizzy Caplan Independent

While I’m on the subject of Masters of Sex here is Lizzy Caplan in what looks like a jumpsuit but is actually two separates (though a long sleeve jumpsuit is available) by Corey Lynn Calter. Having just got used to seeing Caplan in all ’50s wear I’m glad to see this shoot with The Independent doesn’t try to mimic that style and instead goes for a more 1970s look.

Clemence Poesy Stylist

The bag over the head option is probably only useful when it is raining (and really how much does that really do to keep you dry?) but this Clémence Poésy outfit in Stylist magazine is not only super adorable but also affordable. The coat is French Connection and the skirt is from Oasis showing just how winter florals are done and I basically want this whole ensemble – there are chaffinches on the blouse! Clémence Poésy’s next role is in another adaptation of Broen this time the border between France and the United Kingdom; instead of The Bridge it will be called The Tunnel and Poésy is playing Elise, the role Sofia Helin and Diane Kruger have also played. The three actresses all share a similar look and it’s unlikely, but I’d love to see a crossover involving the three different versions of this show.

Angela Bassett AHS

I watched American Horror Story for the first time this week and while I’m still entirely sure what to make of the show I do know that I am excited to have Angela Bassett back on TV again and she looks incredible at the premiere of American Horror Story: Coven. This leather and lace Robert Rodriguez dress is pretty much perfect and completely in tone with the show that Bassett is promoting.

The New Yorker Festival 2013 - Conversation With Music -Michael Shannon Talks With Burkhard Bilger

I’ve got so used to seeing Michael Shannon as the buttoned up (former) Agent Van Alden on Boardwalk Empire and so this combination of polka dot socks and pink t-shirt at The New Yorker “In Conversation” event is so utterly delightful. Rather than his impressive acting career this evening looked at music and Shannon performed with his band Corporal. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be a video of this performance on the New Yorker’s site and I can’t imagine his character on Boardwalk Empire getting up with a guitar anytime soon, unless a super coked up Al Capone wants him to of course.

Celebrities Visit "Late Show With David Letterman" - October 9, 2013

There is something so wonderfully ’80s about this Band of Outsiders dress; it might be the puffed pointy shoulders or the black and white zigzag stripes. Whatever it is, Lucy Liu looks incredible. This outfit is for an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman but in my mind she is really working on a top secret take down mission in 1987. Now all I need is for someone to wear this outfit from Wonder Woman and I’ll be happy.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

6 Sep

The summer is coming to an end and the new fall TV season is just around the corner; this means more TV stars on magazine covers, red carpet and chat show appearances. September also means multiple film festivals with Venice taking place already and TIFF started yesterday. New York Fashion Week also kicked off yesterday so expect a lot of appearances from TV stars promoting their shows from the front row. This is the month where it all gets a bit crowded and while it can sometimes feel like information overload, I love it.

Winner: Eddie Izzard and Sidse Babett Knudsen for the Zulu Comedy Awards

Sidse Babett Knudsen and Eddie Izzard

The Zulu Comedy Awards are Danish and Borgen star Sidse Babette Knudsen appears alongside actor and comedian Eddie Izzard. While this award show hasn’t been on my radar before I am so glad that this photo popped up on my Facebook feed (thanks to Scanoir) as it brings me so much joy. We are used to seeing Knudsen in the serious role of Prime Minister Birgitte Nyborg but she played host at this comedy awards show. As you can see from the above photo Eddie Izzard seems very taken with the compare and she is striking a rather amazing looking fierce pose. Last year as part of a roundtable discussion I gave Sidse Babett Knudsen my performance of the year and I can’t wait to see what she does next as Borgen has now ended in Denmark (I still have season 3 to watch). While I would like to see her tackle comedy, seeing her with Izzard has me longing for a Hannibal guest starring role.

Runner Up: Kerry Washington Covering Flare Magazine

Kerry Washington Flare

Kerry Washington has scored another magazine cover (she’s also covers Glamour’s October issue) and this really is the year of Olivia Pope. The great thing is that none of the editorials look similar and this is something that is reflected in Washington’s red carpet choices; there is always variety. Olivia Pope has her defined uniform of white tailored pieces with flashes of other neutral tones whereas Kerry Washington is happy to experiment. The pink polka dot Miu Miu coat is striking (and on my infinite wish list) and this is the second magazine cover editorial that has opted for this collection (Michelle Dockery’s Harper’s Bazaar cover went for the stripped Miu Miu coat). Is a Vogue cover next? Here’s hoping.

Runner Up: Jack Huston at the Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Premiere 

Jack Huston Boardwalk Empire Premiere

Boardwalk Empire returns in just over a week (Sunday, 9) and it’s a show that has one of the richest aesthetic looks. The sprawling nature of the world that these characters inhabit means that favorites such as Jack Huston’s Richard Harrow are sometimes sidelined for too long. When Harrow did come into play last year it was as devastating and brutal as his story has always been and I’m pleased to hear that season 4 will see Harrow explore his past; will he find his sister? Jack Huston does an excellent job of transforming himself into this character that goes beyond the tin mask; his speech patterns and posture are just as important. Red carpet appearances reveal how handsome he really is and not anyone can pull off a moustache like that.

Runner Up: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson at the Venice Film Festival 

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

First of all let’s rejoice once again that Joshua Jackson has scored himself a Showtime pilot as the new season hasn’t even started and I’m sad that he won’t be gracing our screens. Diane Kruger has been doing an exceptional job on The Bridge – there’s this amazing thing she does with her eyes when she’s trying to explain Sonya’s issues with connecting with people that breaks my heart every single time – and I’ve been generally very impressed with this adaptation.

The pair hit the red carpet in Venice for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gala Dinner (a brand that Kruger is the face of) and while not everyone can pull of such a heavy looking velvet gown, Kruger looks extraordinary in the purple Alberta Ferretti dress. There is something regal about it without appearing too much like a fancy dress costume and this is aided by the minimal accessories and simple hair and makeup. Josh Jackson looks pretty dapper, even with the injury that means he’s wearing a support rather than a shoe (also in black).

Who is your look of the week?

Boardwalk Empire Promo: “Only Kings Understand Each Other”

18 Jul

Several attempts to challenge Nucky’s power have been made during the first three seasons of Boardwalk Empire and he will face a new rival when we return to Atlantic City in September. HBO released a teaser last month that showed a glimpse at new character Dr Valentin Narcisse, played by Jeffrey Wright and in this full length promo it is suggests that Narcisse will be the one challenging Nucky for power this season.

The mass shooting that occurred at Gillian’s whorehouse that killed most of Gyp Rosetti’s men remains unsolved in the eyes of the law, but we know very well that it was Richard Harrow who acted alone in this spree. Harrow, Capone and Chalky are three characters that I would like to see more of and while they don’t feature prominently in this promo I would imagine they will all have an important role to play; where their loyalty falls is another question.

Nucky seems to be using the old playground defense of “he started it” as he says “I didn’t ask for trouble. What was brought to my doorstep, I returned.” Considering he had a crate with a body in it (Owen *sob*) delivered, what he returns is not pleasant.

As always there is plenty of glitz, dancing and drinking that goes hand in hand with the violent underbelly of Boardwalk Empire and the one person missing from both this and the first teaser is Margaret; what role will she play when the show returns Sunday, September 8?

Boardwalk Empire Season 4 First Look

10 Jun

It’s more than six months later and I’m still mourning the loss of my favorite Irishman on TV, but it’s time to move on as HBO has released the first teaser promo for season 4 of Boardwalk Empire. New faces including Jeffrey Wright and Ron Livingstone make an appearance and there is a sense of familiarity with the glitz and the glamour alongside the violent underbelly of Prohibition. Richard Harrow features quite prominently much to my delight and Gretchen Mol’s Gillian Darmody looks a lot better than when we left her in heroin induced stupor (the heroin was meant for Gyp Rosetti, who didn’t survive the season). Jeffery Wright is playing Dr.Valentin Narcisse “a philanthropist, student of culture and the man who runs Harlem.” Will he be next the person who goes up against Nucky?

Boardwalk Empire returns to HBO Sunday, September 8.

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