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2014 Emmy Nominations – Costumes (Updated to Include Winners)

10 Jul

The 2014 Emmy nominations were announced this morning (for the full list head here) and while I have many thoughts regarding the omissions – The Americans, Tatiana Maslany and The Good Wife in the drama series category just for starters – I wanted to highlight the shows that have been nominated for what we like to talk about a lot here and that is costume design.

There are two costume categories; Outstanding Costume Design for a Series and Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special and those nominees are below. I would have loved to see Masters of Sex, HannibalThe AmericansSleepy HollowThe Mindy ProjectScandal and The Good Wife feature in the nominations -yes all the shows I write about regularly – however it is a very strong field and some of my favorite costumes from this year are featured on this list of nominees.

Updated! Find out who won below.


Outstanding Costume Design for a Series

Boardwalk Empire – John Dunn, Lisa Padovani and Joseph La Corte

Downton Abbey – Caroline McCall, Heather Leat, Poli Kyriacou

Game of Thrones – Michele Clapton, Sheena Wichary, Alexander Fordham, Nina Ayres – WINNER

Mad Men – Janie Bryant, Tiffany White Stanton, Stacy Horn

Once Upon a Time – Eduardo Castro, Monique McRae

American Horror Story

Outstanding Costume Design for a Miniseries, Movie or a Special

American Horror Story: Coven – Lou Eyrich, Elizabeth Macey, Ken Van Duyne – WINNER

House of Versace – Claire Nadon, Nicole Magny

Sherlock: His Last Vow – Sarah Arthur, Ceri Walford

The Normal Heart – Daniel Orlandi, Gail A. Fitzgibbons, Hartsell Taylor, Maria Tortu

The White Queen – Nic Ede, Raissa Hans, Elizabeth Healy

The 66th Primetime Emmys will take place Monday, August 25 and will be hosted by Seth Meyers.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

3 Jan

It’s the first “Out of the Box” of 2014 and while the red carpet appearances have dried up over the holiday break, we’ve got promo photo treats for you instead. Award shows will be back in full swing soon, including the Golden Globes next Sunday (also the same night Girls and True Detective premiere) and so expect gowns galore. This week we’re showcasing new Hannibal season 2 cast photos, a returning sleuth and a New Girl flashback.

Hannibal - Season 2The official Hannibal Tumblr has been busy over the holiday period releasing character promo shots for the second season (premiering February 28) and we’ve got Hannibal and Alana Bloom to peruse over. This pose is pretty similar to last year’s Hannibal, as is the plaid of the suit and paisley tie. Gone are the blue tones, they have been replaced by darker shades of brown and red. If you click on the photo you can see how much detail there is in Hannibal’s costuming including the polka dots on his pocket square. He is impeccable, which is much more than can be said about Will Graham who is languishing in a less than flattering jumpsuit.

Hannibal - Season 2Moving on to the second of the new Hannibal promo shots with Alana Bloom. Green is the color of balance and blue means loyalty; Alana is the only character who has been looking out for Will’s best interests from the pilot episode and so it makes sense for her to be dressed in the colors that represent these two attributes. Last year Alana wore mostly reds and abstract patterns, so it’s notable that the geometric pattern on her skirt is less chaotic. Pattern and color are both important components for the overall design of Hannibal and we will be keeping tabs on how this develops and changes in season 2.  For a show that contains so much horror the costuming is exquisite and we’re highly anticipating the new season.

Sherlock Series 3Sherlock is back! Well on the BBC at least (it airs January 19 on PBS) and while we’re not going to discuss the plot details of “The Empty Hearse” as you can see in this promo photo, Sherlock’s magnificent Belstaff ‘Millford’ coat also makes a return. The red button hole is a small touch and yet it’s the one I always notice; thanks to the folks at Wear Sherlock I now know that this detail was added by the Sherlock costume department. It’s a coat that is ingrained with the look of this version of Sherlock Holmes and it plays a part in the dramatic slow-mo this show favors.

NG_311-31pt_0009It’s Nick Miller as you have never seen him before, looking like an extra from Dead Poets Society. This is a shot from the next episode (airing Tuesday 7) “Clavado En Un Bar” and we’ll be finding out how each character ended up in the job they are in and this means multiple flashbacks. Almost lawyer Nick’s style is lot different from the previous college versions we have seen, gone is the moustache and it’s a clean shaven, slick hair Miller instead. The scarf is the thing that really ties the preppy look together. We will have more New Girl in our review of this episode next week.

Sherlock Mini-Episode Released: “Many Happy Returns”

24 Dec

While yesterday’s Orphan Black teaser didn’t reveal a whole lot, the same can’t be said for the Sherlock mini-episode which has been released ahead of the season 3 launch. While it doesn’t explain how Sherlock faked his death it does show what he has been up to in the two years between that moment and when season 3 returns. It’s a lovely video gift from the BBC and here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we say thank you! Not only that, but we get a glimpse at John’s new house and let’s just say we have wallpaper envy.

Sherlock returns on New Year’s Day in the UK and January 19 in the US.

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