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Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Emmys

22 Sep

A special Emmys “Behind the Insta-Scenes” with TV stars documenting the whole process from pre-parties, getting ready rituals to the day after.

The Orange is the New Black cast are a regular fixture on this column and they really have the whole Emmy weekend covered; it is good to see this much enthusiasm not just for their show, but the whole experience. For anyone that wants a break from all things Emmys the standard TV Instagram will appear as usual tomorrow.



One fun thing about having so many TV stars in the same place is the random group photos; case in point and Gwendoline Christie looks like a very proud mother.

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Tribe. #theaterkids #netflixfamily @titusssawthis

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Sometimes they give us ideas of actors who should star in something together or which shows should do a crossover.

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Pals forever.

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And of course there are reunions that make your heart melt.

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Love these women. #emmys

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Dream Scandal guest stars alert.


Kerry Washington has an extra pair of paws to help her get ready.



Plenty of accessorizes and boob wrangling choices to choose from.


As with many stars who hit the Emmy red carpet Jessica Williams gives a well deserved shout out to her glam squad and this is a really stunning photo.


Coffee is just as vital pre show as it is the day after. Filming an unaware Taraji P. Henson has turned into a bit of a sport.


The same could be said for dancing in the mirror.


Meanwhile some of the Game of Thrones cast were too busy working on the new season to join the party. Now can someone zoom in on the script text and see what it says.


I’m still very firmly on the fence about January Jones’ jumpsuit but her Insta game is always strong.

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Stair chillers.

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Pretty frocks and stair hanging out; for some reason this is giving me album cover vibes, butt needs more pouting.


Lots of people in this ballroom and the Orange is the New Black cast have not let us down when it comes to capturing every moment.

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My real family

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There were of course lots of winners. And sometimes winners gatecrashing other winners.


Denial is useful and also hilarious.

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Veep sweep. #KeepinItClassy

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And sometimes losing just plain sucks.



See Veep really did win a lot and this is either a table of awards or a whole lot of intricate weaponry.


Peter Dinklage has chosen to show off Maisie Williams’ amazing penguin tux clutch instead of his Emmy. I mean his Emmy isn’t dressed this fancy so this is a solid decision.


Uzo Aduba knows how to get the party started in a sea of other pink dresses.


More pink dress glory and I love that these two are besties in real life.



This dress really is a posing dream.


The morning after coffee is also hella important. And sunglasses.


JLaw proving once again why she is fantasy BFF material. Another tick in the box for day after awards show sunglasses.

HBO’s Best of 2014/What’s to Come in 2015 Video Includes New Game of Thrones Shots

23 Dec

HBO has said goodbye to two longstanding staples, welcomed back one from long ago, delivered top notch episodes from both new and old shows and they’re set to do it all again in 2015. This video celebrates the best of 2014 while also revealing what is coming in the new year.

These moments are brief and if you want to go straight to the “Coming in 2015” portion skip to 1.37 where you will see a variety of pensive looking Game of Thrones characters including Cersei and Tyrion. Also on the returning shows ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ new footage list are VeepLooking and GirlsTrue Detective gets a title card and The Leftovers is a shot of Justin Theroux in aviators, which is the best placeholder for a show with no new material as of yet. Queen Latifah is going down the biopic route playing iconic blues singer Bessie Smith in Bessie, Dwayne Johnson will star in the half-hour dramedy Ballers and the Duplass brothers are bringing Togetherness.

It has been a very good year for HBO with Boardwalk Empire going out on a creative high, True Detective delivering two of the performances of the year, producing one of my favorite episodes of the 2014 with Looking’s “Looking for the Future,” outrage and laughter in equal measure with a side order of shirt approval while watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, bringing back Valerie Cherish and introducing Carrie Coon to the non-theatre world.

Here is a look at all of that and more:

For more promos previewing HBO’s 2015 offerings head here and here.


Best of the 2014 Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Red Carpet

4 May

The White Correspondents’ Association Dinner attracts an eclectic assortment of star power with journalists, politicians and actors all rubbing shoulders. Instagram is awash with selfies of the casts of Scandal and Veep posing for photos in the environment they pretend to work in for a living and there are plenty of starstruck expressions. We’re going to take a look at the best red carpet looks on display last night.

Julianna MarguliesThe red carpet featured several classic black gowns including a super chic looking Julianna Margulies in vintage Jean Dessès. Sometimes keeping it simple gives the best results and accessorizing with black pumps, Roger Vivier clutch and silver jewels does just this. A simple updo and a splash of crimson lip color is the perfect way to set off this ensemble.

JLDVeep’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus also opted for black in Antonio Berardi with a bodice adorned with crystals adding a slight hint of shimmer to the frock. Adding more glitz to this outfit is the gunmetal pearl Edie Parker clutch with a sparkly silver trim. Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks radiant.

LupitaPolka dots and peplum for Lupita Nyong’o as she also does the black gown trend with a twist in Oscar de la Renta from the Fall 2014 collection, which TV Ate My Wardrobe adored. Lupita continues to take the fashion world by storm and the hot pink lip color is another excellent and striking choice. And there’s more from Lupita…

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They fought crime with a bold lip

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“They fought crime with a bold lip.” As this photo from Mindy Kaling’s Instagram shows, Mindy went with both strong lip and dress colors, with Zooey Deschanel and Lupita Nyong’o doing monochrome in two very different ways. I would definitely watch a show based on this simple crime fighting premise.

Darby StanchfieldIt’s not just black dresses on the red carpet with Scandal’s Darby Stanchfield showing green gowns and red locks makes for an excellent combination. From the Alberta Ferretti Spring 2014 collection this ethereal look is enhanced by the embroidered floral beaded waist and shoulder accents.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

28 Mar

It’s week two of Paleyfest and this has delivered more fantastic outfits from the stars of shows like Mad MenMasters of SexAgents of SHIELDThe Mindy Project, Community and Veep. Here are the ones that stood out.

The Paley Center For Media's PaleyFest 2014 Honoring "Mad Men"The women of Mad Men work a variety of styles both on and off the show; however they don’t look like they are attending different events which can sometimes be an issue at these panels. Kiernan Shipka is once again showing that being a teenager doesn’t take away any fashion credibility and her Dolce & Gabbana floral dress is once again age appropriate and on point. Christina Hendricks does a nice job of honoring L’Wren Scott in an amazing green dress by the designer that flatters and accentuates those famous curves.

Jessica Paré is the most high fashion of the group (the absent January Jones also vies for this spot) and this Roksanda Ilincic frock looks pretty standard from this angle. What this shot is missing out is how extreme the half-wrap orange fold is and this is a dress that looks amazing in a lot of photos and a mess in others. Paré pulls it off even if I’m not in love with her shoes. Elisabeth Moss is showing off her fun side, which we have been seeing on the red carpet and in the recent New York magazine profile in a black mini Emilio Pucci number. The white lace panel and bow detail adds a hint of vintage and combining bold red lips and shoes adds that extra something to the outfit.

Chloe BennetI really shouldn’t like this Mason by Michelle Mason jumpsuit that Agent of SHIELD’s Chloe Bennet is wearing as I’ve made my feelings on jumpsuit’s clear last week and black tends to be the only kind of jumpsuit that I could even consider. For some reason I think this looks really great and I’m just going to go with it. The slightly different blue pumps make sure it’s not too matchy matchy and I am forever a sucker for pockets.

Annaleigh AshfordNow this is more my usual speed (pockets again) and Annaleigh Ashford from Masters of Sex looks incredibly charming in this Novis dress. I was worried the red pumps might be a step too far, but the more I look at them, the more they work. The variety of textures, pattern and color make this a frock to covet and I’m excited that Ashford’s Betty is returning for season 2.

Mindy Kaling and Chris MessinaThe Mindy Project is back next week after they left us on a kissing cliffhanger in January and here is a sneak peek of how adorable Chris Messina and Mindy Kaling look together. Kaling is wearing a beautiful emerald green jacquard Topshop high-waisted skirt and crop top; she explains in this month’s Vogue that “It’s really tempting to not take chances. But I don’t want to be fearful.” This sentiment sums up Kaling’s outfit decisions well and I love how she embraces fashion in this way even if it doesn’t always work. On this occasion it definitely does and this is great color on her.

Gillian JacobsAs Britta Perry, Gillian Jacobs doesn’t get to wear a whole array of party frocks – don’t get me wrong I love her endless supply of striped sweaters, plaid shirts and jeans – so at the Community panel it is good to see her bring it in House of Holland. The coral and navy starburst disco dress is a bold, fun choice.

Julia Louis Dreyfus PaleyFestVeep returns in a couple of weeks and it’s yet another show I need to catch up on (Game of Thrones is giving me so much side eye right about now). Julia Louis-Dreyfus looks super sophisticated in this charcoal grey getup; the black pattern and belting are both flattering and stops it from becoming just a dress for the office.

Variety Comedy Actress Emmy Roundtable Discussions

5 Jun

The pre-Emmy nomination roundtables are in full flow and Variety has produced supporting and lead actor/actress discussions in both comedy and drama categories. These panels are all around 15 minutes long and feature actors from both cable and network shows.

comedy lead

Today I am going to focus on the comedy actresses (plus it’s the unofficial Ellie Kemper week here at TV Ate My Wardrobe) and the shows these are the shows that are represented; New GirlEnlightenedVeepSuburgatoryThe Office, The Mindy Project, 2 Broke GirlsThe Big Bang Theory and Cougar Town.  Network and cable shows feature, along with multi-cam and single camera shows. Some of the participants are also involved behind the scenes as Zooey Deschanel is a producer on New Girl and both Laura Dern and Mindy Kaling are creators of their respective shows. Mindy Kaling is also in the writers’ room on The Mindy Project and she mentions that this helps the show be a little more feminist.

comedy actress

The difference in a cable show versus a network one is a lot to do with format and time restrictions; network sitcoms have to be the same length every week, whereas on cable the time can vary by a substantial amount. Network shows have a set commercial break pattern which could stifle the creative element, but all of the shows featured have found a way to work within these parameters.

When they shot Enlightened (which HBO has sadly cancelled) they had all of the scripts for the season written ahead of time, a show like New Girl adds things at the last minute and as both Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone mention their scripts often change from the table read to the day of shooting. Simone adds that she is constantly surprised by where they take the characters as they aren’t usually given advance notice of their season long arc. This organic approach has really helped a show like New Girl particularly with the big ‘will they/won’t they’ story in season 2. It isn’t just New Girl that has this style as Busy Philipps’ comments about Cougar Town sound like they share a similar approach. For the shows that are filmed in front of a live studio audience such as The Big Bang Theory it sounds like it needs to be more structured that this. On Veep they workshop the episode ahead of time as this is a process that creator Armando Innaucci favors and the cable format aids this. There is also a discussion about Netflix and how this digital model is even more flexible than both cable and network.

Watch both panels below and for more of Variety’s Emmy roundtable season head here.

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