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The Wish List: Joan Watson’s Water Color Stunner

14 Mar

Coveting Joan Watson’s Elementary wardrobe occurs often with her incredible mix of silk prints, shift dresses, a-line skirts and one of the strongest boot collections on television. Even Sherlock has got in on the Joan style game with his pretty much perfect outfit gift a few episodes ago. Joan’s clothing palette generally hovers within the neutral circle of white, black and grey; color isn’t entirely absent but her power move tends to be through pattern. In “T-Bone and the Iceman” Joan switches things up with a stunning ensemble bringing in bold elements of color and print.

elementary 3.17 Joan and sherlockA slightly more tailored approach and Joan tends to favor the oversized approach; this outfit is not the best for the messier end of detective work, but she has a good excuse for being this put together as she has come from an awkward lunch with her mother at a fancy restaurant. What I really love about the water color element of this floral print is that it looks slightly different in every shot we see it in.

Elementary 3.17 JoanIt is more of a swirly blur when she is sitting down and matches her anxiety at the difficult conversation she is about to have with her mother regarding her possibly deteriorating mental health. And while I know the snow must be an absolute pain to shoot in, it does also help create incredible vistas such as this one.

elementary 3.17 Joan restaurantWhat this outfit does is make Joan the focal point whether she is in the dark station or in the icy looking (and feeling after her mother ditches her) riverside restaurant location.

Victoria Beckham contrast shirt dress

The Victoria Beckham contrast shirt dress appears to be two separates when it is in fact one combing a silk shirt with a quilted jacquard skirt. Perfect for all those awkward dinners and crime solving deliberations. Joan even throws in a trip to the morgue, but I would maybe advise against that. Or you could even go the Amy Poehler route and wear it to Trinity College in Dublin to receive a Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage from the University’s Philosophy Society. Either way this dress is on the Ultimate Wish List.

Scandal 3.17 “Flesh and Blood” Review

11 Apr

“I’m a patient man, but a vengeful one and I have a very long memory.”

This declaration came from Rowan on last week’s Scandal and if nothing else he stayed true to his word as he showed little mercy for the man he believes to be responsible for the entire lie that was his marriage to Marie Wallace. Time is a something that can heal old wounds, alternatively it can build up the desire for revenge and there’s a mixture of this in the somewhat messy (both in structure and story) penultimate episode of this somewhat messy season.

As I mentioned last week the focus turning to all things B613 and Olivia’s family has been problematic as the serialized story has got more ridiculous each week and it has me clamoring for case of the week episodes. The setup is still the same in a way with montages set to 70s funk and the window of photos; unfortunately protracting the story in this manner has woven a complicated web that leaves Olivia shouting in the wind every week.

photo1In terms of short memory it looks like Fitz stopping by the OPA office has meant that everyone forgot how Jake made his entrance last week – by grabbing Olivia’s throat – and Olivia is more pissed off about being accused of treason. All while wearing an Escada coat which is reminiscent of this Scandal shredded paper promo shot. Olivia has lost her agency in a way and while she effectively shut down B613, it also leads to B613 past and present duking it out in her office. Everyone else is making the decisions and Olivia only gets to decide which Command gets to stay, sorry Jake you’re outta here. The other matter in which she lays down the law is with grounding Fitz, but this doesn’t stick when he sees he’s losing to Sally Langston. Oh and somehow the election is only six days away.

Olivia butts heads with all the dudes in her life; when Jake leaves she tells him she has set him free, but he insists that even without an actual B613 this is still who he is and you never really escape. As with Fitz and Olivia, the Olivia/Jake pairing goes in circles so when things go bad at her office, Jake is the person she rings. This never ending dance goes the same way; she loves Fitz, but she also feels something for Jake (she still doesn’t mention the throat grab) and it’s all becoming a bit love triangle tiresome.

The whole back and forth between Fitz and Olivia has never really interested me (I know there are many viewers who disagree) and at first the Jake angle added something new to this dynamic, now that’s old hat too and I can’t see a way out of it. Olivia tells Jake about her realization regarding her mother’s inability to love and how it must be easier to feel nothing and care about no one. Now I don’t want Olivia to become this nihilistic, but I hope that something happens in the finale to propel the love story forward that stops the merry-go-round we are currently stuck on.

It’s nothing new to see Olivia fighting with her dad about the right way to do things; it doesn’t normally end up with a dead body in her office. Rowan gets his long awaited vengeance and thanks to the longest car park hook up – seriously how long were they down there for? – Mama Pope gets to walk into OPA with no one noticing. Other questions on this matter include where is Charlie? Plus, why must there be so much licking and spitting this season? Not cool, show. More blood is shed as Rowan takes what looks like several bullets to the chest and it doesn’t look particularly good for him.

Olivia’s main contention with Fitz this week is far less dramatic, in that they only really argue about whether he should be on the road or not as there is a bomb with his name on it out there somewhere. That somewhere isn’t the school in Defiance as they expected, but in a church basement that is about to hold a funeral Fitz is meant to go to. The twist comes in the form of Cyrus going full monster as he wants to win the election at any cost and so he withholds the information Jake has just told him about the bomb location and goes on his merry way, smiling ever so eerily to himself about the potential easy win if Sally dies. Now, why can’t Jake just call in an anonymous tip to the police about there being a bomb in the church? I also get that Cyrus made his peace with what happened with James, but he is still being way too courteous over the phone with the guy who murdered his husband. Another case of short term memory on the show.

Other big story developments include Mellie spending the episode drunk and inadvertently revealing to Olivia what happened to her with Fitz’s father. Mellie’s a mess partly because the Andrew thing is over – Andrew is at the church and I’m going to be so mad if he gets blown up – and she doesn’t really care about anything at the moment. Leo wants to find out if Jerry is Fitz’s thanks to a loose lipped White House doctor and Olivia confronts Mellie with this news. It turns from a shouting match to Olivia’s realization that Mellie isn’t that stupid or reckless and Mellie’s heartbreaking secret is out. Olivia gets Mellie the test results on the sly and it’s hard to gauge from Mellie’s reaction shot who Jerry’s father really is.

In the gallery see how Mellie and Fitz are in sync in wardrobe only (purple tie, purple Michael Kors dress), the Grant fake smile parade, so much serious phone face from Olivia, the cushion fort that has been built on her sofa, a close look at Olivia’s trusty Prada purse and the eavesdropping OPA team.

New Girl 3.17 “Sister II” Review: The Dangers of Sky Knife

26 Feb

It’s the second installment in the shenanigans of Abby Day on New Girl and as with “Sister” there’s too much going on and this impacts the overall payoff of the episode. Abby has been staying at the loft for a week and she has already outstayed her welcome, well in the eyes of Jess as the guys are still in the honeymoon phase of Sky Knife.

NewGirl-Ep317_Sister2-Sc16_0133crpThose knives are going to fall down at some point and Jess has had a lifetime of Abby causing chaos like this; it has lost the edgy sparkle for her. One week is more than enough time for her so she sets about getting Abby an apartment and tasks Nick with distracting Abby. Asking Nick to lie is a recipe for disaster as Jess should very well be aware of, but maybe the desire to get Abby out of the apartment has temporarily made her forget how terrible Nick is with secrets.

The whole “look how different they are” has been well covered and it’s not surprising that Jess wants Abby out this quickly; Jess has for all intense purposes has become the lame one in the loft. She’s the one who gets pranked and Jess doesn’t know where the knife drop zone is. Abby has become the fun, interesting one and while Jess has never really striven for this ‘cool girl’ role, it’s got to grate that Abby has become just that. I’m disappointed that we went straight to Abby pissing Jess off as the bonding scene with them in the last episode was such a highlight; there is warmth and familiarity as they discuss their mom which is mostly missing from “Sister II.” The declaration of wanting to fix Abby at dinner echoes this slightly, but exasperation is not as fun and it’s all about what a disaster Abby is.

Everything is kind of all over the place as we have Jess off apartment hunting with Cece – I would like to hear more of Cece’s alternate timeline – Winston avoiding his test results with Coach and the whole Nick/Abby/Schmidt no nonsense nonsense. As already mentioned Nick being given the task of distracting Abby was always going to end in disaster and so he ends up calling Schmidt as Schmidt’s hurt locker is crazy women like Abby. Or as it transpires he likes hooking up with women like Abby and now he’s living with her. Not the no nonsense result he predicted, but he seems perfectly happy getting tied up like a hog roast, getting the special at dinner and wanting to role play as Jess and Nick. I’m sure his feelings will be very different when we see him next. If nothing else the various horrified faces that Jake Johnson pulls throughout this episode did make up for all the lackluster elements.

The big takeaway is family has a way of disrupting everything and Abby is the chaos this loft doesn’t really need as they’re all capable of setting off a whirlwind of nuttiness. Take Jess and Nick, they’re both weirdos and it’s part of why they work so well together. Winston has shown off a whole spectrum of crazy this season and Schmidt is well, Schmidt. Coach is yet to reveal anything too strange as of yet, but there is still a lot of time and as Cece doesn’t live in the loft she acts as a sanity check most of the time. Abby is maybe a bit too much then and while I’m so happy to see Linda Cardellini flexing her comedy chops, I just wish this they weren’t hammering home this notion of how WILD she is. Like, I get it, she’s the impulsive Day sister, but really she’s sad and broken. Knowing that there’s only a finite amount of time that she will be around doesn’t help matters and I don’t quite get what they are trying to say with her overall.

Nick’s “You’re a garbage person and you should live in a dumpster with rotten snails” is hilarious in how far over the line he goes and really you can’t rag on someone else’s family even if it is your girlfriend’s sister. Nick talking about his own family reminds me that we probably won’t be seeing Margo Martindale anytime soon (thanks to being a Miller on another show); I would however like to meet his Uncle who was christened Shifty. This closing scene with Jess and Nick is pretty adorable and unlike True American, Sky Knife is a terrible idea for a game. The knife falling down at dinner and Jess’ terrible attempt are reason enough for this it not to catch on.

Elsewhere, Winston is having his own Abby related meltdown as she managed to make him freak out about his LAPD entrance test results just before he was about to check them online. This leads to one aspect of this episode that really works for me and that is Winston turning to Coach to distract him and then, well coach him. Winston doesn’t care that he’s ruining Coach’s dating chances and everything Lamorne Morris does in these scenes is why he is quickly becoming this seasons MVP. The story took a surprising turn in that Winston failed the test and I half-expected Coach to pull the “ahhhh you passed really” and it never came. Winston it turns out is a choker and he messed up his entrance exam and while it wasn’t due to not filling in the back – the test was on a computer – he has nothing to fear now as he has hit rock bottom. Well the only thing to fear is Abby and her theoretical scenarios that end with Winston dead in a ditch, in panties with a (male) prostitute.

It’s not that this episode is terrible, it’s just there is too much going on and my expectations are maybe too high as a result of the Linda Cardellini factor. It does feel more cohesive than some of the early season 3 episodes and yet it is still missing the spark that some of the other 2014 episodes have possessed (see “Birthday” and “Prince“).

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