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Best of the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards Red Carpet

12 Dec

On the awards show rankings the Critics’ Choice Awards are mid-table at best, but they definitely deliver on the red carpet front and they happen to come nice and early in the cycle. Plus the combination of TV and film means this is a rather long round-up featuring ladysuits, so many florals, dudes in colorful/playful suits and some daring patterns.

For a full list of winners head here and check out this special appreciation post. Oh and the Golden Globe nominations will be announced later today!evan-rachel-woodEvan Rachel Wood has given us A+ cowgirl chic this year and she’s also high up on the #LadySuitWatch2016 rankings as she has delivered all year. Rounding 2016 out with this classic black belted Altuzarra stunner and I am full heart eyes for this.janelle-monaeJanelle Monáe goes big in a fantastic Nicci Hou gown that is giving me Alice in Wonderland adjacent vibes. Great lipstick choice too.portia-doubledayLove, love, love Portia Doubleday serving up glitzy futuristic seventies vibes in this long sleeve Jenny Packham number. allison-williamsQuickly followed by a gown that totally complements it and I would love to see Doubleday standing next to Allison Williams decked out in Balmain Resort; perhaps in a Studio 54 inspired shoot.  hailee-steinfeldHitting the floral portion of the red carpet and this is also a good time to say how much I love Edge of Seventeen and Hailee Steinfeld’s performance. This is a really fabulous Jason Wu gown and Steinfeld gets double bonus points because pockets and red lipstick.gillian-jacobsA playful twist on the botanic theme and there is so much about this Delpozo frock that shouldn’t work including the jagged hemline, but it looks fantastic on Gillian Jacobs.constance-wuConstance Wu demonstrates another fun structured take on flowers in Johanna Ortiz Resort and the splash of red on both the gown and with her lipstick really makes this pop.chrissy-metzThis is Us star Chrissy Metz also delivers strong on this very on trend pattern with a spin that feels winter appropriate. cynthia-nixonA striking mix of pink and red for Cynthia Nixon that stands out from all the blue on this red (okay it is actually blue) carpet.viola-davisViola Davis looks super sophisticated in a sparkly Michael Kors column dress and she never disappoints. Glad she has such a strong awards presence this year for both TV and movies.sarah-paulson-and-amanda-peetNow this is a power couple I want to see on screen with two very fun takes on the whole white dress thing that goes beyond bridal with Sarah Paulson in embellished Vera Wang and Amanda Peet in black and white. Both ladies also go bold with their lip color, much to my delight. er-reunionMaura Tierney gives casual cool ladysuit vibes in Styland and this pairing is giving me so many E.R. related feelings. For more Linda Cardellini reunion feels from the Critics’ Choice Awards head here.judith-lightBow down to Judith Light, always. shiri-appleby-and-constance-zimmerEverything looks so much happier IRL for this pair; Shiri Appleby in a sparkly Monique Lhuillier and Constance Zimmer’s sleek John Paul Ataker dress perfectly complement each other.stranger-thingsThe Stranger Things kids double down on their style domination and replace Jacob Tremblay as the kid to watch on this red carpet this year. rami-malekAnd Rami Malek continues his forever streak (hat tip to Ilaria Urbinati) of wearing interesting ensembles on the red carpet; this time in velvet green Burberry and Louboutin shoes.james-marsdenJames Marsden goes big in Salvatore Ferragamo and over the years he has shown how fond he is of grey plaid; we are very much here for this choice and the level of appreciation he is getting this year.sarah-paulson-and-sterling-k-brownLeaving on this because feelings and Sterling K. Brown is another dude who delivers on the non-black suit thing.

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps Friendship Appreciation Post (Part 2)

12 Dec

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about IRL besties Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps with an appreciation post which has been years in the making. This award season is really delivering on coverage of this friendship and Michelle Williams continues to bring the best date to events like these.

The 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards followed this pattern and because Busy Philipps is such a prolific Instagrammer this means we also get some A+ behind the scenes action including their preferred paired shot (see below) and an Insta story, which will sadly soon disappear. The latter includes the toilet shot, sushi and Michelle Williams re-piercing Philipps’ ear post awards.michelle-williams-and-busy-philipps

They both look great here in two very different takes of the big floral trend of the evening with Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton (of course) and Busy Philipps in a striking red Martha Medeiros gown.


Giving great selfie bathroom pose and they look cool as fuck. Busy’s pink lipstick really pops here too.

m-and-bBut I think this is my favorite shot of them from the red carpet.

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In bonus reunion news and this caption is giving me a lot of feelings. Now I want to go rewatch “Kim Kelly is My Friend.”


Kim Kelly is My Friend: Costuming Repeats on Freaks and Geeks

8 Apr

There are high school shows like Gossip Girl which showcase an endless stream of different costumes each episode as characters barely repeat an outfit. The world of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen is one where new clothes are at their disposal and part of Gossip Girl’s charm (which it did possess at one point) revolved around what these characters would be wearing each week. The characters on Freaks and Geeks are not interested in high fashion; one of the points of accuracy is the costuming repeats and despite the lack of McKinley High uniform certain clothes are worn daily.

With Lindsay and Kim it’s all about their coats; Lindsay changes her look and starts wearing her dad’s old army jacket, whereas Kim obtained her signature item with an elaborate price ticket scam (it only cost her $10). With all that effort it’s no wonder Kim wears it all of the time.

F&G ep 10 Kim and LindsayLindsay and Kim shouldn’t be friends on paper and it starts off in a hostile place as Kim thinks Lindsay is a phony. Lindsay’s drastic new look in the pilot – drastic only to those around her as we don’t get to see ‘old Lindsay’ until mid-way through the series – is part of that assumption.

F&G ep 11 Lindsay change of clothesHere’s snapshot of how Lindsay dressed pre-army jacket and existential crisis; a look she briefly returns to in “Looks and Books.”

Freaks and Geeks 1.01Kim is all about a blue jackets with stripes as you can see in this shot from the pilot and this is long before one of the great friendships of our time. Lindsay is already “dressing so weird” as Neal so delicately puts it.

F&G ep 14 Kim and LindsayDespite their very different backgrounds (showcased in the excellent and heartbreaking “Kim Kelly is my Friend“) and Lindsay’s position of privilege there’s very little that sets them apart in the wardrobe stakes. They both wear a variety of the standard jeans and t-shirt look; plaid shirts and awful shell chokers are thrown in for good measure.

What this is a celebration of Lindsay and Kim’s staple wardrobe pieces showing that character consistency in costume design is just as valuable as variety and in the gallery below you can see a snapshot of the evolution of this friendship and the faithful jackets that were there for each step of the way.


New Girl 3.18 “Sister III” Review: Roommates or Living Together?

5 Mar

The Abby Day trilogy has come to a close and she caused the kind of chaos that both Jess and Cece predicted. It wasn’t quite a cyclone of disaster, nor did Jess really ‘fix’ her and in the end she acted as a way to get Schmidt to move back into the loft, as well as ruffling some feathers and bringing characters back together.

NG_318-29_0007At the end of the first “Sister” episode Abby declared that she didn’t want to go home because she didn’t want to be a woman in her thirties living with her mother, she felt like a failure and a baby. By the end of “Sister III” Abby has made the decision after a discussion with Jess to do just this and earn some money for independent living. You see, the Day sisters are very different (ok yes everyone saw that) and while Jess likes her space, Abby is afraid of being alone and has bounced from guy to guy. She’s also pretty sure she’s never paid rent. So while Jess thinks this is exotic and fun, Abby is clearly tired of this lifestyle even if from the outside it looks like she is having a blast.

As with the conversation about their mom in “Sister” this is an Abby/Jess high point as Linda Cardellini and Zooey Deschanel have really great chemistry; the most disappointing thing about this arc is how few of these moments there have been. There’s a familiarity here so when Abby brings up the jazz ensemble story, it feels like a thing that actually happened and it’s believable that Jess would still be annoyed all these years later – “What’s that mean? “Too enthusiastic?”” There’s also the discussion about Nick’s “hippie cult leader feet” which mirrors the little blue denim backpack discussion from “Sister” and yes Nick you really, really need to wash them.

Jess has always been the sensible one (she is both the grown up and the baby) and she could fit all her lovers (I can’t read that word without thinking of the Carrie Bradshaw pronunciation) in one SUV, yes someone would have to sit on someone else’s lap but they would fit. Jess is also the kind of person who rings up inquiring about adult movies and ends up crying to an Ethel Kennedy documentary. This is all about sibling comparisons and I think no matter how comfortable you are in your own skin, this kind of comparisons will always occur and there’s always the feeling they are better and have less flaws than us. Jess sees Abby as being free and leading this exciting life. With her new relationship with Schmidt, Jess thinks Abby is challenging her to a ‘who is a better couple’ contest (which she isn’t) and this leads to all the dramaz. Jess feels like a failure as the whole sharing a room with Nick thing leads to her spending a night in a hotel and really as with any sibling rivalry (manufactured or real) there are no real winners or losers.

The Jess/Nick moving in together on the surface seems rather silly as they’ve lived together for over two years now, however there is a distinction between roommates and sharing a room like this. Their romantic journey has been bumpy and taken many baby steps; going from roommates to something more is a minefield of “what next?” Each step has been laced with uncertainty from the initial kiss, to the decision to go for it, followed by the boyfriend/girlfriend definitions to the most recent “I love you” declaration and so it’s not surprising this is also fraught with things left unsaid. Pretty much every time there is a status update at least one of them freaks out. Where Nick is a terrible liar (ditto Winston), Jess is excellent and comes prepared – yes she smokes in Sacramento.  As with a crime procedural ending an episode with finding out who the killer is, any Nick and Jess relationship quandary installments end with a smooch and them revealing how they actually feel.

There’s a twist to this in “Sister III” as Schmidt interrupts revealing he is moving back in and is taking Jess’ room, giving them no option but to embrace their new living situation. Apartment 4D is about to get very crowded and there is no real resolution to this Nick and Jess problem other than they’ve got to try it. As they point out, Jess’ room is bigger (and has a much better closet); they really dropped the ball on which room to live in. Also please Nick, ditch the Victorian match girl long shirt and this joke had me laughing so hard because it would appear that Liz Meriwether has incepted my friend’s life once again. Nick, the Henley can stay. Oh and there is definitely a difference between getting changed and getting naked in front of someone, though by this point in their relationship Nick should be fine with the former as well as the latter.

So Schmidt’s back and the Abby story ended up being a bit of a plot contrivance to shift the pieces back into place. Of course this relationship always had a short shelf life and it is a way to reinforce the good Schmidt, as opposed to whatever the hell they were doing with him earlier this season. The conversation with Cece after the whole spying/car getting stolen thing is further emphasizing this about Schmidt. Cece has known Abby for a long time so she is naturally suspicious of her motives and despite what transpired between Cece and Schmidt, she clearly still cares about him. I’m just not ready for round three of this romantic merry-go-round so I hope they hold off from going down this path for now.

The Cece/Coach relationship is firmly friends, so much so that Coach is putting on an act as if he is one of her girlfriends and as Cece points out she never asked him to do this. This is more about how Coach is with women, as before Jess and Cece he doesn’t appear to have had any meaningful non-romantic relationships with the opposite sex so he puts on this kind of performance because he doesn’t know how to act. Coach is growing as a character and he’s developing relationships with the entire core cast and this is definitely a good thing; sorry Schmidt I really like Cece/Coach friends dynamic.

Off on his own this week (again) is Winston as he trains for the LAPD fitness exam and it produces the episodes funniest moments (as well as the return of Ferguson) as he shows off his crab and fears the rings thanks to Nick pantsing him when they were kids. This leads to Winston going off on a kid, making this even funnier as Winston digs himself a giant hole. Another scene at the beach with the group must have been cut as half the promo photos for this episode show this happening (and Nick pantsing him all over again).

Next week we will be returning to the regular set up and now there are five people living in the loft (don’t tell the landlord), this should definitely lead to shenanigans. While the Abby storylines didn’t always land and these three episodes have felt overstuffed at times, this last part is definitely the most successful and seeing Linda Cardellini in a comedic role again has been a delight.

New Girl 3.17 “Sister II” Review: The Dangers of Sky Knife

26 Feb

It’s the second installment in the shenanigans of Abby Day on New Girl and as with “Sister” there’s too much going on and this impacts the overall payoff of the episode. Abby has been staying at the loft for a week and she has already outstayed her welcome, well in the eyes of Jess as the guys are still in the honeymoon phase of Sky Knife.

NewGirl-Ep317_Sister2-Sc16_0133crpThose knives are going to fall down at some point and Jess has had a lifetime of Abby causing chaos like this; it has lost the edgy sparkle for her. One week is more than enough time for her so she sets about getting Abby an apartment and tasks Nick with distracting Abby. Asking Nick to lie is a recipe for disaster as Jess should very well be aware of, but maybe the desire to get Abby out of the apartment has temporarily made her forget how terrible Nick is with secrets.

The whole “look how different they are” has been well covered and it’s not surprising that Jess wants Abby out this quickly; Jess has for all intense purposes has become the lame one in the loft. She’s the one who gets pranked and Jess doesn’t know where the knife drop zone is. Abby has become the fun, interesting one and while Jess has never really striven for this ‘cool girl’ role, it’s got to grate that Abby has become just that. I’m disappointed that we went straight to Abby pissing Jess off as the bonding scene with them in the last episode was such a highlight; there is warmth and familiarity as they discuss their mom which is mostly missing from “Sister II.” The declaration of wanting to fix Abby at dinner echoes this slightly, but exasperation is not as fun and it’s all about what a disaster Abby is.

Everything is kind of all over the place as we have Jess off apartment hunting with Cece – I would like to hear more of Cece’s alternate timeline – Winston avoiding his test results with Coach and the whole Nick/Abby/Schmidt no nonsense nonsense. As already mentioned Nick being given the task of distracting Abby was always going to end in disaster and so he ends up calling Schmidt as Schmidt’s hurt locker is crazy women like Abby. Or as it transpires he likes hooking up with women like Abby and now he’s living with her. Not the no nonsense result he predicted, but he seems perfectly happy getting tied up like a hog roast, getting the special at dinner and wanting to role play as Jess and Nick. I’m sure his feelings will be very different when we see him next. If nothing else the various horrified faces that Jake Johnson pulls throughout this episode did make up for all the lackluster elements.

The big takeaway is family has a way of disrupting everything and Abby is the chaos this loft doesn’t really need as they’re all capable of setting off a whirlwind of nuttiness. Take Jess and Nick, they’re both weirdos and it’s part of why they work so well together. Winston has shown off a whole spectrum of crazy this season and Schmidt is well, Schmidt. Coach is yet to reveal anything too strange as of yet, but there is still a lot of time and as Cece doesn’t live in the loft she acts as a sanity check most of the time. Abby is maybe a bit too much then and while I’m so happy to see Linda Cardellini flexing her comedy chops, I just wish this they weren’t hammering home this notion of how WILD she is. Like, I get it, she’s the impulsive Day sister, but really she’s sad and broken. Knowing that there’s only a finite amount of time that she will be around doesn’t help matters and I don’t quite get what they are trying to say with her overall.

Nick’s “You’re a garbage person and you should live in a dumpster with rotten snails” is hilarious in how far over the line he goes and really you can’t rag on someone else’s family even if it is your girlfriend’s sister. Nick talking about his own family reminds me that we probably won’t be seeing Margo Martindale anytime soon (thanks to being a Miller on another show); I would however like to meet his Uncle who was christened Shifty. This closing scene with Jess and Nick is pretty adorable and unlike True American, Sky Knife is a terrible idea for a game. The knife falling down at dinner and Jess’ terrible attempt are reason enough for this it not to catch on.

Elsewhere, Winston is having his own Abby related meltdown as she managed to make him freak out about his LAPD entrance test results just before he was about to check them online. This leads to one aspect of this episode that really works for me and that is Winston turning to Coach to distract him and then, well coach him. Winston doesn’t care that he’s ruining Coach’s dating chances and everything Lamorne Morris does in these scenes is why he is quickly becoming this seasons MVP. The story took a surprising turn in that Winston failed the test and I half-expected Coach to pull the “ahhhh you passed really” and it never came. Winston it turns out is a choker and he messed up his entrance exam and while it wasn’t due to not filling in the back – the test was on a computer – he has nothing to fear now as he has hit rock bottom. Well the only thing to fear is Abby and her theoretical scenarios that end with Winston dead in a ditch, in panties with a (male) prostitute.

It’s not that this episode is terrible, it’s just there is too much going on and my expectations are maybe too high as a result of the Linda Cardellini factor. It does feel more cohesive than some of the early season 3 episodes and yet it is still missing the spark that some of the other 2014 episodes have possessed (see “Birthday” and “Prince“).

New Girl 3.16 “Sister” Review: “A Girl Who Looks Like me, but with Chaos in her Eyes”

12 Feb

Extending Jess’ immediate family on New Girl means bringing in Abby; a previously unseen (and unmentioned?) older sister who just happens to be the opposite of Jess. This isn’t particularly revolutionary of course and sitcoms love to do this type of storyline, but it ends up being the strongest aspect in a chaotic episode. Casting Linda Cardellini as Abby is an instant way to make me forgive retconning of this kind and I am very glad that she didn’t end the episode on a plane to Portland. This is one of those episodes where the three stories don’t really mesh even with some connecting elements and so we returned to the disjointed feeling that the first half of this season suffered from.

NG_ep316-sc16_S0A5849So let’s start with the good and everything about Jess and Abby’s conversation about their mom (oh hey Jamie Lee Curtis!) over wine made me practically giddy to have Cardellini playing Abby.* In a short time it is easy to believe these two are sisters as there is strong chemistry between Deschanel and Cardellini. This scene is undercut with sadness from both characters and their relationship dynamic is clearly mapped out; Jess has always been seen as the ‘perfect baby’ daughter and Abby is the delinquent. Even with these fundamental differences they can both laugh about their mother’s tiny blue denim backpack. It’s all going rather smoothly until Abby sees a text from Cece asking if she has ruined everything yet. Abby ends up pulling a move that is expected and somehow Jess tracks her down to a hotel (via her mom’s credit card? Ok we’ll go with that) and this leads to an honest conversation between the pair and Jess doesn’t sugarcoat it reinforcing the notion that Abby does have a habit of ruining everything.

If New Girl is about this second phase of growing up when you hit your late 20s/early 30s then Abby is one step behind Jess et al as she’s still acting like a rebellious teenager. Moving back to Portland to live with their mother appears to be her only option at this point and this feels like failure to Abby. As we saw recently in “Birthday” Jess has a habit of forming expectations that people can’t meet and with her sister it comes across as the opposite; she expects her to fuck up which is why she doesn’t want her to meet Nick. Plus it seems like all of the Day women have a thing for him.

Jess has met Nick’s family and it’s a surprise to him that she wouldn’t be comfortable with him knowing that she has a sister who says inappropriate things and has been in jail (this probably isn’t the first time she’s been in a cell). As with The Mindy Project’s Mindy, Jess tries the whole movie to real life idea just switch out rom-coms for The Parent Trap. Abby is something that doesn’t fit in with this idea of happy families and while Jess has accepted that her parents aren’t getting back together, prior to this episode she also didn’t want Nick to meet the black sheep of her family.

Unfortunately Nick took this as a sign that Jess was embarrassed of him, which couldn’t be further from the truth and this is one of the only connecting aspects of the episodes. Nick is tasked with being Schmidt’s wingman and their BFF status hasn’t been explored all that much since “Keaton.” Schmidt accuses Nick of only caring about Jess and Nick is determined to be a good friend; to be a good friend to Schmidt sometimes it involves smooching an old lady and getting punched in the face. The Schmidt/Nick dynamic delivers some of the episodes funnier moments and I’d liked to have seen more of them together hatching terrible schemes in this unusual dating arena.

The last time Jon Lovitz appeared as Rabbi Feiglin was back in “The Box” when Schmidt was at a creative low and while his joke telling was pretty funny, this aspect of the episode didn’t work for me. Thankfully the writers have worked out a lot of the Schmidt issues and unlike Nick I rather enjoyed his monologuing.

Winston now has a partner in crazy and I’m glad to see he’s still dating bus driver Bertie, even if the soup dinner party only exists as a reason to address the Cece and Coach non-relationship from another patchy episode “Longest Night Ever” – maybe this week feels so disjointed because they are referencing other episodes that have pacing/story problems. Like Cece I had forgotten about her brief tryst with Coach and it only gets brought up as they’re the only people who can make the “night lunch.” It ends in an attempt to recreate that great two hour make out session; instead they end up with a bad back and a broken tooth. Some things should only happen once.

So returning to the Abby of it all and as she is staying for an unspecified amount of time I think we can expect shenanigans or hijinks with a heart. I’m looking forward to exploring this relationship and how her presence in the loft will throw things into disarray. Seeing Jess challenged in this way will be fun, especially as Abby has a low tolerance for some of Jess’ quirks “If you a cappella sing at me one more time, I will rip that stupid little dress off you and shove it down your mouth.” P.S. Abby that houndstooth dress is super cute and I definitely want it, not that I just bought houndstooth bedding or anything.

“Sister” isn’t a great episode of New Girl and it’s the first misfire of 2014, however there is plenty to feel positive about and I’m happy Linda Cardellini gets to flex her comedic chops in at least one more episode.

*I’m a big Linda Cardellini fan and the first time I saw her on TV was not as Lindsay Weir in Freaks and Geeks (which I only watched for the first time relatively recently), but as Nurse Sam Taggart in E.R. and so this wild child past doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary. Now I want to write a piece on the good girl/bad girl roles that Cardellini has played, with her most recent Mad Men stint straddling Catholic wife with Don Draper mistress. 

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

21 Jun

This week we are moving away from award shows and pre-Emmy nomination roundtables, instead we are going to take a look at Mad Men and Hannibal. These are the two shows that have dominated the discourse over the past few weeks and feature casts that are stylish both on and off camera. As always there are no real rules to this weekly column and it is a snapshot of what I have been watching (and looking at online) and each pick is for a variety of reasons including; what it adds to the storyline, what it tells us about the characters involved or simply because it looks good. Spoilers for the Hannibal season finale ahead.

Winner: Mads Mikkelsen in GQ’s July Issue 

MadsHannibal Lecter is one of the best dressed characters on TV (even his killing attire looks tailored) so it isn’t surprising to see him in a GQ fashion spread. Hannibal’s costuming often mixes a variety of patterns with his suit, shirt and tie; it’s power clashing at its best and automatically makes him a commanding presence in any situation. After the season 1 finale Will Graham can finally see Hannibal for who he is, but Will is not in a position to be heard as he is in the one place he feared he would end up; the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Runner Up: Dr Alana Bloom and Will Graham on Hannibal “Savoureux”

Hannibal finale Hannibal finale Dr BloomDavid Slade directed the pilot and the third episode “Potage” and returns for the Hannibal finale. The shots above are almost completely devoid of color, save for the two figures who are bathed in darkness. This technique has been used throughout the season and in moments like this allows the viewer to focus on the dialogue and emotion of the scene as everything threatens to envelope Will Graham. Alana Bloom is one of my favorite characters on this show; in part because she is the only person who is truly looking out for Will and his well being, she also provides Will with a tether to the world. These factors also work against how this character is used; they’ve had to keep her away from Will (and not just in a romantic sense) so he can turn to Hannibal and the manipulation can continue.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller spoke to E!Online about Alana and her role next year “I think Alana will have a bigger role in season two. Because not only will she be representing Will psychiatrically in the trial, but struggling with her feelings for him romantically. She was falling for a guy that she knew to be unstable. She was keeping him at bay and now her worst fears have come true that not only is he unstable but apparently he’s capable of great violence. Her need to rescue him may be amplified.” Alana is the emotional center and Caroline Dhavernas’ performance in the finale showed this range from screaming in her car to trying to remain composed in the above scene. From a costuming perspective her red and white wraparound dress not only stands out from the darkness that threatens to consume them, but it also repeats this color combination that has been favored throughout the season.

Runner Up: Glen Bishop on Mad Men “The Quality of Mercy”


Creepy Glen is no longer all that creepy, even if his army coat covered in Stop the War buttons reeks of a teenager attempting to be part of the counterculture while not indulging beyond smoking pot (though it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Glen at an anti-war rally). The plaid shirt underneath shows that he’s not heading for the complete hippy route yet and at least he avoids the sandals of his friend Rolo. Glen loses his creepy edge thanks to defending Sally’s honor and losing out on a hook-up of his own in the process with the 1968 version of Britney Spears in the “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” video. Sally was exaggerating how much Rolo was forcing himself on her and it looks like she has definitely picked up on her mother’s manipulation skillset and her smile during the fight showed this new side of Sally. After walking in on her father sleeping with Sylvia it isn’t surprising to see Sally develop an edge and the drinking and (supervised) smoking in this episode is probably just the start of a downward spiral.

Runner Up: Linda Cardellini at the Clinique Party

Linda Cardellini

While Sylvia has been a problematic character on this season on Mad Men and it’s easy to dislike the direction in which the show has taken Don Draper and his infidelity, I’m always glad to see Linda Cardellini on TV. I’m currently watching Freaks and Geeks for This Was TV and so it’s been strange to switch between a young Cardellini in a high school show set in the ’80s and as a mother of teenager in the ’60s on Mad Men. Despite any negative feelings towards Sylvia (and I have many) this red Carmen Marc Valvo dress that Cardellini wore to the Clinique Party is stunning. The contrast between the red flowers and black patterned mesh side panels gives a striking silhouette and pairing it with a simple pair of peep-toe black pumps really sets off the look.

Who is your look of the week?

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