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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

17 Jan

Monochrome has been back in favor for a while now and so many of the best red carpet looks at various events this week have embraced this trend. This also applies to some on point looks on TV this week and so Out of the Box is focusing on the best in black and white. It’s also been a huge week for TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite Diane von Furstenberg as she celebrates 40 years of her iconic wrap dress with the launch of the Journey of a Dress exhibition as well as getting a name check on American Horror Story: Coven.

Allison Williams DVFAllison Williams went for retro glamour while celebrating Diane von Furstenberg as she ditches the classic all American look she tends to favor on the red carpet. The new season of Girls premiered last weekend and this coupled with the Golden Globes means that the Girls cast have been doing the rounds. This is my style highlight of all the many different outfits Williams has worn and I’m digging the faux bob and red lipstick.

Diane Kruger ChanelDiane Kruger in Chanel is a recipe for success and she pulls off this super cute mini bow accented ensemble like a Chanel wearing pro (she is a face of their skin care range after all). Here’s another version of the ‘Lego’ Chanel clutch and I’m having all the bag envy right now. This is a luncheon event for W magazine and the fresh faced look works perfectly; no one wants to go all out for a daytime shindig.

Keri Russell Fox all starIt’s the TCA winter tour and a whole host of parties and panels have taken place including the Fox All-Star event. Keri Russell switched up this outfit for the Americans panel but kept the leather jacket and monochrome palette. I’ve been watching a lot Felicity recently so it’s been a whole lot of knitwear, Russell can totally pull of the leather badass style and this is a stunning look even if I tend to dislike white pumps. As always her hair looks beyond incredible and The Americans is high on my most anticipated list.

Gillian JacobsGilliam Jacobs attended a Chanel hosted event launching Drew Barrymore’s new book of photography and I’m mesmerized by this hypnotic frock. It reminds me of those 60s art prints and of the dress I wore on New Year’s Eve; I love the different textures and patterns and it makes it hard to look away.

Golden Globes PromoTina Fey and Amy Poehler’s Golden Globes style has already been covered and yet somehow this promo shot slipped under our radar; it’s too damn good to leave out and totally fits in with this week’s “Out of the Box” theme.

American Horror StoryIt’s hard to believe that we haven’t discussed how incredible Frances Conroy is on AHS: Coven and while I still can’t work out if I actually enjoy the show – it’s definitely a hot mess – I’m super into Conroy’s Myrtle as a Grace Coddington/Vivienne Westwood inspired hybrid. The black and white polka dots combined with the leather yellow gloves is perfection and Myrtle has quite the thing for fashion as she refers to the DVF wrap dress as the greatest invention of our time.

Zooey Deschanel Kate SpadeFrom this shot it looks like your average polka dot dress (which you know we would love), instead those dots are actually apples and this is the second week in a row for Kate Spade and New Girl on this list. Paired with a red cardigan and bowed belted this is an excellent daytime take on monochrome. You can buy this Kate Spade New York Domino dress here (and it’s almost half off).

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

1 Nov

Halloween episodes, fancy historical balls red carpet events, award season shenanigans begin and excellent street style all feature on this week’s “Out of the Box” so let’s get to it.

Warren as Ellen Trophy Wife[Source]

It’s the second week in a row that Trophy Wife features on “Out of the Box” as almost everyone gets to place dress up as part of their Halloween extravaganza. There is an array of costumes from Pete’s lawyer visual gag (a hung jury), Jackie’s Elizabeth I (that she thought was Marie Antoinette and Kate mistook for Lady Gaga), Diane’s super scary gargoyle and Kate’s centaur on wheels (courtesy of Jackie). The only person who didn’t indulge was Hillary and it is her brother Warren as Ellen DeGeneres that wins my best costume prize. Warren attempts everything with such enthusiasm including this costume even though he is hopped up on pain meds after a dental procedure and this makes his routine even funnier and hard to understand.

Bert Iron Man Trophy Wife

Bonus Trophy Wife costume mention goes to Jackie’s literal interpretation of who or what Iron Man is, luckily Bert did end up with an actual Iron Man suit and Trophy Wife once again nails the cold open with a very funny visual gag (last week involved Diane and Skype). Having such a huge cast could be problematic but so far this show is doing an excellent job with all the different groupings and because they are all part of the same family in one way or another these moments don’t feel contrived. The only character who they are finding it hard to organically involve is Meg and this is a shame as Natalie Morales has been great so far despite her limited screen time. Margaret Lyons at Vulture includes Bert and Warren in her piece on the “era of awesome weirdo kids” and I’m looking forward to seeing what Trophy Wife will do next (an early plea of “please don’t cancel this show”).

Caroline TVD Bonnie and ClydeIt wasn’t Halloween on The Vampire Diaries but they still got to play dress up thanks to a ball with a historical theme. Caroline is half of the Bonnie and Clyde and she’s pretty much a dead ringer for the Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie from the 1967 movie. Awesome Caroline is my favorite on The Vampire Diaries so I hoping this season goes beyond her pining after Tyler because she is so much more than that.

Julianna Margulies

Considering how amazing last Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife is, it’s not surprising to see Julianna Margulies with a smile this big. The red flared-skirt Philosophy coat is another reason to look happy and my outerwear envy is at an all time high with this outfit. Both the reception and the ratings were high for the appropriately named “Hitting the Fan” and it’s easily one of the best hours of TV that I have seen this year as Alicia and Cary left Lockhart/Gardner and the house of cards fell down and got propped up and then fell down again (depending on which character we are talking about). The Good Wife has shown that even in its fifth season it can do bold things and I can’t wait to see how this will impact the rest of the season.

Chanel Little Black Jacket Event

Diane Kruger is showing exactly why she is has been part of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s Look of the Week on so many occasions in this Chanel Spring 2013 Couture dress at the Little Black Jacket Chanel event in Sao Paulo. The red leather belt and floral embellishments make this a simple but stunning outfit choice. There isn’t anything too fussy about Kruger’s look and the strappy saddles/lack of accessories works and is complimented by the hair down and fresh face makeup approach.

Michael B Jordan[Source]

The Emmys were over a month ago and award chatter has moved onto movies and we can look forward to months of pre Oscars chat with some TV thrown in with the Golden Globes – where we’re mostly looking forward to Tina and Amy hosting and maybe boozy stars. One face that I am so excited to see in the mix is Michael B. Jordan for his performance in Fruitvale Station. Jordan is part of The Hollywood Reporter’s actor roundtable discussion and he talks about influences on his career such as The Wire’s David Simon and Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg.

It’s worth a watch and the discussion covers stereotypes in Hollywood, what it’s like to portray a real person, roles they’ve turned down and terrible auditions including Jake Gyllenhaal’s Lord of the Rings disaster. The problem with these roundtables is they barely scratch the surface and switch topics at a rapid pace so just when something is getting interesting they move on.  Jordan comes across as thoughtful and smart  and I want all the good things to happen for him. Style wise he has been killing it on the red carpet this year.

Scandal 3.03: Staying in the Grey

18 Oct

Going from binge watching a show to seeing it week by week means that you get to pay more attention to the details. This helps with focusing on the costume design of Scandal; it also means that you can get a bit restless with certain storylines. This happened with “Mrs Smith Goes to Washington” as certain aspects like Mellie’s drunken diatribe worked, whereas the Remington barely there development felt frustrating. I understand that we can’t have everything all at once and I’m all for drip feeding information with these conspiracies but at the moment they are sacrificing the screen time of Olivia’s team and characters like David Rosen (who thankfully did get to take part in the overall case of the week).

Now to the costumes and while Olivia pretty much wore the same thing throughout the episode we still have plenty to talk about and coats take center stage once again.

Scandal 3.3 Olivia DKNY

Here is Olivia in a Donna Karan grey draped cashmere coat and Olivia’s coats tend to fall into two categories; structured form fitting trench coats and slightly over sized ones (belting is optional). This is part of the standard Olivia Pope color palette and it’s all about the blue/grey tones. Gone is the white of defiance and she is firmly in the moral grey; her white hat is locked away in a box somewhere.

Scandal 3.3 Olivia Armani

This shot is from the post bomb confrontation with Huck and it’s safe to say that Olivia has had a pretty terrible day. This is reflected in her disheveled appearance as her single button Giorgio Armani suit is bearing the marks of the bomb blast. It’s an eye opening chat as she discusses her father with Huck and Eli Pope is the puppet master of everything right now. While this story is being nudged along and the net of the conspiracy widens I also hope we get to see the focus shift back to Olivia Pope & Associates in the coming weeks.

Scandal 3.3 All the wine

Another big part of Eli Pope’s agenda is Jake who was freed last week and Olivia wants to know why. Jake claims that he doesn’t know, but he is also part of Remington and so he is an integral piece of the overall puzzle. Whether he is aware of this is unclear and while he’s got rid of his box beard he still has the cuts and bruises from his time down there. He’s also made himself rather comfortable at Olivia’s apartment and as he watched her for months he knows that red wine will be required. Maybe the Gettysburger was a mistake; it’s all about the popcorn after all. This final shot from the episode emphasizes Olivia’s point that this isn’t a fairy tale and there is no happily ever after.

Scandal 3.3 Happy family

Also not a fairy tale is this image of a ‘happy family’ as Cyrus talks photo opportunities as Mellie and Fitz argue about how best to feed baby Teddy. Mellie is wearing wine colored purple in this scene and this hints at the notion of royalty and power as she continues to have her battle of wills with Fitz; Cyrus attempts to play the role of referee. This doesn’t stop Mellie from one of her best insults yet as she refers to Teddy as the “son you could barely get it up for to conceive.” I see so much therapy in the Grant children’s future.

Scandal 3.3 Drunk MellieLater Mellie is in a very different shade of purple as she gets drunk in the dark. Fitz thinks that she is wallowing because Olivia wasn’t killed; in fact she is doing the opposite and the shot above is Mellie demonstrating what Fitz would have been like if Olivia had died a hero. The pearls are off and her hair has lost some of its volume, she is not pretending to be something she isn’t. Mellie spends a lot of her time manipulating everyone around her to get what she wants but she tends to be very honest with Fitz and no more so than when she has been drinking her dad’s hooch.

Scandal 3.3 Cyrus and David

Cyrus has another battle with David Rosen and while there isn’t much to say about either of their costumes (except David’s suits are much better this year thanks to his new job) this scene is a highlight as Cyrus tries the stone cold approach and David whips out his notepad of power to gain the moral high ground.

Scandal 3.3 Abby and David office

This is a situation where despite what he thinks David does not have the upper hand as he gets double teamed by Abby in person and Olivia on the phone; both know that David’s weak spot is his moral conscience and his love of white hats. I have somehow picked the most awkward moment in this scene and there is clearly still unspoken feelings between this pair. Abby once again looks incredible and wears another fantastic scarf/coat combination. For a better look at this DVF Tanaquil Suede Leather Combo Coat head here as the color blocking is obscured by Abby’s accessories.

Scandal 3.3 The office

While Harrison, Abby and Quinn have not had a ton to do so far in season 3 they at least get to look stylish in the office. Abby is in a polka dot blouse (no surprise that I want it) and the vintage Chanel gold belt is a really nice touch. Quinn is wearing a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite as her dress is French Connection and Harrison is looking sharp in a suit (standard).

Scandal 3.3 Harrison

Harrison does get to leave the office and that means he gets to join the cool coat club. He also gets to pull his serious face of the week, but please can he get something more to do than looking snazzy and intense?

What is your favorite Scandal fashion moment from “Mrs Smith Goes to Washington?”

Diane Kruger’s “Where Beauty Begins” Chanel Video

8 Aug

Diane Kruger first appeared in a Chanel campaign in 1996 for Allure fragrance and in April it was announced that The Bridge star would represent Chanel’s skin care range. Kruger has been a Karl Lagerfeld favorite for a long time; they met when she started modelling at 16 and are now neighbors in Paris. It’s this fashion background that makes Diane Kruger such an interesting figure both on and off the red carpet as she often takes risks and has fun with what she wears.

As part of this new role for Chanel several videos have been released so far with Diane Kruger discussing what beauty means to her. In the one featured here she talks about her own personal history with Chanel as it has “always been by her side” and she also mentions how the ethos of founder Gabrielle [Coco] Chanel is important as she “was a very modern woman because she never made compromises.” Kruger gets to show off her fluent French in these videos, but all will not be lost in translation as they do come subtitled.

Beauty campaigns are often full of hyperbole and Kruger’s skin is indeed flawless so the product sells itself in one respect. One aspect that is striking is how it relates back to the origins of the fashion house and considering Kruger’s own personal history with the brand it gives a sense of authority to the campaign.

Diane Kruger Lego Chanel bag

This week Kruger was spotted once again with the Lego-looking Chanel plexiglass shoulder bag (that I’m coveting pretty hard). This combined with a navy-and-white striped Comme des Garçons jumper and jeans is pretty much my ideal outfit – I’d opt for a pair of Cons as the shoes are incredible but my feet have an aversion to most forms of heels (in that I can only wear them for half an hour at a time).

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