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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

1 Nov

Halloween episodes, fancy historical balls red carpet events, award season shenanigans begin and excellent street style all feature on this week’s “Out of the Box” so let’s get to it.

Warren as Ellen Trophy Wife[Source]

It’s the second week in a row that Trophy Wife features on “Out of the Box” as almost everyone gets to place dress up as part of their Halloween extravaganza. There is an array of costumes from Pete’s lawyer visual gag (a hung jury), Jackie’s Elizabeth I (that she thought was Marie Antoinette and Kate mistook for Lady Gaga), Diane’s super scary gargoyle and Kate’s centaur on wheels (courtesy of Jackie). The only person who didn’t indulge was Hillary and it is her brother Warren as Ellen DeGeneres that wins my best costume prize. Warren attempts everything with such enthusiasm including this costume even though he is hopped up on pain meds after a dental procedure and this makes his routine even funnier and hard to understand.

Bert Iron Man Trophy Wife

Bonus Trophy Wife costume mention goes to Jackie’s literal interpretation of who or what Iron Man is, luckily Bert did end up with an actual Iron Man suit and Trophy Wife once again nails the cold open with a very funny visual gag (last week involved Diane and Skype). Having such a huge cast could be problematic but so far this show is doing an excellent job with all the different groupings and because they are all part of the same family in one way or another these moments don’t feel contrived. The only character who they are finding it hard to organically involve is Meg and this is a shame as Natalie Morales has been great so far despite her limited screen time. Margaret Lyons at Vulture includes Bert and Warren in her piece on the “era of awesome weirdo kids” and I’m looking forward to seeing what Trophy Wife will do next (an early plea of “please don’t cancel this show”).

Caroline TVD Bonnie and ClydeIt wasn’t Halloween on The Vampire Diaries but they still got to play dress up thanks to a ball with a historical theme. Caroline is half of the Bonnie and Clyde and she’s pretty much a dead ringer for the Faye Dunaway’s Bonnie from the 1967 movie. Awesome Caroline is my favorite on The Vampire Diaries so I hoping this season goes beyond her pining after Tyler because she is so much more than that.

Julianna Margulies

Considering how amazing last Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife is, it’s not surprising to see Julianna Margulies with a smile this big. The red flared-skirt Philosophy coat is another reason to look happy and my outerwear envy is at an all time high with this outfit. Both the reception and the ratings were high for the appropriately named “Hitting the Fan” and it’s easily one of the best hours of TV that I have seen this year as Alicia and Cary left Lockhart/Gardner and the house of cards fell down and got propped up and then fell down again (depending on which character we are talking about). The Good Wife has shown that even in its fifth season it can do bold things and I can’t wait to see how this will impact the rest of the season.

Chanel Little Black Jacket Event

Diane Kruger is showing exactly why she is has been part of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s Look of the Week on so many occasions in this Chanel Spring 2013 Couture dress at the Little Black Jacket Chanel event in Sao Paulo. The red leather belt and floral embellishments make this a simple but stunning outfit choice. There isn’t anything too fussy about Kruger’s look and the strappy saddles/lack of accessories works and is complimented by the hair down and fresh face makeup approach.

Michael B Jordan[Source]

The Emmys were over a month ago and award chatter has moved onto movies and we can look forward to months of pre Oscars chat with some TV thrown in with the Golden Globes – where we’re mostly looking forward to Tina and Amy hosting and maybe boozy stars. One face that I am so excited to see in the mix is Michael B. Jordan for his performance in Fruitvale Station. Jordan is part of The Hollywood Reporter’s actor roundtable discussion and he talks about influences on his career such as The Wire’s David Simon and Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg.

It’s worth a watch and the discussion covers stereotypes in Hollywood, what it’s like to portray a real person, roles they’ve turned down and terrible auditions including Jake Gyllenhaal’s Lord of the Rings disaster. The problem with these roundtables is they barely scratch the surface and switch topics at a rapid pace so just when something is getting interesting they move on.  Jordan comes across as thoughtful and smart  and I want all the good things to happen for him. Style wise he has been killing it on the red carpet this year.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

12 Jul

Last week was a summer dresses special and “Out of the Box” returns to its normal format with this edition. This week we will be looking at a mixture of red carpet appearances, magazine shoots and talk shows; patterns are a huge theme and the more they clash the better.

Winner: Diane Kruger on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 


The Bridge premiered on FX this week and so Diane Kruger has been doing the red carpet/talk show circuit much to my delight. It’s not a secret that Diane Kruger is someone who I admire as both an actress and with her bold fashion choices and the above look definitely falls into the latter category. This isn’t the first time that Kruger has opted for two very different patterns and this polka dot t-shirt with a floral print skirt from Emanuel Ungaro’s Resort 2014 will probably be quite divisive, but here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we think it looks amazing. The slit in the skirt is probably a tad too high but the high waisted belt effect and demure neckline of the t-shirt distracts from this and it’s the clashing patterns that are in focus. It’s an outfit that would be too much on most (Solange could definitely wear it) and Kruger manages to work the different patterns so it doesn’t look too out there, this is helped by minimal makeup and her simple hair down approach.

Runner Up: Michelle Dockery for Harper’s Bazaar 

Michelle Dockery Harpers Bazaar

It’s the second week in a row that Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery makes an appearance on this list and while the sun might still be shining magazine editorials are looking to the fall season. This striped affair is from Miu Miu’s Fall 2013 collection and with the dash of polka dots on the neck scarf it’s another patterned success. The tights/coat combo might be a much if Dockery was walking down the street but it’s perfect for a striking magazine cover.

Runner Up: Michael B. Jordan at the Fruitvale Station Premiere

Michael B Jordan New York premiere Fruitvale Station

Michael B. Jordan is currently promoting Fruitvale Station, a film which has already picked up awards at Cannes and Sundance and is getting early Oscar buzz. Jordan is known for his roles in The WireFriday Night Lights, Parenthood and Chronicle and I’m so excited to see this much attention being given to this very special actor (Andrew Garfield is also a big fan). Jordan has also been delivering style wise on the red carpet and while I’m not normally a fan of the shiny suit, Jordan looks dapper and well put together in this attire.

Who is your look of the week?


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