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The Americans Inspired Underwear Range from Costume Designer Jenny Gering

28 Jan

A clothing collection inspired by a show and curated by the costume designer is not an unusual venture as we have seen Mad Men’s Janie Bryant team up with Banana Republic and The Limited has a range from Scandal costume designer Lyn Paulo, which Olivia Pope has also been wearing this season. Even Zooey Deschanel had the Tommy Hilfiger dresses she helped design appear on New Girl. The most recent show/brand offering is something of a more intimate nature as The Americans costume designer Jenny Gering has taken the sexy element of the show she works on and delivered pieces for lingerie retailer Cosabella.

IMG_1157The line which is available from now until February 23 and with prices ranging from $40 to $207.50 is inspired by what Elizabeth Jennings has worn in past episodes (and they might even feature on the show this season). Gering spoke to InStyle about the collection and how “Cosabella is such a good fit for the character because it’s so sort of streamlined and elegant but at the same time it’s sexy, but without being overtly girly.” The time period was also considered but as with the other aspects about the costume design on The Americans it doesn’t scream ’80s cliches.

Here is a look at a few of the items which are available:

Americans BraAmalfi’ soft bra ($84.50 and the matching hotpants are $52.50)

Americans slipTrenta’ slip ($179.50)

Americans underwear


Blanquita’ cami and boxers set ($207.50)

There is a delicate balance on The Americans when it comes to how sex is used as both a way for Philip and Elizabeth to navigate their very real feelings for each other and as one of their many tools to get the job done (so to speak). It is a sexy show, but it also deals with very emotional and real consequences of intimacy particularly when it is being used to manipulate. This clothing line is part of the recent trend of costume designers branching out and making their work available to a larger market and here at TV Ate My Wardrobe we of course encourage more ventures like this.

It has also got me thinking about a topic that I haven’t really explored too much and that is how undergarments can serve just as important role as everything else a character wears on both period shows like The AmericansMasters of Sex and Mad Men and contemporary ones like Broad City and You’re the Worst when it comes to looking at costume design.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

22 Nov

It’s all about the color red on this edition of “Out of the Box” as both costuming on TV shows and public appearances have been hit by scarlet fever and as December is fast approaching (shh we have started our gift buying yet) we thought it was time to get into the festive spirit. Not that any of these outfits are celebrating the holidays, instead we have the uniform of the enemy, more coat envy, the launch of a new Banana Republic line and a bold red carpet statement.

Hessian Mask Sleepy HollowFirst up it’s those pesky Hessian riders on Sleepy Hollow and their uniform is made all the more menacing by their black masks (no there isn’t an Eyes Wide Shut party around the corner). The masks have a slight beaked quality and while they’re not as severe as the plague doctor masks it’s an incredibly unnerving look. In this week’s Sleepy Hollow we found out the original identity of the Headless Horseman; he’s Ichabod’s former BFF Abraham. Abraham was engaged to Katrina and well we all know who she ended up marrying. This development was unexpected and Abraham’s transformation involved not only offering up his soul but shedding everything about his appearance. Red is seldom used as a clothing choice outside of these flashbacks with Abbie and Ichabod sticking to blues, greys and blacks. This makes it instantly identifiable with being the color of the enemy.

Mindy red coatI’ve already discussed Jess’ red coat from this week’s New Girl and Mindy’s Smythe red floral brocade affair is yet another excellent outerwear offering. Mindy’s wardrobe is full of bright and bold pieces like this and costume designer Salvador Perez often puts Mindy in a variety of colors and textures. This ensemble includes two different monochromatic patterns (hearts and houndstooth) that shouldn’t go together with this crimson coat, but do. The red helps Mindy stand out in the sea of darker coat colors.

Jessica Pare Christina HendricksChristina Hendricks and Jessica Paré both shine in red tones at the launch party celebrating the new L’Wren Scott Collection for Banana Republic. While I would have preferred to see them without the draped sparkly cardigans and together they look super matchy-matchy, I do like the ruffled blouse with the fitted skirts (especially Paré’s combination).

alan Cumming red suitNow here’s how you wear a red suit and matching shoes, while we wouldn’t recommend this look for everyone, it suits Alan Cumming’s daring style. It’s a big contrast to the grey suit stylings of Eli Gold on The Good Wife and Cumming likes to have fun with fashion when he hits the red carpet. It’s a really well tailored suit and it fits him perfectly.

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