Halloween Costume Tips from Felicity

29 Oct

Halloween is fast approaching and as the 90s revival is still very much a thing we are going to look to another teen show for costume ideas. Last year My So-Called Life provided the inspiration and now it is the turn of Felicity and the season 1 episode “Spooked.” It is an episode full of real life horror, dating dramas and an array of costume choices going way beyond sticking the word ‘sexy’ in front of whatever they are supposed to be.

1) Pick a current(ish) pop culture figure 

Felicity Halloween JulieThis episode is from 1998 and while Michelle Pfeiffer hadn’t worn the slinky Catwoman suit since Batman Returns in 1992 it is an iconic look and character that has been through several costume iterations. By picking a pop culture figure from a few years previous rather than whatever is hot right now, there is far less risk of being one of many people dressed in the same costume; 2008 was a sea of Jokers, 2014 there might be a lot less. This also manages to be sexy without revealing any skin. Going to the bathroom might prove challenging.

2) Go classic

Felicity HalloweenA vintage horror movie character doesn’t go out of style, but you might have to spend all evening explaining who you are or get mistaken for someone who is currently in the public eye – Felicity gets mistaken for Courtney Love, it is 1998 – rather than the Bride of Frankenstein. It is a bonus if you have a Felicity amount of hair for this costume and there is definitely a DIY approach as she’s wearing a white dress rather than an actual wedding gown (sadly lacking the cape train of the original Bride).

Also if you plan on wearing a costume that is part of a duo make sure the other person isn’t going to be a total flake. In Felicity’s case the dude is who she is crushing on and his indifference leads to comfort drinking followed by this:

Felicity 1.05 post vomA classic costume with a classic post “I’m so sorry I just vommed on you” face. More on this later.

3) The no effort part of a group costume using stuff you probably have in your wardrobe

Felicity Halloween BenBen is especially flaky during the early Felicity days and nothing sums this up more than his Halloween costume as instead of being the Frankenstein (Ben makes the common mistake or maybe he was going to go as the Doctor rather than monster, we will never know) to Felicity’s bride he is instead swayed by Sean’s idea to go as the Rat Pack. Ben thinks he might be Peter Lawford, he’s not sure and is totally whatever about the whole thing; he’s just happy he gets to look hot in a suit and later hook up with the Pink Power Ranger:

Felicity 1.05 pink power rangerAnother no skin revealing, but super tight costume. Felicity goes all meta for a moment as the real former Pink Power Ranger is someone Ben has already kissed on the show. In Ben’s slight defense he hadn’t fully committed to the doubles costume with Felicity, working against Ben is the many hot/cold signals he is giving Felicity like late night intimate chats and then pretty much ignoring her at the party. Be less terrible, Ben.

4) Make sure you have plenty of pumpkins

Felicity Halloween pumpkinsThe perfect time for low light and intimate chats comes with party prep. Be prepared for later disappointment (see numbers 3 and 4).

5) The “I thought it was funny” option

Felicity 1.05 ElenaNoel told Elena he would sort out costumes, he gets Subway uniforms (almost seamless product placement points +10) because he thinks it is funny. Elena is less sure and while this is very much the anti-Halloween sexy she does hook up with a dude dressed as the Tin Man (the Tin Man does end up cheating on Elena with her BFF at a later date so maybe that’s a con too). Negatives include many requests for sandwiches all night. And wearing plastic gloves.

Felicity Halloween NoelHowever, plastic gloves will come in handy if someone throws up on you. May change your opinion of said person you have just given an epic pep talk to/have a huge crush on. If it doesn’t it must be love or something like that.

For more on Halloween and 90s teen TV check out posts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Freaks and Geeks.

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