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Empire Season 2 Teaser: Free the Lyons

23 Jul

The power dynamics and alliances are forever shifting on Empire; the number of schemes that went down during its first year might even make Blair Waldorf stop for a second. The new season 2 teaser suggests it will be just as intense when the show returns Wednesday, September 23 as the looks between characters intensify. Defiant poses and walking with purpose are also on the cards with Cookie’s attire hitting all new highs.

Empire Season 2Cookie is not the one who is currently incarcerated (aside from whatever is going on in the scene above) and the teaser shows a #FreeLucious concert with Jamal taking center stage in this brief glimpse – will Hakeem appear on stage to support his father?

One thing Hakeem has in the opening strut is an IO Hawk – kind of like a hands free Segway – and it is such a random/perfect detail to show their indulgent lifestyle. I saw someone using one of these a couple of weeks ago and I had so many questions such as a general ‘Why?’ And how do you make it stop?

Anyway here is Terrence Howard trying one out onset courtesy of Kaitlin Doubleday’s Instagram:

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I want one!!!!! @jussiesmollett

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I would definitely fall off.

And here is your first look at Empire season 2.

This is a big preview time of year with FargoThe AffairWet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero all featuring on TV Ate My Wardrobe recently.

The Affair Season 2 Teaser: “Do You Honestly Think That Things Just Work Out for the Best?”

30 Jun

The Affair is currently shooting its second season and just in time for maybe Emmy nominations – it did win the Golden Globe after all – a teaser for the new season has been released. In it there is plenty of smooching, crying, yelling and some very disheveled looks.

The Affair S2The amount of viewpoints is expanding from two (Alison and Noah) to four (Helen and Cole join the mix) and this is a good thing because at times during the first year I found it hard to find myself too engaged by the central pairing.

My issue isn’t that they are having an affair (it is in the title of the show after all) or that they didn’t have good chemistry, but I just didn’t care all that much for them as a couple. Out of the pair Alison is by far the most compelling as Noah’s story borders on mid-life crisis cliche and it is his scenes with Helen that really hit some incredibly devastating notes. 

The Affair S2 ColeBy opening up the different viewpoints it takes some of the attention away from Alison and Noah and will give Helen and Cole more depth. Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson both delivered last season while being on the periphery and I am forever in awe of everything Maura Tierney does as she can sell heartbreak with just a look. Now their characters will hopefully become more than just props in the central love story and we will get to see how they view Alison and Noah.

Memory is a big factor and how it can vary from person to person and it will be interesting to see how Helen and Cole’s version mirror or deviate from the kind of experience we have already witnessed.

The Affair S2 HelenPlaying with perceptions of behavior and costume is one of The Affair’s strengths, which goes beyond spot the difference and reveals a whole lot about these characters and how they see the world. By throwing in two more POVs it will expand this further and this is why I am excited for the new season.

From the teaser you can see that things are going really well for a brief moment, but there is going to be a whole lot of confrontations with the exes, tears in the shower and a really striking blue dress from Helen. Oh and that pesky court related business.

Watch the teaser for season 2 of The Affair, which will return in the fall.

Plus here is the always delightful Maura Tierney discussing the expanding viewpoints and Emmy related thoughts with Goldderby.


The Americans Season 2 Teaser: The Threat From Within

9 Jan

FX has released a series of teasers for new season of The Americans including this one which somehow got missed over the holiday season and while some are purposely ambiguous focusing on the US/USSR covert war, this one shows the danger could be coming from inside the Jennings’ house.

Henry rainbow coatNo it’s not suddenly turned into a slasher movie, instead it looks like Paige will continue to be suspicious of her parents late night activities and to be honest we’re surprised this didn’t happen sooner. Season 1 primarily dealt with the notion of trust between Elizabeth and Philip, hitting a variety of stumbling blocks. Now they have their daughter to contend with and as you can see in the promo they question if this is the first time Paige has snooped on them.

What about Henry? As the youngest he seems pretty oblivious at the moment, he did demonstrate some nifty defense skills with the guy they hitched with, but at the moment it’s only Paige who is wondering what their parents are up to. So far these kids haven’t been an annoyance; let’s hope this continues with the new season. Henry’s multicolored jacket is one of my favorite pieces of costuming from last year on this show.

Also featured in this teaser; wigs, sex, patterned shirts and turtlenecks.

The Americans returns Wednesday, February 26.

Orphan Black Season 2 Teaser Trailer

23 Dec

In a year of excellent TV one of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s favorite shows and most anticipated returns is Orphan Black. BBC America have bestowed upon us via Entertainment Weekly a new season 2 teaser and it acts more as a reminder of who the many Tatiana Maslany’s are, rather than revealing anything new. I’m ok with this as it’s building up the tension and it emphasizes that each clone despite their similarities is “One of a kind.”

To find out what we had to say about Orphan Black and star Tatiana Maslany as part of the TV Ate My Wardrobe Best of 2013 head here.

“Girls” Season 3 Instagrammy Teaser

19 Aug

It won’t air until 2014 but HBO has released a new “In Production” teaser for season 3 of Girls. Shot in the style of many different Instagram-like photos (with multiple filters of course) we get a glimpse of what they next season will entail including a trip to the beach. While it’s hard to determine anything plot wise from this promo there is an increased amount of Elijah (yay!) and Ray won’t be going anywhere despite his break-up with Shoshanna (also yay).  Hopefully this season will work on building the fractured friendships that left Hannah isolated for most of the second year and less time on the romcom narrative of Adam saving Hannah – don’t get me wrong I think Adam is an interesting character but the running to save you moment wasn’t particularly compelling.

Creating a teaser that looks like an Instagram flick book reflects how the Girls characters would document their lives and with the way that Lena Dunham and some of her co-stars use social media. HBO has capitalized on this aspect with this rolling behind the scenes production diary, which chronicles all of the tweets and Instagrams from the set.

The track used over the promo is Robert ToTeras’  “Break Out The Boom-Boom” and if it sounds familiar it’s because it was used on this Mindy Project promo just prior to the first season premiere.

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