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The Killing Helps Promote Save the Children Charity Day

28 Nov

The Killing (or Forbrydelsen) finished its three season run last year and while this isn’t a show that is particularly cheery the cast has reunited to make a video promoting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. Over the past few years the Sarah Lund jumper has been much discussed and emulated, particularly in the UK where the Danish show has been a big hit for BBC4.

There has been a slew of imitation Scandi style knitwear in fashion magazines and on the high street and this winter has seen an increase of different types of novelty jumpers. Everyone is getting in on the action from supermarkets to designer labels like Burberry Prorsum and Stella McCartney this year, featuring everything from snowflakes to Santa. You can opt for the more subtle Sarah Lund style or you can go full on bright and bold; there’s plenty of options.

Sarah Lund jumper

In the video Sarah Lund is the only one who has worn her festive sweater and she makes the rounds asking why her colleagues aren’t wearing theirs. The tone of the video is like a standard episode of The Killing which makes it even more amusing. It also reminds me how much I miss this character and Sofie Gråbøl. Look at how ridiculously adorable she is in the Viking hat and plaits.

Watch the video below and to find out more about the Save the Children campaign head here.

The Why of it All

12 Apr

A long time ago (ok in 2009) I started writing a blog that focused primarily on TV and since then I have been lucky enough to start writing for several other websites, that also mostly focus on TV. The amount of words that are typed daily on this subject continues to grow and so I thought I would add a few more. The other sites I primarily write for give me opportunities to write about current shows including Mad MenNew Girl, The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries (for TVOvermind) and I also get to dive into the past for This Was TV where teen shows such as My So-Called Life and Freaks and Geeks have been my focus.

So why start up a new blog? The simple reason is that I want to write more and quite often I’ll have an idea that I will either jot down it down in one of my many notebooks or start a word document and only get to the end of the first paragraph. To demonstrate this ultimate procrastination here is a sample of titles that are on my computer:

Friday Night Lights– why this show is important

I have learnt nothing from all the crimes shows I have watched

Sarah Lund as McNulty

The Comedy of Optimism

What Lipstick is she Wearing?

Some of these titles are self-explanatory (Friday Night Lights) and others seem more random – guess which one I wrote after my phone was stolen. Going back and reading these pieces (or intros to articles forgotten) I felt guilty for not having followed through, even if some of the ideas weren’t all that great to begin with. As I’ve mentioned above, I am quite the procrastinator and a lot of this is achieved by reading great work by other writers, writers that I admire and want to emulate but half of the time I should focus on what I am doing rather than wistfully working my way through half of the TV criticism online.

This is what I am going to and these half written ideas, that sometimes don’t even have titles will become fully fledged and live here. Why name this blog “TV Ate my Wardrobe?” Someone close to me has observed that a lot of my Twitter TV observations and Tumblr posts revolve around fashion and costuming in television and while this won’t always be the central theme of this blog, it felt like a good place to start. There will also be some jazzing up of the blog as time goes on and rather than let my procrastination get the better of me (like it often does) I wanted to launch this site before I talk myself out of it.

So enjoy and any feedback would be much appreciated!

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