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How TV Ate My Wardrobe: The Wedding Guest Edition

6 Aug

Last week I mentioned the very TV Ate My Wardrobe nature of the outfit I would be wearing to a wedding I was attending (of my soon to be brother-in-law) and this tale starts with an episode of Hannibal. Weddings are not the first thing that spring to mind when thinking about this show, but as I have mentioned this really is the most TV Ate My Wardrobe story of them all.

I had been looking on and off for a dress for a while even ordering a few from & Other Stories; sadly they were not quite the right fit and lent credence to my ‘try it on before you buy’ shopping philosophy. This is why online clothes shopping is not my favorite; receiving fun post is always a treat, sending it back less so.

Back to Hannibal and the episode in question is “Dolce” with Margot Verger’s wrap dress catching my eye (to the surprise of no one). Instantly recognizing it was Diane von Furstenberg I went to all the usual sites I check to find out exactly which DVF dress it was; instead stumbling upon a version of Margot’s dress ideal for a wedding and not crazy expensive thanks to it being from The Outnet.

You see Margot’s one has long sleeves and is far more winter/fall (which makes sense considering the cold climate at Muskrat Farm).

Hannibal 3.06 Alana and MargotThis other ‘Amelia’ wrap has a halter neck. A DVF for every season.

DVFNow this is not the kind of thing to impulse purchase (or maybe it is) and as I’d already had to send dresses back because they didn’t fit properly hesitation set in. Also despite having a lot of money off the original price it was still a BIG PURCHASE. Cue an unrelated trip to London and an afternoon drinking in the sun at the Wild Card Brewery (would recommend).

*Setting the scene* Just look how lovely it is.

IMG_1229Here the combination of the sun and beer plus the very easy ability to order from a phone meant the dress was purchased followed by a quick surge of excitement with a hint of buyer’s remorse. Plus a brief panic about clicking the wrong size (I had not).

The wait for it to be delivered was full of anticipation over how it would look on and when it did arrive rather than tearing it out of the box I slowly removed it with trepidation. This was quickly followed by embarrassment from having issues putting it on because apparently I don’t understand halter necks/wrap dresses. However it fit and this was quickly followed by the realization that it was pretty low cut and super cleavy; neither of which are in my style wheelhouse. The pockets which weren’t mentioned on the description did a good job of distracting because my feelings for pockets apparently trump cleave worries.

Cut to the day and my too much boob fears had grown because I was going to be in a cathedral and I like to over think things. It also didn’t help that on the way to the church a creepy dude uttered “nice outfit” while staring at my chest with no subtlety. Way to up amp up the super paranoid feelings while also grossing me out. (insert Liz Lemon eye roll in the direction of this guy here)

Thankfully I didn’t dwell on this moment (well not for too long) and the day was fantastic; the bride was stunning (full on gasped when I saw her dress as it was that good) and the groom was dashing. The company/weather/food/drinking/dancing was all top notch and my fiance did an excellent job as best man (also high on the dreamy stakes) The only minor hiccups involved having a tent to sleep in with no poles (we borrowed another one), a blowup air bed with no stopper and hurting my ankle when I switched out my heels for flip flops. I am nothing if not consistently clumsy.

And now for the awkward photos of me in the dress bit. Despite years of watching ANTM I have yet to master the posed posed shot. In selfies my smile looks good (which sounds weirdly braggy) and for some reason I go all confused face when it comes to other pictures. So with some hesitation here are some shots of me in the DVF ‘Amelia’ crepe and satin-twill halter wrap dress. Oh and adding to the TV Ate My Wardrobe of it all the lipstick is Besame 1946 and is used on Agent Carter.


IMG_1635Sadly this dress was not ideal attire for the bouncy castle in the background. It did make for a good dancing dress (the shoes less so, hence the flip flop switch).

IMG_1641And one with the best man. Even though we’re both looking at another camera I really like this shot (plus you get a glimpse of the bride in the background).

IMG_1595I rock a lot of polka dots.

Now to start planning my own wedding. Eek. Expect updates.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do on Hannibal

19 Jul

Restraints both physical and mental feature prominently on Hannibal this week as the ‘Hannibal on the run’ arc comes to an end with an incredibly satisfying, sometimes horrifying and at times very funny episode. Hannibal has remained pretty unflappable throughout being hunted; even when he was beaten and lying on his ass he still didn’t have the look of a totally broken man despite being a little broken. Throughout his ordeal at Muskrat Farm which includes being stabbed, branded, tied up and teased with how his body will be prepared for a feast he never break a sweat. This is a man who has killed people in more ways than you could ever imagine and even when he is strung up like a pig waiting for slaughter he is always a few steps ahead.

Alana even goes as far as pointing out to a cocksure Mason why you shouldn’t play with Hannibal because Hannibal is always playing. Mason’s hubris is his ultimate downfall because while it looks like his well thought out torture plan for both Hannibal and his sister is foolproof the “finer details” are always evolving and he is not as good at reading people as the trained professionals.

Hannibal 3.07 welcomeBreaking up can be hard to do and “Digestivo” deals with what are effectively two big rejections. First there is Hannibal and Will; this took a drastic turn at the end of last week’s episode with a bone saw and thankfully Hannibal’s dinner prep was interrupted by the well timed and super corrupt cops paid off with Mason’s millions. Cutting the toxic Hannibal part out of Will’s life was imperative and Jack’s advice almost ended with Will as the one being sliced and diced. Not that this threat doesn’t continue over at Muskrat Farm as Mason’s plan for Will involves wearing his face while Mason eats Hannibal. Delightful.

Will and Hannibal’s fates are entwined and rather than pitting them against each other there is this sense they can only escape alive if they do it together. This can’t be achieved without help and Alana Bloom plays an important role in their escape as well as being somewhat responsible for their capture. Not that Alana is to blame for their predicament as she was simply trying to get to Hannibal before Will did, but Hannibal’s pull is strong and Will’s intimate knowledge of his memory palace meant the hunt would be quicker than tracking fancy foods from an upmarket deli. I do wonder how long it took to sail to Italy and it does seem like there are quicker forms of travel. Sailing does have the benefit of anonymity.

Hannibal 3.07 Will Graham dinnerOne ship that has long sailed (and a ship I am still kinda on, even if at this point it makes no sense) is Alana/Will. Mason has made plenty of sleazy comments about Alana’s relationship with Hannibal, but it seems he is unfamiliar with Will’s previous romantic overtures towards Dr. Bloom. Mason does question whether he can trust Alana and he is seemingly convinced by her assurance that she had nothing to do with the plan in Italy going array; however I wonder if he would be so chill in leaving Will hanging out alone in the dining room if he knew Alana and Will were friends? He at least has to be aware that they worked together. But once again this can be chalked up to Mason’s inability to see everything that is going on around him.

Hannibal 3.07 Alana convo with WillIn the past when Will and Alana have sat down together the wide shot has been used to show them on equal footing and with a level of intimacy even when one of them is in handcuffs. In this scene Alana doesn’t sit directly opposite instead she chooses a chair slightly away from him and the wide shot is replaced with solo coverage. The sense of distance, disappointment and even anger emanates from both characters with Will taking jabs at her moral compass with her role in their capture. Basically he is being a bit of a dick, but considering his predicament and the awkward looking suit he has been made to wear I guess I can give him a pass on his tone. But Alana is not just going to sit there and take it because after all he rejected her when she went to see him at Hannibal’s home, which led her to seek another less savory avenue for capturing Hannibal.

It would be nice if she gave him an update on his dogs (which I assume she is looking after when she is not at the Verger’s) although now is maybe not the time to throw in a PS ‘Winston misses you’ remark.

Going outside the law is one of the things he sneers at her about and he asks what she thought would happen; she believed Jack and the FBI would save the day. For the second time this plan has failed, which is where the all important notion of evolution plays a vital role in how the rest of the action progresses. Will tells Alana “you have to evolve. You have to spill blood. Either by your own hand or someone else’s.”

And who do they have lying around who wants to spill some blood?

Hannibal 3.07 floral coat Hannibal 3.07 Margot furThis task needs fabulous outerwear with furs and florals being an ideal way to brighten up any pig pen. Also in terms of the Alana Bloom sartorial switch-up this coat harks back to her pre-defenestration wrap dress prints nodding towards an Alana of old. Margot is coming face to face with her former therapist and champion of all things fratricide, for Alana it is even more intense as this is the first time she is seeing her ex since he got a teenage girl to throw her out of a window. They’ve briefly talked on the phone of course, but nothing quite prepares you for seeing the dude you used to date strung up nearly naked. Will’s pep talk has spurred on Alana and not only does she take out the guard with ease using a tranq gun, but she also holds her nerve with Hannibal; she does not cry or yell. Instead she politely implores him to save Will coming down to his level face to face.

This shot and the way they are starring at each other is everything.

Hannibal 3.07 Hannibal and AlanaThe key here is saving Will and really saving Will has always been number one on Alana’s agenda even if she made some misguided choices with her love life last season. But Will is not the only one who needs to break free from Mason’s sweaty clutches as Margot has too long been controlled by her sadistic brother. Their father’s will states only Mason or another heir is the beneficiary of the estate and it is an important reminder when Mason brags about this fact that Margot’s baby plan is entwined with her desire to be free from his influence.

Hannibal is offering his services here, but he wants Margot to commit the act (he sure does like getting other people to kill) and he will take the blame offering up his hair as evidence to place in Mason’s hand. Before Alana rips it from his scalp she asks “Could I have ever understood you?” Hannibal’s reply of “no” is somewhat dismissive of her psychiatrist talents giving her the perfect impetus (along with everything else he has doe) to cause him a little pain. The foley department gets an A+ for this hair tug sound and Hannibal definitely flinches a little.

By promising to save Will, he also delivers what sounds like a threat and a half when he tells her that he always keeps his promises. Should Alana be worried for her own life? Not this week and he even helps them with another not so pleasant task involving a cattle prod and ‘milking.’ I full on snort laughed when Alana coolly revealed Hannibal knows how to use a cattle prod (of course he does). I really want a deleted scene of his this conversation went down – “Just one more thing Hannibal before you carry Will off into the sunset…”

Hannibal 3.07 pig nurseryIf you were ever under the illusion that Mason Verger is not a twisted sick fuck then “Digestivo” is here to really cement this character trait. Mason has long been toying with Margot from her tear infused martinis to the diabolical act of removing her uterus and aborting her baby. He has a surprise for her this week as he took her eggs and didn’t Humpty Dumpty them (which is a horrifying phrase which also made me laugh) but instead put them in another basket. And there is a baby! But this is not a joyful occasion and the extreme nature of where this baby is being kept hits a new level of ‘what the fuckery?’ horror for this show.

Mason’s all things pigs extends to the torture of his sister and as Will is being prepared for his face removal we see Alana and Margot cutting the baby out of the pig in a heartbreaking and disturbing moment pushing Margot towards the plan Hannibal has been suggesting all along.

Hannibal 3.07 Alana and MargotOn Hannibal there are a lot of unhealthy relationships and this episode explores breaking free of these toxic binds, but one pairing which could change this trend is Margot and Alana. Plenty is stacked against them including the circumstances which brought them together and the baggage they both carry. But who doesn’t have a stuff in their past that they’d rather forget? And I think it is important to see how they both get through this shit and their experiences with manipulators without just coming across as victims. Just look at the way the light frames them in this shot among the darkness.

I’ve talked plenty of times in the past about Alana’s position as the heart of the show, a nurturing role which places her in a position with traits which are traditionally feminine. With Margot she offers up a warmth she is probably not used to and I really hope these two can make it, but maintaining a romantic relationship on Hannibal is probably harder than staying alive on Hannibal if you are in the regular cast. Self-preservation is what Alana preaches to Will when she discusses her recent choices and yet her actions have all been about saving both Margot and Will.

Hannibal 3.07 Margot goldPost baby discovery Margot has mascara streaked cheeks and no time for Mason’s threats; she has what she needs (ta Hannibal) and it’s over. Mason’s blood stained face (courtesy of his not Will Graham mask) and general demeanor adds a farcical element further, heightened by Katharine Isabelle’s amazing line reading (and nod to Mason’s earlier declaration) of “mostly yours” had me cackling. Mason’s end is pretty fitting as he ends up being held down in his fish tank by Margot and Alana – in it together – and his eel ends up swimming into his mouth essentially asphyxiating him (which also symbolically looks a whole lot like another kind of violation). Bye Mason!

Hannibal 3.07 bloody Will Hannibal 3.07 Hannibal Hannibal 3.07 MasonOkay not quite time to finish with him as we’ve still got his dude dinner party to discuss – how did they get a chat about penis cooking followed by a shot of sausages by the Standards and Practices people?

Mason also provided some new clothes for Will and Hannibal dressing them up all nice in a way which Hannibal normally does (although the striped shirt is not his usual speed this side of the Atlantic) and the already mentioned slightly out of place Will suit. Will also ruins what was a perfectly lovely dinner (not really) by biting Cordell’s cheek and spitting out the offending part. Which leads me to other shots of Hugh Dancy from this episode looking slightly deranged.

Hannibal 3.07 Will Hannibal 3.07 Will Graham Hannibal 3.07 Will surgeryIn all fairness to him he did start the episode with his head getting cut open and then he did almost end up faceless. Not a good week for Will Graham and so it is not a huge surprise when he rejects all things Hannibal after he has been rescued. It is his time to evolve; no more mind palaces or chasing the man who has occupied his thoughts for three seasons. All Will wants to do is hang out with his dogs, his dogs that he misses more than Hannibal (burn).

Ending relationships with ties as strong as this is difficult and for Margot she had to get rid of her brother in a definitive way and while Will seems over the whole killing Hannibal notion, it is the only way he will be truly free from his influence (he just can’t help himself).

Hannibal 3.07 Will and HannibalThe bedside dismissal is pretty emphatic and the point of light in the scene gives this serene edge to the end of this affair. Well, Will thinks it is the end, but Hannibal is always playing and like an ex you can’t get rid of he has a plan to keep himself in Will’s life. Even if this means sacrificing his own freedom which he earned in stunning fashion earlier in the episode.Hannibal 3.07 breaking free Hannibal 3.07 arrested Hannibal You don’t dump Hannibal, he definitely dumps you.

Hannibal 3.07 Chiyo and HannibalAnother significant hello/goodbye occurs outside Will Graham’s home as Chiyo and Hannibal come face to face for the first time in a long time. Chiyo has acted as Jack Crawford savior with her trusty rifle and I also have to guess that he helped get her into the US after she saved his life. She’s been a character who has been neither here nor there for me in that she has acted as a peek into Hannibal’s past, but with not much else (other than another edition into the fabulous coat collection of Hannibal) beyond being a bit of a plot device and this is a shame.

Hannibal 3.07 ChiyoShe does ask the questions regarding Mischa – he didn’t kill her, but he did eat her. In the end she believes some beasts should remain free and she leaves into the night when Hannibal is arrested. Will we see her again?

Hannibal 3.07 Will glassesOh and you know what’s back at the end? Oh yeah, Will Graham’s glasses

Time jumps and Red Dragon are coming! For a 5 minute preview and the Comic-Con panel head here.

Where Does One Begin and the Other End on Hannibal?

10 Jul

So that is what it feels like to take Bedelia’s concoction of drugs as this is one super trippy episode of Hannibal – yes even by Hannibal standards – as beginnings and ends blurred as one with all the many players in the Hannibal hunt approaching their prize. Plus there is always time for a kaleidoscope infused sex scene (thankfully minus the stag man from the last super trippy sex montage).

Hannibal 3.06 HannibalLast week ended with a broken and bloody Hannibal limping away into the night with a bruised and bloody Will Graham heading in the same direction to offer up his forgiveness. Hannibal is cornered, but he is not going to go down without a fight and while there are many after him; the conflicting reasons behind their desire to get Hannibal offers him up a chance of escape. Some want to kill him so they can shed that part of them, others want to cage him as he had caged them, money provides motive as does good old fashioned revenge.

All are operating outside the law so even though Jack and Alana just want to see him behind bars (I think both wouldn’t be too upset if he was killed but they’re primary objective is justice without any more casualties) they are working with other forces who don’t necessarily share this same view.

Jack wants to save the broken imagination of Will Graham which he borrowed and set him on this path of destruction; he tells Will that he needs to cut out the part which dreams of leaving with Hannibal. And this is probably why his choice of weapon against Hannibal is a knife as by slicing Hannibal it might free him and maybe he wants to etch a matching smile on his belly to solidify their bond. Will is foiled by Chiyo who is waiting with her rifle and her desire to cage the beast. Hannibal really does have a way of drawing people in and manipulating them in such a way that it feels imperative to protect him against all danger.

Hannibal 3.06 elevatorThis gives Hannibal to opportunity to return to his position of apex predator as he now has control over an injured Will and plenty of drugs to subdue him. Tying him up is for later and despite not having read or seen the movie Hannibal I am very aware of the Ray Liotta brain eating scene and my dread levels at who might receive this fate grew with every moment Will sat at the table and the back of his head was in shadow. When Will asked who else was coming to dinner those fears shifted from Will to Jack who we see entering the building and sharing a lift with Chiyo, rifle case and all. No words are uttered in this journey up to the seventh floor and instead of engaging in violence Chiyo simply retreats saying she has got the wrong floor. Maybe she realized that there are too many players in this scenario and now she can fly free.

Unlike the epic fight sequence last week Jack enters the apartment without the upper hand and Hannibal is lying in wait under the table, ready to pounce and have the dinner party that was so rudely derailed at the end of last season.

Hannibal 3.06 dinnerWill is informed that you should never ask what is for dinner as it ruins the surprise, the surprise being that you are the one who is being served. Ah yes it is Will who is to suffer the brain eating and Jack can do nothing but react (cue plenty of screaming). The blood budget continues to grow this season as Will’s sprays all over the place rising up toward the ceiling as Jack’s did when he lay dying in Hannibal’s wine cellar. Cutting from the blood spray and blue skies to both Will and Hannibal strung upside down and back in America as they are welcomed to Muskrat Farm by none other than Mason Verger; Verger in this moment is Will’s savior and future torturer.

How did we get from dinner about to be served out of Will’s head to snowy scenes? Bedelia and Mason’s riches are the key to this one and instead of buying just one police officer Margot went ahead and made ‘friends’ with the whole department. Bedelia may not be fooling anyone with her “I’m Mrs Fell” routine, but she is not the prize everyone is vying for so in the end she gives the all important clue to Hannibal’s location and I’m guessing they arrived before too much damage could be done to Will’s already broken brain.

Mason has a whole lot planned for Hannibal and by extension Will (a two for one deal) as he is also high up on Mason’s shit list for various acts such as being present when the face eating occurred and impregnating his sister.

Hannibal 3.06 Peking HannibalIn one of Mason’s dreams he is walking (although his face is still disfigured) and surveying the Peking Duck version of Hannibal as the centerpiece of his revenge plan. While Mason seems to be winning in the ‘Who can get to Hannibal first? game (aside from the Pazzi money he lost) he doesn’t realize there is another scheme at play between his sister and Alana.

Flirtation has progressed to a super trippy merging body parts sex scene which feels like a sequel of sorts to the even trippier five-way that took place last year between two different bedrooms; Will saw Alana where Margot was and now Alana is there for Margot too. This pairing and subsequent hook-up is fine, but I also wish there had been more groundwork aside from that initial flirtatious scene in the stables because it all feels rather rushed. The way Alana ties up Margot’s black and white DVF wrap dress (which I am coveting hard) shows a level of care and intimacy telling us a lot about their union and yet I would have liked to see more buildup between the pair. It also nicely links back to Alana’s pre-window incident styling.

Hannibal 3.06 AlanaAlana is wearing the plaid suit that got me so amped when I first saw it back when the promo photos were released as it mimics Hannibal’s style while also showcasing her new sartorial direction; the red plunging blouse and matching lipstick add to this aesthetic and there is still plenty of femininity in her look. It is also less severe than the all red looks which has dominated her costuming this season.

Hannibal 3.06 Alana and MargotMargot’s let her hair down since Alana arrived and her curls mirror her new lovers while offering up a softer more nurturing side to her brother as part of the ruse. Mason’s cruelty took on a disturbing level when he not only terminated Margot’s pregnancy, but also removed her uterus taking away her choice and chance at any inheritance. Her plan is still focused on getting that back and Mason holds the key; he thinks she is agreeing to raise a child together, but instead she is in collusion with Alana and Alana is going to turn Mason into the FBI when he has Hannibal. In the end Alana Bloom is still very much the same Alana Bloom as she was before the defenestration encounter.

Now both Hannibal and Will are on the farm it seems that Alana’s position within the Verger inner circle will be of paramount importance; how will she react when confronted with a Hannibal in need of savior?

Hannibal 3.06 Will and BedeliaHistory has a way of repeating as Bedelia notes (and something I focused on last week) and the “hot darkness of Hannibal Lecter’s mind” has a way of dragging people down into the inky abyss in many different ways. Bedelia is one such person and she has embraced this at times including an actual embrace as Bedelia and Hannibal go beyond bathtime chats in levels of intimacy in “Dolce” with an actual goodbye kiss.

In a reverse of Bedelia’s whispered assurance that she believed Will last season when he was locked up, Will leans in and whispers “I don’t believe you.” But at this point Bedelia is giving none of the fucks and the performance Gilliam Anderson gives as she’s half propped up is incredible.

Hannibal 3.06 BedeliaJust look at this exceptional face.

Jack even admits that he can’t be that mad at her because her plan is quite incredible and they also note her unprecedented survival skills. Lucky for her the net closed in before she had marinated for the appropriate time and this suggests her weekly trips to the same high end deli was no mistake; she was simply sending out the signals as to Hannibal’s location to anyone who might be looking. Even though she has essentially been free the entire time, as with everyone else she can’t leave his sphere of influence and she is another one of his birds. But at least she had the foresight to hatch her own escape plan for when he did get caught.

Hannibal 3.06 galleryDrawn together and in a scene which resembles a meet cute of sorts in the gallery location which means so much to Hannibal (which gave me instant About Time feelings), but instead of it being a first hello it is reunion wrapped up in a goodbye. They share smiles, jokes, hurt feelings, catching up on what they have been up to. The usual.

Hannibal 3.06 Will smilesThere is a strong romantic undercurrent from the music that floats between the words to the discussion about how they are blurring into one. Except the romance here is tinged with death as Will reveals he feels guilty of all of Hannibal’s many, many crimes. We have been inside Will’s head so many times where he experiences other people’s diabolical acts and it isn’t surprising that some of them have remained inside his empathetic mind.

We’ve spent so long circling Will and Hannibal and when they would sharing the same space beyond mind palace chats, stabbing hug flashbacks and playing “I forgive you” hide and seek so when they came together in this location it hit me harder emotionally in a way I wasn’t expecting. Sure really horrible things went down after this conversation, but in this moment in the gallery I totally understood all the Hannigram devotion. Plus Hannibal turned Bedelia and Will into Botticelli figures which is some kind of next level fan art from Hannibal.

Hannibal 3.06 drawingAnd for surreal inky ‘we become one’ images look no further than Will’s drug induced dinner time visions.

Hannibal 3.06 blurringNow Will and Hannibal’s fates are entwined in another fashion and it isn’t a case of whether Will kills Hannibal or if Hannibal eats Will. Instead they are both in the same pig farm predicament and it is going to be fun seeing how they get out of this pickle and where it leaves them after.

Serving Up Two Delicious Hannibal Season 3 Previews

26 May

The Hannibal countdown now enters the less than two weeks zone and we’re already salivating at what this new season will bring (it is very hard to avoid any food puns when discussing this show but just know I am shaking my head at myself). As the new episodes are within sniffing distance the onslaught of new footage steps up including a look at who survived the bloodbath that closed out last year and what Hannibal has been up to while he has been on the run with Bedelia. By the looks of things entertaining and dining. Sometimes with the guest ending up on a plate.

Hannibal S3 - HannibalHannibal of course can recite Dante’s first sonnet, ride a motorbike without messing up his hair and talk oh so casually about killing people as the ‘Hannibal’s Dilemma’ preview reveals. However he is still being hunted and Bedelia warns him that he is going to get caught; the super bashed and bloody appearance adds weight to her theory. There are also flashes of the characters left behind to pick up the pieces after what Hannibal did to them, plus a glimpse at new additions to the cast such as Tao Okamoto who is playing Chiyoh. Oh and also some characters we know to be dead show up (flashback? fantasy sequence? both?).

If you are a regular TV Ate My Wardrobe reader you will know how much I love talking about the costume design on Hannibal and if you can hear clapping and screaming right now it is down to a glimpse of this Bedelia ensemble in this preview:

IMG_0642The color, the hat and the style is everything and their European ‘on the run’ collection is one of the many things I am highly anticipating when Hannibal returns June 4.

In the second preview or rather the ‘first look’ the cast discuss the new season in a slightly more in-depth fashion showing some of the same images we have already seen and giving some background context; this includes expanding on the Bride of Hannibal storyline. Once again there are some people present in this video whose fate was left hanging in the balance and I think it is safe to say that Will, Alana and Jack are all very much alive. How well they are mentally is unclear and the hunt to find Hannibal will not rest on Will Graham’s shoulders alone.

Another costume that has caused much excitement here at TV Ate My Wardrobe is Alana’s plaid pantsuit from these cast promo shots. Sometimes clothes worn for these shoots are only for promotional purposes so I was thrilled to see Alana wearing the plaid pantsuit in this preview. She also has an additional item and the fall or rather massive shove from the first floor window has left her requiring a cane.

IMG_0644As you can see in the photo above Alana’s will cross paths with Margot Verger (another victim of Hannibal’s manipulation) and there is a suggestion in the preview that things might get a lot more intimate between the pair. I only say suggestion because it is such a quick cut and this show loves a good dream/fantasy sequence so who knows what is real. But yes smooching is definitely on the more intimate end of hangouts.

We also get a glimpse of the storyline which will dominate the second half of the season with Francis Dolarhyde aka ‘Red Dragon’ which looks very promising (and terrifying).

Watch the two previews below and for more season 3 chat head here. Hannibal returns Thursday, June 4.


Out of the Box: Look of the Week

2 May

Out of the Box is focusing on the costume design pieces that caught our eye this week. We’ve already talked about the striking looks on Mad Men, festival style from the Parks and Recreation season finale, Alicia Florrick’s wine cardigan and Elizabeth Jennings’ shoulder pads on The Americans, so here is a quick roundup of everything else that has been on our mind. We’re also offering a look at a couple of costumes we can’t wait to see on Hannibal tonight.

Alison Orphan BlackOn Orphan Black only Alison would go to a funeral dressed as Holly Golightly and then drink herself into oblivion, because well she kinda did have a hand in Aynsley’s death, well that and Aynsley’s scarf. There is no explanation for this Breakfast at Tiffany’s homage and all that’s missing is a cigarette holder. Alison is the clone I find the most enthralling as she tries to balance her quest for suburban perfection while spiraling thanks to the crazy her clone status brings. She’s so wonderfully uptight and her lack of filter is why she is best when she is around Felix. This is also the part where I really forget it is Tatiana Maslany playing everyone.

Orphan Black FelixFelix looks like he’s stepped out of a movie and from the same decade as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this one tinged with Andy Warhol and experimentalism. It’s also worth noting that both Alison and Felix are wearing versions of the costuming they have on in the season two poster they share (with Donnie) which suggests the Felix/Alison story is not over. Now I know Felix and Sarah are brother and sister, but it’s the Felix and Alison pairing that brings me the most joy as they neck tiny bottles of vodka together. So, while he has abandoned her for now, as Alison falls deeper into a pit of despair hopefully she can count on her friends to come through for her. With an outfit like this Felix would totally fit in with Margot Verger (see the Hannibal entry below).

New Girl If you had to describe an outfit Jess would wear on New Girl it would probably look a lot like this one from “Dance” – Peter Pan collar and a-line skirt (polka dots optional) – and I love it. I am partial to twee and my feelings about polka dots are blasted on the top of this and every TV Ate My Wardrobe page; the skirt is French Connection (another favorite) and the ‘Porla’ Peter Pan collar plum sweater is currently more than half off at Alice + Olivia.

Mason and Margot Hannibal 2.10So here’s a little of what we can expect styling wise from Mason Verger on tonight’s episode of Hannibal and I pretty much screamed in joy at the sight of this extravagant coat and the sneer of contempt across his face is perfect. Those look like mink lapels and Mason’s cruelty extends to the animals he wears. This is probably the most conservative of all of Margot’s costumes so far – I’m currently working on a much longer Margot piece – and the high neck coupled with the buttoned up jacket suggests how unsafe she feels around her brother; we already know she wants to kill him so this doesn’t come as a surprise. The horse shoe accessory, braid and general styling suggest she’s been riding and even though Margot claims she is worth nothing, her attire since we have met her indicates otherwise. There is a flamboyance to the Verger’s and their costuming is theatrical in its opulence.

Hannibal Margot 2.10In contrast to the first shot of Margot from “Naka-choko” this is a much more relaxed posture as she reclines in Hannibal’s office. The gold flecked blazer is in line with her previous visits to Hannibal with puffed up sleeves, but it’s a lot more provocative than her previous dramatic attire. What has made her suddenly so comfortable around Hannibal? Is it her chat with Will last week? Whatever it is, I can definitely state that this eye-catching jacket is on the covet list.

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