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Masters of Sex 3.06 “Two Scents” Review: Some Place Better

18 Aug

Pretending everything is the idyllic family life can only work for so long and the balance between fantasy and reality shifts this week for Libby as she plays out Joy’s escape. The focus of “Two Scents” is a swirl of dreams, perception and real life; some go in eyes open while others prefer their rose tinted specs. Virginia’s relationship with her mother turns from passive aggressive comments to full blown meltdown as a trip to the hairdressers with Tessa causes old resentments to come to a head.

Bill’s words about love and why it doesn’t feature in their research were grand and incredibly romantic as if he was speaking them directly to Virginia, but her mother’s reaction to this moment has had a different kind of effect on their relationship. Firstly, they are finding it hard to keep up with their arrangement because of the house guests and a trip to their favorite hotel from last season does not goes as planned; they are far too recognizable to use an alias.

Masters of Sex 3.06 Bill and VirginiaBeing pushed toward the married man you are actually sleeping with by your mother is pretty awkward, especially when you already have a difficult time with her and it isn’t surprising to see Virginia falling for Dan’s charms while they research seduction scents. Bill can sense Virginia slipping away to the point of telling neighbor Paul about this, although he claims it is Johnny who he fears is out of reach. Hence the hotel plan, followed by the office plan and then the elevator plan. None of these go beyond a holding of the hand and Virginia talks of how their coming together had very little courtship (which Dan has promised).

For someone who is rather bumbling when it comes to dealing with human emotion Bill does another fine job of spinning words into a beautiful image as he talks about the first time he saw Virginia and how their relationship is a fairy tale too. It’s not enough this time and Virginia pulls away from him only to return to work later for a rendezvous with Dan. Dancing leads to more with the buttons on the back of her mustard sleeveless blouse revealing to Tessa that work has not been on the cards. Tessa thinks it is Bill her mother has been seeing and instead of showing off her magazine article, the moment is ruined and disillusionment sets in. If she had shown her there is no way she would notice an ad for a hair product over her daughter’s achievement.

Masters of Sex 3.06 EdnaWhen Virginia confronts her father about her mother’s Bill plan, he explains her behavior through the grass is always greener notion as she always imagines “some place better.” In Edna’s eyes Tessa is Virginia’s chance to make up for her mistakes and that is a whole lot of pressure to put on her granddaughter while also being generally shitty toward her actual daughter.

The reason why Virginia was so crushed by the suggestion that she break up Bill’s marriage is because the pride Edna felt last week had nothing to do with the actual achievement and more to do with getting the ideal husband.

Masters of Sex 3.06 LibbyLibby is someone who thinks that by having a husband and family she is projecting the right image so it was quite something to hear how honest she was about her relationship while brushing Joy’s hair. This is a very different yarn to the one she was spinning to Joy before her aneurysm and it is only when Joy can’t understand that Libby is at her most truthful.

Being told you will be looked at as a bad mother if you don’t sign up to the snack roster and come to games by another resentful mother is just the encouragement Libby needs to take a bath in another woman’s apartment. She is already invisible while she cheers on one of the Masters men, she doesn’t need another venue for his honor. We have seen Libby indulge in a fantasy life back in season 1 when Bill left her on vacation by herself. That was after her miscarriage and she invented a dead husband and children she didn’t have at that time. Now she fakes her way through the escape plan Joy never got to live while maintaining her children are fine with the divorce and at first it seemed like she was going to seduce the super. Instead she comes clean to Paul during a blazing argument about Joy’s plans killing her new getaway location.

Masters of Sex 3.06 Virginia and BillPerhaps the most overt case of fantasy versus reality is with the couple who come to see Bill and Virginia this week. Al, an ex footballer and his wife actress Isabella Ricci (both fictitious) are having issues that they think is “frigidity” but really they are doomed to break up. He’s a bit of an asshole with a huge wondering eye problem and she is finding it hard to understand where their spark has gone. When they first met Isabella was under the impression that he didn’t know who she was, but he did and she was 20 feet tall. Real life doesn’t hold up to that first sighting on the cinema screen and because he can’t get that image out of his head they will never get over these issues.

Over in the perfume tests it’s all getting a little competitive when Bill sits in and he suggests what Dan is attempting to achieve is a trick to make someone think they are attracted to someone. It is all about dressing something up and seduction is the fantasy; everything else that comes after is the real life.

Lizzy Caplan Facial Expression Hall of Fame

Masters of Sex 3.06 Virginia Masters of Sex 3.06 Virginia Johnson Masters of Sex 3.06 V Masters of Sex 3.06 Virginia hotelThe presence of Virginia’s mother gives Lizzy Caplan plenty of opportunity to perfect her incredulous and angry face. Dumb dudes like Al also lead to excellent expressions as does their new fame at the hotel. 

Betty Watch 

Masters of Sex 3.06 BettyStill not much for Betty to do this week, but she did look fetching in yellow while talking to Jane. Or rather telling Jane to chill out about the famous people in the building.

Where Does One Begin and the Other End on Hannibal?

10 Jul

So that is what it feels like to take Bedelia’s concoction of drugs as this is one super trippy episode of Hannibal – yes even by Hannibal standards – as beginnings and ends blurred as one with all the many players in the Hannibal hunt approaching their prize. Plus there is always time for a kaleidoscope infused sex scene (thankfully minus the stag man from the last super trippy sex montage).

Hannibal 3.06 HannibalLast week ended with a broken and bloody Hannibal limping away into the night with a bruised and bloody Will Graham heading in the same direction to offer up his forgiveness. Hannibal is cornered, but he is not going to go down without a fight and while there are many after him; the conflicting reasons behind their desire to get Hannibal offers him up a chance of escape. Some want to kill him so they can shed that part of them, others want to cage him as he had caged them, money provides motive as does good old fashioned revenge.

All are operating outside the law so even though Jack and Alana just want to see him behind bars (I think both wouldn’t be too upset if he was killed but they’re primary objective is justice without any more casualties) they are working with other forces who don’t necessarily share this same view.

Jack wants to save the broken imagination of Will Graham which he borrowed and set him on this path of destruction; he tells Will that he needs to cut out the part which dreams of leaving with Hannibal. And this is probably why his choice of weapon against Hannibal is a knife as by slicing Hannibal it might free him and maybe he wants to etch a matching smile on his belly to solidify their bond. Will is foiled by Chiyo who is waiting with her rifle and her desire to cage the beast. Hannibal really does have a way of drawing people in and manipulating them in such a way that it feels imperative to protect him against all danger.

Hannibal 3.06 elevatorThis gives Hannibal to opportunity to return to his position of apex predator as he now has control over an injured Will and plenty of drugs to subdue him. Tying him up is for later and despite not having read or seen the movie Hannibal I am very aware of the Ray Liotta brain eating scene and my dread levels at who might receive this fate grew with every moment Will sat at the table and the back of his head was in shadow. When Will asked who else was coming to dinner those fears shifted from Will to Jack who we see entering the building and sharing a lift with Chiyo, rifle case and all. No words are uttered in this journey up to the seventh floor and instead of engaging in violence Chiyo simply retreats saying she has got the wrong floor. Maybe she realized that there are too many players in this scenario and now she can fly free.

Unlike the epic fight sequence last week Jack enters the apartment without the upper hand and Hannibal is lying in wait under the table, ready to pounce and have the dinner party that was so rudely derailed at the end of last season.

Hannibal 3.06 dinnerWill is informed that you should never ask what is for dinner as it ruins the surprise, the surprise being that you are the one who is being served. Ah yes it is Will who is to suffer the brain eating and Jack can do nothing but react (cue plenty of screaming). The blood budget continues to grow this season as Will’s sprays all over the place rising up toward the ceiling as Jack’s did when he lay dying in Hannibal’s wine cellar. Cutting from the blood spray and blue skies to both Will and Hannibal strung upside down and back in America as they are welcomed to Muskrat Farm by none other than Mason Verger; Verger in this moment is Will’s savior and future torturer.

How did we get from dinner about to be served out of Will’s head to snowy scenes? Bedelia and Mason’s riches are the key to this one and instead of buying just one police officer Margot went ahead and made ‘friends’ with the whole department. Bedelia may not be fooling anyone with her “I’m Mrs Fell” routine, but she is not the prize everyone is vying for so in the end she gives the all important clue to Hannibal’s location and I’m guessing they arrived before too much damage could be done to Will’s already broken brain.

Mason has a whole lot planned for Hannibal and by extension Will (a two for one deal) as he is also high up on Mason’s shit list for various acts such as being present when the face eating occurred and impregnating his sister.

Hannibal 3.06 Peking HannibalIn one of Mason’s dreams he is walking (although his face is still disfigured) and surveying the Peking Duck version of Hannibal as the centerpiece of his revenge plan. While Mason seems to be winning in the ‘Who can get to Hannibal first? game (aside from the Pazzi money he lost) he doesn’t realize there is another scheme at play between his sister and Alana.

Flirtation has progressed to a super trippy merging body parts sex scene which feels like a sequel of sorts to the even trippier five-way that took place last year between two different bedrooms; Will saw Alana where Margot was and now Alana is there for Margot too. This pairing and subsequent hook-up is fine, but I also wish there had been more groundwork aside from that initial flirtatious scene in the stables because it all feels rather rushed. The way Alana ties up Margot’s black and white DVF wrap dress (which I am coveting hard) shows a level of care and intimacy telling us a lot about their union and yet I would have liked to see more buildup between the pair. It also nicely links back to Alana’s pre-window incident styling.

Hannibal 3.06 AlanaAlana is wearing the plaid suit that got me so amped when I first saw it back when the promo photos were released as it mimics Hannibal’s style while also showcasing her new sartorial direction; the red plunging blouse and matching lipstick add to this aesthetic and there is still plenty of femininity in her look. It is also less severe than the all red looks which has dominated her costuming this season.

Hannibal 3.06 Alana and MargotMargot’s let her hair down since Alana arrived and her curls mirror her new lovers while offering up a softer more nurturing side to her brother as part of the ruse. Mason’s cruelty took on a disturbing level when he not only terminated Margot’s pregnancy, but also removed her uterus taking away her choice and chance at any inheritance. Her plan is still focused on getting that back and Mason holds the key; he thinks she is agreeing to raise a child together, but instead she is in collusion with Alana and Alana is going to turn Mason into the FBI when he has Hannibal. In the end Alana Bloom is still very much the same Alana Bloom as she was before the defenestration encounter.

Now both Hannibal and Will are on the farm it seems that Alana’s position within the Verger inner circle will be of paramount importance; how will she react when confronted with a Hannibal in need of savior?

Hannibal 3.06 Will and BedeliaHistory has a way of repeating as Bedelia notes (and something I focused on last week) and the “hot darkness of Hannibal Lecter’s mind” has a way of dragging people down into the inky abyss in many different ways. Bedelia is one such person and she has embraced this at times including an actual embrace as Bedelia and Hannibal go beyond bathtime chats in levels of intimacy in “Dolce” with an actual goodbye kiss.

In a reverse of Bedelia’s whispered assurance that she believed Will last season when he was locked up, Will leans in and whispers “I don’t believe you.” But at this point Bedelia is giving none of the fucks and the performance Gilliam Anderson gives as she’s half propped up is incredible.

Hannibal 3.06 BedeliaJust look at this exceptional face.

Jack even admits that he can’t be that mad at her because her plan is quite incredible and they also note her unprecedented survival skills. Lucky for her the net closed in before she had marinated for the appropriate time and this suggests her weekly trips to the same high end deli was no mistake; she was simply sending out the signals as to Hannibal’s location to anyone who might be looking. Even though she has essentially been free the entire time, as with everyone else she can’t leave his sphere of influence and she is another one of his birds. But at least she had the foresight to hatch her own escape plan for when he did get caught.

Hannibal 3.06 galleryDrawn together and in a scene which resembles a meet cute of sorts in the gallery location which means so much to Hannibal (which gave me instant About Time feelings), but instead of it being a first hello it is reunion wrapped up in a goodbye. They share smiles, jokes, hurt feelings, catching up on what they have been up to. The usual.

Hannibal 3.06 Will smilesThere is a strong romantic undercurrent from the music that floats between the words to the discussion about how they are blurring into one. Except the romance here is tinged with death as Will reveals he feels guilty of all of Hannibal’s many, many crimes. We have been inside Will’s head so many times where he experiences other people’s diabolical acts and it isn’t surprising that some of them have remained inside his empathetic mind.

We’ve spent so long circling Will and Hannibal and when they would sharing the same space beyond mind palace chats, stabbing hug flashbacks and playing “I forgive you” hide and seek so when they came together in this location it hit me harder emotionally in a way I wasn’t expecting. Sure really horrible things went down after this conversation, but in this moment in the gallery I totally understood all the Hannigram devotion. Plus Hannibal turned Bedelia and Will into Botticelli figures which is some kind of next level fan art from Hannibal.

Hannibal 3.06 drawingAnd for surreal inky ‘we become one’ images look no further than Will’s drug induced dinner time visions.

Hannibal 3.06 blurringNow Will and Hannibal’s fates are entwined in another fashion and it isn’t a case of whether Will kills Hannibal or if Hannibal eats Will. Instead they are both in the same pig farm predicament and it is going to be fun seeing how they get out of this pickle and where it leaves them after.

The Wish List: Electric Animal Prints on The Mindy Project

5 Nov

Mindy Lahiri hasn’t met a pattern* she doesn’t like and it is one of the reasons why TV Ate My Wardrobe loves the costume design on The Mindy Project. Before the start of season 3 we gave Mindy the Fantasy Costuming treatment and The focus was on both clashing prints and bold color featuring outfits for the office, dates and lounging around.

One such item for a days off is the Kate Spade New York ‘Cyber Cheetah’ sweater in emperor blue and while we picked the right design, Mindy went for the more work appropriate ‘Cyber Cheetah Dawson‘ dress version in the same color from this collection. Pairing it with a leather jacket gives it an edge and the matching thin blue headband adds a simple touch of femininity without going full Blair Waldorf hair accessorizing.

*The Cut has produced an extensive rundown of the “100 Most Insane Patterns on The Mindy Project in Order of Insanity” that is well worth checking out. 

The Mindy Project 3.06 blue dressPlus bonus Danny in short shorts running towards Mindy in the background. There is disconnect between them at this moment in “Caramel Princess Time” due to a difference in how they view punctuality, but the matching blues shows some symmetry.

Scandal 3.06 Costume Review: Team Josie Marcus

8 Nov

It seems silly to suggest that things are heating up on Scandal because it never slows down and in “Icarus” it’s getting a little bit too hot for some. There are multiple threads with B613 and Remington moving in tandem, a hint at Harrison’s past and the campaign for the Democratic nominee is giving Olivia the distraction she definitely needs right now. The big bombshell that Huck and Jake dropped at the end of last week provides much of the impetus for Olivia’s actions this week and we also get a glimpse at her childhood. Familiar costume patterns show that Olivia is trying to keep the status quo and there is a superb discussion on image and what it means to be a woman courtesy of the Josie Marcus campaign. So let’s get to it.

Scandal 3.06 Armani coat

Olivia perfects her penetrating stare this week as she tries to get to the bottom of her mother’s death while not getting anyone else that she cares about killed. This trip to the Oval Office to turn down the request to work on Fitz’s re-election campaign is a fleeting visit and Olivia doesn’t even take off her Armani Collezioni funnel neck tweed coat (it’s very similar to this Stella McCartney one from a few weeks ago). Olivia spends a lot of this episode in grey, especially when she is dealing with anything Fitz related.

Scandal 3.06 campaign OliviaA couple of white jackets do make an appearance and she explains her choice of Josie over Fitz as her standard mantra “White hats people.” Olivia wears white when they’re trying to convince those with a lot of money to give to the Marcus campaign and in this scene they are trying to explain to Josie that to win she can’t just be nice, unless she wants to be President of Candy Land of course.

Scandal Lisa KudrowThat line pokes the bear and we get this delightful shot of Lisa Kudrow as Josie Marcus showing that nice isn’t her only move. Josie doesn’t want to be made into someone that she isn’t but at this point she doesn’t get the game like Olivia does. So far Josie is playing the baking and chat show friendly lady persona when she needs to be working on combining this personable charm with her leadership skills.

Scandal 3.06 Josie baking show Scandal 3.06 the view

Both of these TV appearances show Josie doing the rounds that campaigning politicians make, but with both of these examples it is highlighting her femininity in a way that can be edited together to make Josie seem nice, but inexperienced as a leader. One of the things that The Good Wife does so well is mirror the media commentary surrounding sex scandals and elections and here Scandal is showcasing their ability to do the same.

Scandal 3.06 pitcher of iced tea

When it comes to Josie’s big interview with James, Olivia and Abby use their earlier experience of being on the receiving end of Josie’s anger to provoke her into giving the interview that will give her the bump she needs. They know that she doesn’t want to be told how to change and while she would be pissed at their manipulation it does the trick and Josie proceeds to dissect the image BS and sexism that female candidates face. This includes terminology like ‘Cinderella story’ and the pitcher of iced tea that has been put on the table by James’ producer. They’re all subtle enough phrases or images that a viewer might not give it a second thought but it helps form a perception.

If Hillary Clinton runs in 2016 I’m sure we’ll have a lot of these kinds of things to look forward to. *Sigh* This includes talk of what the candidate is wearing and they’ve been smart with Josie because there’s nothing of note to mention; her clothes are neither too flashy nor too dowdy and that’s the point. The focus should be on her, not on what she is wearing.

Scandal 3.06 drunk Olivia

Olivia needs to be busy because when she isn’t, she is at home doing the above. Seeing Olivia this drunk and desperate sounding is new, wine is normally her solace and we’ve seen her down more than one glass in the past but never like this. Olivia does what I’m sure most of us have done in the past and that is drunk dial someone you shouldn’t, though this is normally reserved for romantic mistakes. Olivia calls her dad and wants to know what he did, Eli gives her one question but isn’t particularly forthcoming.

Scandal 3.06 pocket full of polka dots

While Olivia is dealing with family drama, Harrison gets to do something other than saying Gladiators as Cyrus uses a face from his past to motivate Harrison into getting Olivia to drop Josie as a client. Harrison has a pocket full of polka dots and looks as dashing as ever. While the name Adnan Salif sends Harrison into a tailspin and the arms of Huck (well not literally, he just needs a favor) I am so glad to have a hint at a Harrison backstory.

Scandal 3.06 serious Harrison

This also leads to this darker suit/shirt/tie/pocket square combo and while it’s lacking the color of Harrison’s usual attire it’s still giving the  Harrison power clashing signature style. Will Huck come through or will Cyrus get the mysterious Adnan Salif back in the US?

Scandal 3.06 Charlie and quinn

Meanwhile, Quinn is fed up of Huck ignoring her and being terrible with guns so she lets Charlie give her some lessons. Charlie can never be trusted so it’s no surprise that he is still in cahoots with Eli Pope. The hint of black lace on Quinn’s top and the close proximity between this pair as he demonstrates his gun skills (phrasing) would suggest that an unholy union is going to occur. Oh, Quinn. Quinn also earns herself yet another nickname as Charlie refers to her as Robin – this is much better than Baby Huck but still not great.

Scandal 3.

Huck is too busy hanging out with Jake – ok they’re working on top secret spy stuff – to worry about what Quinn is doing and I think this is something he will come to regret. The B613 crew like to wear a lot of blue, nice not a deep-V Jake.

Scandal 3.06 Abby and Olivia

Abby gets to spend most of the episode with Olivia and she is super happy to be on the Marcus campaign, Abby’s makeover continues to look wonderful and this week she wears more animal prints, long cardigans and her infinite supply of belts and necklaces.

Scandal 3.06 Abby

My favorite is this Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress for the simple reason that I always love DVF wrap dresses (see pretty much everything Alana Bloom wears on Hannibal). One major drawback was the lack of David this week, but there was more than enough going on for them to get a free pass on this absence.

Scandal 3.06 Chanel pearls

At the White House Mellie is not happy that she practically begged Olivia to come back and Olivia still said no. Mellie has another plan up her sleeve when she finds out that Veep Sally’s husband has a wondering eye. There’s a brief moment of sympathy from Mellie but she’s not going to waste an opportunity like this to get Sally to fall in line. So at dinner Mellie does her best subtle flirting at it turns out that Daniel Douglas doesn’t need much prompting to get a little touchy feely. The deep dark burgundy combined with the Chanel pearls look exquisite as Mellie has her game face on.

Scandal 3.06 push ups

What’s a guy to do while he is waiting for some important information other than do some push-ups? This is an apartment that has many lights and yet still appears to be incredibly dark at the same time. Maybe it’s a spy thing.

Scandal blurry FitzLike Olivia, Fitz does a lot of staring this week including out of this window and the blurry quality suggests that he is heavily conflicted. We don’t need the window to tell us this but thanks to what he did or did not do with regard to Remington he has a lot on his mind. When Olivia drops her mother bombshell there is a flicker of confusion on his face and this looks like the first time he has heard this story. He still won’t tell her what happened though.

The Remington plot is ticking along and the other pieces are starting to come together, but it’s Lisa Kudrow’s performance that elevates this episode from good to great.

New Girl “Keaton” Review: “I’m the Batman”

23 Oct

Apartment 4D is home to a dysfunctional bunch and this Halloween themed affair explores the long standing friendship between Nick and Schmidt with a little Michael Keaton thrown in. New Girl has been suffering from a Schmidt problem this season and “Keaton” goes a long way to fix this and it also sets up a way for Coach to return next month. By focusing on what makes Schmidt insufferable as a roommate they’ve made him insufferable to watch for most of this season. This week Schmidt’s behavior is tinged with a whole lot of sadness and he stops being a burden as they focus on his friendship with Nick.


There comes a time when a friend is spiraling that you will resort to anything to get them out of their funk and as Schmidt has entered the nihilistic yelling at the news/eating cold cuts out of a plastic bag stage it’s definitely time for desperate measures. I’m pretty sure I never want to see someone chug mayo as if it is whipped cream or eat a block of cheese like it is an apple ever again. Schmidt’s quest to find out if he is a good person last week did not do the trick, even with the gift of a random candelabra from Winston and so Winston thinks it’s time Schmidt got a letter from an old friend.

The old friend is Michael Keaton and shows that we all need a Batman in our lives when things get tough (there is definitely a paper that could be written about sitcoms to using Batman as a cipher for a character’s emotional state featuring Ben from Parks and Recreation and Community’s Abed). Michael Keaton started with Schmidt’s mother in a flashback sequence that includes a type writer that gives me a lot of Murder She Wrote vibes (it’s the magnifying glass that does it) and she passed the mantel to Nick when Schmidt started college. Nick has been Michael Keaton for 12 years and he’s hit the point where he doesn’t want to lie to Schmidt anymore.

Jess thinks it’s a great idea and this is partly fueled by the desire to have Cece at her Halloween party and so she takes over the catfishing duties. Jess doesn’t know how to utilize the Keaton voice as Nick does (who combines quotes from Nelson Mandela with Batman references) and of course it all falls apart and Schmidt figures out what they are doing. Drunk Jess thinks it’s a good idea to dress as Batman and pretend to be Michael Keaton all while attempting her best Batman growl. Of course this plan is ridiculous and hilarious as Zooey Deschanel shows how good she is when it comes to these super absurd moments.

They even get an out as Schmidt thinks that they have hacked Michael Keaton’s email account (keatonpotatoes@aol.com) but it’s all too much for Nick who reveals the entire letter writing scheme that started with Schmidt’s mother and has long since continued with Nick. Nick has always found it hard to talk about his feelings with both his best friends and girlfriends; last season’s “Models” showcased this with the still incredible “Gave me cookie, got you cookie” scene. Writing as Keaton allowed Nick to be both the best friend he is and the best friend he finds it hard to be and so when tells Schmidt “You don’t need Keaton, you got me” it’s an emotional step too far in the real world.

So what of Schmidt’s decision to move out? I actually don’t think there is much to worry about here as it definitely feels like a semi-organic way to get Coach back and after all he has only moved down the hall. Schmidt’s new roommate might be a ghost. Now that Schmidt won’t be at the loft all the time it means that it will be easier to incorporate Cece and the line about closure was definitely intended as a way to suggest it won’t be so weird if they are in the same room together. The Batmanmobile chat is hilarious as Jess can’t quite get her head around what Batman’s car is called. Adding an extra word to this makes sense as Jess has also been referring to herself incorrectly as “The Batman.”

After many solo storylines the last couple of episodes have been good for Winston as part of the ensemble and his enthusiasm for making pumpkins didn’t seem to be part of the same crazy Winston that we have seen this season. It’s a strong episode for the group as a whole and it plays on the dynamics of the long history of Winston/Nick/Schmidt versus the relatively short time they have known Jess. Oh and Winston, it’s ok as I’ve not seen the whole of The Truman Show either.

It’s Halloween which means costumes and I am not ashamed to admit that I love holiday themed episodes. The costumes on New Girl are just as bizarre as last year with Nick opting for the “what crap do I have lying around?” approach with Paper Mountain Trash King, Jess opts for another costume that is hard to figure out with Joey Ramona Quimby (perhaps topping last year’s zombie Woody Allen), Winston does a terrible David Letterman and Schmidt is a public serpent (which made me laugh a lot). The only one taking the sexy approach is Cece which involves a leopard print bralet and a tricorn hat; maybe she is a 17th century Scary Spice.

Moving forward is something that this episode allows Schmidt to do as he has reached his lowest point and the enabling of his roommates hasn’t helped; they need to call him out on his shit beyond the overflowing douchebag jar. We’re now at a place with New Girl where we know these characters well enough that progression like this needs to occur and it’s a shame that some aspects of this season haven’t clicked into place. While everything hasn’t worked I am glad to see this show attempting a variety of stories and the impending return of Coach will hopefully have a positive effect on this season.

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