Mad Men “Field Trip” Costume Design Highlights

28 Apr

With the Mad Men coverage this season I wanted to try something that didn’t necessarily follow the types of straightforward reviews that I have written on this site and others for previous seasons. So for the season premiere I showed an example of Mad Men influencing my style choices, last week it was all about the closing credits music and for the third episode “Field Trip” I want to take a look at some of the costume highlights from the episode.

Mad Men 7.03 MeganI’m pretty sure I had a bed spread and sleeping bag that resembled Megan’s blouse when I was kid; items from the late 60s/early 70s that my parents still used. They were pretty hideous like Megan’s blouse (swap the green for more brown and you get the idea), but now I find something rather nostalgically charming about this floral mess and I wish I still had them now. It’s like someone vomited flowers on this top and pairing it with a canary-yellow crotchet micro means that Megan would *almost* fit in at Coachella. She just needs to cut the sleeves off the blouse, knot it and she would be good to go.

Mad Men 7.03 BettyMegan’s style is always evolving; keeping in tune with her surroundings and what is featured on the pages of Vogue. Whereas the former Mrs Draper is all about simple glamour pairing her dress and jackets, the last time she looked fashion forward was on her trip to Rome with Don and that was all a facade. There’s the whole politicians wife look, but Betty is once again the Grace Kelly double even with these trappings. The frumpy fat days are long gone and Bobby still isn’t sure if his mom eats anything (hence why he traded her sandwich). This is where the sunglasses, cigarette and silent treatment come in. To prove her worth she drinks out of the bucket of milk, unlike the real farmer’s daughter she will always be wearing a bra and clutching her purse.

Mad Men 7.03 Anne DudekAnne Dudek! Beyond thrilled to see the return of Francine and she’s part of the reason behind Betty’s sudden interest in going on a school trip to the farm. One of Betty greatest weaknesses is how much she compares herself to others, sure we all do it, but Betty reaches new depths with her competitive streak. Look how great Francine looks as she excitedly gesticulates what she’s been up to and that’s working three days a week as a travel (something Betty tries to undermine by mentioning real estate, which Francine failed at). Francine’s matching coral pant suit is spectacular and she looks modern in a way that Betty’s pearls will never do. Betty is also shameless when it comes to name dropping and pretending that she doesn’t love to show off about her life. Betty still gets usurped as Francine has something Betty doesn’t and that’s fulfillment.

Mad Men 7.03 JoanJoan in a Peter Pan red rose covered dress and knee boots (not removing for Bert’s no shoe rule) is everything. I would wear this now.

Mad Men 7.03 PeggySame goes for Peggy’s green emphasized seem dress and things are looking less tween in Peggy’s work attire this week and yet she still gets no respect. PS. Peggy, Don’s taking your office, which they’re still calling Lane’s office.

Mad Men 7.03 groupStan’s going on safari, Ginsberg’s taking smart casual to a whole new cardigan/tie level, Peggy’s got prim down and Meredith likes what she sees while wearing one of the official patterns of this year; paisley.

Mad Men 7.03 DawnDawn’s got a new job and she’s gone for a sharper look and she’s killing it in this blazer. It’s a shame Don hasn’t paid much attention to all of these changes as he still gives her his hat and coat to put away, plus she’s still his go to coffee maker. Moving up, but only kinda. Another item for my closet and mustard list is that blouse, not sure how much I could work a collar like that.

Mad Men 7.03 RogerThe hippie and the rich man in plaid. It’s an odd combination and while Roger is still clinging to his place in the hierarchy at SC&P, he manages to show loyalty and business acumen by arguing why they need to keep Don. The LSD hasn’t completely ruined his capacity to show charm, wit and smarts.

Janie Bryant continues to produce costuming that adds rich textured layering to the viewing experience and also manages to make me feel nostalgic for items I cringed at having to use – that sleeping bag at sleepovers seemed like the ultimate embarrassment and now there is only love. One important figure who doesn’t feature this week in these shots from the episode is Don as his style is never evolving; does he have the capacity for change?

3 Responses to “Mad Men “Field Trip” Costume Design Highlights”

  1. ladylavinia1932 April 29, 2014 at 11:08 pm #

    [“To prove her worth she drinks out of the bucket of milk, unlike the real farmer’s daughter she will always be wearing a bra and clutching her purse.”]

    Since I’m no more of a farmer’s daughter than Betty Francis, so will I.


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