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Behind the Insta-Scenes: Photos from the Set

15 Jul

An all Comic-Con special of “Behind the Insta-Scenes” with plenty of TV shows represented at the annual event held in San Diego. Get ready for plenty of cast love-ins, social media rivalries and more excellent outfits.

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Hugh Dancy strikes a pose and borrows Bryan Fuller’s amazing and on point jacket.


And here is the Hannibal Pannibal trio sans flower crowns.



It was Agent Carter versus Agents of SHIELD via the Dubsmash app and while Hayley Atwell is the undisputed queen (and co-star James D’Arcy is also pretty, pretty good) the SHIELD crew had strength in numbers.


Mic drop moment indeed.

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In most beautiful English sandwich. #COMICCON2015

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Pre full on Dubsmash battle Chloe Bennet posted a picture sandwiched between her co-star Elizabeth Henstridge (excellent cartoon eye blouse) and Hayley Atwell offering up a whole lot of confused faces.



Everything about this is exactly how I imagine it would be like to meet Bill Murray.  And it looks perfect.



Maisie Williams looks far more in her comfort zone here dancing up a storm with onscreen sister Sophie Turner in a stripy tee which I’m coveting – Maisie killed it with her outfits over Comic-Con – and all I want is for the pair to be reunited onscreen so they can burn Westeros to the ground (well at least burn Ramsay to the ground).

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#MophieIsReal #EWComicCon #GameofThrones

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The pair is very happy to see each other and they even have their very own word blend name # (and the EW Instagram has a whole host of excellent behind the scenes shots from Comic-Con).

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Sophie Turner also had the pleasure of hanging out with Oscar Isaac while promoting X-Men: Apocalypse and this has also been a good week for fans of Isaac as the first trailer for the HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero was released.



A full on worlds collide selfie covering Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Doctor Who (also Skins).

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#AHSHotel has checked in! #EWComicCon

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Sarah Paulson is all of us right now.


I was skeptical about Fear the Walking Dead (that name) but after watching the first full trailer I am so in and not just for Kim Dickens reasons. Dickens looks stunning here alongside co-stars Elizabeth Rodriguez (OITNB) and Alycia Debnam Carey (The 100).

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Squad goals. #OrphanBlack #SDCC @entertainmentweekly

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This cast! Without fail I do that thing where I wonder where everyone else is only to remember that Tatiana Maslany is everyone else. Plus a better look at the Tatiana’s amazing outfit and the one I crowned best of Comic-Con.

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#comiccon2015 in route to somewhere!

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Superheroes from The CW bus.


The Flash has such a likable cast that I can’t help but smile at a photo like this (and also covet Danielle Panabaker’s polka dot frock).

The Wish List: Sarah’s Leather Jacket on Orphan Black

21 Apr

Leather jackets are a big trend on television at the moment and Sarah Manning has been sporting one since we first met her back on the train right before she fell into this world of clones and conspiracy. For Sarah her black clothes and particularly her leather jacket and boots are her armor against what has turned into an even crazier and more dangerous existence; season 3 somehow managed to up the stakes even further.

Each character Tatiana Maslany plays is so distinctive thanks to her performance, but costuming and hair/make-up also plays an important part in creating who each clone is. With Sarah, her hardened quality comes from both how she holds herself and how she appears; this is one of the reasons why it is so good when we see the clones playing each other as was the case in the season 3 premiere “The Weight of this Combination” as Maslany somehow manages to show exactly who she is supposed to be. There are not enough words of wonder to describe her performance. Or how much I want a leather jacket. Maybe almost as much as I want the Cosima coat.

Orphan Black 3.01 Sarah leather jacketAs with most leather jackets this one is pricey, but (and I apologize for how wanky this sounds) it is an investment piece. Sarah’s is the ‘Assembly’ biker jacket from All Saints and this look is so synonymous with Sarah’s style that she is also wearing it in Helena’s dream (with her Clash tee!).

Orphan Black 3.01 dreamAnd Sarah’s not the only one sporting a bit of leather at their ‘Shite Beach’ hangout spot with Felix rocking a leather sleeved Ted Baker London ‘Annamae’ Ombré Moto Jacket.

Orphan Black 3.01 FelixThe coat game on Orphan Black is strong (see also Delphine) and check back for more posts on this brilliant bonkers show throughout season 3.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

2 May

Out of the Box is focusing on the costume design pieces that caught our eye this week. We’ve already talked about the striking looks on Mad Men, festival style from the Parks and Recreation season finale, Alicia Florrick’s wine cardigan and Elizabeth Jennings’ shoulder pads on The Americans, so here is a quick roundup of everything else that has been on our mind. We’re also offering a look at a couple of costumes we can’t wait to see on Hannibal tonight.

Alison Orphan BlackOn Orphan Black only Alison would go to a funeral dressed as Holly Golightly and then drink herself into oblivion, because well she kinda did have a hand in Aynsley’s death, well that and Aynsley’s scarf. There is no explanation for this Breakfast at Tiffany’s homage and all that’s missing is a cigarette holder. Alison is the clone I find the most enthralling as she tries to balance her quest for suburban perfection while spiraling thanks to the crazy her clone status brings. She’s so wonderfully uptight and her lack of filter is why she is best when she is around Felix. This is also the part where I really forget it is Tatiana Maslany playing everyone.

Orphan Black FelixFelix looks like he’s stepped out of a movie and from the same decade as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, this one tinged with Andy Warhol and experimentalism. It’s also worth noting that both Alison and Felix are wearing versions of the costuming they have on in the season two poster they share (with Donnie) which suggests the Felix/Alison story is not over. Now I know Felix and Sarah are brother and sister, but it’s the Felix and Alison pairing that brings me the most joy as they neck tiny bottles of vodka together. So, while he has abandoned her for now, as Alison falls deeper into a pit of despair hopefully she can count on her friends to come through for her. With an outfit like this Felix would totally fit in with Margot Verger (see the Hannibal entry below).

New Girl If you had to describe an outfit Jess would wear on New Girl it would probably look a lot like this one from “Dance” – Peter Pan collar and a-line skirt (polka dots optional) – and I love it. I am partial to twee and my feelings about polka dots are blasted on the top of this and every TV Ate My Wardrobe page; the skirt is French Connection (another favorite) and the ‘Porla’ Peter Pan collar plum sweater is currently more than half off at Alice + Olivia.

Mason and Margot Hannibal 2.10So here’s a little of what we can expect styling wise from Mason Verger on tonight’s episode of Hannibal and I pretty much screamed in joy at the sight of this extravagant coat and the sneer of contempt across his face is perfect. Those look like mink lapels and Mason’s cruelty extends to the animals he wears. This is probably the most conservative of all of Margot’s costumes so far – I’m currently working on a much longer Margot piece – and the high neck coupled with the buttoned up jacket suggests how unsafe she feels around her brother; we already know she wants to kill him so this doesn’t come as a surprise. The horse shoe accessory, braid and general styling suggest she’s been riding and even though Margot claims she is worth nothing, her attire since we have met her indicates otherwise. There is a flamboyance to the Verger’s and their costuming is theatrical in its opulence.

Hannibal Margot 2.10In contrast to the first shot of Margot from “Naka-choko” this is a much more relaxed posture as she reclines in Hannibal’s office. The gold flecked blazer is in line with her previous visits to Hannibal with puffed up sleeves, but it’s a lot more provocative than her previous dramatic attire. What has made her suddenly so comfortable around Hannibal? Is it her chat with Will last week? Whatever it is, I can definitely state that this eye-catching jacket is on the covet list.

Best of TV Costuming 2013: The Many Looks of Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany

19 Dec

Continuing TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2013″ costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items that we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking, we want to look at this year’s TV through the prism of costume.

I came late to Orphan Black this year and an article discussing the incredible performance(s) of Tatiana Maslany is long overdue. Same applies to the costume design work, as this plays a part in defining each clone and how we perceive them.

Sarah Orphan Black We could do a Spice Girls categorization of each character boiling them down to one part of their personality through their clothes and hair styling:

  • Rock Chick Clone
  • Hippy Science Clone
  • Suburban Clone
  • Crazy Clone
  • Fashionista Clone
  • Serious Cop Clone

Reducing these characters to broad categorizations could be viewed as either a disservice or high praise; each individual clone has a distinctive look and on the surface level this reveals a certain amount of information about who they are. Of course their inner world might not be reflected by these outward characteristics which is why this might seem too reductive.

Tatiana Maslany plays each version and for practical reasons having a variety of strong looks helps when they share the same face. Hair, makeup and costume all help with this process, but without an actress as gifted as Maslany it would be a hard task to pull off. Luckily, Maslany produces a variety of performances that often makes me forget that I’m watching the same person play all of these roles and it takes a special talent to do this. Costuming does play an important role and while each character can be broken down into a ‘type’ it doesn’t come across as contrived or like they’ve gone through a lookbook of archetypes.

Sarah Orphan Black pilotColor isn’t a big part of Sarah Manning’s wardrobe and black leather is a staple. Sarah begins the season on the outside when it comes to her clone origins and her demeanor is a reflection of her difficult upbringing. It’s a look that projects an “I don’t give a shit” attitude and it’s Sarah’s way of protecting herself from the world. Posing as Beth requires a wardrobe change and Beth’s style is far more traditional and functional.

Orphan Black clash t-shirtClothes are part of how we reveal who we are to the world and Sarah slips up by not letting go of part of herself with her “London Calling” tee, prompting Paul to question why Beth is wearing something so un-Beth like. Sarah is browsing through Beth’s Ann Taylor/J. Crew looking wardrobe in her Clash shirt instantly reflecting how different these characters are. It’s hard for Sarah to completely lose herself to this new persona even if the initial endgame is to get a buttload of cash. By wearing Beth’s clothes it helps fool people on a surface level and in cases where those questions become too much there are other methods; she uses sex to disarm and distract Paul.

Alison and Sarah Orphan BLackThroughout the first season of Orphan Black we see a variety of impersonating combos; Helena as Sarah as Beth, Alison as Sarah and Sarah as Alison. On each occasion one wears the clothes of the other (and Helena hides her mass of her under a beanie) and they fool most people because external factors like clothing is something we use to identify who someone is. This is why Sarah’s Clash shirt arouses suspicion in Paul.

Helena as BethHelena’s trip into the police station in this attire should have triggered more questions as the red around Helena’s eyes is pretty distinctive. It helps both Sarah and Helena that Beth has been going through some things and her general behavior has been different lately; certain character ticks don’t register as particularly odd.

Switching coats is a quick way to temporarily look like someone else and each character’s style can be summed up in their outerwear.

HelenaHelena’s oversized parka conceals her gender at first and a Helena/Sarah coat switch later in the season is part of a grand plan to gain the upper hand, but it also reveals Kira’s identity to Helena and this sets off a chain of events that almost ends in tragedy.

KatiaThe clone we barely knew and Katia is all about a flamboyant statement in her oversized sunglasses and fur coat.

CosimaCosima’s red funnel neck coat is my personal favorite and would feature high on the coat covet list. Cosima’s look is heavy on the accessories with chunky jewelry and scarves. Dreadlocks and tattoos also point to her free spirit and she’s the only one of the clones who hasn’t been impersonated by another so far.

AlisonBIOOn the other end of the spectrum lives Alison and on the outside she is pure suburban soccer mom. It’s all Lululemon, gillets and pastels as Alison projects this image of modern day Stepford Wife. Ah suburbia, you have many secrets and Alison is so tightly wound that she starts to question which parts of her life are fake and which are real.

Alison pjsThis includes torture by glue gun in a matching pair of gingham pajamas. Alison is definitely resourceful in an almost Jason Bourne use your surroundings kind of way.

FelixIt’s not just all the Tatiana Maslany’s that can pull off multiple looks and Jordan Gavaris’ Felix plays multiple roles throughout Orphan Black’s first season. His regular style mirrors Sarah’s as black is a defining feature and considering how close these two characters are it makes sense that they mimic each other in this way.

Felix Orphan BlackWhen required he can play a part and whenever he interacted with Alison and her family it produced some truly memorable moments. From playing dress up with her kids to his role as suburban bartender – the jumper draped over the shoulders is everything – to saving Alison from the intervention in her living room Felix livened things up. Felix is an important emotional tether for Sarah and a grounding point for the clone dramaz; Felix is part of the emotional core without being sentimental and he doesn’t sugar coat his feelings telling Sarah “Is every man in your life a complete wanker besides me?!”

Orphan Black is one of the most thrilling shows I have watched in 2013 and Tatiana Maslany’s is exceptional throughout. It’s also a testament to her as an actress that her Parks and Recreation guest star stint delivered yet another style of performance and a completely different look. Set those calendars to April 19 when Orphan Black returns for season 2.

Photos courtesy of BBC America

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