Out of the Box: Look of the Week

21 Jun

This week we are moving away from award shows and pre-Emmy nomination roundtables, instead we are going to take a look at Mad Men and Hannibal. These are the two shows that have dominated the discourse over the past few weeks and feature casts that are stylish both on and off camera. As always there are no real rules to this weekly column and it is a snapshot of what I have been watching (and looking at online) and each pick is for a variety of reasons including; what it adds to the storyline, what it tells us about the characters involved or simply because it looks good. Spoilers for the Hannibal season finale ahead.

Winner: Mads Mikkelsen in GQ’s July Issue 

MadsHannibal Lecter is one of the best dressed characters on TV (even his killing attire looks tailored) so it isn’t surprising to see him in a GQ fashion spread. Hannibal’s costuming often mixes a variety of patterns with his suit, shirt and tie; it’s power clashing at its best and automatically makes him a commanding presence in any situation. After the season 1 finale Will Graham can finally see Hannibal for who he is, but Will is not in a position to be heard as he is in the one place he feared he would end up; the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

Runner Up: Dr Alana Bloom and Will Graham on Hannibal “Savoureux”

Hannibal finale Hannibal finale Dr BloomDavid Slade directed the pilot and the third episode “Potage” and returns for the Hannibal finale. The shots above are almost completely devoid of color, save for the two figures who are bathed in darkness. This technique has been used throughout the season and in moments like this allows the viewer to focus on the dialogue and emotion of the scene as everything threatens to envelope Will Graham. Alana Bloom is one of my favorite characters on this show; in part because she is the only person who is truly looking out for Will and his well being, she also provides Will with a tether to the world. These factors also work against how this character is used; they’ve had to keep her away from Will (and not just in a romantic sense) so he can turn to Hannibal and the manipulation can continue.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller spoke to E!Online about Alana and her role next year “I think Alana will have a bigger role in season two. Because not only will she be representing Will psychiatrically in the trial, but struggling with her feelings for him romantically. She was falling for a guy that she knew to be unstable. She was keeping him at bay and now her worst fears have come true that not only is he unstable but apparently he’s capable of great violence. Her need to rescue him may be amplified.” Alana is the emotional center and Caroline Dhavernas’ performance in the finale showed this range from screaming in her car to trying to remain composed in the above scene. From a costuming perspective her red and white wraparound dress not only stands out from the darkness that threatens to consume them, but it also repeats this color combination that has been favored throughout the season.

Runner Up: Glen Bishop on Mad Men “The Quality of Mercy”


Creepy Glen is no longer all that creepy, even if his army coat covered in Stop the War buttons reeks of a teenager attempting to be part of the counterculture while not indulging beyond smoking pot (though it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Glen at an anti-war rally). The plaid shirt underneath shows that he’s not heading for the complete hippy route yet and at least he avoids the sandals of his friend Rolo. Glen loses his creepy edge thanks to defending Sally’s honor and losing out on a hook-up of his own in the process with the 1968 version of Britney Spears in the “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” video. Sally was exaggerating how much Rolo was forcing himself on her and it looks like she has definitely picked up on her mother’s manipulation skillset and her smile during the fight showed this new side of Sally. After walking in on her father sleeping with Sylvia it isn’t surprising to see Sally develop an edge and the drinking and (supervised) smoking in this episode is probably just the start of a downward spiral.

Runner Up: Linda Cardellini at the Clinique Party

Linda Cardellini

While Sylvia has been a problematic character on this season on Mad Men and it’s easy to dislike the direction in which the show has taken Don Draper and his infidelity, I’m always glad to see Linda Cardellini on TV. I’m currently watching Freaks and Geeks for This Was TV and so it’s been strange to switch between a young Cardellini in a high school show set in the ’80s and as a mother of teenager in the ’60s on Mad Men. Despite any negative feelings towards Sylvia (and I have many) this red Carmen Marc Valvo dress that Cardellini wore to the Clinique Party is stunning. The contrast between the red flowers and black patterned mesh side panels gives a striking silhouette and pairing it with a simple pair of peep-toe black pumps really sets off the look.

Who is your look of the week?

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