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Winona Ryder Covers New York Magazine: Talks Stranger Things 

8 Aug

It is the best time of year for magazine covers and while this issue of New York Magazine isn’t a September issue per se (New York is bi-monthly) it is their big fashion issue making it September issue adjacent. It helps that every year their fashion issue, which arrives just before New York Fashion Week – in both February and September – tends to deliver big on the cover star including Serena Williams, Joni Mitchell, Lupita Nyong’o and Christina Hendricks and this is no exception.

Winona Ryder has been thrust back into the spotlight recently thanks to the success of Stranger Things and even if this show wasn’t getting so much praise I think the Winona renaissance would be occurring regardless; it fits in with the 90s nostalgia that is so strong right now and because she is Winona, forever.

Cover wise this is so striking; such a simple set up and so commanding as Ryder stares directly at the viewer. I’m normally so blah when it comes to the wet hair look, but here it is working like a charm as is the fresh faced makeup and simple white tee styling.

The interview itself is also pretty revealing with the Ryder discussing in detail the narrative she feels like has been set for her and how it is hard to change the story. This is regards to an interview she did with Diane Sawyer in 1999 while promoting Girl, Interrupted (the book and film are forever faves of mine) where she discussed her own experiences of anxiety and depression and how this thread has weaved its way in how she is perceived right through to her current role in Stranger Things:

“There’s a line in the show where someone says [of her Stranger Things character], ‘She’s had anxiety problems in the past.’ A lot of people have picked up on that, like, ‘Oh, you know, she’s crazy.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, wait a second, she’s struggling.’ Two kids, deadbeat dad, working her ass off. Who wouldn’t be anxious? Even that word, anxious. It’s a bad word. And so like all of these words — it’s kind of what I tried to do with Girl, Interrupted, and why I was so invested in that book and trying to get it made [as a movie]. My whole point was, this happens to every girl, almost.”

The whole interview is really enlightening in terms of Joyce on Stranger Things, the boxes we put people in and her position in pop culture as the 90s cool girl (not the Gone Girl kind of ‘cool girl’). Plus the photo shoot delivers on striking shots; mixing the perfect blend of grunge with contemporary including this Valentino sweater and skirt ensemble paired with Roger Vivier sneakers (if this was 1996 those would be DM boots) in the photo below.Winona Ryder The Cut

Photo courtesy: New York Magazine

To read the whole interview head here and this issue is now available on digital and actual newsstands.

And I’ve written about Stranger Things for The Observer and Collider.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week – Magazine Cover Roundup

13 Mar

A bonus “Out of the Box” as there is just too many brilliant new magazine covers to squeeze into our regular column. I have in the past talked about my magazine feelings (they are strong) and new magazine cover week is often a mixture of disappointment and excitement; sometimes bad photoshop takes the shine off, alternatively a cover star might be a someone unexpected and amazing.

Different editorials are aiming for a variety of things with shifting units being high on the list of priorities and the cover has a huge impact on this. Fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazines all feature in this week’s column and I will be adding all these issues to my already burgeoning print and digital collection.

Mad MenThe first of many Mad Men covers to come celebrating/sobbing over the final hurrah and they are starting with a doozy on The Hollywood Reporter. In the issue they go back to the beginning with an oral history and the only thing this cover shot is lacking is some Kiernan Shipka. They all look fabulous and if you want to find the perfect way to distract yourself just take a look at the Jon Hamm close-up portraits.

Maisie WilliamsApril is going to be a great month for TV and Game of Thrones is high on the most anticipated list. Experiencing the build-up buzz for the first time after finally catching up last year is going to be fun; case in point the unveiling of Arya Stark’s new look with a hint of “Tragic Kingdom” era Gwen Stefani on the cover of Entertainment Weekly got me all a fluster. New costumes to pore over ahoy.

IMG_1406Because all things Broad City, including this New York cover lead to joy (except the realization the season finale is next week).

Marie Claire Kerry WashingtonKerry Washington is mesmerizing on Marie Claire’s April edition and after last month’s InStyle debacle it is an image that thankfully looks like the Scandal star. It is a captivating pose and while they’ve gone for an Olivia Pope clothing color palette, there is plenty of Washington shining through with very un-Olivia like tussled hair. Soon to be Scandal guest star Lena Dunham has written the piece aptly entitled “Why We All Want to be Kerry Washington.”

Robin WrightAnother stare into your soul cover from another amazing lady; Robin Wright is exuding all kinds of cool on Vanity Fair and she is the main reason House of Cards is calling out to me. Short hair perfection and the story behind this amazing cut is that it was a necessity ““I was just cutting off damaged hair—too much bleach over months of [appearing in] different movies. It was a mercy killing, but it works for the character.” Iconic haircuts often are the result of an accident (see the Rachel) and this is one of those.

Head here for a PaleyFest themed “Out of the Box.”

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

9 May

As there’s been a lot of red carpet goings on this week starting with the WHCD followed by the Met Gala (parts one and two) “Out of the Box” is going for a selection box approach of looks that have caught our eye this week. This includes magazine covers, premieres and one of the many romantic moments from The Mindy Project season finale.

Aubrey PlazaAubrey Plaza attends the LA Palo Alto premiere in a striking Peter Pilotto dress. It’s an edgy take on a spring floral frock and the mix of prints on this silk-blend dress creates a strong visual using bold color and pattern. While it might look a bit like a Magic Eye picture – sadly my eyes weren’t magic as I could never see the boat or whatever it was – it manages to avoid looking like a hypnotic mess. Love the combination of purple, blue and white.

Yvonne StrahovskiAnother bold and colorful choice with Yvonne Strahovski in Emanuel Ungaro at the UK premiere for 24: Live Another Day. This color block creation looks like a fancy bathrobe (in this case not a bad thing) and the contrasting blue panels make quite the impression. It’s been a good week for Strahovski as she also appeared on the new season of Louie and I still need to catch both that and 24. Let the end of season/new shows pile up begin.

NY Mag TV IssueRegular readers will know how much I love TV editions of magazines and this year’s New York magazine cover star is in one TV event that I am highly anticipating – The Normal Heart on HBO – and the most watched sitcom on TV right now. Jim Parsons isn’t who I was necessarily expecting to see on the cover (last year was Michael Douglas, Jessica Paré in 2012) and while I’m not a Big Bang Theory fan, I do really like this cover image. It’s an incredibly bright color combination and as with the Jessica Paré covered issue, yellow is an important part of the design concept. If it came out in January this might be too much sunshine styling to handle, but it’s May and I’m all for color explosion like this.

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The Mindy Project aired its excellent season 2 finale this week and one of the visual highlights was the Danny and Mindy New York tour that paid homage to the Nora Ephron movies that both Mindy Kaling and Mindy Lahiri hold close to their heart. Mindy Kaling’s Instagram account is a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes photos from The Mindy Project including this beautiful sunset shot. It also shows how important it was on this occasion to use real New York rather than a backlot in LA, where it would be impossible to capture a moment like this.



It’s All About Peggy: Elisabeth Moss Covers New York Magazine

10 Mar

The Mad Men cover parade began last week with Jessica Paré on Stylist and as we’re now only a month away (!) from the season premiere, the profile pieces are rolling in. This one comes courtesy of New York magazine and I’m so happy with who they declare is the star of Mad Men. Of course Mad Men is the Don Draper show, but it’s also become just as much about Peggy Olson and so much of this has to do with Elisabeth Moss’ performance.

Mar10-23ElisabethMoss.jpgAs with Jessica Paré’s recent cover story, she doesn’t look a whole lot like the character she portrays on Mad Men – this is a bigger deviation than Paré’s Stylist wardrobe. The dungarees/nothing else combination is not necessarily what I would expect from an editorial of this kind – there is an alternate cover with Moss wearing nothing but a towel standing on top of a drinks trolley – and it’s playing on the impish quality that we witnessed when Moss turned hero, flipping off mani cam at the Golden Globes.

The shorter hair is serving Moss well and she looks really great; while I’m not totally wild about the styling, it’s definitely a departure. In fact this feels like something that someone lacking in imagination would give to Lena Dunham (she’s semi-naked, right) and it works because it’s not necessarily expected from the actress who plays Peggy Olson. To steal a line from Steve Carell in Crazy, Stupid, Love it is also the perfect combination of sexy and cute.

Willa Paskin’s profile is fantastic and it’s this description of why Peggy is so important that stands out “TV has many ambitious women, but Peggy stands out among them for navigating a working world—with glass ceilings, boys’ clubs, and take-me-seriously work clothes—that feels, despite its period detail, remarkably contemporary.” Peggy is the one character I really care about on this show; the one I want to see get a win when the whole thing wraps up.

One element of these kinds of interviews is finding that point where the subject is ‘just like us’ and of course this can come across as manufactured, with Moss it doesn’t feel contrived. She mentions her love of celebrity gossip, even though she has experienced it herself “I enjoy a little gossip. I like looking at photos of celebrities going to Starbucks.”

Another observation that made me smile comes courtesy of the moment where we find out Moss is wearing (“a loud fluorescent-pink-and-green zip-up hoodie over a short-sleeved peasant blouse, jeans with holes in the knees, and flip-flops”) as Moss tells Paskin “That’s my favorite part of ­articles. I always want to know what they’re wearing. I want to know what Amy Adams wears to lunch.” Count me in.

To read the full interview head here.

New York Magazine TV Issue

13 May

There are several publications that produce an annual TV issue and one of my favorites hits newsstands today (both the physical and digital kind as you can also get it in the iTunes store) and this is New York magazine. The past few years have seen covers featuring Tracey Morgan with Betty White, Amy Poehler and Jessica Paré dressed as Megan Draper. This year sees Michael Douglas gracing the cover promoting the much anticipated HBO Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra (airing May 26).

NY Mag TV Issue

This issue also contains an in-depth interview with Breaking Bad showrunner Vince Gilligan as he previews the final episodes and discusses a variety of topics including happy endings, the quality of cable shows and the negative reaction to Skyler. Matt Zoller Seitz explores TV as a director’s medium, Hayden Panettiere talks Nashville, the much hyped return of Arrested Development is featured and a whole slew of faces from TV (both from behind and in front of the camera) reveal their television habits. You can read most of these articles over at New York magazine’s site but as a magazine purist (even when I have to buy a digital version) it’s worth getting the whole thing.    

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