Mad Men Season 7 Artwork and Jessica Paré Covers Stylist

8 Mar

Mad Men returns for the first half of its final season in just over a month (Sunday, April 9) and the new artwork uses the classic Don Draper illustrated image from the opening credits with a psychedelic twist. Milton Glaser, the man behind the iconic “I ♥ NY” campaign and co-founder of New York magazine designed the poster and it’s treat for the eyes. The theorizing begins when a new Mad Men image is unveiled; last season’s double Don Draper is the most ambiguous and provoked a huge response, whereas other key art has been more straightforward like Don standing in an empty office for season 4 (and seem to have inspired the 50 Shades of Grey teaser). This is definitely the most colorful of the Mad Men campaigns so far and as always a drink is never far from Don Draper. With a trippy image like this it has me wondering whether Ken will be tap dancing again and whether Don will sink into oblivion.

Mad Men season 7It’s likely that there will be several Mad Men cast members covering magazines in the run up to the new season and kicking things off is Jessica Paré on Stylist.

photo1This is a departure from anything Megan related and there is always a push pull with magazine editorials between dressing the actors in clothes you would see on the show or embracing something more in tune with the current year we are in. Paré discusses her personal style “Truth be told I’m a pretty practical person so I do like the idea of mixing more accessible brands with designer” as well as what we already know about “Zou Bisou Bisou” –  “That song really stays in your head. It’s so catchy and you can’t get it out.” Don’t I know it; currently The Good Wife’s “Thicky Trick” is wrestling for its place for biggest earworm. Well, that and “Let it Go.”

Of course she doesn’t spill any secrets about what’s going to happen to Megan in season 7, though the much talked about Sharon Tate t-shirt is brought up “As far as I know it’s just a T-shirt; just a costume.” You can read the full interview here and Stylist is now available on the iPad (and it’s totally free!).

So there’s a little Mad Men taster and we will have much more coverage as April 9 approaches.

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