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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

9 Sep

You can tell it is September because everything* is going on right now; film festivals, NYFW, fall TV and October magazine covers continuing to outdo the so-called major issues that come the month before. Plus the first round of Emmys are this weekend.

*There is a lot to discuss and my busy levels are going through the roof right now as I have hit the “Whoa it is two weeks until my wedding” mark and therefore I might not be covering NYFW in as much detail as I normally do. sophie-turnerAt the Venice Film Festival premiere for Hacksaw Ridge, Sophie Turner continues to show she looks just as good blonde as she does Sansa red and stuns in a statuesque Yanina Couture gown. Now I really want to see her playing Elizabeth Debicki’s younger sister in something. amy-adamsAlso from Venice is Amy Adams in super sparkly Tom Ford at the premiere for the Tom Ford directed Nocturnal Animals. Excitement levels for this movie are high because I love A Single Man, the Adams/Jake Gyllenhaal factor and this is going to give great red carpet.

The shot of a star in motion with a wall of photographers is one of my favorite things about festival shots. Plus Venice gets the bonus of actors looking cool as fuck on boats.karlie-klossSwitching from a Tom Ford movie event to a Tom Ford fashion event and the arrivals at his NYFW show. Keeping with the metallic theme is Karlie Kloss delivering full model pose and looking glamorous in this glitzy gown.jon-hammKeeping with Tom Ford and Jon Hamm is the voice on the phone in A Single Man – he worked for free and got a suit for his efforts, which is a good form of payment – and he continues to show his support in this excellent number. This Emmys is going to be Hamm-less so I’m thrilled to see him in a suit at NYFW.zachary-quintoPatterned shirts are having a resurgence – hat tip to Rami Malek for how much he loves it – and Zachary Quinto is working this trend at Tom Ford. 
This is an actual look of the week and I don’t know why Gillian Anderson is giving so much side-eye, but I am thrilled she is giving Stella face at this screening of The Fall’s season 3 premiere. And while his hand is covering most of it, Jamie Dornan’s got great beard levels at the moment.essenceThis cover says it all; “Grace & Power” is exactly what I think when I look at this issue of Essence.

obamas-essenceAnd this photo is every heart eye emoji I could ever use.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

23 Oct

The red carpet is awash with bold looks this week from PaleyFest, the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards and a variety of other events delivering sartorial highs.

Tatiana MaslanyAs promised here is Tatiana Maslany at the Orphan Black PaleyFest panel wearing a fabulous Roksanda ruffled jumpsuit with color clashing red pumps. This is one way to brighten up a classic look with excellent results.

Diane Kruger and Zachary QuintoAnother jumpsuit twist with Diane Kruger sporting a quilted look from the Balmain x H&M collection event. I have a feeling this might be a Magical Fashion Unicorn situation with Kruger and it falls into my own personal ‘jumpsuits are awkward’ category. Very much into Zachary Quinto’s chevron sweater and they look like they’re attending a super hip party in the 1970s, which might include a bowl of keys.

Laverne CoxA gold pleated sparkly treat from Laverne Cox wearing Alice + Olivia at the One Life/Live Them event and this is getting added to the festive party ideas list. It was announced this week that Cox is going to star in the new Rocky Horror Picture Show TV remake and I am suddenly more interested in this project.

Olivia WildeTake two for Roksanda this week and another signature color blocking delight. Olivia Wilde also choose to give the outfit an extra pop of wow with red pumps; she balances the look out by opting for minimalist makeup and accessories at The Headstrong Project’s 3rd annual Word of War event in New York.

Ashley MadekweNow entering the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards section kicking off with Ashley Madekwe in Calvin Klein Collection teaming leather with what looks like a sweater and I am so here for this mix of edgy and comfy. So happy sweater season is firmly here.

Alicia VikanderAlicia Vikander is serving up casual cool in, you guessed it Louis Vuitton – the current print ad campaign is fabulous – and this is one fashion partnership I can’t get enough of. And now I’m left wondering what Raf Simons departure will do in regards to JLaw and the HUGE final Hunger Games press tour, which is fast approaching.

Ahna O'ReillyPow! Ahna O’Reilly in what would be an ideal (if a little on the nose) dress for something like Comic-Con and it also works like a super fun charm at this celebratory event.

America FerreraRed shoes are so on point this week with America Ferrera pairing her patent Kurt Geiger pumps with electric blue Novis and all these bright and bold “Out of the Box” looks have put me in a wonderful mood.

Behind the Veil with Hannibal

9 Aug

Francis Dolarhyde and his quest to become the Great Red Dragon is a new chapter of Hannibal, but the events which took place for these characters three years previous still loom in a variety of ways and they need to be addressed. Loose ends are tied up relating to Dr Bedelia du Maurier, who when we last saw her was trying to convince the world that she thought she was Lydia Fell. Bedelia was in a unique position with Hannibal as his traveling companion and this week’s Bedelia catch-up reveals what happened leading up to the death of her patient. In returning to this world Will is attempting various forms of self preservation with one method involving a debrief session with Hannibal’s other Bride of Frankenstein.

The past plays a vital role this week for Will, but Dolarhyde is all about the present as he continues to experience inner turmoil and much to his surprise he has a very successful first date. He is at war with himself and while Bedelia’s split state was all smoke and mirrors, Dolarhyde is very much experiencing two very distinct versions. One is sweet and shy, the other devours paintings and has murder on his mind; with the next full moon just 11 days away the Great Red Dragon is awaiting its next kill.

Hannibal 3.10 Hannibal and FrancisDolarhyde as we saw is fond of scrapbooking his own murderous achievements giving them pride of place next to the clippings he has collected on Hannibal’s many crimes. An interaction with the man who he holds up in such high regard seems like an impossibility considering Hannibal’s current location and yet last week ended with Hannibal receiving a phone call from his new protege. The episode opens on how Dolarhyde makes this happen and the very familiar location provides an instant connection between the pair while also reinforcing the notion of Dolarhyde’s dueling personas. It is Dolarhyde’s perspective rather than Hannibal’s memory palace and the location is real; Hannibal’s physical presence is imagined, but as this is a guy who is seeing flaming images and tails this is the least out there vision he has had.

The fan adoration turns into a therapy session as the demeaning names the press has given both of them gives Hannibal an instant personal connection to Dolarhyde’s plight; all the better to manipulate him with. This is what Hannibal does as he takes someone’s fears no matter how small or big and bends them to his will. With others he has to put the hours in to make them killers, here the murders have already begun but there are still plenty of strings to be pulled. As one Dolarhyde watches on the other turns into the beast giving Hannibal a glowing sheen.

Hannibal 3.10 Hannibal on fire Hannibal 3.10 Red DragonHannibal plays the devil on one shoulder, but there is a new positive force in Dolarhyde’s life who threatens the existence of the dragon.

Stroking a tiger is going to be a hard first date to top and this was an inspired idea. Tigers also feature in the work of William Blake (“Tyger Tyger, burning bright“) so he is on point here, but this version of Dolarhyde doesn’t feel threatening. Instead he is the incredibly shy and nervous one as he watches Reba edge closer and closer to the sharp teeth of the animal. Reba stops before putting her hand fully in, much to his relief and instead places her head on the tiger; smiling followed by a single tear.

Hannibal 3.10 tigerPositioning Reba as the good in Dolarhyde’s life could lead to the age old Madonna/Whore complex at work especially as he is quite clearly not accustomed to intimacy of this kind – more drinking implements are broken this week – but there is nothing scandalous about Reba’s actions despite her “Hope I didn’t shock you” comment. After a moment of recovery he scoops her up in a sexually charged moment. The painting Dolarhyde worships has a demonic sexuality component (thanks Hannibal for that interpretation) and the vision he has of Reba is instead rather angelic. So rather than Madonna/Whore there is a whole lot of Madonna/Madonna if such a thing could exist.

Hannibal 3.10 RebaRutina Wesley spent years on True Blood in a variety of storylines that didn’t particularly serve her well and her portrayal of Reba is both vulnerable and confident; these delicate flourishes show just how good she can be. Like True Blood the sex scenes on this show don’t play with general conventions so here she is sleeping with a dude who wants to be a dragon as he imagines her bathed in golden light.

Body hangups are common, but for Dolarhyde his perception of his disability is mostly imagined from his hair lip to his speech. He is comfortable around Reba because she can’t see and yet he worries what their co-workers have been saying about him; they are curious about him and they know he is sensitive about his face even though he shouldn’t be. While she is sleeping he places her hand on his face and in this moment he seems content. Content until dreams of teeth, the moon and the dragon wake him from his slumber sending him dashing to his broken mirror and painting.

The copy he has is a mere reproduction; the real one is in Brooklyn where Dolarhyde ventures. Under an assumed name and using academia as a reason to view the real thing he literally eats the painting and has his first encounter with Will Graham. Hannibal has pointed Will in the direction of this work by Blake acting as puppet master from his cell and this is where Will has a brief, but violent interaction with Dolarhyde. All that working out comes in useful when it comes to picking people up and throwing them so you can escape.

Hannibal 3.10 symbolThe symbol Will discovered last week carved on a tree is replicated in this stunning shot of Will approaching Hannibal’s current abode and it is the Chinese character for “you hit it” used sometimes in gambling. It is also the symbol for “The Red Dragon” on a Mahjong tile and this is where Hannibal steers Will toward William Blake. Hannibal is clearly having fun here pointing out the 11 days countdown until the next full moon – “tick tock” – and talking about Dolarhyde with such fondness claiming that he doesn’t think he is insane.

Hannibal is proving both useful to the investigation and as a mischief maker. In another phone call he manages to get Will’s new address and that is not good for those Will has left behind at home. Thankfully there are plenty of dogs to watch guard.

The set design also continues to create fascinating and striking images such as Will’s reflection merging with Hannibal.

Hannibal 3.10 reflectionsGreat danger still exists despite the physical barrier as Hannibal represents Will’s darkest path. A path Will has shared some details of with Molly, but how can he truly explain what occurred between them? And no one tells their current significant other everything about their ex.

Hannibal 3.10 Will and HannibalI am mesmerized by how mesmerized Will is by Hannibal in this moment and the use of space and light is incredible as it amps up those feelings of intimacy.

Will made a clean break from Hannibal and has got dragged back by recent events; for Bedelia du Maurier she has been using her time with Hannibal to fuel her career, which is troubling because her encounter with Neal Frank (oh hey Zachary Quinto not playing just a corpse this time) shows she’s not a great psychiatrist. Everyone is lying when it comes to Hannibal; Alana and Chilton with the insanity plea, Jack with what really really went down and Bedelia with her fabricated drugged story. To the outside world Bedelia is just another victim and she’s giving grand lectures which directly reference Dante; a cheeky nod to Hannibal’s specialist subject in Florence.

Not wearing adequate armor is how Will puts the events of three years ago and you’re going to need more than just your glasses – once again he wears them out in public, but not private encounters – to stop the spiral.

Hannibal 3.10 Will and BedeliaA hint of smugness peppers Bedelia’s comment that she doesn’t need to see Hannibal because she was behind the veil; how very Wizard of Oz. She does still receive cards from him on Christian holidays and her birthday which he sends via the FBI. He always includes a recipe and this made me laugh so hard. Will’s response is less kind as he tells her it will be what she deserves if she ends up on Hannibal’s plate.

This session plays out in the classic sitting across from each other format with a twist as Will’s present day conversation is seamlessly intercut with Bedelia’s sessions with Neal.

Present day Bedelia. She is rather self-satisfied with her current position.

Hannibal 3.10 BedeliaFlashback Bedelia. The white shirt and hair loosely pulled back (which comes undone during the fisting) gives her a rather innocent and compassionate look, which are quickly betrayed by what occurs.

Hannibal 3.10 Bedelia flashbackNeal is understandably annoyed at his experience with Hannibal and the care he is receiving here as his mild symptoms have increased in a dramatic fashion. Bedelia exasperates the situation and is not too concerned when Neal mentions how Hannibal stood over him as he choked on his tongue doing nothing. When this happens again, Bedelia does go to help and instead fists him to death. The aftermath is what we saw in the season premiere.

In a scenario Bedelia asks what Will would do for an injured bird and he replies he would want to help it, Bedelia has the opposite urge and while she claims she wouldn’t actually crush it as we see with Neal when he was in danger she did just this. She’s really failing at the ‘do no harm’ thing. In Bedelia’s school of thought Will is not a killer even though he has killed and instead it is his compassion that led to these righteous acts of violence. I mean I’m pretty sure he is still a killer, but I get her point that he isn’t the monster he maybe believes he is. She also tells him he should use his empathy to crush rather than nurture as it will be easier for him in the long run. You can see why Hannibal let her see behind the veil with comments like this one.

As with Dolarhyde, Will has this internal battle between two versions of himself; the one he fears he is and the compassionate empathetic saver of the vulnerable. Hannibal encourages what he believes are natural urges and someone usually ends up dead and maybe mounted in a artistic tableau as a result of this push. He also doesn’t let the limitations of his surroundings get the best of him and he is incredibly resourceful when nurturing new projects. The pieces are forever moving and I don’t think even he could foresee the chance encounter between Will and Dolarhyde, but I bet he will have a plan formulated as soon as he finds out.

Hannibal’s European Vacation: Why so Blue, Bedelia?

5 Jun

“You seem more interested in making appearances than maintaining them.”

Morality, ethics and aesthetics are all covered in the first back and forth between Hannibal and Bedelia in the season 3 premiere of Hannibal, which takes place after a decadent party and Hannibal flexing his prowess through Dante and dance. Appearances are important and maintaining his cover seems like less of a concern when measuring egos and playing a game of cat and mouse with whatever person lies before him. These encounters include talk of fairy tales – Hannibal lives on the opposite end of the fantastical spectrum which Pushing Daisies also inhabits – playing the game of ‘how many times can you say ‘bonsoir’ before you kill someone?’ or giving a dinner guest delicacies to make them taste better.

Willing participants are hard to find and part of this season opener starts to explore why Bedelia is Hannibal’s European vacation (can it still be called a vacation if you are technically on the run?) partner and what her motivations are.

Hannibal 3.01 Bedelia in blueProfessional curiosity is a term which has been used on Hannibal in the past including Alana citing this as reason why she couldn’t get romantically involved with Will Graham back in season 1 as she didn’t think she would be able to stop analyzing him. Curiosity is also something Bedelia cites on several occasions and it is like she hasn’t heard the well known phrase involving a feline. When it comes to making appearances Bedelia stands out in a crowd and the blue ensemble which I have been clamoring to see within the context of an episode was unveiled in “Antipasto” and it resembles the most incognito spy from the 1940s. Covert is not a word either Bedelia or Hannibal are considering when picking out their attire first thing in the morning and they are sartorially suited to each other.

Hannibal 3.01 policemanOther than the carousel which lights up the shot, Bedelia is the only one wearing color in the square full of people with the local policeman taking note of her in a big way. He isn’t suspicious and instead gives her a flirtatious salute; he is not going to forget the woman in blue.

Hannibal 3.01 eye Hannibal 3.01 CCTVBedelia is also caught on camera and this one seems kind of deliberate as she stares directly at the CCTV ‘eye’ while she is at the train station. Being enveloped in Hannibal’s world limits escape options as we witnessed in the house of horrors at the end of last season and everyone who came at Hannibal in his home were left broken and bleeding. Bedelia wants to flee attempting to do so later in the episode, but her curiosity coupled with her darkness that Hannibal has tapped into gives her a reason to stay. Even if she knows that ultimately she will end up on Hannibal’s plate.

Hannibal 3.01 Bedelia in goldBathed in gold light in this twisted fairy tale life and coming home from the ball temporarily breaks the spell; giving Bedelia the opportunity to question Hannibal’s motives. Despite the warm light there is something incredibly icy in this scene as both circle around the other talking as if they are still in a therapy session. At the same time there is an intimacy which is evident in the way Bedelia asks him to unzip her dress (the same dress from these stunning promo photos).

Flashbacks reveal how Hannibal and Bedelia ended up on the plane together as her residence is where he cleaned off Will, Abigail and Jack’s blood. Hannibal is all about equal opportunities bathing and Bedelia had the opportunity to end it all when she pointed her gun at him as he stood their naked; instead she went for option number two with a fun packed trip to Europe. The why of this comes from the other jump into the past and the aftermath of her patient attack and subsequent murder (oh hey Zachary Quinto!) with Hannibal’s manipulation going according to schedule. He wipes her bloody brow and gets her to ask for his help while unlocking the darkness in her.

Hannibal 3.01 showerThese revelations come after the bath of sinking into the depths and water is hugely symbolic on Hannibal. Will Graham’s ‘mind palace’ fishing sessions rest on water as cleansing and calming, but water also signifies how something can envelope. As Bedelia drifts down she is doing so out of choice and at this point she is a willing participant, well as willing as you can be with Hannibal who is a master manipulator like no other.

Hannibal 3.01 Bedelia bathIt is important that we can still see her in this shot as it represents some level of choice in how she floats downwards. The look of Hannibal is unlike any other show on TV and as Bedelia lets go she is lit up as if she is a figure on a renaissance painting and the light of heaven shines on her as she sinks into hell. Considering this is on network TV I am surprised to see something like this get through S&P, but maybe the ethereal atmosphere somehow trumps nudity (nipples have been erased/are not free on this occasion).

Hannibal 3.01 Bedelia bath drifting

Yes she pulls out of the water with a shocked look on her face and it is this part of Bedelia that chooses to flee from Hannibal; albeit an unsuccessful attempt as she gets splattered with blood once again. Despite her assertion that she is observing, this is not something you get to do when Hannibal is involved and participation is a necessary requirement. It just might not be one you are conscious of.

Bedelia’s bathtub trip echoes Alana Bloom’s envelopment by inky water in the season 2 finale with one important difference as instead of sinking into it, Alana is consumed from the bottom up and we can’t see any of her below the surface.

Hannibal 2.13 Alana“All I see is dark swarming behind my eyelids. I dream darkness comes into me. It comes and it is insidious. Up my nose, into my ears. It comes and I feel poisoned.” Bedelia is bathed in light as she drifts further down whereas Alana is consumed by the horrors of Hannibal’s crimes and her blindness to them.

Hannibal 2.13 Alana darknessIn Hannibal’s flashbacks we see his time with Gideon in black and white. While no one can replace Will Graham as Hannibal’s favorite companion it doesn’t stop Hannibal from auditioning others or at least finding a temporary substitute. Even after he has helped consume two of his own limbs, Gideon is rather zen about everything that is taking place – the crimes he committed shows he is not of sound mind – and gets to the heart of the matter reflecting on Hannibal’s desire to eat with company and not just eating the company pointing to Will as his dream dinner date. Even a cannibal yearns for companionship.

How soon will Bedelia outlast her stay? Maybe she should stop eating the oysters.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

13 Dec

It’s another red carpet and public appearance heavy week for Out of the Box as award shows continue to roll by. We also have a fabulous magazine cover featuring two of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s favorite ladies and some outerwear delights courtesy of Mr Porter and a Downton Abbey star.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey EW coverIt’s been a while since I last bought a copy of Entertainment Weekly, that all changes this week as Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are covering and guest editing this week’s issue. The pair are presenting their second consecutive Golden Globe awards and they were easily the highlight of last year’s ceremony. It’s a fun cover (though Amy’s pen did look like a pregnancy test upon first glance, which would have been a bizarre concept choice) and I really like the button/zip details on both of their dresses. No matter who wins (and I have OPINIONS when it comes to the nominations, including yay Amy and Parks!) at least we will have their opening monologue. This is also Amy Poehler’s second magazine cover this week and she looks super awesome (standard) on the cover of Paper.

Claire Danes ValentinoOne surprising omission from the lead female in a drama category is Claire Danes – SO happy for Tatiana Maslany though – and both Homeland and Mad Men have fallen out of favor with the HFPA. Danes has spent this week at a variety of Nobel Peace Prize events in Norway and she looks stunning in this Valentino floral macramé gown. It’s a beautiful dress for this concert event and toning down her hair and makeup makes sense as the multi-color pattern is already incredibly bold. Danes might not have got a Globes nod, but is still looks like she’s had a good week. It’s not all snubs as she received a SAG nomination.

Zawe Ashton

In contrast to Claire Danes’ embellished frock is Fresh Meat’s Zawe Ashton and she attended the British Independent Film Awards in this simple, yet elegant Sarah Baadarani crew neck dove grey gown. While I would have probably gone for a strong lip color, the fresh faced no fuss look works on this occasion. It’s a very striking outfit even against a similarly toned background.

Michelle Dockery Erdem

Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery wore the most exquisite Erdem check and floral coat on Good Morning America this week and it looks like it was needed in that weather. The hint of the orange Carven skirt and white pumps gives a pop of color that complements the strong design of the outerwear. This gets added to the coat covet list (which currently stands at approximately 78 different pieces).

Zachary Quinto

Serving up model realness and more coat delights is Zachary Quinto for Mr Porter. This is from Burberry Prorsum and it is magnificent. The TV Ate My Wardrobe list includes dudes attire so we just hit number 79.

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