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Theory’s NYFW Fall 2014 Collection and Homeland’s Carrie Mathison

11 Feb

Claire Danes covered the January issue of Glamour magazine and mentioned that “Carrie wears a lot of Theory. That is her brand. She’s a Theory girl. It’s a lot of navy. A lot of navy.” Upon seeing Theory’s NYFW fall 2014 RTW collection we noticed several outfits that are very much the Carrie Mathison CIA uniform and here they are for your perusal.

Ok maybe Carrie wouldn’t wear some of the skirts (especially ones that are as sheer as this), but hey maybe she’ll want to try something new. The color palette favors the muted tones that Carrie prefers including the aforementioned navy.


The Wish List: The Mindy Project’s “Christmas Party Sex Trap”

4 Dec

Bold color and pattern are very much part of The Mindy Project costuming and this week’s festive outing is the perfect time for a Mindy wish list. Mindy doesn’t disappoint on this big holiday occasion with her sartorial choices and she is yet to meet a sparkly dress that she doesn’t like. It’s also time to add to the TV Ate My Wardrobe burgeoning coat covet list.

Mindy purple plaidPlaid is always a winner and C. Wonder’s purple wool toggle coat is a fun twist on this pattern and is perfectly Mindy. Sadly it is no longer available but I’ll be keeping an eye out for it on eBay.

Mindy houndstoothIt’s a double coat winner for Mindy this week and Theory’s ‘Danvey’ houndstooth coat rivals the dogstooth beauty on the last episode of Scandal; everything in a tooth pattern is an instant draw at the moment. It also happens to be more than half off and it also comes in camel tones if you want to switch up from the traditional monochrome. Mindy’s outerwear has been pretty exceptional this season including this recent entry on our Look of the Week list. Both the above and below photos give me many conflicted Danny/Mindy feelings; a ‘will they/won’t they’ who I like as friends first, but their chemistry is undeniable.

Mindy Project Christmas Party Sex TrapMindy’s holiday party dress is slightly more demure than I expected – not that she has to be full on sparkles and color all of the time – and it’s a beautiful peacock blue L. K. Bennett cocktail dress with a rhinestone embellished top. So yes, there is a sophisticated glittery element to it.

Mindy ProjectLike Mindy, Betsy doesn’t shy away from patterns and color and this red, white and blue bubble retro looking blouse from ModCloth is a perfect example of that. As with the C. Wonder plaid coat this is no longer available to purchase so we’ll have to keep our eBay searching eyes peeled.

Earlier today, I suggested TV character paper dolls that you can switch clothing between and I would love to see Mindy Lahiri trying out Carrie Mathison’s Theory look and vice versa.

In non wish list news here is a bonus gif gift of Danny’s Aaliyah dance. Enjoy!


Claire Danes Covers Glamour: Talks Cry Face, Feminism and Carrie’s Wardrobe

4 Dec

There’s enough time for one more magazine for Claire Danes to cover before the end of the year and Glamour’s first 2014 issue goes to the Homeland star. For any regular visitors you will know that Danes is a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite and we’re always pleased with how forthcoming she is in interviews. In Glamour she discusses both personal and work related aspects of her life including her much memed cry face.

Glamour Claire DanesOne question that can produce a lot of umming and ahing from female celebrities is “Are you a feminist?” Is it because they worry about alienating some fans? Or do they simply think that feminism equates to being a man hater? Whatever the reason it is frustrating, so it’s always refreshing to see someone answer this question with clarity and passion:

“I am a feminist. And I’m so glad that Lena Dunham exists, because she is one too, and she’s quite vocal about it. Yes, women have more freedom and more influence than ever, but it’s hardly equal. It’s just not. It’s really f–king crazy. I’m sorry I’m cursing. But it’s wild that women are underrepresented [in Hollywood]. I have real anxiety about directing, and that’s something to question and challenge and correct.”

I mean not everyone will necessarily be happy with the Dunham reference as she is incredibly polarizing, but Danes has been a vehement supporter of the Girls creator – she wrote about Dunham earlier this year for Time magazine and they had this super cute Seacrest interrupting moment together on the Emmy red carpet:

Claire Danes’ cry face has been mesmerizing since Angela Chase (over at This Was TV we talked about it a lot) and when her chin begins to quiver it pretty much guarantees that I will get the misty eyes. In past interviews Danes has come across as a tad annoyed at the attention this gets, this isn’t so much the case this time as she talks about it in terms of the character she is portraying “I think people are made uncomfortable by uncensored expressions of emotion. But, you know, that’s my job. I don’t have those fears. I really have never been concerned about being beautiful on-screen. That’s just not my jam. I’m concerned about it if I’m playing a beautiful character. But it’s not relevant for Carrie.”


Oh hey it’s a super cute dog.

Moving on to Carrie’s wardrobe and the brand they favor for this character “Carrie wears a lot of Theory. That is her brand. She’s a Theory girl. It’s a lot of navy. A lot of navy. I actually forget how to wear my own clothing when I’m filming because I wear basically the same pair of jeans and a long-sleeve T-shirt and then change out of it and immediately into my pantsuit.” It makes sense for who Carrie is as a character that her clothes are very functional as her life is chaotic enough; can you imagine if they put her in the pattern clashing costumes of Mindy Lahiri? Or all the polka dots of Jess Day? Now I want to create paper dolls to switch outfits between sitcom and drama characters. Sounds like a job for Kyle Hilton.

For more Claire Danes in Glamour you can pick up an issue of the magazine on newsstands December 10.

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