Scandal 3.08 “Vermont is for Lovers, Too” Costume Review : Fantasy and Reality

22 Nov

It’s time to declare a new coat champion on Scandal and this episode featured plot twists galore (of course), a surprising end to a campaign and a whole host of shirtlessness (the absence of costuming if you will).

So let’s get to it.

Scandal 3.08 Dior DogtoothStarting with THE coat and a trip to Vermont that includes a big declaration and reconciliation of sorts. This Dior dogtooth beauty provided Olivia’s armor for her initial conversation with Fitz. After ignoring his calls and breaking the Fitz phone, Fitz pulled out the helicopter grand gesture move with the added incentive that he now knows who Olivia’s father is. Other than the fact that I find this relationship toxic (to both parties), I’m not a fan of Olivia being at Fitz’s beck and call because he uses his status as the most powerful man in the world to see her. By not taking her coat off it’s a signal that Olivia has no intention of sticking around, but Fitz soon warms her heart by revealing that he bought this house for her and things soon heat up; the armor comes off.

Scandal 3.08 back shotThis shot helps show the structure of the coat and perfectly swishy it is. It’s saying “I mean business.”

Scandal 3.08 cable knitFitz is out of his presidential attire and it helps emphasizes that this is the Fitz away from the White House, the cable knit sweater is perfectly homely and is probably what Fitz pictures himself wearing in his house in his Vermont fantasy. On this occasion it’s a reality, but I still don’t know how they can ever really make this relationship work. They steal away moments like this, is it enough? Olivia does tell Fitz that he shouldn’t sell the house which is a signal that future rendezvous are on the cards. Fitz declares his love and says he’s going to stop Eli and he does have the power of his office behind him. Cyrus has already warned of the dangers of doing this, but Fitz seems pretty determined.

Scandal 3.08 Chloe blouseThis white Chloe sleeveless blouse with a black collar is pretty standard Olivia Pope and the buttons at the back (which costume designer Lyn Paolo modified) played their part in the sexy, slow mo sex montage with Fitz.

Scandal 3.08 twirling hairMeanwhile, Mellie is twirling her hair like a lovesick school girl while watching Fitz defend on her on TV. Fitz is distracted, instantly killing Mellie’s post-interview buzz as he’s not really there for her. For a moment she allowed herself to believe that Fitz was back, but the reality of the situation is not lost on her. Mellie has been through a lot to get to where she is now, as last week’s episode revealed and it makes everything all the more tragic that this role isn’t anything like she thought/hoped it would be.

Scandal 3.08 red suit plottingMellie is part of the honey trap conspiracy with Cyrus and this Ralph Lauren red suit gives off a super traditional Nancy Reagan vibe (the pearls are of course part of the ensemble). While she plays her role perfectly in this scheme she warns what this could do to Cyrus’ marriage. Cyrus is far too arrogant to heed these words of caution as in his mind James is nothing like Fitz. James isn’t Fitz, but Cyrus has pushed him too far this time.

Scandal 3.08 plum v neckCyrus even picks out the plum v-neck that James should wear on this seduction trip. James has been manipulated by Cyrus many times in the past, however this is the first time he has whored him out for political gain. Cyrus, you really should have listened to Mellie.

Scandal 3.08 peach suitMellie’s moved away from the bold red to this soft peach tone as she comes to see Fitz after his Olivia tryst. Mellie knows what has happened, but doesn’t let on and she’s playing the “for the good of the campaign” card as she suggests asking Olivia to run their campaign again. This is the kind of tone that Olivia told Mellie to wear in the season premiere to try and win back voters; a subtle nod that she’s listening to her advice.

Scandal 3.08 JosieSpeaking of campaigns, I’m sad to see the Josie Marcus one come to an end so quickly. I know Scandal moves at a breakneck speed but it only feels like Lisa Kudrow just got here. The outfit in the shot above is the most Olivia Pope Josie has looked in the entire run and shows the subtle work with Josie’s appearance that OP&A have done.

Scandal 3.08 popped collarHarrison did get to pull his most pissed off face all while looking super dapper in his popped collar trench, pinstripe shirt and polka dot tie combo. Harrison also got in on the shirtless action this week as after dressing Candice down for her rookie PR moves, he slept with her. Is this the first time we have seen Harrison get in on the romance?

Scandal 3.08 QuinnQuinn has got herself into a very Quinn like problem as now B613 “owns her” after she killed the security guard on camera. I’m not sure if there is much more they can do with this character and now she’s facing down the barrel of Huck’s pliers set. The two different shades of blue look good on her, maybe dial back the eyeliner. Abby is less kind to Quinn’s look as she gives the unknown suspect (that is Quinn) a fashion burn saying it’s a woman in a “cheap skirt suit and dumpy heels.”

Scandal 3.08 Abby DVFRounding off the associates is Abby – who should also ease up on the darker eyes- wearing another Diane von Furstenberg item that I would very much like in my closet. This time it’s an Alyce Houndstooth pencil skirt.

Scandal 3.08 beltBelts like this one are very much part of the season 3 Abby look and things are going well with David even if he refers to her co-works as Popeheads (hee).

Scandal 3.08 chuncky knitBack to Olivia and one of her many white chunky knit pieces of lounge wear. I just wanted to mention this scene in relation to something Mama Pope says when she mentions that she used to make Olivia popcorn when she was sad. Eli dismisses this and claims that she doesn’t know what Olivia is like, we know popcorn is pretty much what Olivia lives on and she’s pretty sad all of the time (especially at the moment). Olivia clears away a bowl of popcorn in this moment as she ignores the Fitz phone.

So Mama Pope has revealed herself to her daughter! This is an example of the crazy pacing of this show and I never expected this to happen as quick as this. I have no idea what this is going to do to the plot of the show but as long as we don’t have to see anyone eat their own wrists again then I will be very happy. In the meantime, I’m going to go on an Alias binge while we wait to find out what the return of Maya will do to Olivia.


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