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Coming in 2015: TV Promo Roundup Part II

17 Dec

January is fast approaching and it is time to take a brief commercial break from the end of year Best of Costuming series to take a look at the shows returning in next month. This is a sequel of sorts to the previous HBO/Comedy Central preview post with more from Broad CityGirlsLooking and Togetherness. Joining the preview line-up is the final season of Kroll Show and the start of 2015 is stuffed with some of TV Ate My Wardrobe’s favorite shows (see also The Americans and Parks and Recreation).

Abbi and Ilana watching dudes playing basketball last season was magnificent so now comes a Broad City teaser featuring poolside ogling, so many amazing Ilana hookup faces and a twist. The denim vest tee also makes an appearance much to my delight. #HotAsFuck indeed.

Double Broad City treats with a trip to Abbi’s favorite store.

Kroll Show is back for its third and final season; from this preview alone it looks set to go out on a high. Plus Liz got bangs.

As the only brand new show I’m glad this Togetherness promo is actually a featurette which explains the premise of the show and who these characters are. I am less pleased by the beard Jay Duplass is not sporting. Where did it go, Jay?

The previous Looking teaser was just that; a disco light infused tease. Now there is new footage which shows more dating drama for Patrick, Agustin and Dom with suitors new and returning. Plus more Doris and dancing.

Fractured relationships, new opportunities, tears and hugs are all on the cards for the fourth season of Girls as things continue to be messy. Romantic love seems to be at the center of the conflict and this might be the time for broken friendships to be mended.

Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.05 “Valerie is Taken Seriously” Discussion

13 Dec

The Comeback continues to be one of the year’s best shows as it examines Hollywood perceptions through Valerie Cherish with the word ‘brave’ in terms of performance taking center stage this week. I am once again joined by Kerensa Cadenas and we’re both a little concerned for where everything Paulie G related is heading for Valerie this season.

the Comeback 2.05 ValEmma: A reporter from the New York Times calls Valerie’s Seeing Red performance “brave” and this sends Valerie spiralling because she thinks brave is a reference to how she looks. As we know Valerie is all about how she appears and she never wants to come across in a negative light, which tends to make her look bad by extension. The Comeback is the ultimate show in terms of the terms ‘unlikeable’ and ‘difficult’ in that it explores what these characteristics mean while the lead character is trying to do everything in her power to be liked. Fame is Valerie’s ultimate goal but she’s determined to be seen positively along the way, that might be an even stronger impulse for her so when she’s called ‘brave’ and she sees the dailies it horrifies her.

It’s rare for Valerie to snap, but she does exactly this when Jane insists on use low lighting. This is exactly the kind of set up that Valerie views as insinuating that she looks terrible. Brave does get thrown around in terms of performance so often that it really has lost its meaning – Julia Roberts is brave for not being made up in The Normal Heart, Jennifer Aniston in Cake, Charlize Theron in Monster and the list goes on – and it does tend to mean when a glamorous stunning actress looks normal. It’s insulting to both their performances and every regular person. Or what Lena Dunham and her attitude towards nudity, which is also referred to as brave rather than the actual work she is doing. And this is what Valerie is told brave means in this context as Valerie has never been seen like this before, not unmade up but emotionally raw.

I’ve got to say that while the script is clearly a turd (because Paulie G will always be a hack) it’s quite captivating seeing Valerie acting like this and while I’m not surprised that she is great, I think she is surprised by what she sees in these dailies and it scares her.

What did you think of the whole ‘brave’ aspect?

the comeback 2.05 dailliesKerensa: I thought that Valerie’s reaction to being called ‘brave’ was exactly how Valerie and maybe anyone would take it in that position. But I agree with you, while Paulie G’s lack of talent is apparent, Valerie crushes it. She’s so good, even in the low lighting. Good enough for Mickey to say, “wow you can act Red!”

I think the sad thing though in the episode is just how intensely Val ties that ‘brave’ to how she looks where you can almost sense her desperately about to claw her face off the entire episode until she speaks to the NY Times reporter at the end of the episode.

What also seems to scare Val is this idea that we’ve discussed over and over again and is always discussed and I’m so tired of: unlikeability. Val knows that this role will make people see her differently and she’s terrified that means they won’t like her. I think it’s one of the reasons why she overcompensates so much with Paulie G, even though she shouldn’t give a fuck, but she can sense how much he loathes her and she’s desperate to change that, even now. It’s why she goes to Tom to see about helping Paulie. She can’t stand people not liking her in both her personal life and public life which could possibly change.

The Comeback 2.05 ValerieEmma: Unlikeable as a term to describe character needs to be done with and it definite only seems to aply to women – men are difficult, women are unlikeable. Flawed is a much better way to describe what we all are and one of Valerie’s greatest flaws is her drive to get people to like her. As you mention this is why she is so determined to get Paulie G to change what is a very strong hatred (let’s not sugarcoat this is as it goes way beyond disliking) as she can’t stand to be seen like this. I think this is a pretty common reaction especially as Paulie G’s reaction to Val far outweighs anything she has ever done to him, can he really justify why she is the monster who rips apart his inner child? Val goes way beyond the point most people would if they were to experience this level of abuse, but Val doesn’t know when to quit and this determination is both a strength and flaw.

Going to see Tom is Valerie’s way of trying to help out Paulie and after the suicide that ended last week’s episode, plus Paulie’s needle comment and signs that he is cracking under the pressure she thinks Tom can help. But Tom doesn’t give a shit about Paulie and is pissed that Paulie as the fuck up is the one who got the HBO show. I don’t have a huge amount of sympathy for Tom as while he never reached Paulie G levels of vile, he was still a massive shit at times. What do you make of his outburst?

Another person who has a meltdown is Billy and a lot of this episode covers the fear of getting left behind. Billy feels undermined when HBO ask him to scrap all the interviews he has set up (and they are all with reputable sites) and thinks that it is history repeating with yet another client leaving him behind. There’s a lot of ego in this business and everyone is striving to get ahead so it’s not surprising that nerves are frayed and Billy has always had a temper issue. His terrible attempt at leaving dramatically only to come back for his phone had me in stitches. Poor Billy, but hey he gets his job back at the end.

the comeback 2.05 BillyKerensa: Billy’s meltdown was funny and completely made sense to me, but at least for me, watching anything after Val’s meeting with Tom was kinda hard to pay attention to. Their whole interaction made me feel nauseous. Not because Tom necessarily did anything wrong–but finding out more that happened behind the scenes in that Room & Bored writers room was horrifying. I felt bad for Tom when he complained about how much Paulie G had fucked up but was still able to make it within the industry. And there was Tom, who did everything he felt was right, and is stuck working on Nick shows.

When Tom mentioned all the horrific things that Paulie G said about Val–wasn’t there something about wanting to basically murder her–I just felt this awful sinking feeling. I don’t think The Comeback is going to GO THERE obviously, but I am so so nervous about what is going to happen with Paulie G and Val. It’s just been building and I’m really stressed about it.

Are you feeling like that? Am I just being insane?

the comeback 2.05 val and tomEmma: If definitely sucks that Paulie G has been gifted his own comeback while Tom’s career was torpedoed by Room and Bored. And pretty much everything that happened in that writers’ room sounds incredibly toxic and horrifying. Tom definitely alludes to Paulie G saying he wanted to harm Val, how he called Valerie the devil and said they should “find a stake and pound it through your heart. If you have one.” He also explicitly warns her to stay away from Paulie G and while I hadn’t considered that he would hurt her before you mentioned it, he did write a sequence with Mitch with a shotgun outside Malory’s house so his mind has definitely gone there.

I second your stressed out feelings and it is a vibe that is permeating the whole show, so much so that the documentary is now going to be focusing on this relationship. It’s like everyone is aware of how much Paulie G hates Valerie and I find it hard to believe she is that oblivious to it all. Maybe it’s just her grin and bear it demeanor but I wonder how long she is going to tolerate the way he treats her and if she pushes back what he will do next.

He’s clearly crumbling under the pressure and Valerie is getting positive notes, which is also not going to help his negative feelings. Also what do you think Paulie G made of his replacement director?

The Comeback 2.05 Val and Paulie GKerensa: Actually the whole Paulie G’s replacement director thing was weird to me. She was SUPER annoying I thought. And I bet he hated it because he couldn’t be in control because he’s falling apart.

What did you think?

Emma: She was weirdly a bit cutesy for me with the whole dance thing, I’m guessing they wanted to go for the complete opposite type of director who is warm and encouraging but it came across as a little forced. But I’m happy that it probably/definitely pissed Paulie G off. And I found the green screen stuff to be very disorientating aesthetically which makes sense as it is meant to throw Valerie as well. I did like how she didn’t really get that the fake audience were laughing on cue and so she really dug that reaction as it felt real to her.

What did you make of Mark’s decision to go ahead and get a sublet now they are using their house to double as a hospital?

the comeback 2.05 Valerie and MickeyKerensa: Mark’s decision to get a sublet is just another ingredient to my anxiety about this final episode. Seeing Val’s face when she says that to the camera while trying to blow it off as nothing is A+ from Kudrow who totally nails the almost casual anguish (is that a thing) that Val is trying to hide. But it does make me even more worried for her. Mark’s always been her rock, a really grounding force, and if he’s gone, then what?

Emma: Val doesn’t have a whole lot of people she can really rely on and with Mark reaching his fame breaking point, it’s only really Mickey that she has truly on her side (I’d argue you Jane as well, but she’s definitely not in the same support league as Mark and Mickey). Mickey has his own concerns of course with his skin cancer diagnosis and it’s unclear what’s going on there as it didn’t get mentioned this week. I’m pretty concerned about that as week. Everything is stacking up and it feels like the breaking point is coming. And I think Valerie is the poster child for casual anguish.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. You can follow her on Twitter to read her thoughts on teen TV, snacks and terrible pop music.

Best of TV Costuming 2014: The John Oliver Check Shirt Parade on Last Week Tonight

8 Dec

Welcome to TV Ate My Wardrobe’s “Best of 2014″ costuming series and rather than doing a straightforward countdown we’re going to do a variety of posts that look at which costumes and shows have made a huge impact this year. From items that we want in our own wardrobe to pieces that got everyone talking, we want to look at this year’s TV through the prism of costume.

When John Oliver hosted The Daily Show over the summer of 2013 it became clear that when Jon Stewart returned, if Oliver went back to his correspondent position then this would be a huge missed opportunity. Thankfully this wasn’t the case and one of the best new shows of 2014 is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver; a weekly show (sadly finished for the season) covering a range of global news stories as well as a more in-depth investigations ranging from student loans to FIFA to the failed prison system. It has been a breath of fresh air and while The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are still both producing excellent material covering a much shorter time frame, Last Week Tonight has taken the satirical current affairs genre to new heights.

IMG_8665The look of the show is similar to pretty much every other late night talk show, satirical or otherwise. There is a desk with a city backdrop and the image box appears to the left of Oliver’s head a la The Daily Show/Colbert. Aesthetically though, Oliver’s wardrobe is different and striking as he has embraced a variety of check color shirts and ties. In his role as correspondent he stuck to a run of the mill look never venturing too far from the conventional. By injecting color and pattern in this way he is not only signals that this is his show, he also sets himself apart from those performing a similar role that have come before him.

Shots were fired quickly in the strong shirt and tie game with Oliver wearing the red pairing in the shot above in the second episode. One presenter in Australia wore the same suit every day to see if anyone would notice to show how little attention is paid to what men wear in comparison to women. While it is far from surprising that no one called him out for this repeat outfit, it is noticeable when the wardrobe department mixes things by pairing such striking colors together and Oliver’s attire is a visual bonus on top of everything else Last Week Tonight has achieved in its first season. This isn’t to say there is anything particularly radical about Oliver’s attire; however it is striking because the talk show look is a standard approach looks more like this:

IMG_8670Check isn’t the Last Week Tonight uniform as such because this pattern isn’t worn every single week; however patterned shirts make up about half of what has been worn by Oliver over the first season adding to the fresh look of the show. Maybe we can throw in some paisley for season 2?

Below is a gallery of the best of John Oliver’s check (and the occasional plaid) shirt stylings on Last Week Tonight.



Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.03 “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” Discussion

26 Nov

We’re back to talk about The Comeback and “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” takes us to even darker places with Valerie Cherish with Paulie G hitting new levels of vile. As always I am joined by Kerensa Cadenas and we’ve got a lot to discuss this week.

The Comeback 2.03 val and paulie gEmma: Last week I wondered if I was being a little too harsh on Paulie G and at the time a tiny part of me thought there might be a chance of redemption for one TV’s most vile characters and this week he lives up to that vile reputation and then some. “Valerie is Brought to her Knees” is an important and difficult half hour of TV to watch as it once again turns the cameras inward on the Hollywood process showing some of its darkest and most deplorable methods.

HBO has long been criticized for what I tend to refer to as the ‘boob count’ as female nudity is common, whereas a dude getting totally naked is very rare (you might get to see the odd butt here and there, but dongs are a different tale). In one scene in this episode they get the HBO naked quota, but “that was hell.” For a minute we watch two completely naked woman stand there staring at the camera while multiple crew gaze on and then they are asked to make orgasm noises, all while Valerie is wearing the Aunt Sassy trademark frumpy tracksuit in-between them. Valerie rarely complains about what she is asked to do and while this is a hushed aside to Mickey it speaks volumes.

Paulie G wants to humiliate Valerie repeatedly and by doing it in this overtly sexual way he has somehow reached new levels of demeaning behavior towards Valerie. There is so much in Seeing Red that relates to what happened between them, down to the wardrobe and yet he creates this entirely fictitious blowjob encounter and Valerie wants to know why. In fact everyone wants to know why and Jane’s reaction to everything Paulie G gives me hope that we will see his downfall this season. Valerie isn’t alone in this and Paulie G isn’t going to be able to dictate everything on set, particularly when there is big movie star also on this project who thankfully is nothing like the disgusting character he is playing. What did you make of this whole set up and Seth Rogen’s role in it all?

the comeback 2.03 Seth RogenKerensa: It was hands down one of the most uncomfortable, squirm inducing and important episodes of television I’ve watched all year. I wasn’t holding out any hope for Paulie G at all and in a discussion with a friend last night about this episode, he mentioned that he thought having more of a focus on Paulie G as the creator of Seeing Red shows us how he’s even worse than we could have imagined than when he was just merely a writer, who tortured Valerie, but was still somewhat in the background.

The whole scene was deeply uncomfortable but what really made me want to die especially for Valerie was her outburst about raping her and then Paulie G’s excruciating description of how he wants Valerie to play the blow job. He was making it so painful to humiliate her. Yes, Valerie certainly isn’t an easy person to get along with and at times I want to shake her out of sheer frustration but Paulie G’s hateful motivations towards her are still so unclear for me.

I felt so thankful that Seth Rogen is taking Valerie’s side in everything and it was so endearing when he called her Gingersnaps. It’s nice seeing Valerie have someone on her side but even with Seth there, I think things are just going to get worse. What did you think about Seth’s saving Valerie?

The Comeback 2.03 val on cameraEmma: This show puts Valerie (plus us) through a lot, but I think if Seth Rogen had been anything like Paulie G in his treatment of Valerie I think that would have been just too much to take. So I was very pleased to see not only did he recognise how uncomfortable that scene was making Valerie feel, but he also used his movie star clout to rectify it and allow Valerie to keep some semblance of dignity that Paulie G for whatever reason wants to strip her of. I still don’t know why he took such a dislike to Valerie and yeah she can be a bit much, but she’s never been cruel or spiteful.

My main concern for Valerie after this is that because Seth came to her aid, Paulie G is going to hold this against her as I think he probably thought that he would be best bros with the dude playing him. Except Seth isn’t Mitch or Paulie G and he can see how awful Paulie G’s directions are and I love that he asked ‘why would you do that?’ when he told him to push Val’s head into his crotch. Seth is the dude who can crack jokes on set, but he’s also good at sensing the bad vibe and addressing it. One very depressing aspect about this scene is how Val has no agency and for one reason or another she doesn’t feel like she can say no to this request, hence the rape improv line. I’m glad Seth was the hero; I just wish he didn’t have to be if that makes sense.

The nickname is adorable and this is the kind of thing Valerie lives for; he could have been a douche with the ham gift and just dismissed it but he takes it in good nature and I think this really fucks Paulie G off even more. I think it might get worse for Valerie, but at least she has people on her team and with more influence than last time.

It’s rare that we see Valerie this publicly nervous so what did you make of seeing this different side of her?

the comeback 2.03 val and sethKerensa: I mean Valerie has influence and people on her team this time around but I don’t think that means it’s going to make anything easier for her at all. Paulie G is like a straight up villain. I think it’s just going to get worse. I mean hopefully the finished product is what Valerie needs it to be but watching this process is painful.

It was unsettling to see her like this. I mean she generally has a nervous energy but to see that manifested in such a way made me feel sick. I mean it really just overtook every action throughout the episode from her interactions with Seth in the beginning even to her brief mention to how nervous she was to Mark in bed. But it was also I think another side of Valerie that we were shown that we haven’t quite got before–like her look to Jane while her head is in his lap or her aside to Mickey that she’s in hell. It’s the truest I think we’ve seen her.

What did you think?

The Comeback 2.03 Mark and ValEmma: The brief moment with Mark when she came in really late further emphasized what we were both saying about Mark last week and how good this relationship is. He is supportive and voices his concern, but ultimately he lets Valerie make up her own mind. Mark knows she is nervous and peppers the conversation with jokes and she talks about how long it has been since she did a scene like this – sex scenes just aren’t in her wheelhouse which also adds or heightened nerves.

That look at the end is haunting, before she clocks that camera and smiles it’s like we’re frozen with her and as you mention it’s a very honest moment. It’s still humiliating having her in the position at Paulie G’s behest, but at least it’s only captured on the BTS footage.

Speaking of which it’s funny seeing a whole new set of people getting used to the cameras and Paulie G clearly hates it – when he asks Val to speak in private I love that Jane quips “you mean like a blow job” – and Ashley who is playing the Juna role really doesn’t seemed phased by them, or interested in anything other than her phone.

I definitely want to talk about Valerie’s $7000 wig because that was hilarious.

the comeback 2.03 wigKerensa: Oh Valerie’s wig is hilarious! I mean the whole idea that she even needs a wig that looks exactly like her own hair is totally absurd and very Valerie. It also feels like such a conscious decision to try to make it clear that Paulie G’s Seeing Red character is NOT the real Valerie Cherish.

Emma: And the whole two hairstylists is SO Valerie and that she’s willing to pay for Mickey out of her own pocket shows how much she wants both of them; it’s extravagant and ridiculous. I’m glad this episode had these moments because the rest is pretty brutal. The Comeback is definitely at its strongest when it goes to these dark, real places and I think we’ll be talking about this episode for a long time.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. You can follow her on Twitter to read her thoughts on teen TV, snacks and terrible pop music.

Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.02 “Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back” Discussion

21 Nov

It’s time to talk The Comeback and I am joined once again by Kerensa Cadenas as we take a look at the second episode of this second season “Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back.” More familiar faces return and the issue of cosmetic surgery is discussed along with some maybe shade at how certain shows are treated with regards to HBO’s legacy.

The Comeback 2.02 oscarEmma: I want to start with the return of the greatest producer there is – Jane. Jane Benson that is, but Valerie doesn’t know that and this is one of many forgotten or fumbled names from this episode alone. Valerie is terrible at remembering, but she hasn’t lost her ability to wear someone down until they say yes and she just keeps going with flattery and pointing out the benefits with a splash of emotional blackmail. Jane of course relents despite her better judgement and she’s back producing the behind the scenes footage for Seeing Red.

This is a searing indictment on the Hollywood setup in that Jane has an Oscar and yet she can’t get the funding for her next documentary. So she uses the Oscar as a doorstop “because it doesn’t matter.” Valerie is super impressed by the Oscar and has multiple photos taken posing with it and who can blame her. I know I would and I’m not fame hungry like Valerie.

Jane’s living a super chilled lifestyle up on a ranch and it’s easy to see why she rejects Valerie’s first 20 attempts to get her back on board. First of all she feels like shit for how it all went down with The Comeback and she points out how uptight Valerie is around Paulie G. What could loosen Valerie up is the joint that’s getting passed around (and that Mickey is very happy to partake in) and the reason she relents to having some is to prove that she isn’t uptight. More stoned Valerie please.

Do you think Jane is already regretting returning to this project?

The Comeback 2.02 JaneKerensa: She might be? But I don’t think yet. And I think that any regrets that Jane will end up having will be because of Paulie G and not Valerie. It was so nice to see Jane and Valerie interact again even though Valerie has no idea what she’s talking about and literally did no research or even tried to understand Jane’s viewpoint or personal work.

I don’t think that Valerie’s particularly great at trying to talk people into doing things for her but no matter how off-putting she is she ends up as pretty endearing. Which is kinda how I felt that HBO meeting worked out–super awkwardly the whole time but ended up with Valerie getting what she wanted–this new reality show footage.

What did you think about that meeting?

Emma: Yeah I think you could be right about Jane and Paulie G, especially as there isn’t the same agenda with what kind of footage they get. Jane’s feelings of guilt from how The Comeback went will make her far more sympathetic to Val and I can’t see Paulie G keeping up the civil act.

With the HBO meeting it comes across to me like they want to keep Val sweet so and because they don’t really get what this whole project is, plus it does tie in with stuff that they can throw up on their website/social media. Plus the young exec who suggests this loves Valerie from I’m It! and The Comeback, feeding into her ego. I figure they think it’s an easier to say yes and then she kind of forgot about her other questions. Well she didn’t forget about the schedule but that’s something that she can’t negotiate.

This tackles one of the subjects Lisa Kudrow mentioned in the Buzzfeed profile addressing the plastic surgery question. Kudrow thinks that Valerie is the type to go down this cosmetic route, but Kudrow herself doesn’t want to do this. They get around this by moving the schedule out for the start of Seeing Red and so there’s no time to get anything done with recovery. Val still tries and this where Mark comes in with a photo of a bad filler experience. HBO wants Valerie to look real and I’m pretty sure it’s because Paulie G has been rather disparaging about Valerie’s age/appearance in his script.

It’s another smart critique on Hollywood standards from The Comeback, but what do you make of Mark’s reaction to it all?

The Comeback 2.02 GG partyKerensa: It just really endears Mark to me even more. When we first talked about the show, I didn’t get Mark and I didn’t understand his and Valerie’s relationship at first. But I think he’s truly a grounding force for her and this was just another example of that.

I do agree with Kudrow that Val totally would get work done if she thought it would benefit her career. But then it’s funny how in some respects to her her looks, she’s completely unwilling to negotiate. I’m thinking specifically in her fitting for the Golden Globes with Brad Goreski–she really doesn’t want to try on that insane red feathered dress, even for the cameras, which fair. But then the dress she picks for herself is pretty terrible itself. I think that it’s an on point example of the hypocrisy of Valerie Cherish which makes her such an interesting character.

Do you have thoughts about their whole failed Golden Globes trip?

Emma: Mark has definitely grown on me too and while he is definitely not that bothered by the showbiz side of things, I love how happy he is about the Golden Globes invite and dressing up all fancy. I figured he was going to be ditched for the camera crew – didn’t Val do this at the People’s Choice awards? – so I was glad to see he made the cut even if Mickey didn’t.

I was actually impressed with how Valerie took the whole Golden Globes viewing party situation, but it’s classic Val hiding disappointment with optimism. Valerie isn’t the only one to get a little screwed over by HBO as Paulie G’s there and Mark really doesn’t want to talk to him. Valerie does her thing and Paulie looks pretty pissed that Jane and the crew are back, but he is trying to be civil even going so far as apologising. I don’t buy this whole reformed act and I’m pretty sure he will be back to his vile self soon.

Am I being too harsh on him?

Kerensa: No, you aren’t. I think the exact same thing about Paulie G–there is something here that isn’t adding up–I don’t buy the reformed act and all that.

So I’m just gonna go ahead and throw my theory out there–just from the way he was around Valerie in this episode and body language things, I think he wants to fuck Valerie. And I could be completely wrong and off base but that was just the very intense feeling I got from this episode.

The Comeback 2.02 SATCEmma: Especially because we overheard him saying he didn’t want her in the first episode when her mic pack got stuck in the door. I don’t think he wanted her anywhere near this project.

It’s not something I’d thought about before you mentioned it, but I can definitely see how that could be a thing. He is strangely awkward around her and that might be why, plus he’s also kind of weird with Mark. The way they ditched the party, but wanted to make sure they didn’t get the same elevator with Paulie is hilarious.

Going back briefly to the HBO trip and I really want more Valerie comments about past and present HBO projects. The Leila Durham name confusion was a highlight, but it was her “the show that started it all” comments about Sex and the City and The Sopranos that really stuck with me and I couldn’t help but wonder if this is Michael Patrick King’s way of calling out everyone who ignores SATC when HBO’s TV legacy is discussed.

Kerensa: Oh man, I didn’t even think about that! I hope so because that would be SO smart–also even thinking about how ahead of its time The Comeback was and no one really appreciated it at the time.

God, we don’t deserve this show.

Emma: Right?! Like I know he’s said some shitty things at TCA panels regarding Two Broke Girls and the SATC movies are terrible, but the show deserves so much better. And yeah same with a The Comeback. It definitely made me think of the Emily Nussbaum piece in response to the Difficult Men book.

Kerensa: Yeah, he’s certainly very flawed but SATC has received a much rougher legacy than it really deserves.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine. You can follow her on Twitter and read her ridiculous thoughts about teen television at her website.

Hello, Hello, Hello: The Comeback 2.01 “Valerie Makes a Pilot” Discussion

16 Nov

The Comeback has returned and after talking all things Valerie with Kerensa Cadenas last summer we are back to do more of the same for season 2. When we started the Summer Rewind project we had no idea that this show would get a long overdue second chance; reboots and remakes are common Hollywood fare, but it is unusual for a show to get another go this long after it has been canceled and with the creative team involved (a trend maybe developing as Twin Peaks is also getting revived).

The Comeback 2.01Emma: So Valerie Cherish is back and she’s still just as oblivious and hungry for approval/fame while trying to recreate the I’m It! glory days. And I’m so happy to see her again, even during the most heartbreaking/cringe moments.

Since we last saw Valerie she hasn’t had a whole lot of success as both Room and Bored and The Comeback weren’t picked up – it’s not surprising as Room and Bored was terrible and the reality show kind of needed the sitcom to survive – and she’s done independent horror movies (which are actually student films), a hair care line for red heads called Cherish Your Hair (which I would so go red for) and an almost turn on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This is the one that could have propelled her back into the public eye and it’s a decision she clearly regrets as she’s trying to forge a relationship with Andy Cohen. In typical Valerie form she thinks a couple of tweets can be referred to as ‘communicating with’ about this new project. She failed to grasp the scripted aspect of the kind of reality TV that has thrived since The Comeback and her refusal to be painted in what she saw as a villainous light led to her ditching the project. Valerie has always been concerned with coming across as a good person on screen and this normally leads to her looking totally clueless and self involved. Charitable acts come across as forced and disingenuous and the image she wants to project rarely plays out the way she hopes.

This could have been her return to the big time and she knows this, which is why the offer of a HBO show is so exciting even if it is a role that is essentially a character assassination and it means she will have to work with Paulie G again. Once again just the simple act of typing his name fills me with rage. Oh and it turns out that he was a heroin addict while they were making Room and Bored, but he’s still an asshole now. The cold read is such a terrifying moment for Valerie as not only does she have to read some pretty awful things about herself, but this is arguably the biggest opportunity of her career and she doesn’t want another Real Housewives missed opportunity.

The monologue itself is a searing take on how older actress are treated and when the camera lingers on Valerie’s frozen look of slight horror as she reads it to herself we know what is coming is going to be heartbreaking and it is. Lisa Kudrow’s delivery of this “unfuckable” diatribe is incredible and cuts right to the core of Hollywood gender double standards when it comes to what age is generally considered attractive. It is moments like this that make The Comeback such a special and important show that goes WAY beyond cringe comedy. What was your take on this scene?

How do you feel in general about Valerie’s return?

The Comeback 2.01 cold readKerensa: I’m so glad to have Valerie back! Just seeing her in that opening scene to bumbling that Chateau Marmont “meet up” with Andy Cohen–who she’s been “communicating” with was all just so classic Valerie. Completely cringing, panic inducing and ultimately so deeply sympathetic.

Seeing what she’s been up to post-Room and Bored was a perfect catch up–like I would totally watch the Valerie Cherish Cherish Your Hair infomercial while stoned at 3 am and probably would end up ordering some of that hair dye. Let’s be real I’d also watch all of Valerie’s “independent films.” (Yes, I know I’m using so many quotations but they feel appropriate.)

But what got me even more excited about this return of The Comeback was the scene that you mentioned–Valerie’s impromptu audition of Paulie G’s (groan) new HBO show–it was such a fucking smart critique on Hollywood, women and ageism and Kudrow crushed it. And that just dark biting feeling that was there while she was talking about being “unfuckable” gave the show even more layers for me than it had before. So I’m really excited to see where this goes–perhaps an attack on ~~white male antiheroes?~~

The Comeback 2.01 real housewivesEmma: Oh wow I really hope so and if that is the case then The Comeback is going to be the perfect companion to The Good Wife’s ‘Darkness at Noon.’ Kudrow is in a really strong position in terms of knowing how Hollywood treats older actresses not just through her own experience, but through that of her Friends co-stars. Jennifer Aniston is still churning out the comedy movies where she is still the hot sexual object (see the strip scene in We’re the Millers) but she is also trying to do the whole being treated like a serious actress and uglifying herself with Cake. And all people are interested in is whether she will ever marry Justin Theroux or have a baby. And how she feels about Brad and Angelina. Courtney Cox on the other hand is still doing the TV thing, but she has her own aging tabloid stories when it comes to Botox (and I know The Comeback will be addressing plastic/cosmetic surgery this season) and her dating life.

In terms of how similar Valerie is she still can’t remember names of anyone, she still loves a good prayer hands and her timeout symbol indicates where she wants to cut the footage. Mark using this in the bedroom when she tells him she put the bedroom camera back in is hilarious and I’m so glad they are still together. I’m also glad Mark was pissed off that Valerie took the Seeing Red part because he knows what a fucker Paulie G was to her first time. Mark clearly supports Valerie as he isn’t that reluctant to appear on camera this time, I think he just knows there should be a line.

So here is the thing Valerie has what appears to be a pretty good life as she’s still got money, the house and the husband who loves her but there is also this desire for the fame thing. Do you think she cares more about being known or about being an actress? I tend to lean toward the former and it is why she is willing to put herself in these shitty positions. And it’s not because she is dumb, there is some self-awareness and comprehension of the Hollywood game, but she wants in so much she doesn’t care about what she has to do. As long as she doesn’t look bad.

The other heartbreaking moment for me came as she stood in the paparazzi scrum shouting Juna’s name and the dejected look on Valerie’s face that she tried to cover with sunny optimism as the car pulled away. But Juna must have heard the “Baby Girl” call through all the Juna’s as she came back and she really hasn’t changed either despite being a HUGE star. It’s not surprising that Juna and Chris are the ones who made it (and I can’t wait to see meathead Kellan Lutz once again, maybe they’ll riff on the whole Twilight thing) as they are the ones who are still doing things now (sorry Jesse and Shayne).

Mickey is the returning character I am happiest seeing and I can’t imagine anything breaking this bond. I’ve already mentioned Mark being back, so is her publicist Billy (Dan Bucatinsky) and their housekeeper Esparanza also pops up briefly. Mark’s daughter Francesca is referenced as she needs an apartment in New York where she is studying fashion and as I’ve seen a lot of Million Dollar Listing NYC recently I’m hoping for a reality show crossover here. I know Jane is going to be back and she’s definitely top of my most anticipated list and I love her relationship with Valerie.

Who are you wanting to make a comeback to The Comeback? Oh and as we had some reality figures show up (oh hey Ru Paul) is there anyone in this arena you want to see on the show? Tyra would be my number one choice.

The Comeback 2.01 Andy Cohen and Ru PaulKerensa: I think that Valerie wants to be known as opposed to being an actress and it sucks but for Valerie it seems that, especially the way I think the show has/continues to frame Valerie’s struggle as a working older actress is that is what her options are? I mean, I think depending on how this season pans out, that may change but she’s pretty much willing to do whatever it is to be known as opposed to doing good work.

I’m excited to see Jane also and the thing about this season that I’m the most excited about is that catching up with these characters from the original I think will give us more insight into their lives. I mean so much about Paulie G—that he was using heroin–was off camera on The Comeback which is going to I think add some really interesting stuff into the show.

In terms of guests–I’m not sure there’s anyone I have specifically in mind but I’m fully expecting to see some totally random people show up. People LOVED The Comeback and even judging from Ru and Andy showing up–I think we are going to see some major stars show up to support Valerie.

The Comeback 2.01 JunaEmma: When they mentioned Kathryn Hahn was in the audition room (and Chelsea Handler – IRL BFF of Jennifer Aniston – made a cameo appearance via a video audition) I was hoping she was going to be there, but alas this wasn’t the case. In somewhat related/unrelated Melanie Lynskey (another fave and star of new HBO show Togetherness) did comment on Twitter “When Kathryn Hahn walks in to an audition room you’re in, the most dignified thing to do is give her a little bow, pack up your sides & go.” Now I want to see Melanie Lynskey on The Comeback.

The well is deep as there are plenty of reality TV personalities who would be more than happy to appear on a show like this in the most meta of ways trying to clutch onto the fame. The depth of the HBO acting roster is also long and varied and as you mention people love The Comeback – and it’s definitely one of those Hollywood insider shows that show business types adore – so I think there will be a few surprises in store.

Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is an Editor for Snakkle. She also writes for Women and HollywoodThe WeekThis Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine. You can follow her on Twitter and read her ridiculous thoughts about teen television at her website.

Watch John Oliver Take on Dr. Oz with Bonus HBO Related Cameos

24 Jun

Last summer John Oliver introduced a new dance to the world when he filled in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (the “Carlos Danger” dance if you will) and so far he has been killing it each week on his new show Last Week Tonight on HBO. In previous episodes he has taken on the FCC and FIFA among others and this week comes the turn of Dr Oz, lobbyists, the FTC and the FDA. Exasperated outrage at what some companies/industries get away with thanks to power they wield is delivered with biting humor and the segment ends with a cameo-filled pander party (which would only be better if it was a panda party). This includes George R.R. Martin teasing his latest Game of Thrones kills (I’d say he was joking and yet the death rate in those books would suggest otherwise) and some dancing from both John Oliver and a Boardwalk Empire star. HBO show so HBO related cameos and the future possibilities are plentiful.

John OliverIt’s also worth noting that John Oliver continues to bring his shirt game (maybe not in the promo photo above). More checked bold colors please.

First Look at The Normal Heart

10 Mar

Here’s your first look at HBO’s The Normal Heart and Ryan Murphy’s TV movie adaptation of the Larry Kramer play of the same name has devastating written all over it (Kramer also wrote this screenplay). Covering the HIV-AIDS epidemic in the early 80s and focusing on events in New York City, this project features Mark Ruffalo, Taylor Kitsch, Matt Bomer, Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Jonathan Groff and Denis O’Hare (this is a whole lot of TV Ate My Wardrobe favorites).

If this teaser is anything to go by, stocking up on tissues is a must as my screen is already blurry thanks to Ruffalo’s (playing Ned Weeks) shouted plea – “I am trying to understand why nobody gives a shit that we’re dying!”

The Normal Heart airs Sunday, May 25.

Girls Season 3 Poster: Boots and Gowns

2 Dec

The promo wheels keep on spinning for the news season of Girls and hot on the heels of the new promo last week, HBO has now released a poster. Adam and Ray are now part of the poster ensemble, which in the past has only featured the women of Girls. There’s a fairy tale theme with Shoshanna and Marnie rocking the pastel shades and playing princess – both of these characters are very good at faking happiness. Jessa looks bored of course and has paired her gown with a pair of rugged boots and it’s a little disconcerting that Hannah is staring directly out of the poster at you. Hannah has ditched her shoes and this is my go to move when wearing heels. Oh and Adam has lost the facial fuzz and Ray has a perfect expression of disdain.

Girls S3

After the happily ever after knight in shining armor moment (ok knight with amazing Face Time reception in the street) ending of last season, this theme is somewhat appropriate and it’s given the Girls edge with the “Happily Whatever After” tagline. The primary season 2 poster featured only Hannah and this hinted at her isolation and so it’s a welcome relief to see an expanded group shot like this one. I’m also happy they’ve taken it out of the city and gone for a ‘fantasy’ image that plays with the notion of a perfect lifestyle. It’s messy like the show and while the fairy tale idea isn’t an innovative one, it is fun and season 3 looks set to capture this aspect that got lost last year.

Summer Rewind: The Comeback Episodes 2 and 3

10 Jul

Continuing TV Ate My Wardrobe’s The Comeback Summer Rewind with Kerensa Cadenas and we’re looking at episode 2 and 3 – “Valerie Triumphs at the Upfronts” and “Valerie Bonds with the Cast.”

The Comback ep 2 with cast

Emma: In the pilot we saw that Valerie has very little star power and this theme continues with the next two as Room and Bored goes into production post pick-up. This includes a trip to New York for the upfronts and the filming of the first episode (after the pilot). I think the first surprise is how long Valerie hasn’t been on TV as her other major show I’m It was last on air in 1992 and it’s now 2004. It’s not surprising then to see that Valerie isn’t that well known or regarded but thanks to the fame she did have it has kept her in a comfortable living situation/bubble since that show ended, I wonder if we will hear about any projects she did between I’m It! and Room and Bored.

The need for this reality show to boost Valerie’s career tells us that she has faded into obscurity and The Comeback continues to navigate and mimic the world of reality TV with precision. Unlike the pilot, Valerie now appears to be savvier about the presence of the cameras and while she is still naive in some regards, she’s also not stupid. There’s a lot of saving face, particularly when the rest of the cast leave for dinner in New York without her; this is in part about reduced embarrassment in front of the cameras and also Valerie trying to make herself feel better about the situation because if she doesn’t do this she might realize just how shitty everything really is.

Valerie shows her true feelings at the upfronts in a couple of places and Lisa Kudrow (who also co-wrote this episode) does a great job of showing Valerie’s ‘everything is wonderful’ face disappear for a few seconds – one is when she notices that the cast has left without her, another is when the disgusting Paulie G shoots her with a finger gun while her personal diary cam is recording and the most heartbreaking one is when it appears as if she won’t be called out onto the upfronts stage. This is when she gets into a heated argument with the stage manager as he is already annoyed with her reality camera crew taking up space and while “I don’t want to see that” is Aunt Sassy’s catchphrase, I’ll definitely be using Valerie’s “I’ll throw the fucks around” in the future. Valerie’s done a good job of remaining professional while the cameras are on her, but I’m glad we got to see her crack as there’s only so much rejection/humiliation one person can take.

I don’t know if it’s because Friends was on NBC, but I’m totally reading the network that Room and Bored is on as NBC. The other new reality shows that they showed off at this presentation also made me think of Jack’s terrible ideas on 30 Rock when he was trying to ruin the network (also NBC) including a newlywed game that involves couples hitting each other with shovels and the hunt for America’s next porn star.

What did you think about Valerie’s brief meltdown and the upfront presentation?

The Comeback ep 2 Upfronts stage

Kerensa: The upfronts were so terribly, terribly uncomfortable. I hate seeing how little power Valerie has in comparison to what I think she thinks she does. But like you said I do think that Valerie realizes what she’s doing in front of the cameras for sure. Like when she has to buy that $4500 plane ticket for her friend/hairstylist. She’s desperately trying to control her image with the show–but then it makes everything look worse.

I bet Valerie has received SO many royalties for I’m It! if it was as popular as we are lead to believe. I agree that I really want to see what she did in between Room and Bored and I’m It!

That whole section where she didn’t get introduced right away at the upfronts was EPIC. Kudrow is a genius–wavering between everything is fine and “I’ll throw the fucks around” –which like you said is totally a future phrase I’ll be using as well. I’m glad we got to see her crack too–the whole episode was basically one rejection after another from the photo shoot to the missed dinner. It was hard to watch.

I’m really hoping later on we get Valerie just losing it–and I’m really hoping that it’s aimed at those FUCKING WRITERS. I HATE THEM SO MUCH.

I couldn’t decide what network either–but all those reality shows they announced were SO eerie–especially the porn star one. I felt like I had seen that before. Was that ever actually a reality show concept? I feel like it might have been. And the Newlyweds one! OMG.

I think Valerie Cherish is going to be our new spirit animal–feel accurate?

Other thoughts on the episode?

The Comeback ep 2 Uprfronts presentation

Emma: I’m finding Valerie’s relationship with Mickey to be the most intriguing so far as he is clearly cares deeply for her and I’d say that she feels the same way about him (even if the plane ticket moment was mostly for the cameras). It’s good that she has one person truly fighting her corner, even if he has little power beyond styling her hair. It’s still unclear as to how much Valerie’s husband Mark cares about Valerie or her career; he doesn’t seem that invested or that interested in her career. We meet Mark’s teenage daughter Francesca in episode 2 and there’s a hilarious discussion about which of her friends can go to dinner as Valerie thinks they need to pick an “eater” as a “non-eater” will only encourage Francesca not to eat. Francesca is very interested in the cameras and as we find out in episode 3 Valerie hasn’t had the easiest relationship with her step-daughter. Valerie thinks that Francesca is warming to her, but what she’s actually warming to is potential fame from the cameras (she’s like a Kardashian before the Kardashians were on TV). Also Mark’s ex-wife Mimi runs a 24-hour tanning salon, which is hilarious and I’m guessing is something that probably exists.

I’m hopping to episode 3 briefly as the moment when Valerie is meant to be discussing this relationship development with Francesca it’s meant to be “on the fly” but Valerie is trying to turn it in to this huge thing. This is another example of Valerie attempting to work the narrative in her favor – she wants a personal diary moment but she’s reminded that she has to actually drive Francesca to school by the crew so there isn’t enough time. When they get to the school another reality show is being filmed – Switcheroo for Nickelodeon which appears to be a parent/child role reversal. Whatever it is Francesca thinks it is dumb and it makes Valerie feel silly for wearing a pink furry gilet.

Back to the upfronts episode and the other members of the cast continue to be oblivious to everything really. Kellan Lutz really is playing the dumb bro role and his hair is really killing me. Once again none of the cast is intentionally attempting to make Valerie feel bad, they’re just very wrapped up in themselves and because they are all similar in age and mentality there is always going to be this big divide (a divide which is further emphasized in episode 3 with the location of Valerie’s dressing room). This is most evident when they’re shooting the cast promo shot and every time Valerie tries to come closer to the group she is sent back to her mark and gets told to stop pouting. Valerie is trying so hard to make her character into something more but really she is there as an obstacle and a punch line. This makes me sad and I’m totally with you when it comes to Valerie being our new spirit animal.

What did you think of the plane turbulence scene? So much cringe/awkward comedy.

I also noticed Parks and Rec showrunner Mike Schur’s name in the credits as a co-producer and upon IMDB investigating he also wrote two forthcoming episodes. I’m very excited about this.

The Comeback ep 2 Francesca

Kerensa: I agree with you on everything regarding Francesca. And the actress who plays her is my girl Bay from Switched at Birth! Mark clearly sucks–and has no idea what is going on with his daughter. Even though Valerie is very much clueless in her own way–the whole eater vs. non eater friend thing makes so much sense–especially if you’ve ever been a teenage girl.

The minute Valerie bought that fur vest (gave me major Rachel Zoe vibes) because Juna was wearing one I knew something awful would happen with it. That scene where she’s talking about connecting with Francesca while walking down the staircase–wow. So cringey. And also shows how much Valerie, I think, is really playing the game.

All the cast members are SO oblivious (which I think we get even more of in E3)–and again I think Kellan Lutz is playing Kellan Lutz. Yeah, she’s trying so hard but keeps getting so much pushback from everyone. Especially THOSE WRITERS. I hate them so much.

The plane turbulence scene was super awkward but hilarious. But I think it does go to show how badly Valerie wants this–the minute that camera was on Juna, Valerie was there. She’s a mastermind I think.

I saw Mike Schur’s name too! And I got really excited.

So, let’s talk episode three. A lot of stuff happened. What did you think?

The Comeback ep 3 cast lunch

Emma: Before I dive into episode 3 I want to ask you a question about HBO shows and their theme music as whenever I see the HBO logo before a show, no matter what it is the Sex and the City theme starts playing in my head. I know others who hear Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranos and I was wondering if this happens to you too, and if so which show? I think it’s because Sex and the City was the first HBO show I watched but it’s funny that all these years later it still pops into my head.

Now to The Comeback and while it’s been clear to us as viewers that Room and Bored is all about the young cast, Valerie is explicitly told by Jimmy that this is not her show, her show is the reality one and so she should stop trying to interject with any kind of opinion. Juna is the star of Room and Bored (even if her character is as smart as Ryan Lochte) and so this is who everyone on set is concerned with – my favorite line to do with this aspect is “Don’t hit Juna in the face, she’s the money.” Valerie’s character Aunt Sassy is constantly referred to as pathetic in the script and there is no thought into her character development, they haven’t even considered whether it is a brother or a sister of Aunt Sassy’s that is the family connection with Juna.

Looking at the writers of this show it doesn’t seem like they’ve really thought about any character development beyond how they can get away with showing a naked ass. The discussion between the writers about what you can show on a drama (like NYPD Blue which got away with showing a naked ass on TV 10 years previous) is a nice insight and as I love anything that relates to television Standards & Practices this conversation stood out. Can drama get away with a lot more than comedy? Or is it more about testing the boundaries and working around them (like how they called Winston’s erection in New Girl a pogo)?

Paulie G continues to be disgusting and Valerie walks in on him getting a blowjob (and I used Valerie’s “I don’t want to see that”, because really, urgh) but I love Valerie’s response in that she laughs at the absurdity of the situation and then makes a joke about getting that girl to sign a release form/

Valerie is definitely not going to let people like Jimmy or Paulie D make her feel ostracized so she organizes a lunch for her and the cast, a lunch that isn’t a huge success as Juna doesn’t show up. Juna doesn’t really give an excuse as to why she skipped out on the group bonding but later asks Valerie for lunch, just the two of them. This almost turns into a disaster again as it looks like Juna isn’t going to show up and once again Lisa Kudrow manages to convey so much disappointment while trying to remain positive. When she tries to eat the bread and it ends up looking ungraceful I realized this is exactly how I would look on camera.

In the end Juna does show in and explains that as this is her first acting gig she’s incredibly nervous about losing her job and this seems pretty genuine, as so far Juna has been pretty oblivious to almost everything. While I think Valerie’s intentions of taking Juna under her wing come from a place of good intentions, I also think that she has spotted an opportunity to gain some power by becoming the natural ‘mother’ of the group. Her mothering is evident earlier with the first show gifts; it’s a lovely thought but also focuses on her character. I’m all for Valerie doing this as at the moment no one on that production team is showing Valerie any kind of respect.

This is also evident when they want Valerie to talk about Juna missing the cast lunch in Valerie’s one on one; Valerie doesn’t want to talk about it as she thinks that will become the narrative of the episode. This will pull the focus away from Valerie on her own show onto Juna and it also makes Valerie look like she’s the pathetic one (like Aunt Sassy) who gets stood up. This is a pretty astute reading of the situation by Valerie and as we mentioned earlier she’s definitely picking up on the ‘rules’ of reality TV. By not talking about it in this moment it will be much harder for the editors to construct a bigger narrative.

What do you think about Valerie in this episode? Also is Juna as wide-eyed and innocent as she makes out?

The Comeback ep 3 Valerie show gift

Kerensa: It totally happens to me too! It’s a toss up between Sex and the City and Six Feet Under though.

Yeah, I think you can totally see the parallels between Valerie and Aunt Sassy–which is something I wonder if the reality show is consciously trying to parrot.

I thought the writers stuff was interesting too. I would say I think that dramas can get away with more than comedies. And I don’t remember that Winston New Girl erection thing–that seems so ridiculous. I wonder if we’ll see more of the writers–or even a writer’s room situation considering the content of Room and Bored–I’m assuming it’s just a bunch of white dudes.

I loved Valerie’s reaction to seeing Paulie G getting that blow job. It was pretty much perfect. I want that to be the Valerie we get all the time.

I can’t really read Juna yet. That whole cast lunch was kinda cringey–and while I liked Valerie’s gifts to the cast–that was pretty awkward as well. But the Valerie waiting and waiting at lunch for Juna was awful to watch. And I agree that’s how I’d probably look if I was filmed in a situation like that–although I’d probably look a lot more pissed and be sending texts on my phone to friends such as “I fucking hate everyone.” But I have a couple theories about Juna–I think she could just be this flighty LA type who just doesn’t realize that she’s being terrible/thinks that being 40 minutes late is being on time. While we do learn that it’s her first acting role, she’s in a band–and she totally strikes me as being known for that/socialite/party girl situation. But I can’t decide if she really is that oblivious or not. I do want her and Valerie to be friends though.

I agree that Valerie is realizing the rules of reality television and I’m so anxious to see how she constructs this narrative for herself. And I hope it involves making the writers look terrible!

The Comeback ep 3 Valerie and Juna

Emma: Victory for Valerie over the writers is what I want to see happening in the next few episodes and I also hope this is how she ends up constructing her narrative. It’s boring to see women going up against each other out of jealousy/insecurity so I’m happy with how they are playing Juna and Valerie’s relationship and I’d really like them to be friends.

I don’t have much to add but one thing I want them to do is taking a visit up to Mickey’s storage unit in the Valley as it sounds like it’s packed with treats (and would be perfect on Storage Wars).

Kerensa: Agreed. I really hope for those same things. And I really don’t want a catfight situation between Valerie and Juna.

Can you imagine the treasures in Mickey’s storage unit? I feel like he would have a lot of Bob Mackie in there.


Kerensa Cadenas is a writer living in Los Angeles. She is a staff writer for Women and Hollywood. She also writes for This Was TelevisionForever Young Adult, and Bitch magazine. She was the Research Editor for Tomorrow magazine. You can follow her on Twitter and read her ridiculous thoughts about teen television at her website.


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