The Americans Season 3 Promo: A Few Quick Thoughts and New Disguises

10 Dec

The new Americans season 3 promo is here (and can be viewed in full at Yahoo TV) with “Every Breath You Take” by The Police entering seemingly impossible new levels of creepy as it plays over various intense and dangerous looking moments. The stakes were raised last season as Elizabeth and Philip faced danger close to home and this is set to be ramped up further with Paige being viewed as a potential KGB recruit. The end of season 2 signaled there would be discord in the Jennings home as Philip and Elizabeth differ in their views on this Paige demand and this is evident in the new promo. The kitchen is once again the hub of both disagreement and the couple coming together.

A couple of disguises stand out and I can’t wait to see this mustachio aviator wearing fella:

IMG_1134And this is my instant new Elizabeth favorite. She looks so chill and I would like her to share all the ways she is pulling off giant frames like these as it is a majestic style choice:

IMG_1137There are a few other things that stand out including the FBI getting close once again to Philip and Elizabeth, with Elizabeth in what appears to be a very precarious position. Someone is getting strangled and I have a feeling (from pausing and looking closely) it could be Philip’s asset Anneliese. Paige is looking all kinds of grown up with her hair mimicking her mother’s and there are more visits to church in store. Frank Langella makes an appearance as their handler replacing Kate and I wonder how contentious this relationship will be. He also wants to remind them what they do “is for the good of the many.” Okay, Jeremy Bentham. Nina is alive, but her current location is a bit on the dreary/unwelcoming side and Stan stares mournfully at her photo. Sad Stan is sad.

IMG_1139Oh and what is this?! Stan is showing what looks like Martha how to use a gun. Better watch out for this Clark.

Somehow everything looks even more intense than last year, the risks greater and this is a show that makes an embrace look like the most devastating and intimate of action. And I cannot wait. Roll on January 28.

The Americans is part of the Best of TV Costuming 2014 series and you can read those thoughts here.

3 Responses to “The Americans Season 3 Promo: A Few Quick Thoughts and New Disguises”

  1. Anya Rush December 10, 2014 at 5:20 pm #

    Absolutely loved the promo. I watched it again and again. The tension, increased intensity and the thrill is too much to handle 😀 Jan 28 can’t come soon enough.


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