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Out of the Box: Look of the Week

18 Dec

This is essentially an extended version of all the Star Wars: The Force Awakens posts from earlier this week with a couple of other red carpet moments thrown in for good measure. Yes there are other movies out (but not a whole lot of TV stuff going on this week).

Daisy RidleyWhat better way to celebrate your hometown premiere (which for some reason makes this sound super quaint) of the biggest movie of the year than in a galaxy inspired Roland Mouret gown and Daisy Ridley looks stunning once again. And having now seen the movie I can say (without spoiling anything) that Ridley delivers on every level; Rey is everything I hoped she would be fitting in with the likes of Sydney Bristow and Felicity from the JJ archive.

Gwendoline ChristieDitching tulle for feathers and everyone opted for dresses on the darker side for the European premiere with Gwendoline Christie looking stunning in Giles.

Lupita Nyong'oI love everything about this Lupita Nyong’o Proenza Schouler look from the peplum up, the mesh skirt is just a combination of sheer and fringe too far. Makeup and hairstyling choices are both futuristic fun and blue lipstick is a hard thing to pull off in such an effortless cool manner; Lupita is doing just that.Oscar Isaac and John BoyegaDudes in suits looking damn good.

Oscar IsaacAlso looking damn good – this Oscar Isaac GQ cover and editorial. The Oscar Isaac crush continues to be strong (just check out my Twitter and Tumblr TL from the last week/month/year for more).

Natalie Dormer#LadySuitWatch2015 is almost at an end but here is another fantastic red entry with Natalie Dormer adding her name to the list at the Joy New York premiere.

Gugu Mbatha RawEnding this week and our regular “Out of the Box” coverage for the year (the next two weeks will be “Best ofs”) with a super pretty Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini floral number from the always sartorially great Gugu Mbatha-Raw at the Concussion photocall.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

21 Aug

A collection of summer dresses, classic silhouettes, sparkles and super chill looks from this week’s “Out of the Box.” Plus more magazine treats including some Fargo season 2 hints.

Lupita Nyong'oLupita Nyong’o continues to reign supreme in the red carpet stakes and this colorful graphic stripes Lanvin mini frock is ideal D23 Expo attire. It is a fun look and I cannot wait until the full blown Star Wars press tour in December.

Kristen StewartThis is a sparkly floral delight from Kristen Stewart in tailored to perfection Zuhair Murad. Down the red carpet she went barefoot and this only makes me heart her more (the length of time my heels stay on varies, but it is pretty much a flip flop/barefoot swap before the end of the night). This recent KStew press tour has been one sartorial hit after another from magazine covers to the red carpet.

lake bellThe nude pumps are a bit of a snooze, but I’m going to give Lake Bell a pass on the shoe front as this red Vionnet Resort 2016 dress is super chic excellence. Plus Bell gets the bonus red lipstick and excellent clutch points at the No Escape premiere.

Kerry WashingtonNot sure what I’m lusting after more – Kerry Washington’s sunglasses or her floral Suno frock. This is at Jennifer Klein’s Day of Indulgence event which sounds like a whole lot of free stuff joy, which also sounds very appealing.

Aubrey Plaza sunglassesSecond week in a row for Aubrey Plaza and she once again looks casual cool in sunglasses and buttoned up blouse as she also attends the Day of Indulgence.

Stephen Colbert GQThe Stephen Colbert September issue GQ profile has plenty of incredible suits and poses throughout New York. It is well worth a read particularly the second half where things turn to dealing with tragedy at a young age.

Kirsten dunstKirsten Dunst serves up another 70s inspired photo shoot and whereas Town and Country took a Virgin Suicides inspiration in floaty whites, in Gotham Magazine she is giving off Jane Birkin vibes. The interview is conducted by Julianne Moore and covers quite a lot of ground including which film is closest to her own character (Bring it On), being a child actor and what drew her to Fargo. She also reveals some plot details and the costuming comes up; I am very excited this aspect as this is my favorite clothing decade.

“In the first few episodes, I wanted people to look at Peggy and giggle a little bit—just a pinch! Not at her, but with her, just so that you’re on this girl’s side. Some of the stuff that she manipulates her husband into doing! I had red gloves because I was caught red-handed. And because this character wants to get out of Minnesota, I wanted her to have a beret to wear, or a shirt that has the Eiffel Tower all over it.”

She also says nice things about Jesse Plemons, because of course “He’s awesome. Most of our scenes are together, and we developed a great friendship.”

Adam Driver Covers the GQ September Issue

19 Aug

The next few years are going to be big for Adam Driver including more GirlsStar Wars sequels and a Martin Scorsese movie. Scoring the cover of GQ’s September issue is the natural progression, though I am pleasantly surprised it has happened so soon (I’m sure Details and Entertainment Weekly will happen in the not too distant future) and it’s a pretty relaxed looking shot. The all Burberry London ensemble (Henley and vest) kind of looks like one of Adam’s stage costumes during the last season of Girls and the third undone button is like the Henley version of the deep deep V, but acceptable hotness.

Adam Driver GQ coverNo Star Wars secrets are spilled, nor does he reveal anything about season 4 of Girls (which at the time of the interview he was still shooting). Finding out more about who Adam Driver is and how he came to become an actor is a subject that isn’t off limits and while he doesn’t want to talk about his family he does discuss his time as a marine, why he left and getting into Juilliard after one early rejection.

You might not think there would be a point of convergence between his first and second career, but Driver has found a way to unite the two by founding Arts in the Armed Forces; using performing arts to engage with those in the military as well as to entertain. Driver explains his desire to bring this kind of performance (rather than say cheerleaders) to those in service saying “When I think of my military experience, I don’t think of the drills and discipline and pain. I think of these, like, really intimate, human moments of people wanting to go AWOL because they missed their wives, or someone’s dead and they can’t deal with it. And that’s what I wanted to show.”

Driver seems uncomfortable with the success he has experienced so far “It’s very nice. But in a way, I don’t feel like I’ve really put in my dues. Like it doesn’t feel earned.” There’s still a personal conflict at play, however he has proven himself to be a very talented and charming performer and there’s just something about him. Considering how I felt about Adam at the start of Girls (so many hate tweets) and how this had dramatically changed by episode 6; this has as much to do with his portrayal as it does with the writing. Even in Inside Llewyn Davis and his limited screen time he shines.

Adam DriverThe editorial focuses on clothes with looser proportions – I know the 90s are having a renaissance, but let’s not get to that level of baggy again – and you can see the full collection of photos here. The first time he graced the pages of GQ  for a fashion shoot it involved a lot of sportswear (the 70s feel of this one including short shots is fantastic) and while there’s a lot more practical clothes for fall, it’s not self-serious either. Plus stripes and standing on the tips of his toes!

Adam Driver stripesThis outfit – all by Ralph Lauren, except the boots by Red Wing Heritage – is an ideal look and doesn’t slip into the baggy territory I fear.

For more from this fascinating interview (there really does seem to be something different about Driver to the usual actor profiles in these magazines) head here.

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