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The Wish List: Alana Bloom’s Polka Dots on Hannibal

1 Apr

TV Ate My Wardrobe turns 1 this month (which is terrifying and amazing in equal measures) and so in April we will be looking to the shows, characters and costume styling that has dominated this website over the past year. Polka dots and Hannibal’s Alana Bloom definitely feature on this list so when this character recently wore a polka dot shirt dress (in Bloom’s signature red) it automatically got bumped to TAMW Wish List status.

Hannibal 2.03 Alana in Marc JacobsSadly there’s no full body shot as Alana is seated for the entire scene in “Hassun” as they run through the questions Alana might get asked at Will’s trial. It’s a Marc by Marc Jacobs Minetta print (two tone polka dots) and ticks off all the Alana Bloom dress boxes – print, red and a tied waist.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

It’s also the second time that Alana and Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope have worn the same item of clothing (the first being this Equipment blouse), with Leslie wearing this dress in the recent “Galentine’s Day” episode. These two shows could be considered the polar opposite of the human experience and yet they aren’t totally worlds apart; except for the horror that Alana encounters involves dealing with death and Leslie’s is all about bureaucratic nightmares. At the heart of it they are both strong figures in their professions and when it comes to their wardrobe they both favor pattern, so a little cross costuming is not all that bizarre.

Unbuttoning the collar gives a warmer approach to the look and it’s all about making Alana the warm and open one on a show featuring characters who are generally closed off emotionally.

Here’s a quick fantasy costuming suggestion from the Marc by Marc Jacobs current collection and it’s a slight departure from Alana’s usual wardrobe choices. It features a bold print – honeycomb, is it too soon after the recent episode? –  and while it deviates from the red and blues which dominate Alana’s costuming, it’s something that wouldn’t look out of place on this character.

Marc by Marc Jacobs fantasy costumingFor more Wish List and Fantasy Costuming head here and here.

Out of the Box: Look of the Week

29 Nov

Costumes and red carpet appearances all feature on this week’s edition of “Out of the Box” and include 19th century dueling attire, pajamas, sweaters and houndstooth. I did want to talk about something from the Boardwalk Empire season finale, but as this blog doesn’t have page breaks there’s no way to conceal this very spoilery image (click on the link to see the shot). Suffice to say it is a stunningly executed scene and one that makes my heart ache.

Elijah The OriginalsFlashback time on The Originals and Elijah’s hunter green dueling costume complete with tailcoat, pantaloons, cravat and leather knee high boots is an impressive look. There’s not a bad wig in sight (Klaus also looks rather dashing in his waistcoat), something the flashback scenes occasionally suffer from. The Originals has impressed me so far this season as we learn more about the perceived cycle of betrayal that Klaus thinks he is experiencing as he continues his constant quest for loyalty – he had it from his siblings, but he’s treated them in such a way that they can no longer stand by him. This is A+ costuming work from Jennifer Bryan.

NG_310-2_0011Moving on to the present and another superb pajama set from Jess on New Girl. These ones are custom made and you can get the bicycle pictured material here if you fancy making your own (thanks Worn on TV for the heads up). Jess’ pajama collection is pretty immense and while most of the sets tend to come from Victoria’s Secret (unlike the models Jess tends to button hers up), having a few that are one of a kind injects originality into the mix.

Gina Brooklyn Nine Nine ThanksgivingIt’s been a big week for sweaters here at TV Ate My Wardrobe and Gina from Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already featured on the wish list for a sweater she wore earlier this season. Wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater on this week’s Thanksgiving themed episode, Gina takes a place on the “Out of the Box” list as this jungle green (yeah it looks blue to me) patterned piece is a delight. As is the high horse that Gina is riding out on in this scene. The ‘Luna’ sweater is currently at sale price here.

lizzy-caplan-at-golden-globe-awards-season-celebration-in-hollywood-1My current hankering for all the toothed patterned clothing – puppy, dog and hound – means that Lizzy Caplan’s double houndstooth print by Reem Acra is a sight to behold. The gold waistband helps to break up the contrasting, yet similar prints and this is brilliantly bold look. Caplan’s is a TV Ate My Wardrobe favorite and she is willing to mix things up on the red carpet and step out of the safe zone, it doesn’t always work but on this occasion it is terrific and we applaud her for it. Plus she has been a complete charmer on Masters of Sex this season.

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