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Happy Halloween from Hack Into Broad City

29 Oct

There are a couple more months before Abbi and Ilana return for season 3 of Broad City, but thankfully they have been producing Hack Into Broad City videos and this was a vital part of their original web series. The newest installment is Halloween themed and includes a chat about how insane it is to wear heels in the city, Halloween or not; as someone who can’t make it through an evening in a pair I am enthusiastically nodding along to this point.

The costume reveal is pure joy and I can’t think of anything more perfect than what they have both chosen. I am only sad that this isn’t a full length Halloween episode because I love Halloween episodes (see here, here, here and here).

Due to shooting schedules there are some shows that are summer ones even if they air in winter like Broad City and Girls. This is mostly fine and all, but it does mean we miss out on certain fun holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even Valentine’s Day. Show me a holiday themed episode and I will enjoy whatever tenuously related or cheesy shenanigans that take place.

Thankfully Hack Into Broad City has got us covered on this front.

And if I was dressing up as something Broad City related for Halloween I think my two of my options would be:

Broad City Val


Broad City Bingo BronsonAnd for something truly special Pam is ideal.

So many Broad City costume potentials!

Hack into Broad City: Cereal War

23 Sep

Broad City isn’t back for season 2 until January (every sad face possible), but until then feast your eyes on the latest installment of “Hack into Broad City” in which Abbi and Ilana host the first annual cereal war via video chat (or “maybe it’s just an exchange of technology and culture and everybody wins). Like all good breakfast food cereal doesn’t have to be eaten first thing in the morning and it can stand for many awesome things.

Broad City

Video chat is an important part of the Ilana and Abbi friendship with Ilana going so far as doing this during sex (much to Abbi’s horror) and as “Hack into Broad City” was part of the initial web series it makes sense to throw up* some of these old videos during what feels like a lengthy hiatus. Hopefully there will be more new offerings between now and January.

*One of these chats involves actual vomit so maybe pun intended. It is below and it is gross (and also hilarious as Abbi watches through her fingers pleading her not to). It also ended up in the pilot. 

In the meantime here is both the new video that first appeared on Vulture followed by a few of my favorite earlier “Hack” videos with Ilana crossing multiple boundaries. One of these actually ends up being an Abbi move in first season and as with a lot of the original content it has been adapted for the show (like the vom moment).

And in other good news…


Broad City season 1 is now available to stream on Amazon Prime.


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